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Author’s note:

The story below is an experiment. I was inspired, or challenged, to write it after reading “The Finisher” a 2014 fantasy novel by David Baldacci. If my use of any words or terms is identical, or even close, to those of Mr. Baldacci, it is unintentional. Mr. Baldacci used them first and I thank him for his effort.

It was a larger challenge than I anticipated. Please excuse any anachronistic or misuse of words or phrases. The internet is imperfect and so am I. The errors are mine alone.


I be Hannah, beloved widow of Isaac. Although young, Isaac was an industrious and highly respected citizen of the village. He was a builder by trade and constructed many commercial buildings, private residences and even the nave and transept of the village worship meetinghouse as well as its presbytery. He was working on a magnificent addition to the village Council chambers when a crossbeam fell and crushed him. It took twelve men to remove the heavy beam from his body.

Isaac’s funeral was a large and splendid affair with a black caisson drawn by pure white horses. The entire population of the village, by decree of the Council, followed the procession to the hallowed ground where Isaac was laid to rest for all eternity.

It was only a short fifteen seasons ago, at nineteen seasons, when Isaac and I were bound in matrimony in a public ceremony where Isaac took my virginity as I lay naked on the altar of the meetinghouse. His drawing of my blood was proof of my virtue; a sacrament that bound us together with each other and a sacrifice to the faith as it further consecrated the altar. My nakedness was a message to all in the village that I was no longer a child; able to wear the pants and shirts of play, but would remain forever covered in multiple layers of cloth of a dress and begin the serious duty of having children to perpetuate the life of the village.

This last was the only failure I brought to our union and Isaac’s reputation. His other works brought us the forgiveness of the Council and a modicum of respectability although I frequently caught the scornful looks of the other women and their children of the village when we were out in public.

Long ago, the Council had decreed the mourning period for deceased citizens. For a passed female, the mourning varied from a cycle to ten sollights depending on the nearness of the holy sollight of worship to the sollight of the deceased. A cycle consisted of seven sollights ending with a half-day worship every citizen was required to attend.

For passed males, the time of grieving was determined by the importance of the deceased to the village and his value to the Council. The council decreed Isaac’s period of grief was to last two seasons of three hundred sixty five sollights each, during which time I, as his widow, was not allowed to be seen or leave my home. The drapes were drawn over the windows and I was to be alone, mostly in darkness until the mourning was officially over. I believed, as did others I later learned, the prolonged time of isolation, was as much to honor Isaac as it was to punish me for not giving him children to eternalize his blood line.

I would have perished during the time of mourning if it were not for the second half of the Council’s decree. I was to be supported by the merchants and vendors of the village who were to bring me such victuals and other items to feed my body, soul and mind while I honored the life of my husband. The village Council was to reimburse the shopkeepers for their costs without profit. Only those who delivered the materials were allowed to see and speak with me but were mandated to relate nothing of what they said or did with others.

Living without the presence of my husband was difficult enough but more difficult was the loss of having him inside me. The Council was aware of a female’s needs following the loss of her husband and, once each cycle, after worship, a member of the Council would arrive and lay with me to ease my burden. I never bared my body during these visits as I did with Isaac but merely lifted my skirts and petticoats, and removed my underthings. My breasts remained covered except for the demands of two Council elders who unbuttoned my dress top and exposed them for their hands and lips.

It was not enough. While I never bore Isaac a child, we never ceased to try. We expressed our love both verbally and physically several times each day, before breakfast and after retiring, as we lay with each other, hoping to change what we both knew was unalterable. Weekends, we doubled our efforts. For all of our fifteen seasons together we rarely missed a sollight until we were both crushed by the falling timber.

It was under these circumstances that I began to receive daily deliveries from various merchants consisting of fresh meats, fruits and vegetables, carried by female messengers who were careful to keep their voices silent and their eyes averted. Except for a young male who brought me my mail and news twice a day except on the sollight kartal escort bayan of worship.

