None Other

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He was about a head taller than me. Dark brown hair, deep brown eyes, and full round lips. His name was…What was it? I had one of those moments where my heart began to race and I began to think of all the crazy things I’ve heard of starting like this.

‘He walked into the house, still and silent. No one was around, but he could feel a presence. Just as he heard the creek of the floorboards, he turned too late and was knocked unconscious.” Then you end up chained in some weirdo’s basement for three months. Or in an tub full of ice minus one kidney.

All the things in my head told me this was a stupid thing to do, but the thing in my head wasn’t what I was listening to. The source of my courage, or stupidity depending how you looked at it, was considerably lower. Then again, he didn’t seem sinister. Forceful, but not sinister.

I met him, God, I can’t believe I don’t know his name, at a party of a mutual friends, friend. Their apartment was spacious, and came with balcony overlooking a beautiful cityscape. Leaning over the railing I was awestruck. Not by the beauty of the city at night, but how the friend of a friend could have such a difference in income as me. My humble abode was considerably more…humble.

He had come up behind me, and uttered one of those phrases. “It’s a beautiful night.”, “Care for some company?”, “All alone out here?” One of those. Thinking back, I can’t remember what he said all too well. What I remember is that when he said it and I turned to look to him, my heart started to beat a little quicker. He stood there, dressed in a suit, with a smile on his face. Or was it a smirk? Yes, that would be more accurate. Looking at him, I got the distinct impression that he’d been standing there for a while, observing. And from that smile, that smirk, and the glint in his eye, I could tell he’d found something he liked. That smirk though. I loved and hated it all at once. Before me, with that carefree, yet predatory smile on his face, he looked to be the most confident man in the world. He looked like he could get anything he wanted, and I’d be helpless to defend against him if he choose to get it.

He came up next to me and leaned against the railing to my left. I went back to staring at the night sky, and most importantly taking the occasional, all too long, glance at him. I turned to take in another one of my regular glances, I met his eyes, and that smiling face. How close was he? My logic tells me he was more than a foot away, but in my memory he is always so close. I felt a distinct warmness come across my honey colored cheeks. I knew it was night, but I knew he could see.

He leaned closer. I knew what he was doing, and I knew what I was going to do. Honestly, he’d not said more than a dozen words to me, yet here he was trying to kiss me. He didn’t know if I was gay, which I’m not, and he was trying to kiss me. I’d never seen him before, didn’t know who’s friends friend he was, or even if this was his party, and he was trying to kiss me.

When he got close, I would push him back, disgust washing over my face. I’d storm off, yet not look like I was running away. I’d let him know that was way too much. And then his lips touched mine, and all that I’d thought in those brief moments before he kissed me went out the window. It’s stupid, absolutely cliché to say, but I felt like I was floating. I don’t remember moving, but when our lips parted, and my eyes opened to meet his, my hands were grasping his shoulders, and I was standing tip-toed to accommodate our height difference. He was smiling. Smirking. Gentle and well meaning, but forceful.

I am not gay. Well, not really. Not that I have a problem with it. Actually, I kind of like the thought I might get to try out something with another man, however far it went. At home, I’d have my fantasies. I had nothing against women. Didn’t find them repulsive or anything. In fact, that the female form was one of the most beautiful things I knew of. But sometimes the thought of another man. The thought of arms around me, possessing me. The thought of another cock in the equation. God did thoughts like that make me stiff ever so quick.

I’d had a very few number of toys. I’d try anal, in my own private way. Fingers wouldn’t do, if I was going to have my fantasy, I needed something at least close to the real thing. Like any other man, I’d jerk off to the crap on the internet where I could find it, but some nights, some mornings, I just got that need. The need to have my own private fantasy. It was like I was in heat. After It happened for years, I finally decided to do something about it.

I’d look on the internet. I’d go to clubs. Hell, I even went to a few gay bars. And all these experiences told me one thing. I must be one picky bastard. I never once saw a man I’d like to try something with. I know it’s arrogant to even think that. Like I can go up to the one I want and say, “You. You’ll do. Come along now.” And that would be it. As if. But still, I figured fantasy and reality çanakkale escort were just too different for me. I’d still flirt with the occasional good looking guy, but half jokingly. I knew if they tried to get close, I’d freak out and feel disgusted.

