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He ran up the stairs, his cock already rock hard and straining at the fabric of his jeans. He knew she was waiting for him. He’d been thinking about her all the journey home – her soft skin that he couldn’t wait to stroke, those perfect 30DDs that formed the perfect handful, the perky nipples, so suckable. He loved how sensitive they were, how it was like their little game to see how long he could take one of her nipples into his mouth and roll it between his lips before she pushed him away, covering up those tender buds with her delicate hands. He could feel himself dripping precum within his boxers, and couldn’t wait to push himself deep inside of her smoothness.

He arrived at her door, panting slightly from anticipation and, to be honest, general horniness. He banged on the door. He heard her soft, sensual voice questioning from behind the barrier between them, teasing him – she knew he was there.

She opened the door, and it was all he could do to stop himself from instantly jumping on her. She. Was. Stunning. Her long black hair flowed down her back, with whisps falling either side of her face. Her luscious lips, moist and red, parted slightly in her own greeting. Her dark eyes looked at him, and he could see that she wanted him just as much. Her body was just as he remembered it from when they’d last seen each other – tall and slender but with the perfect amount of curve, her body only slightly covered by her favourite silk dressing gown that flapped teasingly in the slight breeze, giving tantalising glimpses of what lay beneath. She’d worn the black lace underwear that she knew he loved, her lace bra holding up that perfect bosom, while her lace panties barely covered the treasure underneath. He could make out a faint darker patch right in the centre, and he knew that she was just as wet for him as he was for her.

It wasn’t the time for small talk. Their bodies spoke to each other without words, and they moved to each other for a kiss. Not just any kiss, but one of those heady, passionate kisses, where you can feel the other person’s tongue all around your mouth, playing with you, light bites on your tongue teasing you, where you don’t want the kiss to end, but at the same time are excited to see where it goes.

She thrust her hands under his shirt, dying to feel his bare skin. Within moments she had his top off, and he soon felt that mix of silk and skin pressed against him. She stopped him from doing the same to her – she was in control. She lightly ran her fingertips over his chest, flicking his nipples, escort kartal drawing light scratches down his back, licking and nipping all over. Without further ado, she took his hands and almost dragged him to the bed. She was a big fan of silk, and like her dressing gown, her bed was covered with a dark burgundy silk, cool to the touch. He shivered slightly as she pushed him onto the bed, the coolness against his back contrasting with the body pressed against his front. Slowly she unbuckled his belt and undid his top button and zip. He put his head on his hands, knowing that any attempt to try to speed things up would only result in her taking things more excruciatingly slowly. She ran her fingertips round the inside of his underwear, noting the wetness at the top of the front, before grasping the clothing and pulling it all off, leaving him naked and exposed on the bed. Just the way she liked him.

She gazed appreciatively at his cock. Cut and clean, it had always been her favourite. An ideal size at 7 inches with a perfect girth, this was the dick of her dreams. With him lying naked on her bed, she sat on his legs, still in her dressing gown and underwear, and saw the lust in his eyes. She traced her fingertips over his body, moving up and down his chest, lightly tickling his balls and the inside of his legs, avoiding his penis. She watched it throb and pulse with desire, precum oozing out. She bent over and started licking and kissing all over his body, running light nips and licks around his nipples before suddenly, without warning, enveloping his cock with her mouth. He let out an involuntary groan of pleasure, and couldn’t help but move his hands to the top of her head.

He knew better than to try to push her down, but he loved running his fingers through her hair as she sucked his cock the way only she could. Her tongue wet with saliva, she licked up and down his shaft, kissing and sucking every inch of it, making it wet and glistening with the mixture of fluids, before taking it into her mouth and sucking it hard, creating a vacuum with her mouth and running her tongue around the sensitive parts of his head and the tip underneath, making him tremble with delight. It had been a few days since he’d cum, and he knew that he couldn’t last much longer. She sensed his arousal, and instead of releasing, sucked harder, demanding what he was giving. With a roar, he came into her mouth, shot after shot pulsing down her throat as she swallowed every drop. While some girls might have been disappointed, she was thrilled. She knew he was uğur mumcu escort only just getting started.

