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“Hi,” I said. “What can I help you with?”

He glanced around, not really seeing me yet.

“Ah. Nothing. I’m just looking – “

“It’s OK,” I said. “Lots of guys are shy about asking for help.”

But I said it with a big smile, and I still waited for him to notice me. It wasn’t difficult to notice him, and I was a little surprised that there had been no audible thud from my jaw hitting the ground when he walked in the hardware store. He filled out his jeans just the right amount, and the sleeves on his workshirt were rolled back far enough that I could see sunbleached hair on his forearms and a good tan. As I stood there waiting for him I also had the excellent position of looking at his handsome face in profile. As with his arms his face was sunbleached. This close to him I could also smell him, a rich mix of fresh sweat, sawdust and resin. I was almost lost in fantasy when he turned back to me, but I was able to see his irises grow a little – ok, now he was a little interested in me.

“You can call me Isabelle,” I said, point to my name tag. I was happy to see him take a little bit of time to check out the shape of me supporting the name tag, and to also do a quick comparison to my right side too.

“I’m Tom,” he said.

I smiled.

“The owner’s a little bit screwy,” I said. “Most things aren’t where you’d expect them to be.” I placed the fingers of my right hand on his forearm and applied just a little pressure to turn him around and started leading him to the timber section.

“I can see that now,” he said. “I should have just listened to you first, shouldn’t I?”

I laughed a little.

“That’s OK. You’re new here.”

“Yeah. I usually work the otherside of the city, but I’ve got a job near here.”

Down near the end of the store I directed Tom to the last series of racks.

“What did you need to buy?” I asked.

“One of my guys dropped a chisel set from the 4th floor. Most of them are OK but a few need to be replaced.

Accelerating ahead a little, I made him walk behind me through the stacks leading to the carpentry tool section in the corner. Here it was secluded away from most of the store, and from his position I was hoping he was taking a good opportunity to check me out. From the direction of his eyes as reflected in the occassional security mirror, it seemed he was enjoying the little extra sway I was putting into my hips.

At the cabinet of wood-working tools I spun kartal escort in place and pointed to the racks like I was on a game show.


It was my favorite pose, with one leg slightly behind the other, a hip cocked forward, the extended arm lifting my breasts higher. As I had spun around I knew my skirt had twirled up, flashing my thighs to him as he’d been locked on my ass. Looking at him there, his eyes continued to rove over my legs and torso, slowly working up to my face. His desire was written plain as anything right there in his eyes. Now it was all up to him.

His breathing wasn’t loud, but it was still the only thing to be heard as I waited to see what he would do. It was a little surprising.

“Show me your hands,” he said. I held them out, turned them over so he could see palms and backs, and then put them down by my side.

“No, not married,” I said.

He stepped closer, into my personal space, right where I could smell his heavenly scent again.

I could feel the heat coming off both of us, but it was still the scent of him that was playing with my head. My eyes locked onto his lips and watched them get slowly closer, finally touching mine when I thought my heart beat was loudest. I sighed quietly and pushed my tongue gently into his mouth and let him play with it a little.

When my eyes opened minutes later, my hands had made fists to hold onto his shirt, while I could also feel him growing against me. His brown eyes were cloudy and his voice raspy.

“Wow,” he said.

With an little grin I broke from his embrace and opened the little door in the partitioning, hidden away where few people notice it. Inside I turned around and waited for him.

Out of all public scrutiny now I couldn’t wait much longer, and fortunately neither could he.

His mouth dived onto mine again and his hands now started caressing me, sliding around my waist down my hip to the hem of my skirt, his strong hands moving smoothly up my bare skin and then around to cup my ass, and to carefully knead them in time to his moving tongue. Waves of warmth and pleasure flowed from wherever he touched me, pooling and collecting around my loins until I could feel the moisture starting to drip.

