Grant , Kailyn

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Part 1

It was 4:30 in the afternoon on a Wednesday. I pulled into the driveway quickly, knowing that it would not be long before my wife got home from work. I needed to get inside and make a call before she arrived.

Rushing to the home office, I opened the video chat program. Within seconds the thousand miles separating Kailyn and I closed. The conversation would be short. The planning stage was complete, and the only purpose of this call was to verify that everything was still on track for the following morning.

“Hey cutie,” I opened.

“Hi,” Kailyn replied, excited, but also nervous. She got right to the point, “Are we good to go?”

“Yes. I told my wife that I have a going away party at work tomorrow, and that I would be home late. That should easily clear me until the middle of the evening. How about you?”

She was ready. “I’m set. The kids have a regular day of school. I don’t have to pick them up until 3PM. And he’ll be at work all day.”

I heard a car pull into the driveway. “I have to run. I’ll see you tomorrow. Love ya.”

“I love you too Grant,” she said. “I can’t wait.”

And with that, it was done. After knowing each other for almost twenty years, we had set the date. In less than twenty four hours we would be in bed together, exploring each other in ways we never had before. I shutdown the computer, and headed off to greet my wife.

Part 2

The alarm went off at six o’clock the next morning. It could have been the start of a regular day. I showered and shaved and kissed my still sleeping wife goodbye. Instead of driving to work though, I drove to the airport. It didn’t seem real – not until the door was sealed on the plane, and the nice old lady next to me started a conversation about the relatives she was going to visit. The old lady asked why I was headed South. For a second, I thought about shutting her up with honesty: “To fuck the woman I should have married.”

Instead, I made a comment about a business trip, and promptly turned on my MP3 player. The flight was three hours. I thought about the woman I left at home, and the woman I was flying a thousand miles to see. I loved my wife, but Kailyn was the one that made me believe in the movies – where people fall deeply in love – forever. Kailyn was the love of his life. There was no doubt.

For a million tiny reasons it never worked out between us. When I was young, I thought there was no hurry – that given enough time we would be together. As we both got older, the reasons ‘why not’ only multiplied. She had a kid, then another. An out of state job led us further apart. At this point in my life, I knew we would never be together. Kailyn knew too. We never talked about it, but we didn’t need to talk about everything. Some stuff, we just knew.

The pilot jolted me back to reality, asking passengers to prepare for landing. I realized just how nervous I was when I noticed my hand trembling. It wasn’t the bumpy flight. Kailyn just did that to me. I was also fully erect.

Part 3

I didn’t check any bags. I had only a small carry on. As we planned this day, we thought I should shower with my own soaps and shampoo before heading home. I also decided to bring a small amount of KY jelly, just in case I got stuck in Wichita and needed release. Since I didn’t have to wait for bags, I made my way directly to the pickup lane. I saw the car and jumped in the back seat without any fanfare. I was a long way from home, but Kailyn was not. There was no need to risk a public kiss.

Still I couldn’t completely help himself. Sitting directly behind Kailyn, I was happy to start the car ride on my best behavior, but as we got out on the highway, and there were less cars around, I unbuckled and leaned forward to gently kiss her neck. A comfortable silence filled the car.

The smell of Kailyn’s hair drove me crazy, always had. I couldn’t help but to increase the urgency of the kiss. I opened my mouth and used my tongue just enough to tickle her nerves. When I gently used my teeth, I saw Kailyn shiver. We had never slept together, but years ago I had learned my way around her neck. After a few miles I hunched forward further and reached my right arm around to cup her right breast. Kailyn sighed her approval.

On a particularly bare section of road, Kailyn quickly turned her head and our lips met. The kiss was both soft and urgent. She broke it off quickly, and refocused on the road. My hand found its way underneath her shirt, and scratched at a flat belly – but was not able to reach any further. I knew how cautious Kailyn was, and knew that she would call foul if I tried to move to the front seat. I was happy to bide my time. Mercifully, the trip from the airport to Kailyn’s house was not long. As she pulled into her subdivision, she playfully pushed my hand away from her, and I obeyed without protest.

As the garage door shut, Kailyn’s demeanor changed. She instantly popped up in the driver’s seat, tuzla escort and turned. She came to a rest with her knees on the seat, but facing backward to me. We shared our first intimate moment as our eyes locked. A huge smile broke across Kailyn’s face, as she whispered, “Hi Sexy!”

