Paid to Seduce His Mother V. 02 Ch. 07

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Sorry this has taken so long. Battling a bit of writer’s block. Will try to get next one out sooner.

Not a lot of conventional sex, but a lot of plot development. The sex is there, just not spelled out. Hope you enjoy. Jb7

To recap: Sara has just met Maggie, who, in applying sun block, with Anna’s help, gives her a tremendous orgasm. As Sara recovers, she hears Mike arrive home for lunch.

Chapter 7


Suddenly, Sara’s face blanched. “I can’t let him see me like this. I have to go put something on,” she cried.

“Sara!” Anna laughed. “You’ve had sex with the man. Isn’t it a little late to be concerned about nudity?”

“That was with the lights out. He’s never seen me naked. And he’s going to have clothes on. I… I… I’ll just go put on some panties. I’ll be right back.” And she ran into the house and up to her room, leaving a laughing Anna and Maggie to explain her absence.

Mike came through the patio doors so soon after Sara made her exit from the pool area, he must have seen part of her flying by him. He greeted both of the other women with a warm kiss. “Where’s Sara? Not still sleeping?””

“No,” laughed Maggie. “She didn’t think it right for you to see her totally nude when you were still wearing clothes. She’ll be back down in a minute. Let’s go get your lunch started.” She extended her hand for him to help her up from the chaise. “She’s a lovely girl, and pretty, too. Will you be horribly upset if we hire her to work at the Inn?” she asked with a smile.

“You still trying to get rid of me?” he asked with a grin; “Of course not! That would be great. You’ve already asked her, I imagine. What did she say?”

“‘Umm,” interrupted Anna. “I’m sorry, Mike, but I might have let the cat out of the bag. She said she needed to know what you wanted. I,” she went on, wincing,”told her what you said about marrying her, but I said you didn’t know when yet.” He was facing Maggie, his face hidden from Anna. She saw his back and shoulders go rigid. She didn’t see his wink to Maggie.

He turned around to face Anna, his face a mask of fury. “You!” he hissed, his fists raised, grasping at air by his head. “You…Why don’t you…” and his expression and demeanor changed completely to one of joy. “Go down to the wine cellar and get us a bottle of champagne?”

Anna had been petrified at Mike’s fury when he turned around. His change in demeanor first puzzled her, the delighted her, which quickly changed to anger and back to delight as she realized it was all a prank. “You son of a bitch!” she said, her voice low and the words extended. “You scared the shit out of me. I’ve got half a mind to tell you to go get your own goddam wine, but maybe I can find something down there to spank your ass with.”

Mike and Maggie were laughing. Anna looked at Maggie. “You, too, punani. You could have warned me, or given me a signal.” Anna finally laughed. “Don’t worry; I’ll get you,” she said, leaving the kitchen to go to the basement.

Mike turned to take Maggie in his arms. “How’d you make out with Dad last night?” he asked, pulling her close, so their bodies touched at the hip level.

She reached up and put her arms around his neck. “It wasn’t bad at all. If I had felt better, it would have been an enjoyable evening. The short report is that you and Ellie will now own the cabin, and you each will have one sixth of the family business, for which we are asking 33 million dollars, to be paid over three years, plus the extra tax burden for the first two years. Harry thinks they’ll counter with a 28M purchase plus the two years of tax relief. If they do, we’ll accept the offer, but that’s as low as we’ll go.”

“Holy shit! That…that’s fantastic…but if we’re getting a third between us, that means you gave up nearly five…Christ, Mom!”

“Hush. It’s only money, and when you have that much, more doesn’t do you any good, unless you have a dream to spend it on, and I’ve found mine, and people to help me achieve it. Now, say thank you, and kiss me so we can get to work.”

Mike bent down and captured Maggie’s lips with his. When she felt his tongue knocking for admission, she smiled in the kiss and opened her lips. When their tongues engaged, Mike slid his hands down Maggie’s back and into the back of her boy shorts. They were like that when Anna came back into the kitchen.

“Hey, you two. Do you remember you have company who isn’t aware of the depth of you relationship?”

“Oh, dear!” exclaimed Maggie.

“Shit!” expostulated Mike. Just then they heard the clatter of shoes on the stairs. The trio froze until they heard the steps turn toward the kitchen.


