Handcuffs and the School Teacher

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With a bang it was back to reality. Training was finished and I was out on the beat with my tutor. A grizzled old school cop. He had been there, done it and got all the t-shirts. Mick was the perfect local beat cop, he knew everyone on his patch. In a lot of cases he was now arresting the third generation of criminals in the family!

One of the most valuable lessons he taught me was where to stop for free coffee and cake. Schools were his favorite, which is what led onto my next little adventure.

One my first arrests was due to some youths committing criminal damage at the local primary schools. Luckily one of the miscreants had dropped his mobile phone in the playground so it didn’t take to long to find out who the phone belonged to, return it to them and take them to the nick. Once locked up I returned to the school to take a loser’s statement from one of the staff.

My luck was in; I had to take the statement from Mary, the head. I had already met her a couple of times and despite her very formal and severe style of dress there was certainly something about her that made blokes sit up and take notice. Mary was in her early forties, about 5’8″ tall. Her two most striking features were her gap toothed smile and her breasts. Every time I had met her those gorgeous orbs seemed to be straining to escape from a very tight blouse and suit jacket.

By the time I had sat down to write the statement the caretaker had stuck his head into the office and asked if it was OK if Mary locked up? She smiled and said “I’m sure I’ll be safe with these two fine gentlemen!”

Mick stood up “Actually just one, I need to pop out to do something, I’ll be back in an hour”. And with that he left.

Twenty minutes later the statement was done. “If you want to go home Mary I’ll wait outside for Mick to get back!”

She looked outside, “It’s raining, I haven’t got anything to rush home for so we might as well be comfortable.”

Mary undid her suit jacket and sat down opposite me and smiled, I couldn’t help but stare at her chest, kartal escort the buttons on her blouse straining to keep everything enclosed.

I was, unusually for me, a little lost for words. Probably because my dick was doing all the thinking instead of my brain.

“Are they uncomfortable?” Mary asked.

“Sorry, are what uncomfortable?”

She smiled and had the grace to let her cheeks color a little,

“The handcuffs, I’ve never been naughty enough to end up under arrest before!”

Now it was my turn to smile, “Well I could do with some practice at making an arrest if you’d like?”

With that Mary stood up and thrust both hands out towards me, wrists together. I walked around to her side of the desk,

“Not to the front, you need to turn around, away from me.”

Mary quickly span on her cherry red high heels. A splash of color that went with her dark suit. Her skirt swished slightly as she turned.

“Now put both hands out to the side, palms facing forward!” I commanded.

“Ooh forceful” she said, “I like that!”

Taking her left hand I placed a rigid cuff over her wrist and then brought it and her right hand down to the small of her back where I closed the cuff in a rear stack position. This means one hand above the other and leaves very little room for the detained person to move. Stood that close to Mary, I could tell her breathing had increased and she had gone red around her neck. I turned her gently to face me.

“Is this where you search me? ” rasped Mary.

“Normally I’d call a female officer” I said.

“What happens if there isn’t one and I’ve got something dangerous on me?” Mary asked.

“In that case I would search you” I smiled

“Shame no-one else is coming then.” Stated Mary.

I turned Mary around and started the search, taking her hair out of the bun first and letting it fall down her back. I ran my hands smoothly over her shoulders then

using the palm of my hands quartered her back searching to the right above the bra strap and then kartal otele gelen escort to the left. Mary arched her back and I could hear little groans coming from her throat. My fingers traced their way down to her waistline my thumbs running down her spine almost like a massage.

Using the back of my hands I smoothed over her right arse cheek, the unmistakable feel of a suspender belt scraping beneath my knuckles. By this time I was rock hard, my cock straining against my combat trousers, hoping that Mick wouldn’t return anytime soon.

After finishing Mary’s other leg I turned her around to face me. Her nipples were stood out like two little nuggets beneath her blouse and bra, her cheeks glowing and eyes closed. Mary’s lips were slightly open as I put my hands around the back of her collar she stepped forward, my lips immediately meeting hers. My hands dropped to her tits managing them through her clothes before popping the buttons one her blouse and reaching around to release the bra catch.

She burst free as I dropped my head and hungrily took each nipple in turn into my mouth, sucking hard on each one, rolling my tongue over it and around it before coming up to kiss her hard on the lips again.

As we kissed, my hand slid beneath her skirt, fingers moving from the nylon of her stockings to the smooth white flesh. She eased her legs apart as I reached the gusset of her minuscule panties, two fingers sliding easily between the wet, swollen lips. Mary groaned as I started to work my fingers in and out her pussy, the slight slurp telling me how wet she was. As my thumb brushed her clothes for the umpteenth time Mary stiffened and I felt her teeth sink into the shoulder of my stab vest.

As she relaxed I brought my fingers up between us, licking her juices from one before sliding the other into her mouth.

She sucked hard on my finger and said, “If you’re a good Policeman I’ll do that to your cock”

Pushing Mary back against the desk, I went to my knees and pushed her kartal eve gelen escort skirt up over her waist before pulling her red lace panties down to the floor, she kicked them away into the corner of the room.

Her legs parted as I planted my tongue hard between her lips, lapping over her clit, tasting her juice as it literally trickled down my throat. I pulled her lips apart with my thumbs, her clit standing out like a pleasure button, just waiting to be buzzed, rolled between tongue and my teeth it wasn’t long before she came again, harder this time, shuddering as waves of pleasure shot through her.

As I kissed her again she whispered in my ear, “Now fuck me you bastard!”

I stood back, undoing my trousers and dropping them and my underwear to the floor. My cock quivering in front of me!

“Leave the cuffs on and fuck me from behind, hard!”

Turning Mary around I pushed down over the desk, her sweet little fuck hole at just the right level I slid straight into her up to the hilt.

No messing about I started to fuck her hard and fast, our legs slapping together and everything on the desk shaking so much her coffee cup smashed on the floor. “Fuck, I’m cumming you bastard, FUUCK! ” She Screamed.

Her body stiffened as my own orgasm started to build. As I grabbed a handful of her long hair I pulled her head up and thrust as deeply as I could, two or three more times before I couldn’t hold on any longer.

“I’m going to shoot my load, you fucking dirty slag” I grunted.

“In my Mouth, Cum in my mouth you bastard, I want to taste your salty cum!”

I pulled out of her and stepped back slightly, pulling her to her feet. Mary turned squatted down on her haunches as I reached around her head, guiding her mouth over my quivering dick. As soon as the bulbous purple head passed through her lips I came, hot salty cum hitting the back of Mary’s throat as she bobbed her head up and down milking me until I was empty.

Slowly as my legs began to shake she stood up.

“Told you I would if you were good” she smiled over her shoulder as I undid her cuffs.

The timing couldn’t have been better because no sooner had we sat down than Mick knocked at the door. I smiled at Mary and said thank you as I left, my eyes drawn to a pair of red lace panties lying in the corner of the office!

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