Oh God

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Black Cock

I looked at myself in the mirror, smiling at what I saw.

My shiny brown hair was looking lovely, framing my face and falling down over my shoulders. Then there was my outfit. I almost blushed when I saw myself in it, but my did I look sexy!

The maids outfit skimmed the top of my arse, completely showing the whole thing- it barely touched the top of my thighs and it was very tight over my breasts, which- at a D cup, were giving me an amazing cleavage.

The heels that I was wearing helped to make the outfit.

I was such a goodgirl usually, but not tonight- tonight I was all yours.

I took one more glance in the bathroom mirror before walking out and into my bedroom where you were waiting.

You looked me up and down and then gave me a seductive smile.

“Baby,” you whispered “you look so…” you didn’t finish the sentence. Instead you stood,pulling me into you and kissing me.

“Mine,” you whispered into my ear as you broke the kiss “you’re all mine.”

You pushed my bedroom door closed and started rubbing my chest as you kissed me.

Your hands suddenly travelled to behind my back and started fiddling with my bra clasp. I felt my bra loosen as you managed to open it and then you pulled it from off of me and rubbed my breasts now that they were bare but the thin fabric of the outfit.

You erzurum escort stepped back then and sat back on the bed.

“How shall I serve you, master?” I asked, just like you’d wanted me to.

“Take off your clothes,” you replied “but slowly.”

I unzipped my outfit and slid it down my silky freshly shaved legs slowly, moving my hips slightly so it would fall faster. I kept eye contact with you and then, when the outfit was gone, I let you take me in. I stood in my heels, fishnets and french knickers and I could see your penis hardening in your pants already.

“Knickers,” you said impatiently.

I smiled and pulled my knickers down.

Before I knew what was happening- I was in your arms being put roughly onto the bed. A piece of rope around each wrist tying me to the headboard.

“I’m going to make you moan baby,” you said softly, making my pussy tingly.

then you started rubbing my clit. I gasped at how good it felt- you moved your fingers in circles, making me want to play with my nipples as you did it, but I couldn’t- my hands were tied.

“Want me to suck your big tits?” You asked roughly, seeming to read my mind.

I nodded- enjoying myself too much to speak.

You leant forwards and took my nipple in your mouth, sucking gently and then harder- scraping my nipples with bodrum escort your teeth- suddenly I felt your finger enter me as you flicked my nipple with your tounge.

“Mmmm,” I moaned, closing my eyes as one of your fingers worked my clit, one was moving in and out of me and your mouth was on my nipple.

Suddenly there were two fingers in me and then three.

I was nearly at an orgasm- and you must have sensed it because you stopped and said “not yet. It’s my turn now.

You untied the rope and lifted me up in your strong arms and put me on the floor.

“Get on your knees,” you said.

I did and then you took your shirt off, unzipped your pants and dropped them to the floor.

There it was- your huge dick- throbbing for attention and right in my face.

I reached out and grabbed it first- stroking it gently- you shuddered and then I opened my mouth and licked the head. You suddenly put your hands on my head and pushed it onto your dick. I took your dick deep in my throat as you thrusted in and out, making little breathless sounds as I deepthroated you.

After a little while I could tell you was going to cum, but you pulled out of my mouth and said “I want to enjoy you more before I cum in you.”

I smiled and you told me to bend over the bed.

I did bend over the bed, placing eskişehir escort my hands on the wall to steady myself, these heels were big.

I felt you move the head of your dick along my pussy lips and pushed backwards a little, encouraging it to enter me- I WANTED YOU SO BAD!

As soon as you found my enterance you thrust your dick into me. I gasped and scratched the wall- you were so big and I was so tight!

Within moments we were really going at it. Your hands were on my hips, driving me down onto your massive dick and my breasts were bouncing with our movements. I was moaning so loud that I was scared of the neighbours hearing. My nails were scraping down the wall as you drove into me harder and deeper.

My legs started shaking and I felt I couldn’t stand much longer.

You pulled your whole penis out and then pushed it slowly back in, laughing as I moaned louder than ever, you did this a few times and then told me to turn to you.

You then lifted me up and slammed me against the wall, fucking me while holding all of my weight against the wall.

“Oh yes!” I screamed, looking into your eyes as we fucked “Oh baby!”

Encouraged by the screaming you went harder “oh please,” I said breathlessly “I cant take it baby, oh god!”

You loved that! Making me beg turned you on so much. I felt a flood of warmth in me as you cummed inside me.

I orgasmed immediately after that, the warmth of your cum finished me off.

You lowered me down onto the bed and kissed me then, looking breathless.

“I love you,” you said “now clean that up,”

so I did.

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