Girl’s Reunion

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This story is about group of women together, having a reunion and discussing their school days and how they have progressed – and finishing it off with a visit to a strip club.

There were lots of laughs and temperatures rose as they watched the boys so erotically do their stuff. Later in the confines of the bar they discussed the evening, two of the girls were missing awhile, said they needed to go to the Loo but when they returned it didn’t take long for the others to suss out what they’d really been up to.

Jan asked Marie where she’d been; “Getting autographs of course” the flustered blonde smiled, her eyes looking like she was in another world.

“You may as well tell them, they’re dying to know!” piped up Teresa, the one who had been with her.

“We did things that’s all”

“Did things?” Jan pressed, “such as?”

They both started giggling and Marie sort of gestured with her thumb in a very provocative manner.

“You didn’t!?” gasped Jan

“We sure did, both of us, Teresa too and it was divine, I tell you, those boys are so well equipped and know how to let a girl enjoy their meat!”

“That’s disgusting” groused Jan.

“Hey, steady on, Jan – they’re not partnered like us,” interrupted Sue, they had every right too, good for them, I heard the boys let girls do it and why not – don’t say you don’t like a bit of good old fashioned oral?”

“S’pose so”

“You jealous?” Marie asked

But Jan declined to reply, she just sat there looking coy.

“Don’t say you never do it with Jack” Marie continued.

After a pause Jan replied that Jack wanted too but she didn’t think it was right.

“Which planet have you been on?” Sue asked. “That’s how you can lose a good guy like Jack, he will go to someone else to play -give it a go, you will know doubt enjoy it.” “That’s not all there is to a relationship, Sue. There are other things and we do love each other.”

Then she paused awhile, thought about it, the girls who had just returned from the guys dressing room whispering and giggling, sort of gesturing about what they had just done.

“You think I ought to?” Jan enquired looking interested then, hearing snippets of the girls conversation, how it was, how big the boys were and how they tasted, how they adored the smell of their Brute.

“I know so!” Marie replied – at least from my point of view. Why not ask Sue for a second opinion” she suggested.

Sue didn’t want prompting, she was listening to the conversation ardently.

“For me and Peter, it is divine, It is an essential part of our intimate relationship and makes for the perfect stimulus for what is to come.” escort bayan “Tell me more, I’d really like to know, Sue. I just feel I have not quite got the gist of it yet that’s all.”

“How long have you been with Jack?” Sue asked Jan carefully.

“About six months, that’s all Sue.”

“Amazing – I mean that you haven’t … but I guess each to their own, for me I can’t imagine sex without the down to earth starters.”

“Tell me then, Sue. Please I want to know.”

“Hey, hang o n a minute, that’s personal, between me and mine, Marie,” but flashing though her mind was the wonderful way they did it.

Most times it started after the warmth of a passionate kiss into the evening as they watched TV. Sue slipping onto her knees spacing herself between Peter’s thighs.

They both knew what they were about and it was a shared thing. In a moment Sue had unzipped Peter’s jeans – touching and sniffing him there then she slowly, with his help, slipped his jeans down to his knees and clasping and interlocking her hands with his she started to enjoy the touch of his arousal with her mouth and face pressing into his boxer shorts.

She tinkered with the buttons on his boxer shorts, no hands – all done with her mouth and teeth which made it all the more sensual, teasing his strong erection through the opened aperture until it was well planted into her mouth, she sucking it so ardently and fully, taking every suck slowly to enjoy his flavour which she loved so much. . So warm and so ready and as always so absolutely appetising, she loved the pliability as she continued to tease and tantalised him through the unbuttoned opening, and still with hands firmly clasped to his she heard him moan as she continued to suck – tasting him there , prodding her tongue into his p-hole, wrapping it around his ‘plum’ and then sucking deeper and deeper into the opening of her throat. With practice, and as long as he didn’t force her, she managed to half swallow him until she was right down to his root, This would last for about ten minutes, whilst taking quick breaths between, she enjoying the warmth, the ecstasy and taste of him.

Then beckoning him down over the edge of the settee and onto the thick pile carpet she manoeuvred herself , lifting her short black skirt which he loved her in, over his body, t revealing her well-defined soft well rounded thighs, with hands still clasped, time for hands later but first it was for his oral of her.

