Patti Cake Ch. 06

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Le Kir was in an upscale part of town. Very few restaurants can compare to this little French restaurant. To begin with – they accepted reservations for two serving times per night. You could reserve a table for the 7:00 p.m. serving or the 9:00 p.m. serving. There were a total of 8 tables in the place with no more than 4 people per table. The idea was ‘personal service’ (something the French are famous for) and the menu consisted of 2 entrees of which you may select only one.

There were no prices on the menu – all meals were priced based on serving two people. The bill for two people was $95.00 for the evening of wining and dining. Our reservations were for the 7:00 p.m. serving so that we would have the rest of the evening free.

I had chosen Chateaubriand for two. The meal included new potatoes, English peas and a small salad plate. Desert was French vanilla ice cream with orange marmalade topping.

Stuffed, we left Le Kir and drove back to the house. Patti Cake snuggled against my shoulder and dozed. It had been a long day. Her closeness started a stirring in my loins – especially when I thought of the pleasures of the evening ahead of us. This was the night. The night that Patti Cake and I consummated our union. The night that Patti would become a woman.

We arrived and, after making sure the security gate and house was locked up, we settled on the big overstuffed couch in the den – brandy in hand and relaxed. There was no reason to rush into things and I wanted this night to be the most memorable of Patti’s life.

Patti took my glass and, with hers, set them on the coffee table. Leaning over me, she sought my mouth with her full soft lips – kissing me as she ran her tongue across my lips – tickling them. I opened my mouth and sucked her tongue inside and we kissed – a long passionate kiss.

I moved to open her dress. Patti Cake had chosen a white chiffon wrap-around under which she wore nothing except a black thong. I thought back to the restaurant when she went to the ladies room – the thong was barely visible from the rear with nothing showing except a little black triangle under the white chiffon. Returning to the table – the bigger – more prominent black triangle that covered her treasures was visible. She had dressed for maximum effect – to create a stir. And it worked. Every head in the place watched her beautiful butt swaying as she walked across the room.

As I undid her dress, Patti placed her mouth near my ear. Nibbling on my ear, she put her wet tongue inside and breathed, “Daddy. I’ve waited so long for this. That’s right – take my dress off. Feel how hot my pussy is, Daddy.”

“Pull my thong aside and spread my pussy lips with your finger. Feel how moist and wet my cunt is. Feel how hard my little clit is getting – just thinking how your big cock will feel inside me. Ohhhhhhhh! Yessssssssssss!! Daddy, that feels soooooooo good.”

She was licking and nibbling on my ear – breathing heavily as I stroked her hard little clit. My cock was getting hard. “Daddy, please! Daddy, please fuck me! I’m so hot and I want your hard cock inside my virgin pussy – fuck me Daddy!”

“I’ve waited so long, Daddy! I’ve wanted your cock for so long. I used to masturbate at night in the dorm – under the covers in secret – thinking about how you would split me apart with that huge cock of yours. Take me Daddy!!! Take your little girls cherry!!!”

Rising up, I lifted Patti Cake and carried her into the bedroom, kicking off my loafers on the way. I deposited her on the bed and began undressing – ripping my shirt in the process. It seems I couldn’t get undressed fast enough.

“Let me help, Daddy.” She unbuckled my belt and unzipped my fly. Pulling my pants and shorts down and off, tossing them aside. As my cock sprang loose, Patti’s mouth engulfed my mushroom cap and began gently sucking on it while bathing the sensitive underside with the tip of her tongue. My cock was purple and hard. The veins on my cock stood out as though the were about to burst. My ears were pounding with the blood of desire coursing through my body.

Patti Cake began stroking my cock as she attempted to deep throat me – sucking hard – urging my cum from my ball sac. I pulled her off me before I could cum and forced her onto her back. Taking hold of her thong, I pulled it off her and threw it across the room.

Opening Patti’s legs, I leaned down and breathed softly on her wet pussy as I took in the view – inhaling the aroma of my darling daughter – licking gently on her swollen cunt lips as I opened her wings with my tongue – licking gently on her inner lips – flicking her clit with the tip of my tongue – then fucking her with it as I attempted to reach her little ‘G’ spot with my hard tongue.

“Ohhhhhhh Daddy!!!!!!”

“Ohhhhhhh GOD! What are you doing to me? I’m so hot, Daddy. Fuck Meeeeeeeeeeeee! Fuck me please!!! FUCK MEEEEEEEEE!!”

I licked her hot pussy – gently and slowly and driving her crazy with desire. Spreading her wings with my fingers, escort kartal I eased one into her hot cunt – searching for that little fleshy pad – massaging it until her body began quivering with her first orgasm of the evening – the first of what would be many before the night was done.

