Not So Boring Afternoon Ch. 02

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So for a variety of reasons, I never made it back to the adult book store during that Spring Break. I did, however, have wonderful plans for my first day back at school. I purposely went back a day before my roommates so I could check out the campus glory holes. For about two months before that enlightening Spring Break, I had known about two separate bathrooms with glory holes. One was in the main library and the other was in the basement of the main arts building.

I’d been to both of them, but never had the courage to get any action at either. In the arts building, no one else was ever there. It was just two stalls, side by side, with a hole between them. Across the room there were two sinks and that was it. It was a small bathroom with lots of writing on the walls, but I’d never seen anyone else in it. It was the only one of the two open at night though, as the building was open 24 hours a day and the library closed at night.

The library bathroom had about six stalls all lined up in a row with a narrow walkway next to them. The urinals and sinks were around a corner nearer to the door. Only the last three stalls had glory holes. The second to last had holes on both sides and the others only had one side each. The very last one had a little ledge and a window that was frosted so no one could see in or out.

So anyway, the day I got back up to school, I quickly unloaded my car and changed into my cocksucking clothes. These were my soccer shorts (no underware, of course), sandals and t-shirt. I put on the hat and shades to mask my identity again. I wasn’t worried about being recognized walking into the library, but at this point I wanted to remain securley in the closet and I didn’t wan’t to risk any of the guys I hooked up with outing me on campus erzincan escort one day.

Once in my uniform, I headed up to the library. I didn’t even pretend to look for a book, but walked straight back to the bathroom. There was one guy pissing in a urinal, but I walked past and around the corner to the stalls. They were all empty. At this point I realized that I probably should have looked for a book. I decide to read the graffiti on the walls instead, and I sat down in the very last stall.

I was in there alone for about ten minutes, reading instruction on how to tap my foot twice if I was interested in a blowjob and on various dates and times to arrive to get sucked off (all in the past). Finally I heard someone turn the corner and head back into the stalls. I could sense that he slowed down as he rounded the corner as if surveying the place. I knew damn well that all other stalls were empty and that if he sat next to mine, he had one thing in mind. He did.

As he was entering the stall next to mine, I slid my shorts off my ankles and my t-shirt over my head. After my adult book store adventure, I thought I’d be more calm, but once again I was shaking with nerves. I was sitting butt naked on a toilet in my college library bathroom with a guy in the stall next to me, and a hole in the wall between us. My dick was rock fucking hard.

I saw him pull down his shorts and sit on the bowl. I started slowly stroking my prick, with my left hand to give him a good view. The way I was positioned, I could only see his thigh, so I bent over to get a better look through the hole. His dick was just as hard as mine, and he was stroking it up and down. It was a beautiful 7″ circumcised cock. The skin was perfect, shiny and smooth. And erzurum escort the head was a deep ruby red with just a drop of liquid on the end.

He tapped his left foot twice just under the partition. I tapped my right foot twice in response. He motioned with his finger for me to put my dick through the hole. I did and was soon rewarded with his moist, hot mouth engulfing my throbbing cock. He felt so good I though I was gonna cum right there. The though of being able to do this on a regular basis at school was too much and I pulled my cock back out of the hole to prevent myself from cumming too soon.

When I pulled out and sat down, he filled the hole with his own beautiful rod. I bent over and licked the drop of precum off the tip. It was sticky and sweet and I almost came from the taste. I started licking his shaft and the licking my lips. I tried to deep throat his whole penis, but I hadn’t had enough practice back then and I couldn’t get the whole thing in. He was very appreciative anyway. I could hear him moaning quite loudly and I hoped that no one else was in the bathroom.

After a few minutes of sucking his cock, he pulled out and pulled up his shorts. I though it was very strange that he was going to leave without even cumming, but when he left the stall, he turned left and gently knocked on the door to my stall. Still naked, I opened the door. He didn’t come in. He stared at me for a minute and said, “Wow, you look so good right now. Why don’t we go back to my apartment?”

I didn’t answer, but slipped my t-shirt back over my hat and shades and pulled my shorts back uup and followed him out. Outside he told me his name was Ed and I gave him a fake name, still nervous about being found out by my friends. We walked back bursa escort to his place and he said he had only been to the stalls two or three times and that this was the first time he brought anyone home (his roommates weren’t back from Spring Break yet). I told him it was my first time at the library glory holes, but I’d been to one other one back home (I didn’t give him details).

Back in his apartment he took off my hat and shades and saw my face. Oh well, I hope he’s cool about it, I thought. We started kissing. It was the first time I’d ever kissed another boy. It made my dick hard as steel. I was so excited about kissing a boy. It was almost like kissing was more taboo than fucking or sucking. I couldn’t wait to get naked, and I didn’t wait long.

We went into the bedroom and stripped off all our clothers. I immediately went for his dick and started sucking for all I was worth. I was determined to make him cum first, so I could savor the taste of his semen while I came. I sucked and licked and was totally in heaven. The skin texture of his dick was unbelievable! I loved it sooo much that I almost forgot that he was sucking me at the same time. I spit into my hand and used it as lube to slide a finger up his ass. He did the same to me.

As I began masaging his prostate, he couldn’t hold back and I felt his rock hard shaft start to swell. I sucked even harder and soon my mouth was filling with spurt after spurt of salty hot cum. I held it all on my tongue and sucked him dry, milking the last drops out with my finger which was still up his ass. I began to swish the semen around in my mouth savoring the salty, bitter, slightly chlorinated flavor and telling myself what a perverse cum slut I was, while I concentrated on him sucking me and his finger up my ass. Just as I felt myself exploding into his mouth, I swallowed his seed and gasped for breath.

We talked for a few minutes about how good it was and got up to have a beer and watch tv. I had made a great new friend.

(next – he’s into fisting)

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