Outrage! Pt. 02

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“You absolutely sure that I can?” Julie asked, as she rose from her seat. Her dark brown hair, like her mother’s, brushed along her chest, knowing her 36B breasts weren’t anything compared to her mother’s 32DDs.

“I’m quite sure,” Nora nodded. “Although, if you don’t want to…”

“No!” Nora smiled at her daughter’s quick response. “I just want to make sure you won’t get mad at me,” Julie said weakly, as she stared down at her feet.

“I wouldn’t have said it if I was going to get mad,” Nora said, reaching over and taking hold of her son’s, her lover’s, hand. “You don’t mind if your sister takes care of you in my stead, right?”

“Umm…” Jon scratched his left cheek. Unsure on how to say it without his mother getting mad.

“Its okay Jon,” Nora cooed, glancing down seeing her son’s cock twitch. Something that she knew her daughter saw as well. Julie had a long way to go before she even began to forgive her daughter for the sight she saw nearly two months ago. Yet for as long as Julie stayed in her house she would forever be her bitch. Her son, no, Jon was her man now, her lover, and she would never impose her will onto him. That was only for Julie, Jon was just now finding his sexual identity. She wasn’t about to stymie her own son’s sexual awakening. Nora was simply going to teach him how to be a better lover than his own father ever was. “You’re young and inexperienced. I would never want you to miss out on something because I love having you in my bed.”

“Only if you’re okay with it,” Jon stated as he looked down at his mother.

“Of course, I am. I am the one who suggested it after all,” Nora said, smiling up at her son knowing how eager her daughter was to scratch the itch.

“Jon…” Julie’s hand reached out to take hold of her brother’s left hand, “please won’t you come to my room,” Julie said softly, as her brown eyes rose to meet her brother’s. “Maybe you could show me how you taste Mom,” she mumbled, shyly brushing her hair behind her ear.

“Go on.” Nora winked at her son as she gave his hand a squeeze. Praying that Jon would go along with her plan to rub Patrick’s face in the fact his son was and always will be a better lover than he ever will be. She was just going to have to plan on a way to get her so-called friends to come to her home. Three of them were dealing with divorces due to their inability to keep their whorish legs closed. Still, the thought of putting the screws to her bastard of a husband was very pleasing to her as she watched Julie lead Jon to her room. Sighing as the door began to close, knowing it was going to be a long five days before she could feel her son back inside of her. Picking up Jon’s article as the latch of Julie’s door clicked. A warm, loving smile graced her lips as she began to re-read it.


Jon looked around his sister’s room, pondering the last time he was even in it. Noting all the knick-knacks that she had garnered throughout her life stored within those four walls. Watching how Julie was moving her stuffed animals off her bed. Listening to her mutter to them as she placed them on her desk after giving each one a kiss. Then it all changed, his back grew stiff as Julie lifted her shirt along her chest. His already hard cock flexed against the denim of his jeans as her braless breasts came into view.

“I know I’m not pretty like Mom is Jon,” Julie said, hanging her head. “But I hope…”

“What’re ya talkin’ about?” Jon asked, confused.

“I hear it all the time,” Julie stated, her right arm moved across her stomach holding onto her left arm. Tilting her head to the right so she could view her brother. “All the boys I know are always going on and on about how pretty, how hot, how beautiful Mom is. They never give me a second look. My tits are small, I don’t have Mom’s looks, my hips…” Her heart fluttered as Jon placed a hand on her shoulder.

“Sis, you are beautiful. Whoever told you that is a fool,” Jon said, heatedly. Whatever happened or how it started, it didn’t matter. She was still his sister, and damn all those who put her down.

“Do you mean that?” Julie asked, stepping into her brother. “Do you really think I’m pretty?” Her eyes searched her brother’s as her hands rested on Jon’s chest.

“Of course, I mean it,” Jon nodded firmly.

Julie wrapped her arms around her brother, holding him tightly as she buried her face into his neck. She felt tears of joy reaming her eyes as her hands moved up her brother’s back. Biting her lip as she felt his own arms wrapping around her waist. “Do you like how my breasts feel against your chest little brother?” Julie whispered into his ear. Her breath hot against it as her lips brushed along his ear. “I know this does,” she said, rubbing her mons Venus against her brother’s bulge. “Will you make your stupid, horny sister feel good,” Julie purred as she stared into her brother’s eyes. After nearly two months kurtköy escort of watching her mother flirt with Jon, having to listen and spy as her mother had Jon finger her on the couch. To how Jon had knelt down lifted her mother’s dress and just so wantonly shoved his face between her legs without a word. “Unlike Dad,” she grumbled in her mind. Wondering why she had been so easily fooled by her father’s words. While she did love her father, as a father, the time she had spied on how her mother and Jon interacted in and out of the bedroom showed her that there were better men out there than he was. Her lips brushed against his testing the waters.