His name was Jasper and he had seventeen seasons, exactly half my seasons. He was charged with the duty of keeping me current on events of the village, not only by means of his daily delivery of the Village Chronicle which immortalized the actions and decrees of the village Council but also to relate the various events and rumors that did not warrant publication. As such, he was required to speak with me.

In the first several cycles of my isolation, I learned from Jasper more about the lives of the citizens of the village than I had known before Isaac passed. I also learned certain facts about Jasper. He had seventeen seasons but his eighteenth season was approaching in less than two cycles. I also learned he was an only child living alone with his mother as his father had passed suddenly of an undiagnosed illness.

Jasper also had no female who was permitted to have interest in him as a life mate. He had no father and therefore no standing in the village and little to offer the family of a female.

The young females of the village were therefore deprived the company of a fine young male. Jasper was among the tallest males in the village with a physical presence enhanced by hard work with the contractors of the village including occasionally, Isaac. His fine features matched his physique.

Jasper, therefore, became a prospect to relieve one of the most serious conditions related to my isolation. By decree, I had to wait until he attained his eighteenth season. Of all the things a citizen could do to draw the ire of the Council would be to be involved in a carnal relationship with any citizen, male or female, of less than eighteen seasons, was the most egregious. Punishment consisted of shunning the violators until they were forced from the village in order to survive. The restriction applied to all citizens of over five seasons and created an atmosphere among the citizens of deep kept secrets to protect the reputations and rights of their less than patient children. Bonding between males and females was encouraged soon after reaching eighteen seasons.

While I waited for Jasper to reach breeding age, I had time to plan my approach. I needed to be extremely careful not to offend him by offering myself to him too suddenly or to move so slowly as to have him miss the opportunity completely.

Leading up to Jasper’s birth sollight, I took every opportunity to touch him either on a hand, arm or shoulder. I was careful to make each touch seem accidental or natural. Although I had no evidence to support my assumption, I began believe he felt comfortable with my touch and even looked forward to receiving it.

The sollight of the eighteenth anniversary of his birth, I presented Jasper with a small cake by way of celebration and a light kiss on his cheek. We shared pieces of the cake and I was able to repeat the cheek kiss on his departure. Thereafter, twice a day, I greeted him with a gentle handshake on his arrival and again when he departed. Soon, I added a light kiss on the cheek and a firmer handshake.

The progression was as natural as I could create it. Our relationship became more physical as it evolved. Within a half-dozen cycles, I habitually greeted him with a hug and a kiss on the cheek and he returned the kiss in kind. I bid him goodbye in the same manner.

One evening, as Jasper departed my home, I mistimed turning my head to receive his cheek kiss and our lips met. He seemed embarrassed by the sudden contact and before he could apologize, I whispered, “That is blessed. Do not fret,” and ushered him out the door. I wanted him to brood on it before we spoke again.

The next morn, when Jasper arrived with the first mail, I opened the door and allowed him inside. He seemed nervous as we hugged and I kissed his cheek. When he leaned in to kiss my cheek, I did not turn my head. He paused for half a beat and then kissed me gently on my lips. We spoke about recent village events for a while until it was time for him to leave. Throughout I was ecstatic at the level of progress with him I had engineered. At the door, I hugged him and when I leaned in for the customary peck on the cheek, I instead took his chin in my hand, held his head in place and kissed him instead on his lips. He did not react in shock as I thought he might. He acted as if he almost expected it. He leaned in and kissed me on the lips as well, with intention.

That same after midlight, when Jasper arrived with the Chronicle and the mail, after I closed the door, I hugged him and kissed him on the lips. He did not flinch but returned the kiss in kind. We lingered in the kiss longer than I expected and I, inwardly, reveled in the progress of my plan. When he departed, we shared another hug and lingering kiss during which I partially parted my lips and used the tip of my tongue to lick my lips and touch his at the same time. My efforts were being rewarded and the pace was increasing faster than yakacık escort I anticipated.

The next morn, Jasper was early, almost colliding with the delivery of my daily foodstuff and drink. His eagerness excited me and when we embraced and kissed, my tongue slipped between his lips to touch his teeth. The strength of his hug increased proportional to the depth of my tongue.