However, here I was in this man’s arms, which I also noticed had ensnared me, when my senses returned to me, my erection throbbing, and my body subconsciously pressed up against him. I was ready to give this man all he wanted, and just from one kiss.

And then he touched me. I took in a sharp breath, and those big, possessive arms held me against him. I couldn’t think. I was moving on instinct, want, and need. In the movies and on tv, you always hear jokes about premature guys. I always wondered if that was even possible. Honestly, someone getting excited from such a slight touch that they blew their load before anything even happened. I was about to be one of those guys.

I’ve been hard before. I’ve been really hard before. But right now I was granite, and his hand was that of a master sculpture. I nuzzled against him, teeth gritted, desperately trying to grind myself against him, trying to somehow will his hand through the fabric of my pants and too the searing flesh beneath.

And then it stopped. His hand was gone, and suddenly he wasn’t holding me anymore. I was more confused than disappointed. Like someone had yanked a switch in my brain and turned back on logical reason, and hadn’t been ready for it to come back on for a good long while.

I actually looked around for a second. I think I forgot where I was. Then I looked back in the room. No one even paying attention. Thank God. Then again, how long had that taken? Had that all happened in a few seconds? Or was I in his grip, literally and figuratively, for minutes? When I finally looked back at him, the smirk was still there. I still hated and loved it, but now I needed it. Badly.

Then he said something, I remember very closely. He took up both my hands, and kissed them, while he said in the most silkily gentle voice that somehow conveyed authority at the same time, “None other will do now.”

He pressed something into one of my open palms, and before turning to leave said, “See you later.” And he was gone. After that, after leaving me with the bluest balls in the history of mankind, he just left. Again, extreme confusion.

I left the party almost immediately. Driving home, I finally looked in my hand to see what he’d left me. It was an address. Not even a phone number, not even a name, an address. Do you ever end up somewhere, and not remember the drive to get there? That was me when I got home.

I raced, well, walked quickly, to my bedroom, stripped naked, got my toys and lube, and went to town. I didn’t care that I wasn’t gay. I didn’t care that this was probably the strangest experience of my life. I just needed release. I stroked myself silly. I rode my toys like I was trying to win the Kentucky derby.


No release. I don’t know why, but it didn’t feel right. The toys didn’t feel right, my hand didn’t feel right, and even though I was stiffer than ever, with the best fantasy one could ever have, it was lacking. After I tried to just cum, period, and found I couldn’t, I finally, and very frustratingly gave up. Thinking back, I almost pouted. Crossed my arms and stared at my cock like it was a misbehaving pet. I didn’t bother putting anything back on, I just curled up and went to sleep. Frustrated. At least it was Friday.

The next morning I woke up everything was back to normal. For about three seconds. When I thought of what happened last night, my cock was pounding again. Shower time. Whoever invented the pulsating shower head must have had a dirty mind. I got in the warm shower, and set it to pulsate. This wasn’t about getting clean in any sense of the word.

I turned the shower head to the center of my frustration and waited. This time I didn’t expect quick release like last night. It was test. I waited for the familiar feeling. The familiar, warm, tickly feeling that lets me know something good is assured to occur eventually. Just water. Just water beating against my dick. I took a shower. To get clean…

Toweling off, I was again too frustrated to clothe myself. Lying naked in my bed, my wet hair soaking my pillow, I willed myself to think of other things. Then I berated myself for thinking that was even possible. I ran over the memory of our encounter countless times in my head. At least the pieces I could remember through my cloudy sex haze.

I looked at the clock. 3 p.m. It was Saturday, I didn’t care. My clothes were a pile of quickly shedded mementos on the floor. However, there was something gleaming around them. Something I’d already forgotten. The address. The instant I saw that paper while lying atop my bed, I remembered what he said. “None other will do now.” Shit.

Now I knew what he meant, and now I knew he was right. I slipped over the edge of çeşme escort my bed and grabbed the slip. Sitting at my computer desk, I looked I got directions. Only 7 miles away. At least he was close. If this was his address at all…

The same paranoia crept into my head. I was listing all the reasons I couldn’t go, when I shifted, and my cock hit the table. That was a damn big entry into the pros column. I told myself If I couldn’t blow a load by tomorrow, I’d go see him.