Julie produced a little yelp of surprise as Jon pulled her into him. Her nails scraped lightly along his chest as she felt his left hand grabbing hold of her ass. She pondered if this was what they meant by foreplay as Jon kissed her passionately. Her father didn’t spend too much time on it. Always rushing their encounters like he always had to be somewhere else. Her nails tore at his shirt as she breathlessly pulled away. Gooseflesh raced along her skin as her brother’s hand move up the side of her chest. Softly whimpering as she felt his hand cradling her left breast. Her muscles trembling as her nipple rolled between his fingers. Breathing heavily into his ear as Jon nibbled along her neck. Her body moved on its own as she led him towards her bed. Her hands moved down his chest as she sank down onto the edge of her bed. Smiling up at him before his shirt engulfed his head. Her heart hammered in her throat as her fingers unhooked the button of his jeans. While she knew her brother wasn’t anywhere near the size of their father, yet she didn’t care, she just wanted to see if what she had witnessed for so long was as good as it appeared to be.

Her nose nuzzled her brother’s stomach as she inhaled the scent of his skin. The sound of the brass zipper filled the room as she lowered it as Jon sent his shirt flying through the air before striking and sliding down the wall. Her brown eyes stared up at her brother as she pushed his pants and underwear to the floor. Her breathing quickened as his cock bobbed before her just inches from her face.

“Go on,” Jon said, with a slight smirk. “It isn’t like you haven’t been staring at my cock for some time now.”

Slowly, reaching out, taking a dry swallow as her hand wrapped around the base of her brother’s cock. It wasn’t that she didn’t know how to suck a cock, her father had taught her how, it was every time she did her father skipped tasting her cunt. “Jon… will you taste me if I do this?” Julie asked, as she peered up at her brother.

“What, did Dad not do that?” Jon asked, arching an eyebrow as his thighs trembled as her hand ran gently along his shaft.

“No,” Julie said, shaking her head.

“Why not?”

“I don’t know, every time we were together Dad would skip that and just fuck me like I was just another conquest,” Julie said, watching how her brother’s eyes fluttered as her thumb teased the underside of his crown. “It took watching you and Mom to make me realize that,” she cooed as she leaned forward as her lips parted eager to take her brother’s manhood into her mouth. Her eyes glanced up at her brother’s moan. Smirking inwardly at the fact that her brother enjoyed her sucking him off. Her tongue ran along the underside of his cock as she eased off of his rod. Loving how his muscles quivered as she swirled her tongue around the crown of his pole. “So, will you?” Julie asked, with pleading eyes. Her pussy throbbed just thinking about how his tongue would feel on her wet cunt.

“Of course,” Jon said, without hesitation.

Julie’s body heated as his words settled on her shoulders. Lightly biting her lip, scooting back along her bed towards the headboard. Her fingers nervously fumbled with the button on her own shorts as she watched how her brother quickly stepped out of his pooled jeans. Her breasts jiggled as she eased down her zipper, her breathing increased as Jon placed a knee on her bed. Knowing that within seconds she would finally experience the bliss she had seen for so long on her mother’s face. Her cheeks heated as Jon’s fingers gently tugged her shorts down her legs, wondering if he liked her blue lacy panties she had worn that day as she lifted her legs watching how her shorts slipped from her body. Noting how her brother’s nose wiggled as her arousal filled the air as her panties peeled off her wet sex. The light blush on her cheeks grew darker as her brother stared down at her glistening cunt.

“Don’t stare Jon, its… embarrassing,” Julie whispered.

“Huh? Why would you be embarrassed?” Jon asked, feeling his sister’s gooseflesh as the pads of his fingers ran along her thighs. “You have a very pretty pussy sis.”

“Y-you really think so?” Julie stammered seeing her brother nod.

“Didn’t Dad tell you this?”

“No,” Julie said, shaking her head quickly.

