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As you close your eyes and go to sleep. Remember these words to bring us together. In a world of day to day survival, sometimes we just need to relax and take a journey to nowhere. We need to walk in our mind to a place of warmth to recharge our hopes and dreams.

There is a timeless cave on the other side of this world. It is behind a magnificient water fall. The rocks on the side form a natural staircase. As we walk down the rock stairs we feel the warm water spraying us, making us wet.

We walk through the falling water to get to a cave that is heated by the molten magma of the earth. It glows red inside. Our light clothes are wet and clinging to our bodies. We can see the shape of our nipples, the outlines of our sex. The cloth clings to us and you can see me growing.

We walk deep into the cave and with every step the moisture we feel is changing tuzla escort from the water we walked through to the sweat of our hearts. As we walk my hand reaches over and feels your ass as you feel mine.

We come to an area that narrows and in the distance we see a soft blue glow. As we walk closer our hearts are filled with peace. We come to an opening in the wall, the source of the light. As we enter, our eyes adjust and we see a field of wild flowers and a single tree next to a lake that is as smooth as glass.

We walk towards the tree and our clothes fall away on their own. We are glistening with passion. We lay down in the flowers that have been covered with a mist of dew. An infinite number of water droplets reflect the colors of the rainbow, and as we lie down together…

We feel the desires of each other calling out into the world. We have an eternity tuzla escort bayan to explore each others bodies with our mouths. I pull on your nipples with my lips. You arch your back and moan while reaching down. Your hand slides across my stomach and you reach for my hard cock. I turn my body to bring it closer to your mouth. My mouth kisses down your stomach.

My tongue reaches for your lower lips. You feel the heat of my cock in your mouth and the heat of my breath on your pussy. Your hands are thrusting on me. My tongue is pushing into you. Our bodies shudder and quiver in delight. We bask in the mutual pleasure we give to each other. We give and take in unison and revel in how our bodies are made to feel…

Our wetness is filling each other as we turn to lay face to face. We kiss.

You feel my cock rubbing against you, all over you. It has escort tuzla become as wet as your insides. You feel it moving lower and the tip pressing against you. It enters. We gasp. And you feel me slowly going deep within you.

Our naked bodies are held tightly against each other. Our hips are moving in a rythym that is natural and intense. Slow at first. The rhythm is slowly increasing in speed and passion until we are breathing hard and growling at one another. We are moving so hard it is as if nothing else in this world exists.

The only thing we know is the union of our bodies forever singing songs of passion to each other in the heat of lust. When we think the feeling can get no better, our bodies create a cosmic earthquake starting in the back of the head reaching down the spine, meeting where we are coupled and we explode with ecstasy.

As we cum together like never before, we stare into each others eyes and kiss… until we close our eyes and drift into unconsciousness.

And as we sleep the world forms itself into what we dream.


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