In an instant Kailyn scrambled into the backseat. She straddled me, and she seemed instantly aware that I was hard. I slowly reached up and put my hands on either side of Kailyn’s face. My finger-tips pushed into her wavy blonde hair, and I pulled her to my mouth. The kiss started in a gentle and slow manner. We savored the taste and feel of each other. As the excitement built, my hands slid underneath Kailyn’s shirt, while her hands worked my chest and shoulders.

After a few minutes, I slid Kailyn’s shirt over her head. She wore a white satin bra. I didn’t remove the bra, but pulled down on the cups, and started to kiss her chest and suck on her nipples. Kailyn reached down and undid my zipper. She reached in my pants and wrapped her hand around my cock. I could feel myself pulse in her hand. I could tell that Kailyn was turned on, but I also suspected that she wanted to go inside. After a few minutes, she hissed in my ear, “We have to be back in this car in less that three hours.” With that, she abruptly popped open the door and squirmed out into the garage. She gave the slightest nod toward the door and led me into the house without saying a word.

Part 4

I scrambled out of the car, tucking my dick back into my pants. As I followed Kailyn, I was able to look her whole body over for the first time in over a year. She looked better than ever. Her legs were long and thin and tanned, and led up to a fantastic ass. Her waste was thin, and contrasted a set of D cup breast that had maintained a perfect shape, even after two children. Her face was perfect. Now, she walked away from me wearing sandals, a short jean skirt, and white bra. I stayed hard the whole way.

Kailyn walked into the house without turning back. She paced through the foyer, into the living room, and toward the bedroom. She paused. I didn’t know if it was because she was deciding to go to a different bedroom, or if she was luring me into the living room. Oddly, some of our most special moments were spent outside of bedrooms. I wondered if this was where she wanted me to start.

I wasn’t going to over think it. As she paused, I kept walking at the same pace. In a stride or two, I caught up to her. She was still facing away from me, and I wrapped my arms around her from behind. One hand went to a satin covered breast. With the other, I started rubbing her stomach and hips.

Kailyn turned her head to me, and we locked into a deep kiss. She quickly reached back and undid her bar. My hands went to her bare breasts; full and warm. We continued kissing, and she pushed her weight back against me. I lowered my right hand across her belly, and underneath her skirt. She wore no panties, and her pussy was hot and slick. I could almost feel her throbbing. I slid my middle finger into her moist folds and she gave a little shudder.

She turned to face me, and quickly dragged me onto the floor. It was clear that the first round was going to be fast and hard. The clothes came off in a blur, and I found myself on my back. Kailyn knelt between my spread legs stroking my cock with both hands. She smiled and whispered, “I love you.”

As I whispered the same back to her, she swallowed my cock. I laid my head back on the carpet, and took the moment in. Her enthusiasm was clear, and her mouth felt wonderful. I closed my eyes and tried to memorize the moment: the feel of her mouth, the smell of sex in the room, and the old Dave Matthews’ tune was coming from the speakers. I lifted my head and watched her pretty blonde hair bob a few more times.

Kailyn sat up and straddled my hips. She pushed my cock down against my belly, and came to rest on top of me so that her pussy was on my dick. She looked up and our eyes met. Once, a long time ago, we had been this close to fucking. How we got through that day without sealing the deal was anyone’s guess – we both knew that today would end differently.

She ground her hips into me rhythmically. My cock was quickly wet, and the friction turned into a glide. Kailyn set her hands on my chest and leaned down for another kiss. As she came forward, her pussy slid a bit passed my cock. Without breaking the kiss, she expertly gave enough rearward pressure to position the head of my cock against her warm, wet hole. I was far too impressed to move a muscle.

Kailyn pushed off my chest, and sat up slightly. I slid inside her an inch. She continued the rhythmic grind and I sank in deeper. By the time she was upright, I was all the way inside her. Her pussy was the tightest I had ever been in. I moved my hands to her hips and began to participate from the bottom. We worked together to find a quick pace. Kailyn had once told me that she pendik escort loved foreplay, but once it was it was time to fuck, that is the only thing she wanted to do. With that memory ringing, I didn’t try to complicate the act. I held her hips, and occasionally found her tits and pinched the nipples in the web between my thumb and palm.