“Well… aydıntepe escort you do,” Jon said, with a warm smile. Leaning forward, watching how his sister’s eyes were on him as his hands ran up her stomach. Listening to her whimper as he cradled her breasts in his hands, noting how the back of her head pressed into the mattress and how her back arched as he tweaked her nipples. Her brown eyes darted to and fro as his mouth was only inches away from her lips. Her fingers softly ran along his left cheek as she caressed it. Her moan filled his mouth as they kissed while his featherlight touch danced up her dew laden labia. Her hand pressed hard on the back of his head as he gently rolled her clitoris.

Her panting grew louder as she pulled away from him. Her womb quivered as her brother teased that aching bud so wantonly. Her nails dug into his skin as her canal clenched at the way Jon was touching her neglected cunt. Feeling her climax nearing its peak after months of draught. Suddenly her eyes shot open and stared heatedly at her brother as he just stopped his exploration of her pussy.

“What? I thought you would rather cum on my tongue than my fingers,” Jon said, with a smirk.

Julie couldn’t keep her smile from showing as she nodded her head very vehemently. “Oh Jon, I would love nothing more than to do that,” Julie said, dreamily. Her fingers weaved through his hair as he leaned down and took her right breast into his mouth. Moaning as his tongue swirled around her areola, her hands gripped tightly to his arms as her brother flicked her nipples with the tip of his tongue. “Yes Jon, you can do that any time you want, whenever you want,” she said, breathlessly. Trying to hold back her orgasm, she wanted to do that on that tongue of his, yet the want, the longing to feel it for so long was quickly breaking down her will. Her hand pressed on the top of his head as her impatience was winning out as Jon kissed down her stomach. “Oh God!” Julie loudly moaned as she finally felt her brother’s tongue as Jon licked up her slit with the flat of his tongue. “Jon!” she howled in bliss at he flicked the tip of that pink muscle against her clit. Her breathing grew rapid, her fingers curled around her comforter as her brother parted her moist lips. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head as he teased her vulva. Julie’s body quaked as Jon’s lips captured her clit.

“That’s it Jon, lick your sister’s pussy!” Julie growled in want as she ground her hips against his lips. A shuddering moan escaped her lips as she felt her brother’s tongue slipping into canal. Her cry echoed in her room as her thighs squeezed her brother’s head as her cream surged down her channel. “Don’t stop… taste me… more!” Julie said, not realizing her speech was broken as her body jerked and twitched in the aftermath of her orgasm. Feeling her juices running out of her cunt as Jon’s tongue left her heat, her fingers grabbed tufts of his hair as she rubbed her wet pussy on his face as Jon never once eased his efforts to bring her to her next climax. “Yes!” Julie screamed out as her peach juice gushed out as her second orgasm raced through her body.

Julie watched as her body jerked as Jon coughed roughly from being drowned in her orgasmic juices. Rising from her spot as Jon sat on the back of his legs. Her eyes zeroing in on that hard, protruding cock of his. Smiling at her brother as she straddled his lap. “You look so good covered in my pussy juice,” Julie said, sweetly. Her hand took hold of the base of his root as she pointed that bulbous head at the entrance of her paradise. “God yes!” she whimpered as she lowered herself onto her brother’s pole. “You cock feels so good in me,” she panted as she lowered herself down it. Julie passionately kissed her brother as his hands rested on her hips. Her juices coating every inch of his cock as her hips glided along his hard rod. “Yes Jon, you like how your sister’s hot, wet, tight pussy hugs that cock, don’t you?” Julie asked, as she rolled her hips as she squeezed her folds. Loving how she could bring such sheer pleasure to his eyes.

“You’re so tight,” Jon stammered as his cock felt like her muscles were squeezing the life out of him.

“Well… I haven’t been fucked in so long,” Julie said, her tongue flickered out teasing his upper lip. “And your cock feels so good deep inside of me,” she purred. Breathing heavily as his hands moved from her hips to her ass. “That’s it Jon, touch me. Touch me everywhere, so that my body knows the man that’s given me…” Tossing her head back as her pussy clamped down on her brother’s rod.

Julie smiled like a fool as she felt her brother’s cum running out of her cunt. They had fucked like rabbits for the past thirty minutes, and it was heavenly. Her eyes ran down her brother’s back as he dressed. “Jon, you don’t have to run off… we can fuck some more… after I’ve rested,” Julie said, her heart hammered in her chest as her brother smiled over his shoulder.

