Happy New Year

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I am at the massive New Year’s Eve bash with some of my friends. We are dancing around and I feel as if someone is watching me. I look around but cant see anyone looking at me so I go back to having a good time. As it nears midnight most of my friends grab their partners to get ready to welcome in the New Year with a kiss.

I spot some of my single friends and go and join them in grabbing a drink. We look up and start to count down with the clock. Just 2 seconds before the clock strikes midnight I feel an arm wrap around my waist and start to turn me. I’m suddenly face to face with you. I hear everybody around me screaming out ‘Happy New Year’. You say to me that we should welcome in the New Year like everyone else is doing.

You pull me against you and lower your mouth to mine and kiss me deeply and passionately. I moan against you mouth and push closer, wanting more. I feel your hands slide up my sides and brush against my breasts. You slide your hands back down and under my shirt. My belly muscles jump as I feel your hands on my skin. As we stand there kissing, you move your fingers in tiny circles, working your way up to brush against the underside of my breasts.

My nipples harden painfully and I press tighter against you. You cup my breasts and squeeze them gently before running your thumbs over my nipples and pinching them. As you pinch them harder I whimper against your mouth. I decide I need to touch you as well. I pull my arms from around your waist and slip a couple of buttons free on your shirt. I run my nails across your stomach and then up across your nipples. Back down my hands go and run around the waistband of your pants, dipping inside a little before retreating again. You kartal escort grab one of my hands and place it on your cock. I gasp against your mouth at how hard you are. You take the opportunity to thrust your tongue deep into my mouth. I run my fingers along the ridge in your pants and you growl. I take my mouth from yours and kiss and lick your neck.

I unzip your pants and slide my hand into your jocks. I let you free of the material and start to stroke you, running my hand from tip to base and squeezing your balls. As I continue to pull your cock I pull your head down to mine and I start to nibble on your ear, blowing my warm breathe gently into it. I quicken my pace on your cock and whisper in your ear that I am going to take your cock into my mouth as you get closer to cumming and I want you to come in front of all these people. You groan as my words sink in and it turns you on more. I slip my other hand between your legs and start to finger you arse.

You are getting closer and I drop down in front of you and swallow your cock. As I take you deep into my mouth I slide my finger into your arse and press your back wall. Your fingers go into my hair and hold me there. You start to thrust into my mouth and feel your cock start to shudder as your cum comes shooting into my mouth. You groan loudly as you continue to spurt your hot cum onto my tongue and down the back of my throat. I pull my fingers from your arse and stand up and swallow your load. I run my tongue around my lips making sure I got every bit of it.

You zip your pants back up and grab a hold of my hand and head me away from the party, leaving a few shocked people in our wake. We go towards a children’s playground that is fairly cumhuriyet mahallesi escort private. Once in the playground you take me to a table and help me up onto it. You sit on the seat between my legs and slide your hands over my legs and up under my skirt to my arse. You grab a hold of my panties and start to tug them down. I raise my hips to help you and then you slowly slide them down my legs. Once my panties are off you tuck them into your pocket.

Again you slide your hands up along my legs and push my skirt up past my hips. Your hands go around to my back and you tug me towards the edge of the table. You part my legs further and kiss from my knees up along my thighs. As you near my pussy I spread my legs even further. In the twilight you can see my pussy glistening. You run a finger lightly along my lips and gently press in to touch near my clit. I moan softly and you press a little deeper. You tell me to lay back on the table and I do so. Again you pull me a little closer to the edge of the table.

I feel so exposed to you, laying on the table, my soaking wet pussy almost even with your face. Your fingers slip back over my pussy lips and you part me a little. You run your tongue up the inside of my thighs and flick softly at my lips. I moan as I feel your tongue flick just inside my lips and touch just below my throbbing clit. You part my lips further with your fingers and slide a finger into me. You slip it in and out a few times before adding another. I lift my hips a little as you start to finger fuck me. You run your tongue from where your fingers start in me up to my clit where you vibrate your tongue a little.

My hands find your yunus escort head between my legs and I hold you there. You take your fingers from my pussy and slip one into my arse. Your tongue slips into me and I moan loudly as you thrust it in and out of me while mimicking the action with your finger in my arse. I can feel myself getting closer and closer and take my hands from your head. I start to pinch my nipples with one hand and the other starts to rub my clit as you continue to thrust into me with your tongue. The hand that is holding me apart slip down to my entrance and you slide two fingers in and hold them apart to open me up so you can thrust your tongue deeper.

I start to shudder and moan as my orgasm hits me. You push my hand out of the way and start to vibrate your tongue on my clit and thrust your fingers deep. Your fingers touch on my g-spot and I start to squirt as I cum. Your tongue is lapping at all my juices as they come flowing out of me.

You stand up after getting all my juices and shift me to the end of the table. You unzip your pants and drop them to the ground. While I am laying there catching my breath, you shift between my legs and thrust into me, causing me to arch my back at the pleasure. You continue to thrust into me making me moan and groan as you take me back towards another orgasm. You can feel my muscles getting tighter around you so you pull out and lift my legs to your shoulders and press into my tight arse hole.

You move slowly but my moans are starting to get louder and louder so you move harder and faster. You slip a hand between us and start to rub your thumb over my clit. You are telling me you want to feel me shudder around your cock, you are urging me closer. My moans turn to screams of pleasure as I orgasm and tighten on your cock. You cant hold back anymore and slam into me harder and shoot your hot load into my arse. I lay there for a few minutes and then comment to you that that was a hell of a way to welcome in the New Year.

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