Pervert Ch. 02

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“Morning,” Caitlin said, and Brad opened his eyes to find her staring down at him, a smug look on her face. “Looks like someone had a good night.”

Glancing down, Brad could see that he was still in the same clothes he’d fallen asleep in, the underwear he’d jerked off in and nothing else.

Except…were they? He was intimately familiar with his sister and mother’s underwear collection, but paid far less attention to his own. He didn’t even recognize his own underpants. They felt different too – tighter, a better fit.

“Oh god,” he said groggily, still too hazy to even question his sister’s presence in his room. “I don’t even remember going to sleep last night.”

With a glance over at his desk, Caitlin nodded towards the pen he’d been making notes with.

“Found the gift I left you?”


“Your pen. I sweetened it for you.”

Brad wrinkled his nose in confusion. If his sister’s plan was just to confuse him, it was certainly working. Her whole attitude had changed…and, now that he looked closer, so had her choice of clothing.

Caitlin normally slept in a nightie – once upon a time, her choices had been more revealing, but as he’d slowly given up on masking his lustful gaze, she’d responded by wearing clothes that covered up more and more of her flesh.

Nothing as much as this, however. She was dressed in slacks and a sweatshirt, an outfit he’d never, ever seen her in. It exposed less skin than anything he ever remembered seeing her wear, and – even more strangely – it looked like it was covered in grease and sweat-stains.

No. He must still be dreaming.

“Take off your top,” he said. If he was dreaming, she’d do it, and if he wasn’t…well, what was the worst that could happen?

“Sure,” she said in surprise, then paused to collect herself. “Soon as you show me what you’re packing under those briefs.”

Bradley hesitated, and memories of their encounter yesterday started coming back to him. She’d been trying to tempt him into embarrassing himself then, as well, but this…this felt different.

He couldn’t see a camera on her person anywhere, and while she could have hidden one in his room before coming in, it seemed risky, and he wasn’t sure what the payoff would be for her. What was she going to do, put pictures of his dick online? If that was her end-game, she could just do that next time he texted her a few shots.

For the next few moments, there was a silence between the two siblings as Bradley weighed up his options, and considered the risks. Finally, he nodded.

His sister’s reaction didn’t help alleviate his confusion at all – her eyes lit up, before being clouded by suspicion, and she tilted her head to the side.

“Really?” she said, and when he just nodded again, scoffed. “You slut.”

Brad had never kartal escort bayan been called a slut before, but if it was going to get his sister’s top off, he was more than happy to put up with her attempts at verbal abuse. Slowly he slid his briefs down. His dick had been hard already from the vague-but-erotic dreams he’d experienced the night before, but knowing that his sister was looking at it – wanted to look at it – had resulted in an erection as hard as steel.

He sat there, savoring the moment as Caitlin looked adoringly at his erection. He didn’t have a porn-star sized cock, but he’d always been pretty happy with it, and his sister’s reaction showed that she wasn’t disappointed.

“Your turn,” he said, and to his shock, Caitlin grinned, and immediately took off her top in response.

Under the baggy sweatshirt (which, he realized as she removed it, was probably her ex-boyfriend’s) she wasn’t wearing a bra, and Brad’s jaw dropped as his sister’s hefty tits came into view.

Unlike the times he’d peeked on her in the shower, this time they weren’t hidden behind glass and fog. Her smile widened at his expression, and just as she had the previous night, she pulled her shoulders back, pushing her boobs forward and arching her back.

Brad’s hands were itching to reach out and grab them, pull at her thick nipples and slap them, but he held back. For reasons he didn’t understand, his sister had just stripped in front of him, and he wasn’t going to do anything that risked this incredible sight being taken away.

“You like what you see?” Caitlin said mockingly, and Brad found himself unwillingly nodding, unable to take his eyes off the naked pair of tits in front of him. “You’re a fucking slut, aren’t you?”

He was about to say something in response (he wasn’t sure what, but something) when his mother stormed in.

Brad’s suspicion that it was a dream increased when her response to her two children exposing themselves to each other wasn’t anger or shock, but simple resignation.

Directed at Caitlin.

“Jesus Christ, girl,” she said with a frustrated sigh. “You have got to stop this. Leave your brother alone!”

Bradley almost opened his mouth to defend her, but immediately worked out what a poor plan that was. He had no idea why his mother had assumed this was Caitlin’s fault, but it was very much in his best interests to let her keep on assuming.

Instead of defending herself, his sister just rolled her eyes in response, and slovenly made her way out of the room, not even bothering to put her shirt back on.

As Brad watched his sister’s incredible tits leave, his mother turned to him, a look of concern in her eyes.

“Are you okay, sweetie?”


Before he could formulate a thought, she continued.