Sara quickly ran up the back stairs to the second floor and to the guest room where her bags still sat where Mike had dropped them last night. As she opened the one with her clothes, she wondered if she were being silly. After all, they had made love last night, and for the first time ever, she had experienced a climax with a man inside her.

And this afternoon, escort bayan wow, how had that happened? “Think about that later,” she told herself; right now she had to decide what to put on. She grabbed a thong and stepped into it, then looked at herself in the mirror. “God, no,” she thought. “Talk about slutty. Cover it with something.”

She dug into her overnight bag again and pulled up a pair of short shorts. They were navy blue, and extended down her leg about two inches below her crotch. Best though, they were made of a knit fabric and hugged her ass like a surgeon’s glove. On they went. Up top? In her bag she found a light blue tank top. Yes!

Sara looked in the mirror, and satisfied, left her room and turned toward the stairs at the front of the house, expecting Mike to be waiting there.

When he wasn’t, she walked down the stairs and headed for the kitchen. As she approached the door she heard Maggie, “…and kiss me so we can get to work.” She got to the doorway just as Mike’s hands slid into the back of Maggie’s panties. Shocked, she stood there a scant five seconds before backing away from the door and quietly running back upstairs.

She went into the guest room, her room, and closed the door. As she sat on the bed, she thought about what she had seen. An only child, most of her friends were girls, only a few of whom had brothers. She had no idea how sons and mothers usually greeted each other, but she was sure grabbing their bare ass wasn’t in the realm of usual behavior; nor was the kind of kissing she had just seen between the man she planned to marry and his mother.

She was at a loss about what to do. Numb, she decided she’d have to make some excuse and leave. As she stood up, she realized she was barefoot. She glanced around, found her sandals and slipped them on. Going down the stairs, her sandals alerted Mike, Maggie and Anna she was coming to them.


“Hey! There you are! Looking as beautiful as ever, too,” exclaimed Mike as she walked through the door. “Mom told me you went to get dressed,” he said as he walked toward her and picked her up, one arm around her waist, the other hand under her butt. “I guess if you can wait for me, I can wait for you,” he said softly and kissed her, inviting her tongue out to play with his.

Sara felt an unfamiliar sense of arousal at the kiss; unfamiliar because it was so sudden. In her previous encounters, it had taken a lot of kissing and caresses before she had felt even a twinge of desire. A few times when she had sex, before moving in with the law student, it had been as much a desire to just be done with the guy as it was for sex.

But Mike was something different. From the first morning they had coffee, she had felt attracted to him. His attitude toward Will Crocker, and the concern Mike had shown about Crocker’s daughter and his desire to name her after the woman he had accidentally killed; his support and concern about her work situation; she had never known anyone so in tune with her feelings.

Almost automatically, her arms found their way around his neck and her legs opened so her knees grasped his hips.

“Hey, you two,” Anna said, laughing. “You can finish that later. He’s got to eat and get back to work.”

“You sure about that?” Sara heard herself asking, with a deep sigh.

“No,” Mike said, lowering her so her feet could reach the floor, “but, technically, she is my boss. A bit of a blabber-mouth, but my boss.” Sara, nervous, and confused about her feelings in light of what she had seen, smiled, understanding the reference.

“She told me she revealed some information I wasn’t quite ready to share, but since she did, Sara McIntyre, will you marry me?” Mike’s smile seemed to freeze on his face when she hesitated before answering, her face suddenly serious.

With that question, Sara knew, with a certainty she could take to the bank, that her future was tied to this man. There were explanations due, details to be worked out and explicated, arrangements and concessions to be made, lives, customs and habits to be integrated. Discussions to be had. Time to be spent, with each other, with family and friends. And grieving to be done, but she was positive she would cleave to this man.

“Are you sure, Mike? Is that what you really want? Are you certain it’s me you want and not, how did you put it, a need for comfort right now or for some one just to fill the emptiness.

“I want to say yes, sweetheart; god, how I want to say yes. But you have just been through a horrible tragedy, and as you told me, your nerves must still be as raw as a live lobster. It was only a couple of days ago you told me you owed it to Evie, me, and yourself to take the time until the scabs fell off.

“So, until you can convince me it’s me, and not just a need for comfort or some one to fill that awful void I know you have, I have to say not now; not yet.”

Mike opened his mouth to speak, but she put her finger to his lips. Smiling, she said, “That doesn’t mean you’re tuzla genç escort going to get rid of me. If you go to work with your mother in New York, so will I. If you stay here and run the restaurant, or go to work for someone else, I’ll stay here and continue to be a police officer.