I had to break the kiss and catch my breath, even though my knees were beginning to tremble. This time when he approached, he turned me around and kissed my neck. From this position his fingers traced the join on my kartal otele gelen escort blouse, undoing each button until he was able to pull it free of my skirt, pull it down from my arms and toss it aside. His hands were immediately upon my breasts, and when he pinched a nipple through the material, I had to twist my head and bite his ear gently. Still from behind me, he undid the bar and removed that from me too, cupping my breasts in his hands and continuing to lick and suck on my neck and shoulders. Trails of electric pleasure shot through me again, and I had to lean back against him hard or else fall down. Hell, even my toes were curling already. From somewhere I found the strength to break from him and try to take off his shirt. He had to help me as my fingers weren’t steady enough to do the buttons, and the thick material too strong for me to tear off him. But the belt and jeans were all mine. I pushed him up against a sawhorse and unbuckled his belt and fly. As swollen as he was, it was a little difficult to extract his cock until I simply pulled his jeans and boxers all the way down.

Oh, jeez it was a nice looking cock. Not huge and not small, maybe a little shorter but also a little wider than normal, but with my small hands I still needed the two of them to hold all of him and guide the head to my mouth. My tongue made a squishy warm platform to rest it on, and my lips formed a gentle seal against the head, and from there I sucked all of him into my mouth and throat one slow inch at a time. My mouth kept filling up with cock and saliva, and I could feel his testicles bounce each time I had to swallow. The soft down on his belly approached slowly as I took all of him, until it gentle tickled my noise while the head of his cock tickled the back of my throat. I moaned in delight, and he groaned in response.

For a few minutes I sucked and slurped on his cock, pulling it almost free and then plunging my head back down the shaft, my lips resting just short of the base, the head just short of my gag reflex. And then I pushed further and swallowed the head down the back of my throat, jammed a finger up his ass and made him come suddenly and forcefully.

I couldn’t swallow all of his come, and he pulled free on one of his strong jerks, his cock coming loose from my mouth as well.

I let him catch his breath a little, collapsed against the sawhorse.

After 30 seconds I decided he’d recovered kartal eve gelen escort enough, and I took his diminishing erection carefully in my hand.

“More,” I said, kissing him hard and squeezing his cock gently. “We’re not done yet.”

“Too right,” he said. One hand went to the zipper on my skirt and in seconds I stepped from it. I saw his eyes light up and piroetted so he could admire the tiny thong I was wearing. He placed his strong hands on my hips and pulled me to him again. He sure did like kissing, which I’m kind of grateful for because he was so good at it. Then he dropped to his knees and pulled my thong down like I was the worlds best Christmas present. One hand slid slowly up from my ankle, me shivering as it passed my knee and then my thigh, to rest gently on my mound and Tom slid one finger slowly along my wet slit, and my mind seemed to fizz in delight. His other hand held my ass check, squeezing rythmically again, then lifting my leg to drap over his shoulder so he could slid his tongue – oh god, that tongue, deep, deep inside me. Fuck.

He licked.

He sucked.

He fingered and rubbed and slashed his tongue against me until I came hard all over his face, crying out softly, and then louder and stronger as he stood up and entered me with his renewed hard cock, making me come again as he held he steady, my pussy wrapped around his cock and trying to milk it.

For at least 5 minutes he held me there, still and steady, not moving inside me but letting me recover from the powerful climax.

“Holy Shit!” I gasped eventually.

“It’s not over yet, princess,” he said.

I smiled and squeezed him internally, enough to make his eyes loose focus a little.

“It better be soon, I’ve got to get back to work.”

He smiled too.

Tom unlocked my legs that had wrapped around his waist and turned me around to face the sawhorse. ‘Excellent,’ I thought. ‘I love this position.’

Smoothly from behind he entered me, wrapped an arm around my waist to play with my clit and the other hand to fondle my breast, and I was in heaven as he fucked me silly. I came twice more gently before his thrusts started to go off rythym, and his breathing came over all ragged. I flexed my hips and tried to aid him to keep the rythym going as he kept slamming into me and he pinched a nipple hard to shoot fireworks off in my brain. He grabbed my hips and slammed hard into me, coming deep inside as I climaxed too.

One the way out I reminded him to pick up some chisels.

“I’d better buy some more things,” he said. “I’d hate to make you loose your job.”

“Don’t worry about it. I own the store.”

He looked stunned, but I just smiled.

“I told you the owner was screwy, didn’t I?”

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