As he departed, we again embraced and, as my lips parted and my tongue extended I found his tongue already between his lips, waiting. I withdrew my tongue and he pushed his tongue forward, through my parted lips and teeth, and into my mouth. It was the first time since Isaac’s passing that a person had delivered his tongue into my mouth and it was a wonderful reminder of what I was planning for Jasper.

That after midlight, we embraced again. Jasper moved his tongue into my mouth and I did the same to him. We alternatively moved our tongues back and forth for several moments until it was past time to end our greeting. We sat next to each other while Jasper brought me up to date on the latest village rumors and pointed out specific writings in the Chronicle that might interest me. I placed my hand on his thigh while we spoke and he did not object. It seemed, in fact, that he repositioned himself to ease any discomfort I might experience in keeping my hand in place. I hoped he would place his hand on my thigh as well but quickly determined that the many layers of cloth I wore were making such a move difficult if not impossible.

Later, when he departed, I took another action hoping he would respond as I wished. While in embrace and sharing our tongues in each others mouths, I turned my body slightly away from his, took his hand resting on my low back and moved it to the front of my waist. When he did not immediately grasp my intent, I took it again and slid it half way up my torso.

When I released his hand it continued up until it cupped my breast over my dress and underthings. I almost shouted with joy. The feeling of his gentle squeeze was affectionate, a reminder of what I had lost and so different from the manhandling I suffered from the regular visits of the Council members.

Worship sollight was the next day and the visits with Jasper that I so looked forward to was replaced with the loathful misfortune of a Council elder bent on satisfying his urges in the disguise of ameliorating my burden of being without male company. I endured these mandatory visitations by mentally floating outside my body and imagining that it was not my body beneath the degenerate old man and my soul was intact.

I had much time to deliberate on the barrier I needed Jasper to cross and resolved to remove it the next time we met. The next morn, when I woke, I washed and attended to my other needs and dressed in my usual manner.

I greeted each of the delivery females as expected and, after the last of them left, I rushed upstairs and removed most all of my clothing. I remained in just my underthings and a silk sheath that was usually the innermost layer of my clothing. I left the rest of my kit hanging in the chifforobe in my bedroom.

When Jasper knocked, I opened the door while remaining behind it and closed it when he was clear of it. When he turned to see me, he immediately turned his eyes away and covered them with one hand. “Mistress,” he said, “I cannot see you dressed in that manner. You must leave and return after you have covered yourself more modestly.” He was, however, peeking between the fingers of his hand.

“Jasper,” I cooed. “We are not just normal citizens of the village. We are friends. Even more than friends. You have kissed me multiple times with a sensuality reserved for intimate friends. You have held my breast in your hand. The manner of my dress should not embarrass either of us. It is merely an expression of the high regard I have for you and a measure of the trust I place in you. I hope you would entertain the same regard and trust in me and set your gaze upon me without guilt or discomfort.”

Jasper slowly lowered his hand and turned to face me. I watched as his eyes moved down and back up my body. “Mistress,” he said. “I am overwhelmed by your trust and aver my trust in you as well. I must admit, however, that your figure is pleasurable to observe and I am honored to be the observer.”

I went to him and we embraced in greeting as usual but without the barriers of the female clothing I usually wore. In the process I was able to determine the extent of his pleasure as we pressed our bodies together while kissing. He took the initiative, turned my body slightly away from his and cupped my breast with his hand. He lingered there, gently squeezing my breast and discovering my nipple with his finger as it responded to his touch.

We sat next to each other with our hands on each others thighs while he brought me up to the moment on the activities of the village. I stroked his thigh and he stroked mine taking the lead from me. He was reluctant to go further.

The hürriyet mahallesi escort after midlight visit was a repeat of the morn visit. We hugged, kissed and sat close with our hands slowly moving up and down our thighs. Each time he neared the place I desired him to go but he was reluctant to go there. I lifted my hand from his thigh and placed it firmly between his legs upon his manhood. He stiffened and then relaxed when I went no further. I did not know if he was paralyzed with fear or emotion but he did not move his hand on my thigh in a similar manner. I took his hand from my thigh with my other hand and moved to the center between my legs and placed it on my mound.