“I’m sure she’ll yakacık escort grow out of it. She has to.”

He nodded in response, and his mother shook her head.

“Anyway – would you like a lift to school today? I’m heading off in a few minutes. Breakfast is on the table, so quickly get dressed and I’ll drop you off.”

Now totally convinced that this was a dream Bradley reached out and cupped his mother’s breasts instead of responding.

“Bradley!” she said, sounding more shocked than annoyed. “Don’t tell me your sister’s behavior is rubbing off on you – stop fooling around and get dressed.”

Only as his mother shook her head and left did Bradley remember that his erection was still out in the open. After a long pause, he reached out and pinched his arm.

It hurt.

Okay, he thought. Not a dream. So what the fuck is happening?


When he arrived downstairs for breakfast, Bradley was better-dressed than he’d ever been in his life. He’d opened his closet and been met with a collection of clothes he’d never seen before in his life – crisply-pressed polo shirts, jeans, even a suit jacket or two.

They all fit…and they looked good.

Bradley had never been bothered with fashion, but as soon as he’d put together an outfit for the day out of the mysterious clothes that had taken the place of his usual wardrobe, he’d recognized how much they suited him. A glance in the mirror had shown him that even his usual neckbeard was gone, replaced with overnight stubble which also seemed to suit him to a T.

As he ate the bacon and eggs his mother put on his plate, he mused on what could possibly be going on. It couldn’t be a trap – there was no way that Caitlin could convince his family to go along with it…and besides, why would she shave him and buy him several hundreds of dollars worth of new clothes?

The taste of his mother’s cooking proved to him that it wasn’t a dream, and he didn’t know much about hallucinations or insanity, but he was fairly sure that everything wasn’t meant to be this…crisp.

But what was left?

He continued to think about it as his mother drove him to school, chatting to him in the front seat. Caitlin was in his usual spot in the back, and when he looked back, he was unsurprised to find she had one hand down her pants, leering at him as she played with himself.

It made him surprisingly uncomfortable, and he turned his attention back to the front where his mother was asking him about his plans for the week.

“Nothing much,” he said, and she laughed in response.

“Sure thing, Brad. Just let me know if you’re going to be out before midnight, okay?”

“Uh, okay.”

Brad had no idea what his mother was talking about, but before he could enquire further, the car arrived hürriyet mahallesi escort at school and his sister and he got out.

That day was unlike any other day the teenaged boy had ever experienced. Instead of the mocking glances and sullen stares he received on a typical school day, a pair of cheerleaders were there to greet him outside the school.

“Hey Brad!” they said simultaneously, blushing as he stared at them in bewilderment. He only knew them through his sister’s work on the squad – Marjorie and Celia, or Marie and Courtney, something like that.

“Hey girls,” he said cautiously, and Mary…or Martine – the ‘M’ one, anyway – rolled her eyes affectionately.

“Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten,” she said. “We were going to have a Lingroup meeting before class.”

It took Brad most of the day to piece it together. Whatever was happening wasn’t just limited to his house – he had somehow become one of the most popular people in the whole school.

What’s more, translating ancient languages had become the preferred pastime of the cool kids, while being a cheerleader was left to losers.

Losers like his sister.

The entire day continued like that – all the teachers who had previously hated him were warm and affectionate, the ex-football players (handsome, buff men who were now passionately into board games and Dungeons and Dragons) invited him to eat lunch with them, and any time Brad forgot someone’s name (which was constantly) it was waved off and forgiven immediately.

It wasn’t until he got home – far later than he normally did, due to an invitation to hang out at the mall – and saw the ancient tome sitting on his desk that he worked out what was happening.

The book.

It was impossible. Of course the whole situation was impossible.

Somehow, the book had switched his sister’s life with his own.

A greedy look came into Bradley’s eyes as he turned to the next page. Where the image above “high to low” had been vaguely sexual, the next page was explicit. It featured a silhouetted man pinning a naked woman against the wall, dominating her with his body language. He recognized some of the text – “switch, switch, switch” and “low to high, high to low” were repeated, but there was another phrase, in big letters below the image.

Never before had Bradley worked so hard on a translation. He pulled up IM, and got the help of all the ex-cheerleaders (now linguist nerds) who were online, and within an hour, he worked out what it said.

Looking around to make sure no one was watching, he quietly read the ancient text.

“Switch, switch, switch. Switch, switch, switch. Low to high, high to low.”

Again, the wave of fatigue hit, but with all his effort, he struggled to overcome it, and finish the text.

“But growth, and more; more than before. But more, and growth, and switch them both.”

He had barely gotten the last word out of his mouth when a blinding light shot out of the book, propelling him backwards onto his bed, where he immediately fell into the deepest sleep he’d ever experienced.

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