Sue wiggled herself further up his muscular body until she saw his head was tucked neatly between her thighs, he enjoying the moment, sniffing and teasing her through her silky ruby red tie -on thong, tuzla genç escort she swaying gently to and for to feel the touch of his warm lips there, making her feel so wanted and good, feeling so complete, then gently crouching fully over his head- lowering herself until she was smothering him in her feminine wetness- underneath her short skirt as tongue teased the tie until eventually, with the help of his teeth, it was undone and he could veer away the wet silkiness and concentrate fully on the sweet taste of her warm inviting very wet and warm pussy.

But the finale of their foreplay happened when, hands still clasped, he moved again in a way that he was able to lift his head until his lips met hers – when , lips moulded together they could share the absolute mutual nectar of love in a rich deep French kiss until, not being able to last out any longer, they at last unclasped hands and, she on top, guided his enormity into her for the most wonderful deep penetrating fuck.

Sue could never ever divulge such information, even if Jan was a close friend. But maybe she would give her a few pointers…

“Just try caressing him beneath – you know, cupping him with your hand as you kiss, Jan. I’m assuming you don’t do this much with Jack okay, this is just the build up to the oral stuff – And then if you enjoy it and I know Jack will, guys always do; just let it flow, start to feel his arousal swelling for you in expectancy, lower your head down to him, no rush now take your time – you need to get into the feel of the moment, get to touching it with your fingers, feel the wonderful fullness , think of that as your doing and how you want to think on that – and remember, it is all for you, tease it, feel it grow and grow, sample the nectar of it, take it into your mind that you want to go further, think of how much you love your guy, what you want what is good for him and how he will enjoy that, don’t worry whether or not he will like it, he will, take it from me, all guys do, all guys like to feel the warmth of their girl’s lips around it. Remember it is his love tool, with it he will give you joy and happiness and babies too, close your eyes, count to ten and go for it, soon you will feel the splendour of it, and coupled with the sounds of love you will sooth each other into a rapturous episode of perfect love making. Then the world is your oyster. Just go for it Jan.”

“*I will, I will Sue, you make it sound so heavenly that I really and truly want to. But one question.”


“What if he – you know – in your mouth?”

“Cums? That’s up to you, some girls enjoy that too, if not, well with practice you will tuzla kendi evi olan escort know the signs when he is about too, combined with his moans, there is a short pause before the spurt, gives you just enough time to stop the oral and come away, to let him cum whichever way, for me I adore it over my boobs, then the titillating after, he smothering my boobs and tits with his love potion as I call it”

“If you don’t mind me asking, Sue have you ever?”


“You know?”

“Taken it into my mouth?”


“Sometimes I like to. Depends on my mood at the time or if I have a glass of cola to hand.”


“Well your throat will be dry take it from me, and by swallowing it is rather sticky to be honest, and a swig of cola will help, then, when the mood is right, it is divine, to swallow the love juice delivered as a token of you fuck, that’s what I think anyway.”

“I am converted, Sue I really am, I have been so stupid and naive haven’t I?”

“We all have to learn and I know you will reap the reward.”

“I am hoping to, tonight, I Am all revved up now” Jan confessed. “Good luck, Jan.”

So Jack was in for one big surprise. Jan suggested an early night for one, which was most unusual. “Feeling poorly? Queried Jack. “Not poorly, something else,” she replied with a certain look Jack had not seen since their honeymoon. They retired to the bedroom and instead of going to the bathroom to change, Jan undressed right there displaying just bought underwear from Ann Summers. Jack looked astounded as she swayed very provocatively across the bedroom, closing to him until her lips met his. “Erm, Erm I do think I had better go clean up and change before bed,” Jack muttered hesitantly – like he was in some sort of dream. “Darling, no need to, I want you as you are, it is afterwards you will need to clean up!”

Her time out with the girls had certainly brought Jan out and relentlessly she persuaded Jack to plant himself on the edge of the bed and, unzipping him as she crouched there between his legs, went for the business, like she had to make the move before everything would be like it was before, when all the excitement had gone out of their marriage, all the time thinking: what If jack had fund another woman on account of her neglect.

But now she was half way to the finale in her newly found oral foreplay and already, with her mouth so wonderfully full of Jack she realised what she had been missing, how could she have ever not done this before.

Jack laid back and closed his eyes, murmured how good it was and for her not to stop. “Tina, let me feel just the touch of your teeth, you know how I love that.”

With one great slurp, Jan’s mouth had rapidly departed from her husband’s erection; “Tina, who the fucking hell is Tina!?”

And so the sad story goes that Jan had left it just a little too late, because Jack had already found another.

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