He did not move it further when I released it and he looked away. I could see, however, he was smiling and the reaction I felt in my hand on his member confirmed his inner feelings. In a daring move, I lifted his hand slightly from my genitalia, slid my silk slip up to nearly my waist and replaced his hand on my underthings. He hesitantly, as if on a journey of discovery, slid his hand between my legs and over my moist flower. I badly wanted to stroke the hardness I felt in my hand but I relented, not wanting to lose the moment if he reacted badly.

Our parting later was intense and full of promise.

The next morn, I repeated my deception with the delivery females and dressed again in the manner I wished to greet Jasper. Only this time I omitted the underthings.

My greeting with Jasper that morn was deeply emotional. Jasper seemed to have renewed energy as he hugged me. Without hesitation, he moved me aside and placed his hand on my breast. He hesitated briefly as he noticed the difference in how my breast felt without my under things. He smiled broadly, pressed his hand into my breast and resumed his kiss with increased enthusiasm. I moved the straps from my shoulders and the silk slipped down leaving my breasts bare. Jasper renewed his fondling and I renewed the kiss.

We sat next to each other and he immediately placed his hand on my thigh and began to rub smoothly over the silk, each stroke reaching further inward and upward. I slid the silk from under his hand and he quickly discovered my nakedness and the space between my nether lips. I reached for the bulge in his britches and tried to undo the buttons with one hand.

Jasper was quick to help me and I soon held his erect phallus in my hand. It was impressive and I desired it between my legs and inside me. Jasper must have read my thoughts. He quickly stood, pushed his pants and knickers down his thighs and placed himself between my legs.

I slid forward on the settee and nodded for him to continue. He entered me with all the energy of youth and finished with the same enthusiasm. Too soon for my comfort but satisfying anyway. The feeling of him inside me brought back all the memories of Isaac inside me that had been missing in spite of the Council’s efforts to provide substitutes. The expelling of his seed deep inside me reminded me of the warmth of a loving relationship rather than the cold of the elder’s efforts.

Jasper quickly stood and pulled his breeches up and buttoned them. He stood in front of me like an errant child expecting chastisement. I stood and my silk slipped completely from my body as I did so. I held him in my arms. “Jasper,” I said. “You were fine. I wanted you as much as you wanted me. Only next time we need to move more slowly so each of us receives the pleasure of release.”

“Next time?” he stuttered.

“Yes, Jasper. There will be a next time,” I reiterated.

The next time was that same day after midlight. I wore the same silk, without undergarments that I had worn that morn. We greeted each other in the usual way with much kissing and fondling. Jasper discovered the dampness between my legs and I the hardness between his before we moved from in front of the closed door. I took his hand and led him up to my bedchamber where I had prepared the bed for our arrival.

Inside, I moved the silk from my body by lifting it over my head and climbed up on the bed. Jasper looked at me without moving. “Jasper,” I said, “remove those garments quickly and join me here. We do not have that much time to waste.”

His clothing quickly piled up on the floor and he joined me, completely naked for the first time. I pushed him on his back and marveled at the beauty of his body. I breathed in his musky aroma as I stroked his erection and kissed his tiny nipples. He reached for me and I rolled on my back. He held and kissed my nipples and I positioned him between my legs. He entered me quickly. I held his hips to slow his measure. “Slowly,” I cautioned. “Like you are stroking a skunk and you do not want it to squirt too soon.”

He heard my message and slowed his pace. Almost too slowly. He brought us both to the edge of the abyss and then pushed me over it. I lost control of my body and in my thrashing I think he believed he had injured me is some way.

When I was able to communicate coherently again, I assured him he had been wonderful and the shaking and thrashing of my body was exactly what was supposed to happen. However, while I was reveling in the feelings I thought I had lost forever, I noticed Jasper was kneeling between my legs and he still sported an erection.

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