Her climax came quickly. Kailyn’s hands found held my chest, and her fingers dug in. Her hips jerked hard against my pelvic bone, and she froze. I didn’t move – watching the her face contort, and slowly let go. She plopped onto my chest and took two deep breaths before growling “Have your way with me.” I was not going to wait for a second invitation.

I moved out from underneath Kailyn, keeping her face down. I got behind her, and straddled her calves, easing her hips up to meet me. I slid into her from behind, and took just a moment to enjoy the feeling of her flesh squeezing my cock. Before she got set, I put weight onto her and pushed her flat and face down, careful to stay inside her. The combination of her already tight pussy along with the compression from my hips felt amazing to my cock. I knew I wouldn’t last long – but I wanted to savor just a moment of it. I shuffled weight on my knees and found a position where I was deep inside her, thrusting against her ass, and driving her whole body into the carpet.

Years ago Kailyn would taunt me. I would be watching TV at her house, and she would put on very short shorts, or too tight sweat pants and lay flat on her stomach in front of me to watch TV also. The memory of those days, her perfect ass, and the way she would turn and give me the ‘fuck me’ eyes when no one was in the room was now the only thing in my mind.

I pressed my dick into Kailyn as deeply as it would go, and I enjoyed the realization of a fantasy I had held for years. Looking down at her I saw the perfectly round ass yielding to my thrusts, the hour glass curve at her waist, and the smooth skin on her back. Her head was turned slightly. I could barely hear her whispering, “Fuck me Grant.” With a rush, the wave built and released. I slowed to enjoy the feeling of cumming deeply inside her. As I waited for the ecstasy to ebb, I reached my head down and kissed her shoulder – tasting her sweat.

A minute later, we were in the classic post-coital position. Both of us on our backs, side by side, breathing heavily. We soaked it in. Years of pent up sexual frustration washed away, and we started to giggle like school children. Kailyn rolled onto her side and rested her head on my chest. I wrapped my arm around her, and we both enjoyed two or three more songs by Dave. She must have made a CD. Kailyn gently scratched her hand across my belly, and down to my cock. She played with the droplets of cum at the tip of my dick. Another song later, my hand found her pussy. My cum was seeping out. We smiled at each other, and then I sneaked a peek at the clock. We had two hours left.

Part 5

I was on my back, naked and alone, in Kailyn’s guest bedroom. When we had fooled around in the past, she always steered away from her marital bed. Although I could guess at the reason, I never asked for an explanation, it wasn’t any of my business. But I found myself rolling that around in mind as she entered the room. At that instant, all thoughts went to Kailyn’s entrance.

She was in all black: A cowboy hat, a lacy garter belt attached to nothing, and boots that stopped six inches below her knee. That was all. She grew up in the north, but after moving south, she had clearly picked up a few cowgirl touches. Kailyn strode to the middle of the room and stopped. She didn’t pose, but she looked good and knew it. I took a moment to burn the image into my mind. Our earlier romp was frantic enough that I had not soaked in all of her body. Now, I took my time, and did a slow top-to-bottom assessment. I knew she would hold still. There was no doubt in my mind that she loved when I eye fucked her.

Blonde hair spilled out of the black Cowboy hat. Slightly darker than when we were kids, but still lovely. Her face had hardly aged a day, not a wrinkle or a line to be found, and not a trace of makeup. Kailyn’s shoulders showed striking tan lines. I always loved tan lines. I suppose it was a reminder that I was seeing something special, something exclusive. Her breasts had remained proud through two children. The only difference that I noted was how her areolae had deepened in color. It had changed with her first child, and never went back. We hadn’t discussed it, but I loved it. Her stomach was flat and taught. The black garter belt sat on her hips, highlighting an hour-glass shape usually reserved for cartoon characters. Below that, more tan lines and a little bit of pubic hair. She had always like to keep it short. I liked just enough to know I was with a woman. She had clearly grown it out a bit, and I was sure it was for me. Further down, thin legs buried themselves into black boots. aydınlı escort I took another moment to fix it all in my mind, and then I moved to her.