I crossed two fingers and pushed them inside her pussy – opening her up – preparing her for my huge cock as I licked and sucked on her clit – pushing and twisting my fingers inside her wet pussy – massaging her little pad. I could feel Patti’s hymen – still intact – waiting on her Daddy to break it and make a woman of my darling daughter. Careful to not break her hymen, I continued fingering my darling’s hot wet pussy as I brought her to another screaming orgasm.

“Daddyyyyyyyyyy! Oh my god!!!!!!!! Daddy – fuck me, Daddy. Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!

Removing my fingers, I rose up on my knees. I grasped the base of my cock and began to stroke my cock head up and down her slit – opening up those swollen red pussy lips. I stroked it up and down – wetting my cock head with her juices – rubbing her clit – then her star shaped rosebud – opening up her swollen wings as I eased my cock inside her.

“OH GOD!!!!!! How I’ve waited for this moment, Daddy. Fuck me! Fuck me hard!!!!!”

I eased my cock further inside until I reached her hymen.

“Patti Cake – this is going to hurt some.”

“I know, Daddy. I’ve read about how it might and I’m ready. Fuck me, Daddy – take your daughter’s cherry!! I want to feel your hard cock deep inside my pussy. Fuck me, Daddy – make me a woman. Fuck me and spurt your cum deep in my womb, Daddy. Give me your baby, Daddy. I want to have your baby!”

I drew back and slammed my body hard against hers, feeling her hymen rip as she cried out. Then I rested for a moment. Letting my darling daughter get used to the size of my big cock.

I had stopped at the mouth of her cervix without entering her womb. It wasn’t long until Patti Cake began to move her hips – forcing me up as she began that little fucking motion with her hips – wanting me to continue fucking her.

I began stroking my cock in and out of her – slowly and deliberately – wanting to savor the moment – as I dried her tears. I played her fine body with six or seven strokes before resting again – more to keep her passions inflamed than anything else. While resting there I began to ‘pulse’ my cock – flexing it inside her tight pussy – feeling her velvet sheath clasp and release my hard cock as my Patti Cake began another orgasm.

“Daddyyyyyyyy!! Quit teasing me and fuck me!!!!!!! Please!!!!!!!”

I began to move – stroking in and out of her moist pussy and she responded – meeting me stroke for stroke – slamming her hips against mine. In no more than 10 or 12 strokes I could feel my ball sac tighten. I was nearing my cum. My cock swelled even bigger as my cum churned up from deep inside my balls and began to flood Patti Cake’s pussy with thick ropes of cum – bathing her pussy in my cum juice.

My cum triggered yet another of Patti Cake’s orgasms – her body quivering and shaking – trembling as though she were a thoroughbred colt – eyes squeezed shut tight – as she moaned her pleasure.

“OH GOD, DADDY!!!!!!!!!! OH GOD, HOW THAT FEELS!!!!!!!! SO GOOD!!!!!”

As Patti Cake’s orgasm subsided, we rested – still coupled – savoring the aftermath of a good fuck – breath coming in gasps as though we had just run a mile – we kissed. Sucking each other’s tongues – kissing each other on the throat and neck – nibbling ear lobes – just enjoying the feeling of each other.

We drifted off to sleep – my tumescent cock still inside of my darling daughter. We woke several times in the night to repeat – kissing and stroking each other – Patti Cake would suck my cock to full hardness while I ate her juicy pussy – tasting the mixture of our combined juices – until Patti Cake was ready for me to enter her again. The last time we coupled – we took our time for a nice long leisurely fuck. Patti Cake came but my ball sac was running on empty. Then we drifted in and out of sleep the rest of the night – waking to caress and kiss – showing our love for each other.

************************ I was awakened by my housekeeper, Rosa, slapping Patti Cake on the ass with the greeting, “O.K. Baby Doll. Time to get dressed and go home.” Thinking that Patti Cake was one of my ‘sleep-ins’ that I occasionally brought home for a roll in the hay.

“Rosa,” I said. “I want you to meet my wife, Patti Cake.”

I could tell by the surprise on Rosa’s face – this was something she hadn’t expected – for me to come home with a wife. The look on Rosa’s face as much as said ‘Now I’m no longer the ruler of this household’. Ever since I hired Rosa and her brother, Jose, she had pretty much taken charge of my life – making sure I ate right – making sure my household was in order and I had come to depend on her. Though I had never been able to get her into bed, she still uğur mumcu escort pretty much ruled the roost – she wasn’t afraid of anyone.