“Oh, tuzla içmeler escort I’d planned on it, it’s just that I got to head to the school and turn in that article,” Jon said, knowing that his teacher adviser would be there at this time of day. She was always there or somewhere else other than at home due to what he heard were marital problems at home. He didn’t know what they were nor was he going to ask.

“Do you promise? That when you get back that you’ll take your bad, naughty, and sexy sister and fuck her hard?” Julie asked, crawling naked along her bed. She liked the fact that his eyes were on her breasts, so she knew he wasn’t lying to her when he had told her he loved them; nor did he paw at them and leave them sore like her father always did. Their one sexual encounter showed her how much better Jon already was as a lover than their father could ever be. With Patrick it was about his pleasure, yet with Jon, he made slow, sweet, body numbing love to her. Made sure that she got off not once, not twice, but four times, and she couldn’t wait for when Jon got home so he could watch as her ass bounced as he fucked her from behind.

“Of course, that is if you want me to?” Jon nodded as his shirt slid down his chest.

“Don’t you see your cum dripping down onto my bed?” Julie asked, as she knelt before him. Running her hands up her stomach playing with her breasts as she gazed at her brother.

“Kind of hard to miss sis,” Job replied with a smirk. Noting how his sister spread her lips apart allowing more of his seed to pour onto her bed.

“Then you should know that I want my pussy filled once again. I want to shudder as I feel it filling my womb to the brim. Don’t worry I’m on the pill. Have been since I was thirteen. It helps regulate my period. I know not something you want to hear,” Julie giggled behind her hand. “I just wanted to let you know you can cum in me as much and as often as you like,” she purred wantonly. Her hand reached out and took hold of her brother’s shirt. Pulling him into her, her tongue rolled in his mouth, sending a silent thank you to their mother in teaching Jon how to kiss. “Hurry back,” Julie whispered lustfully as her lips left his.

“As I expect from my man,” Nora said, with a coy smirk as she rested her arm on the back of the couch as she turned to look at her son. “So how was it? Did you enjoy fucking your sister?” she queried as Jon shut Julie’s door.

“Yeah,” Jon nodded.

“Good. I want you to get all the experience you want baby just remember to always come back to me. I don’t mind sharing you, just so as long as you know who’s bed you belong in,” Nora stated gazing lovingly at her son.

“Mom,” his feet propelled him across the floor, “have you seen yourself lately?” Jon asked, as his hand slipped into hers as she held it out to him.

“No, should I have?” Nora enquired, with a sly smirk.

“I know you know how fucking hot you are,” Jon whispered as he tilted his mother’s chin.

Nora’s hands flew out, clamping onto the side of her son’s head. She kissed her son, her lover, her man with such wanton passion she wondered how she hadn’t realized that her soon-to-be ex-husband and she never shared any in their years of marriage. Her tongue rolled within his mouth tasting her daughter’s pussy on his tongue. God. Even when it wasn’t her, she still got hot just thinking of what he could do with that tongue of his. Most of his skill she had taught him, some – to her sublime amazement – he had learned on his own. Sending a silent thank you to whomever invented Google. Her thumb brushed along his cheek bone as she stared into his eyes as their lips pulled away from one another.

“God, I want to fuck you so badly right now,” Nora growled hungrily. Knowing that the next four days were going to be murder on her.

“Welcome to every guy’s world in a six block radius,” Jon said, with a coy smile. Knowing how he had heard often enough to know how the men in the neighborhood would give their left nut for a night with his mother.

“True,” a smirk rose along her lips, “but there is only one man I want,” Nora cooed lovingly.

“Glad to hear it,” Jon teased he didn’t know how he would act knowing his mother was fucking some guy she didn’t love. He could keep his jealousy hidden if it meant his mother was happy with whomever she was dating. Just like how she was willing to let him explore his newfound sexuality. “I’ll be back in an hour or two,” Jon stated plucking his article off the cushion beside her.

“Where are you going?” Nora asked, arching an eyebrow, she had wanted to spend the late afternoon snuggling with her son and maybe giving him a blow job or ten during the commercial breaks.

“To turn this in,” Jon said, rustling the paper.

“But its Saturday?!” Nora uttered in a confused tone.

“I know, but my teacher advisor should be there, I have to get her to sign off on it before I can turn it in to my editor,” Jon said, slyly peeking down his mother’s shirt, who pulled down the collar of her shirt to give him a better look at her 32DD breasts.

“Then you better hurry back, these need to feel your lips on them,” Nora spoke as she lifted her breasts slightly.

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