“I’ll be in your bed whenever you want me there; if you want someone else there occasionally, until I say yes, I can’t, and won’t, object. But I expect the same courtesy. If you feel it’s necessary to screw around, then I get to play that tune, too. Understood?”

Dumb, Mike nodded. “Good. Now, Maggie has put out a healthy lunch for you. Go eat it; I’ll be waiting up for you when you get home tonight.”


After Mike returned to work, Sara found herself examining the bookshelves in the Nelson’s living room. She found a recent Rosamunde Pilcher novel she hadn’t yet read and settled down with it until Maggie called her for dinner. It was just the two of them, Anna having gone in to work. Dinner was simple—chops and salad with some hearty bread, followed by a generous dish of sherbert.

For the most part, they discussed inconsequentials–the royal pregnancy, the KimKanye on-going saga of divorce and birth, Baseball and drugs. Toward the end of the meal, Maggie looked at her young guest and asked, “Is something bothering you, Sara?”

“Hmm, n…no…ye…yes…it’s really nothing.”

“If it’s bothering you, it must be something. What’s wrong?” Maggie asked, gently probing.

“You and Mike, you’re really close, aren’t you?”

“I guess. Probably closer than most mothers and sons. Is that what’s bothering you. I wouldn’t worry about it. It’s probably just the summer. He and I spent three weeks alone at our cabin up near Whitehall, just a few miles from the Inn we’re thinking of buying, and then his father and I had asked him to put together some options for a property settlement in our divorce, and he’s been helpful supporting me through that over due trauma.”

Maggie laughed. “In fact, he told his father that, in order for me to recover from twenty-three years of Harry’s’constructive criticism,’ he would have to be my constant companion 24/7, except for some logical absences. Does that help your concern?”

Sara nodded. “So he’s been doing like a make over on you?”

Maggie smiled and nodded, taking a sip of sherry. “When you meet Harry, you’ll understand. His idea of a compliment is to tell you he can’t find anything wrong in what you did.”

“Ahh; I think he and my Sergeant went to the same leadership training. And when they do find some thing wrong, it’s just, ‘fix it,’ no how or why, just take care of it.”

“If they even give you the opportunity. Until I got it into Harry’s head that we had to follow our personnel practices, he’d just reassign either the person or the job, willy nilly. He was, is a piece of work. Sometimes I worry about Mike; I can see traces of Harry in him, a sort of cold bloodedness when it comes to business.

“Your statement to him this noon, about screwing around. That will resonate with Mike. Harry has a warped sense of what’s fair, and a version of that has rubbed off on our son. Sometimes Mike has his own peculiar idea of what’s fair, but I will say, unless someone has really tried to cheat him, everybody tends to benefit when he gets his way.

“Well, I have some work to do to get ready for a meeting I have next Wednesday, and with the trip, I won’t have any time next week. If you want anything, help yourself. If you can’t find it, feel free to knock on my office door.

“You’re going to wait up for Michael down here? Then I’ll stick my head in to check on you when I go up.” She walked around the table and gave her young guest a hug and kiss on the cheek. As Maggie left the room, Sara stood up and started to clear the table.


Sara sat in the dimly lit living room, her book in her lap. It was about quarter past two, and Mike was due home shortly. As her eyes scanned the page she became aware that she had read the first paragraph probably a dozen times.

Maggie’s explanation had made sense at the time, but as she had been reading, it had occurred that it may explain why they were so close, but not why they seemed intimate. She closed the book, failing to mark her place, and swore when she realized it. Just as she picked it up to search for the page, headlights swept across the window, signifying Mike’s arrival home. She settled back into the sofa, positioning herself in the corner, her feet drawn up under her, with her back against the arm, so she faced both doors.

Mike came in through the kitchen and dining room, and saw her there, in the darkened room with just the single floor lamp lit, beaming down on her. His first thought was “God, she’s beautiful sitting there.” His next thought was a desire for a camera and his biological father’s talent to record the image forever.

He didn’t say a word, nor did she, as he walked to her and dropped to his knees. “I heard you tuzla kendi evi olan escort this afternoon, Sara. I’m pretty sure I know what I want, and that’s you. As you, not as some panacea for everything that has gone wrong in the past few weeks.