I had stumbled upon Rosa and Jose when I went to a local employment agency to hire a housekeeper. The employment agency explained that they had a hard time placing her because she insisted that she and her brother be hired into the same household. He had worked as a gardener back home in Brazil. Rosa insisted that he was a good one. Getting Jose as a gardener and, sometimes, chauffeur was an added bonus. The working conditions and low pay had prompted them to move to the United States to find work so they could help support their family back home.

Looking at Rosa, I could see that the situation needed explaining. First, I had to assure Rosa that she still ran the household. And Patti Cake would help her. In good time, Patti would take over some of Rosa’s chores. After all, it was a very large house for one housekeeper.

Patti Cake talked to Rosa about the ‘slap on my butt’ and told her that she wasn’t offended by it. It’s just one of those things that happen and she understood Rosa’s protectiveness.

After breakfast, Patti Cake and I lounged by the pool – soaking up some sun – diving into the pool to cool off – then back in the sun again. It was a rather lazy day.

“Daddy?” Patti asked. “Have you ever gotten her in bed?”

I was half asleep when she hit me with that one. “No. She doesn’t seem taken with me. I got close to making a pass at her once – but the look in her eye told me to ‘back off’. I haven’t tried since.”

Rosa gave us a shout for lunch and, after eating, I informed Rosa that Patti Cake and I were kinda drowsy and were going to go have a ‘nap’. Wink. Wink.

Rosa knew what we were going to do but was discrete and stayed out of the way.

Patti Cake and I sat on the bench in the sauna. The heat helped bring out our sunburn redness. While lying there, I poured some aloe lotion on Patti’s back and rubbed it in – paying a lot of attention to her firm butt – working it in and smoothing lotion over her legs – working back up to Patti’s crotch – pouring more onto her butt and letting it trickle down her crack – I rubbed some into her rosebud then, began to insinuate a finger inside – teasing her. My finger was in to the first knuckle when I began to saw it in and out of her butt – stretching her out. Then two fingers – spreading her anus until I thought it might be wide enough open for my cock.

“Mmmmmmmmmm!!! Daddy, that feels soooooooooooooo good!!! Does Daddy want to fuck his baby girl’s ass?”

“I thought I might. My cock isn’t hard enough yet.”

“Turn around here and let me help while you finger my ass. I can get your cock hard, Daddy.”

Patti began sucking on my cock as I continued sawing two – then three fingers in and out of her ass – spreading it to take my girth. Patti was leaking. Cunt juice pouring out of her pussy, coating my other hand as I played with her clit.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Daddy, fuck me please. Fuck your daughter, Daddy. I want to feel your big cock in my ass!!!”

I shifted to straddle her legs – my cock was rock hard and ready – purple mushroom cap ready to spread her anal cavity.

Stroking my cock – adding more lotion to it – I put my cock head at her entrance and pushed. Ever so slowly, my cock head began to enter her as Patti Cake pushed back at me. I began to fuck her – pushing hard and stroking back out of her until just my mushroom cap was buried inside her.


Her sphincter muscle was gripping me – not allowing my cock to go any deeper. I only had 4 or so inches inside and could go no further. It was obvious that she needed more loosening. I withdrew my cock and she sat up.

“Patti, darling. You are just too tight. We’ll have to try this again some other time when I can get your anus loosened up. Let’s go have a shower and go to the bedroom.”

“O.K. Daddy.”

As we showered, we took turns soaping each other. I let Patti soap me – and she did – paying a lot of attention to my hard cock and my swollen ball sac. Soaping my ass hole and sticking a finger inside – massaging my prostrate gland – then withdrawing. All the time, keeping me hard as could be.

Then it was my turn to soap Patti. With a soapy washcloth, I rubbed around her tits, teasing her nipples – making them harden while her aureoles got all crinkly. Patti’s aureoles are almost 2 inches in diameter with nipples about as big as a cherry tomato. I could just suck on these all night!

I slid my soapy hand down her soft stomach to her mons and cupped it – spreading her cunt lips with my middle finger, I inserted it and began searching for her ‘G’ spot – finding it and massaging that little fleshy pad as Patti began moaning into my mouth. Opening her mouth wide, she sucked my tongue inside and began sucking it as though she were sucking my cock. The more I played with Patti’s ‘G’ spot çavuşoğlu escort and her clit – the harder she sucked on my tongue.

We rinsed off, still playing with each other. She keeping my cock hard – I kept her juicy pussy and her clit hard and ready.