With his immediate arousal somewhat abated, he was now able to focus on her. As the throws of his orgasm subsided, he reached up to her and softly ran his hands over her shoulders, slipping the silk nightgown off her body. With his left hand, he reached between her legs, his first finger seeking what he knew it would find, while his right hand reached behind her back and deftly unhooked her bra, allowing her perfectly shaped breasts to hang free. Still on his back, he sat up slightly to allow his tongue to reach her nipples, already hard as diamonds and ready to be sucked. His left had already found the wetness between her legs, her pussy lips open and waiting, welcoming. In a single, fluid motion, he pulled her to him and turned over, pinning her beneath him. She gasped, knowing where this was going. He kissed her tenderly, lightly running his tongue over her lips as they tingled with his touch. He kissed her lightly all over, nuzzling her breasts and softly squeezing them, and she felt his light stubble on her nipples driving her arousal higher.

He moved further down, licking the waistband of her lace panties, before delicately removing them, exposing her waiting vulva. With enthusiasm, he dived in, thrusting his tongue deep within her as she writhed around on the bed, moaning in pleasure. He felt her thighs squeezing his head as she tensed and released, his tongue swirling around inside of her, darting in and out, flicking her clit with precision and vigour. He withdrew, and lightly licked around her opening, softly nibbling on the surrounding tissue, the erotic pain mixing with the soft pleasures into an exquisite cocktail of desire, and she knew she wanted more. Grabbing his head, she pushed his tongue deep inside her, and squealed as he pushed her over the edge into the first wave of orgasms she knew she’d be getting that night.

She pulled him up and looked deeply into his eyes, and he knew she was ready for more. Together, they grasped his long shaft and positioned the head at her opening. He pushed her hand away and teased her with his cock head, gently pressing at her clit, before vibrating his arm, causing waves to go down his hand and through his dick, deep into her. As she moaned in pleasure, he took a short breath and started to slowly push himself inside of her, allowing her time to adjust to his size. She felt the head enter her and fill her up, followed by more and more of the çavuşoğlu escort hard, hot flesh. She could feel the throbbing of his dick as it entered her, and she gasped at its size, still surprised even after all their times together. He felt her insides mould themselves around him, felt the wetness all around him, and, as he felt his balls touch her, he knew he was home.

Slowly but deliberately, he started pulling out, exiting almost entirely before pushing his way back in. His thrusts was long and slow yet deliberate, allowing her to really feel each and every part of his member as it went in and out of her warm, wet folds. He thrust his hips on top of her, running his hands all over her body as she felt every nerve tingling with erotic fire. She wrapped her legs around him and pulled him towards her, need him deep inside.

Without warning, he moved from a slow, deliberate rhythm to one of force and speed, slamming his dick into her and feeling himself grow even harder as he heard her scream with pleasure. Hard and fast, he thrust inside her, his hips pistoning back and forth like a machine as she moaned, before her eyes rolled to the back of her head and she experienced her second orgasm of the night. He kept thrusting as she screamed in pleasure, before slowly winding down, not wanting to make her feel sore or uncomfortable.

Still flush from her latest sensations, she pulled him close before rolling over and sitting up, reversing their positions. Now she was in control. Slowly she gyrated her hips, feeling his cock swirling round inside her, stirring up her insides. He felt her wet velvet all around him, sensations running the full length of his shaft in all directions. She lifted her hips and her ass left his balls before she brought herself back down on him. He grabbed her rear and lifted her up and down on his dick as she twisted and twirled herself upon him, impaled on his spear. He could feel the tension building in his balls as they prepared to send a load shooting up for the second time that evening. He held out for as long as he could, but was pushed over the edge when she reached behind him as she clenched herself around him and lightly grazed his balls with her fingernails. The combined sensations were too much for him, and with an almighty shout he thrust up inside her and pulled her down upon him, shooting pulsing streams of cum deep inside her. The feeling was too much, and she felt herself cumming yet again. The two lovers looked into each other’s eyes as they came, as they each felt the other pulsing and throbbing with orgasm, building upon each other’s pleasure.

They held each other in that position until he became soft and slowly slipped out. They collapsed exhausted and fell asleep in each other’s arms, looking forward to the rest of the weekend together.

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