Nude Massage

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Recently I was on a business trip to Ft. Lauderdale area and was online at Craig’s List to find a handy man to help with a house I own there. I had heard about this website, but never tried it before. After I posted an ad, I noticed a personals section, and decided to see what was there. I eventually found myself at Erotic Services, and felt myself getting quite excited, especially when I clicked on the m4m link. Some of the ads had pics, and there were some really hot guys offering a slew of services, from escorting to massages and even just hanging out, watching porn and jacking off together. But one ad stood out, this guys picture showed a huge shaved cock with a big mushroom head. I immediately got hard and reached for my cell phone.

Richard answered and seemed very nice on phone. He told me he offered a nude massage, 60 minutes for $75, and said he had just finished up with a client and needed about 45 minutes to clean up. It seemed like such a long time to wait, but I looked at the picture again and decided it was worth it.

I’ve only been with a few guys in my life, and I hadn’t in about 5 years, so to say I was nervous was an understatement. I got to his apartment a few minutes early, but he gaziantep escort didn’t seem to mind. He opened the door and I entered. It was dark and he had incense lit so it smelled really nice. I was a bit shy, keeping my head down, but I did notice he had a great body, about my height, 6′ but thicker than me. I’m about 165 lbs and I’d say he was about 185 lbs. He told me to get comfortable and lay on his massage table while he left to get the oils from his room. I stripped quickly and was already hard, the anticipation was overwhelming. I climbed on the table and placed my head in the head rest that is on massage tables.

I felt his presence near me and could hear him getting the oil warm by rubbing his hands together. He started on my back and shoulders and I could tell it was going to be a great massage. We had a bit of small talk, but his strong hands (and forearms) almost put me to sleep. It was truly one of the best massages I’ve ever had. About 20 minutes into it, he was working my arm which was dangling off the table and as he did, my had kept coming up between his legs and I could feel his cock. I honestly thought I was going to explode right then. When he got to my legs giresun escort and ass, I was like melted butter, he rubbed up inside my thighs and brushed across my balls. I kept opening my legs more and more to give him access. He rubbed across my balls and ass, and I couldn’t stand it any more, and had to roll over.

And I’m glad I did, he had been rubbing oil on his body as well and he glistened in the little bit of light that was in the room. I pulled him closer and rolled on my side, finally seeing his nice cock right in front of me. Amazingly he wasn’t completely hard, which is a total turn on to me. I love getting a cock hard. Too bad if he had the same fantasy because my cock was rock hard already. I grabbed his cock and balls and started to caress him, and felt it grow and grow and grow. He had to be 10 inches and much thicker than mine. I had to have a taste, so I leaned over and started to suck his nice mushroom head. He started to fuck my face nice and slow and it was the deepest I’ve ever had a cock in my mouth, but it felt like a perfect fit, deep into my throat. I could taste his salty pre-cum, and I wanted more.

He pulled out of my mouth and climbed on top of me on the table. gümüşhane escort Feeling his body on mine made me feel like a woman and I loved it. He rubbed our cocks together, and kept dropping lower to get the head of his cock near my ass. I had a feeling he wanted my virgin ass, but I wasn’t sure if I should let him. But after teasing me for another 5 minutes, I couldn’t stand it and asked him to fuck me. I told him I wanted to feel him cum inside me and he was happy to oblige. His cock was already slick from the massage oils and it entered fairly easily. My legs were wrapped around his back and my hands were on his big strong shoulders. He took it nice and slow and eventually was taking long deep slow strokes inside me. I have never felt so full, I wanted to feel him cum, but I also wanted to taste it, so when he got close I asked him to pull out and shoot on my chest. As he breathed on my neck and kissed me I knew he was close. He pulled out and started to stroke himself. Then there were long thick hot streams of cum shooting toward my chest and face. I opened wide and one shot directly into my mouth. Mmmmmmm, it was wonderful tasting. I forgot how much I love cum.

He then sucked me off, which took about 5 seconds, and I promised to see him again on next trip. I would highly recommend him, as he was definitely the best massage I’ve ever had (man or woman), and his cock was to die for. I’m hard thinking about his cock inside me, so I think I need to do something about it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32