“Over that time, as I have come to know you, I’ve been struck by your compassion for the people you serve. Even though I seldom get out of the restaurant, I hear things, and you have a good rep in the neighborhood for delivering fair cop justice, recognizing that what’s legal isn’t always what’s right or fair.

“You’re intelligent, fair, compassionate, and just. And it doesn’t hurt,” he went on with a grin, “that right now, with your black eye and bruised cheek, you are still one of the prettiest women in this part of the world.” He straightened up so he wasn’t sitting on his heels, and stretched up to kiss her.

Just before their lips met, Sara whispered, “You know, you’re full of shit, but I love you anyway.” Mike lost it and fell backwards, laughing. She stood up and extended her hand to help him up, but he grabbed it and pulled her down on him.

“Not ’til I get a proper kiss welcoming me home from a hard day’s work.”

“Wouldn’t you rather have a pussy kiss,” she asked, as she shimmied around so she lay full length on him, aware of the incipient signs of her arousal.

“A pussy kiss? What’s that?” he asked, pulling her up so he could look into her eyes with out lifting his head.

Smiling and shaking her head, she leaned down and kissed him, all but performing a tonsillectomy with her tongue. “Something that has to be experienced. It can’t be described,” she replied after pulling away. “But I guess it’s too late tonight. C’mon, it’s bedtime. What time do you go in tomorrow?” she asked as she regained her feet and offered her hand to help him up.

“Not ’til noon. Bella and Joe are coming in early to get dinner prep started, and they can handle the lunch crowds,” he responded, getting to his feet.

“Good, maybe it’s not too late, then,” she said and led him to her room.


“What’re we doing in here?” he asked. “My bed’s bigger.”

“And noisier. Your mother heard us last night. I don’t mind them knowing we’re sleeping together, but there’s no need to provide them with play by play information.” She pulled the tank top she wore over her head, revealing her breasts, of her own volition, to her lover for the first time.

“Your turn,” she said, indicating the tee he wore. He grinned and pulled the shirt over his head. Next, their shorts came off together. As Mike moved to lower his jockeys, Sara grinned and stepped out of her sandals. By the time Mike realized what she had done, his undershorts were down to mid thigh. He laughed and started to continue to lower them, but Sara stopped him, dropping to her knees in front of him.

“I’m not real good at this, so if I hurt you or anything, just bop me on top of my head and I’ll stop; okay? Darryl would only let me clean him with my mouth after he started to go soft. I guess he was afraid if I did any more he’d have to actually stick his tongue in between my labia instead of just licking my vulva… You have a nice cock… Not too long, and nicely thick, but small enough I can get it in my mouth without straining… Any advice on how you like it?” she asked, beginning to lick the shaft from his balls to the tip, looking up at him.

“Mmm; that’s a good start. When you were a kid, did you ever try to suck the flavor out of a popsicle?” She nodded, licking his crown like an ice cream cone. “That’s a good way to start, just don’t bite or pinch it with your teeth. While you’re sucking, push forward as far as you can so you get as much as possible in your mouth.” She nodded her understanding.

“Like this?” she asked, executing his instructions exactly. She held him deep in her mouth for several seconds before releasing his cock and gasping for breath.

Mike nodded. “Yeah, something like that, but there’s a more comfortable way to do it. Let’s get on the bed, and swing around so I can kiss your pussy at the same time.”

“Are you sure, Mike? You don’t have…” Sara said getting on the bed on her knees.

“Not doing it cause I think I have to; doing it because I want to,” Mike answered, lying down on the bed, on his side. “C’mon, lie down, facing me, head to toe…”

“Head to groin, don’t you mean?” Sara asked, with a saucy smile, and took his cock in her mouth.

“Smart ass,” he replied and started attacking her pussy with his tongue.

“Mmmmuuuhhhhnnnngggghhhh…” she moaned around his rod, and pushed her head forward, so he entered her throat.

Instinct took over Mike’s responses. His hips moved forward as if of their own accord, trying to push his cock down her throat, while his arms went around Sara’s hips, holding her tight to him as his tongue fought its way inside her sheath, to caress the nerve rich opening.

His actions, in tandem with her heightened arousal, quickly pushed her to and over her orgasmic precipice, sending her into the fetal position as she squealed around his cock, now buried in her throat. Mike was just as turned on as she by their activities, and began to spew cum straight into her belly while he continued his attempts to tongue fuck her.

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