Three attempts before the end of the night, and three times the frustration, the address and directions clasped in my hands, I pulled in front of the house. It was a good sized house. Two floors, a garage, nice walk way, nice neighborhood. Not the mansion or castle I’d secretly been expecting.

Making my way to the door, I was nervous. I could augment that with all sorts of creative sayings, but I was nervous, plain and simple. Maybe the most nervous I’d been in my life. I knew it was just nerves though, because by the time I got to his door, my cock was at full mast already.

As I made to knock, the door opened before I had the chance. There he was. More casually dressed, but nothing like some of my fears had painted him. Hell, at one point whilst trying to convince myself of reasons not to go, I’d pictured pulling up to a mobile home and man in a wife beater with a barbeque sauce stain in the corner of his mouth opening the door.

This was not that man, and just that fact calmed my nerves a bit. I stared up at him. Standing on the doorstep, and he inside the raised entrance, made the height difference more apparent. I must have blinked a dozen times. He smiled at me. This time it was more of a smile. For all intents and purposes, he had me. He didn’t need to show off his prowess any more.

After what seemed a time long enough to be considered awkward with not a word passed between us, he held out his hand to me in invitation. The thought of where that hand had been two nights before made my cock twitch. I took his hand, and he pulled me into his home, and into another kiss.

My heart was racing, but I wasn’t nervous anymore. This time I wasn’t terribly shy about wrapping my arms around him, and taking the kiss for all it was worth. I had no idea what was about to happen, but if this was it, I’d get my money’s worth, so to speak.

He broke the kiss, and handed me an envelope. “Take this, follow the instructions in order. They’re simple enough that you won’t have any trouble.”

And for the second time in three days, he left me confused as he walked away. However, this time I was quite sure I wouldn’t be frustrated by the end of the night. And as weird as this encounter was getting, the throbbing thing in my pants kept me from getting to paranoid about it.

I looked at the envelope. ‘Take a shower, and then open.” In response to the question as to where it was, he’d drawn an arrow pointing left. Cute.

I found it easily enough. On the bathroom counter there was a shaving kit. I assumed this would be part of the instructions to come, but for now I let it be. I stripped down, turned on the shower, tested the water, and got in.

Since I got here my cock had been throbbing. It hurt, but it almost felt good. It was a reminder that someone could do this to me and a reminder that I wanted him to. And I did, I had decided. The water felt lovely, and the thought of stroking myself came to me. And then it went. Even in his house, even if there wasn’t something waiting for me, I’d had multiple attempts to tell me that it would do no good.

I finished showering, thoroughly, even if I’d taken one before coming, and stepped out. A towel had been placed for me and I wrapped it around myself. With damp hands, I opened the envelope. The next instruction was, “Shave, groin to heel.”

I’d never been much of hairy guy, but the thought of making myself smooth for someone got me excited. I went about it quickly, but carefully. There were just not certain areas in which one rushed a razor. I smirked out how devious he was. I was shaving around this stiff cock of mine, yet completely helpless to alleviate my own frustration. Maybe I was reading into that, but I didn’t mind either way. This was the man I’d been looking for, and he let me know that right away. I didn’t pick him, he picked me.

Shaved and smooth, I read the next, and final line. It made me blink, and I re-read it at least five times. “As you can probably gather, you won’t be needing clothes, so don’t put them back on. Come into the living room. Don’t hide anything, I want to see you in full glory, as I know you’ve likely been for a while. I’ll be sitting in my favorite chair. Come up to me, kneel, and I’d like you to suck my cock.” Another arrow to point the way.

Wide eyes at that. That was bold Ithought, but I couldn’t deny my cock had just grown a little harder. I took an extra bit of time making sure I was totally dry, even though I knew I already was, before getting the courage diyarbakır escort to exit the bathroom. I was about to cover himself, the words of the last step flashed in my mind. I realized it’d be best he just stride into the room quickly and got it over with. That was a fantasy.