I put my hands on her shoulders and pushed down. Patti knew right away what I wanted. Kneeling before me, she opened her mouth and sucked my hard member inside – tonguing the sensitive underside of my cock as she massaged my ball sac – pressing forward; she forced my length down into her throat. GOD!!!!! Her throat bulging with my cock head looked so obscene.

Drawing back then pressing forward again and again until her nose came into contact with my pubic hair – pressing forward and swallowing with the gag reflex of my huge cock inside her throat – swallowing more and more – massaging my cock – urging the semen from my cum laden balls – nipping and biting and sucking more. And I came. My darling daughter had be so hot that I couldn’t stop myself from cumming deep into her throat.

Pulling Patti off my cock, I embraced her as the hot water had turned to cold. Quickly, we finished rinsing off and left the shower – to dry off and go to bed.

I was atop Patti – mouth buried in her cunt – licking and sucking her – bringing her to orgasm after orgasm when I felt it. I could hardly suppress the smile as I felt her mouth on my organ. Rosa. Rose had never joined in my love making sessions with the ladies I brought home.

I rose up and looked down at her. Naked – brown skinned body with her pretty shaven cunt. Huge dark brown, almost black, aureoles with tiny little nipples hard as pencil erasers sitting on top.

I tapped Rosa on her head and, when I got her attention, motioned her toward Patti’s head. Nodding, Rosa moved up on the bed and, cradling Patti’s head in her arms, kissed her – warm wet soft kisses – and Patti responded.

Leaving them, embracing and kissing, I went to the kitchen to get a drink. I was just about worn out from the days exercise and then, to cum while in the shower – well – that takes a lot out of you. I figured Rosa was horny and needed relief and, obviously, the two of them hit it off just fine.

Returning to the bedroom, they had changed positions. Rosa was now on top of Patti Cake in a ’69’ position. While Patti Cake licked and sucked on Rosa’s pussy, Rosa was returning the favor along with a couple of fingers buried deep inside Patti’s pussy.

The scene was so hot that my cock began to rise. I stroked it some until I felt it was hard enough – then moved behind Rosa. Rubbing my cock head up and down her moist slit, I eased it inside and pressed home. When my crotch bottomed out on Rosa’s sweet brown butt, I withdrew. Then plunged home again. Again and again, I withdrew until just my mushroom cap was inside Rosa and plunged home.

I could feel Rosa quiver beneath me – her legs were trembling with the strain of trying to stay upright as her orgasm overtook her. Her pussy was clasping and unclasping around my length as she orgasmed – drawing my cum up from my ball sac. I pulled out.

Moving to Rosa’s head, I lifted her chin and put my cock at her lips. Opening her lips, she drew my mushroom cap inside – sucking gently on me – urging me to cum. I couldn’t hold out much longer but I wanted to cum in my Patti’s pussy.

Pulling out of her mouth – I placed my cock at Patti Cake’s moist tunnel and slid inside. I stroked in and out of Patti Cake – feeling my ball sac tighten as my cum exploded out the end of my cock – deep inside my darling – baby making fluid to wash the insides of my baby’s wet pussy.

I looked up. Jose was standing behind Rosa – totally naked – stroking his huge cock as he took in the sight. Moving closer, he rubbed his cock head against Rosa’s hot wet cunt. Sliding inside, he slammed his crotch against her ass as he drove that huge cock home. Like a rabid dog, he began pumping his cock in and out of Rosa’s pussy as she screamed her pleasure. “FUCK ME, JOSE!!!! FUCK ME WITH THAT BEAUTIFUL COCK OF YOURS!!! FUCK ME AND GIVE ME YOUR BABY!!!”

Jose was pumping away – madly reaching that point of no return as he slammed his cock in then withdrew from Rosa’s hot cunt – rapidly approaching his orgasm. With his eyes shut and a grimace on his face, I could see that Jose was cumming – filling Rosa’s cunt with his cum juice.

Both Rosa and Jose were small in stature. While Rosa had a cute little figure with modest sized tits – Jose, though slim, had an enormous cock. I mean – mine is big, being just short of 8″ long but his was almost 11″. But, where I lack length, I make up for it in bulk. My girth is a little over 2½” in diameter while Jose is more like 1¾”.

It was time for a meeting. We all dressed (or something closely resembling dress) and went into the den.

“Jose,” I said. “There are few things off limits here. Patti Cake is one of those. She and I want to have a baby and I want to be sure it is mine. So – if ever I catch the two of you fucking – I’m probably going to kill you. Understand? That’s how strongly I feel about it.”

“Si Senor Jim,” he replied.

“English, Jose. If you’re going to become an American citizen – English is the language you use. Understand?”

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