I got onto my knees at the edge of the bed. Kailyn stepped toward me, and kissed me. The bed was low, and that made her taller than me. She put her hands on the side of my face and I put mine on her hips. She used her hands to control the distance and urgency; we kissed slowly and softly. She was telling me that we were not going to fuck – we were about to make love.

Minutes later, I was on my back again. Kailyn was stretched out beside me, propped up on one elbow. Her other arm traced a line between my face and my dick. I tried to move once, but she put just enough pressure on me to let me know that she was currently in control. I relaxed, and put my energy into returning her kisses. They had slowly grown more urgent and deeper. I could tell by the depth of her breathing, that she was getting worked up. After a few more minutes, Kailyn’s mouth followed her hand. She slowly pivoted on her knees, and it wasn’t long before I was in her mouth again.

The way Kailyn had turned, her lower body was near my head. I started rubbing her legs, stomach, ass and pussy. I’ve never been into feet, but I love to suck Kailyn’s toes. She indulged me for a minute before kicking free. I turned my attention back to her pussy. It was not long before she began to rotate her hips, grinding the air. I snaked around to try to get my head underneath her. Kailyn understood what I was going for, and clearly didn’t have any objections because she deftly stepped over my head, leaving my mouth inches from her core. I could feel the heat coming off her, and I dove in, greeted with the delightful tang that is only there when a woman is very turned on. As wonderful as she tasted, I was quickly faced with a problem. She was doing such a good job on me, I was going to cum pretty soon.

I waited as long as I could, and then tried to shift her off of me, but she didn’t budge. I broke away from her pussy, and told her that I was about to cum. She responded by deep throating me. We had done oral on each other before. We even once sixty-nined in a dining room, but I had never cum in Kailyn’s mouth before. I don’t even remember talking about it during phone sex. Truth be told, I probably prefer cumming into a woman’s mouth more than anything else. So, I simply enjoyed the moment. Within 20 seconds, cum was pouring out of my dick, and Kailyn swallowed every drop.

I knew that I would recover quickly, but would need at least a few minutes. I tossed Kailyn onto her back, and scrambled around so that my head was between her spread legs. Now, with freedom to move, and both hands free, I gave it everything I had. My mouth covered her hips, her inner thighs, and her pussy. My hands roamed freely from her tits to her knees, and everywhere in between. I knew that Kailyn preferred straight sex to oral, but I gave it all I had, and started to see results. Her pupils dilated. Her nipples stood up, and her chest splotched red. Her labia swelled and darkened, and her clit made an appearance. I knew she was close when she began to thrust her hips to meet my mouth, and her hand went to my head. I slid my left hand to her pelvic bone, and rested my forehead on top of the hand, giving Kailyn something to grind against. I continued lapping her clit with my tongue, and used my right hand to bury my index and middle fingers in her pussy. I bent my ring and pinky fingers at the second knuckle, and slowly but firmly ground the knuckles into her taint.

Her orgasm came in waves. She would buck up against me and go rigid. I would close my lips around her clit and suck on it, providing resistance with my left hand and forehead. The wave would pass, and she would slump her hips down. Thinking she was done, I would rub my left hand in a circular motion, give a tentative lick or two with my tongue, and gently tickle her vaginal walls, as I withdrew my right hand. I don’t know if there was a specific movement or if the whole thing together did the trick, but she would give a few hard grinds, as if getting a running start, before her hips would push up and lock against my hand again. Each time a soft “Ahhhhhhh” escaped. Not a sigh. Not a moan. Something in between.

After the fourth iteration, Kailyn pushed my head away with great force, and flopped over onto her side, with her back to me. I rolled slightly and watched her rib cage heave with deep breaths. I smiled to myself. Making her cum was as good as cumming myself. Maybe better.

While her back was still turned, I looked at the clock. We had to be in the car in a little less than an hour. Figuring we were done, I flopped onto my back, waiting for Kailyn to quit panting, and join me. When she did turn over, I saw her glance at the clock, and then give me a devilish smile, saying “I can go again.” The words alone made my dick twitch back to life.

After recovering her hat, which had fallen away at some point, Kailyn regained her cowgirl composure and nursed my cock to full attention. She then straddled me, facing away, and looked back over her shoulder and said “I’ll ride you if you smack my ass.”

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