Turning into the room, uncovered, he was there, like he said he would be, sitting in his presumably favorite chair, smiling at me. He wasn’t shy about looking at my body, and it was probably turning red with each step I took.

When he was finally directly in front of him, from his chair he looked up into his eyes and said one word, “Beautiful” God, that made my heart flutter. Beautiful wasn’t something you called a man, but here he was calling my naked body beautiful, and it made me melt. I went to my knees, and looked at him. He leaned forward and kissed me again lightly, before returning to his upright position.

I’d never sucked a cock before, never had anyone look at me walk into a room completely naked, never followed a set of weird instructions at a strange mans house, but that kiss took all my doubts away. I went to work.

Unzipping his pants, I reached in. God, it felt like was pulsing. I lifted it out of his underwear, and took an unashamed look at it. I think, for the first time having a cock in my hand, a real one, I was rather cool about it. He had a few veins on his thick shaft. It was long, but not freakishly so. The head was big and reminded me exactly of a lolly pop.

“Well? What do you think?” he spoke with a chuckle.

Not taking my eyes of it, I replied in kind, “Beautiful.” And I plunged it into my mouth. I didn’t know what I was supposed to be doing precisely, but I did know I’d wanted to suck a cock for a long time. I wanted to suck his cock, for a long time. And it was delicious.

Glancing up, I saw his head lull back and he was making soft noises under his breath. This I wasn’t nervous about. In the two days prior, I’d honestly not even thought of doing this, but not that I was, I knew there was no way I was going to give this beautiful cock anything but the best.

Running my tongue under his cock head, sucking the tip, making my mouth nice and wet. It was heaven, for me and him. My own cock was throbbing, but that was alright. I was taking care of him, and it was wondeful. I felt cum oozing out of my own cock and running down my shaft. What a feeling.

After a while, time had no meaning to me right now, he took my head in either hand and brought me up off his cock, but not before I got a few last licks, and had me stand up. I was smiling as much as him at this point.

From his sitting positing, he kissed my lower chest. He kissed, licked, tasted me all over and I was in another world. This man could touch me anywhere and take me there. As he pulled back, quite suddenly his tongue was on my balls. My closed eyes popped open, and he took one, slow and deliberate lick from my balls, to the base of my cock, up the shaft, and planted a single, sweet, suckling kiss on the head.

I almost exploded. My knees buckled and everything was white for an instant. I was sure I was in the grips of an orgasm, but I wasn’t quite there yet. When I looked back at him, he was smiling. I straddled him with haste and kissed him desperately, my cock mashed against his stomach.

He again took that possessive hold of me, the one I so desperately needed, and returned my assault on his lips. This was it. Beautiful. He lifted himself out of his chair, arms enfolding me, and my legs wrapped about him in turn. He was taking me to another room.

By the time he walked through the door, and set me on the bed, I had his shirt off and in my hands. I was holding on to it playfully, giggling at him as he took off his pants. His form was amazing. A different beauty than that of the female form, but no less stunning. Smooth skin, muscled, but not hard. A deeper tan than I had, and I saw that in the light, his hair was a lighter brown than I’d originally thought. I was staring at him with lust and need.

He looked at me and made a loop with his hand as he made his way to a drawer. I took the meaning instantly and bent over the edge of the, one foot planted on the floor, my other shin resting atop his bed.

In no time he was behind me. I felt the familiar touch of lube coating my entry way, along with the unfamiliar feeling of a hand other than my own. Deep inside, he made sure I was well prepared. I silently thanked him for doing so. He placed his hand on my lower back and asked, “How much?”

Looking back at him other my shoulder I answered, “All of it. Right now.”

And without further delay, he obliged, thrusting into me in one fell swoop. I gasped as he slammed into me, and my head went down against the bed. I thought for a second, that if I could have seen the look on my face right then, that I would have the dumbest, yet most content smile on my face.

I wiggled my ass against him to let him know all was well, and to get on with it. Again, there was no delay.

Toys. Oh, toys, toys, toys. However could I go back to them? I don’t know what it was. The warmth, the distinct shape, or if it was just him, but toys would simply no longer do. I needed a cock in my ass. His cock.

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