Nylon Suck

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I recently drove past the home where my aunt and uncle used to live. Looking at the beautiful brick home with the flowers all around it brought back memories of my first time. I had just turned eighteen years old. In retrospect I was the youngest eighteen year old that I knew with the exception of my cousin Jimmy.

On the outside he was this macho type of guy but inside he was shy and lacked confidence. He was a year older. He lived with my aunt and uncle and his dog about twenty miles from my home. I have a sister and at the time she was twenty two. On the occasion that I would spend at my cousin’s home we talked about girls. We both shared an affinity for girls who wore stockings and heels.

We had gone to weddings of family members and we always ended up together remarking to each other about the legs of the women we saw. There always seemed to be one particular woman who would capture our imagination especially when she had stockings on and heels. There was one wedding where my sister Helen was in attendance. She had come there with her boyfriend. My mother and father were there as well. My cousin said to me that he thought my sister’s legs looked great.

She was always on the dance floor kicking up a storm. She sat at the table where my cousin and I were seated. She had on a pair of grey pantyhose that were shiny. I could see my cousin sneaking peaks at her legs as she would cross and then uncross them. He and I were able to get served alcohol at the wedding and at one point we sat at the bar. He asked me if I had ever seen my sister put on or take off her stockings. I said that I never had as she always kept her bedroom door locked when she was changing.

I kidded him that the next time I saw him I would try to bring him a pair of her stockings as a gift. He became very excited and asked me repeatedly at the wedding if I was really going to do that. In the next week he called me nearly every day and would asked me when I was going to visit.

We were at the time a one car family and as a result it was not easy for him and me to meet. About one month later my parents told me that on the next Friday that they were going to my aunt and uncle’s home for dinner and if tuzla escort I wanted to come then I could do so. I called my cousin and he again asked me about the stockings. He also asked if I could stay overnight. He said he would be able to borrow his mother’s car and take me home the next day. In the days before the next Friday he called every night. I told him that if I was successful in my quest to bring him a pair of my sister’s stockings then after I arrived I would pinch my nose.

Friday arrived and my parents were getting their coats on and preparing to leave. My sister was out on a date and I went upstairs and entered her room. I looked through her dresser drawers and found that the bottom drawer had her pantyhose as well as nylon stockings. I realized then that she must wear a garter belt as these were not thigh highs. I took a beige pair of full fashioned nylon stockings (she had several pair) and stuffed them into my overnight bag.

We arrived and my cousin was there. His eyes were focused on me but for whatever reason I was a little paranoid of what I had taken and played it cool. My cousin was giving me all kinds of high signs but I ignored him. Just after dinner I looked at my cousin and pinched my nose. He became so agitated at the table that my aunt asked him if he was okay. I had to stifle myself from laughing.

We all watched television until 11:00 P.M. (to my cousin’s dismay). My parents said their goodbye and after that my aunt and uncle went to bed. I went to my cousin’s room where there was a desk and chair and twin beds. As soon as he closed the door he asked “where are the stockings?” I opened my overnight bag and presented his trophy. He removed his jeans and rubbed one stocking against his face and another against his cock that was at this time expanding in his underwear. Know at this time that I had never been with anyone, man or woman. I was a full fledged virgin. I had never seen a hard cock in person aside from my own. He asked me if he had ever seen these stockings on my sister and I said I could not be sure but I did tell him that these were not pulled new from a box but were part of a pile so in all likelihood they had been worn by her. He stopped tuzla escort bayan his cock rubbing and went to use the bathroom to wash up.

He left the stockings on one of the twin beds. While he was in the bathroom I decided to try on the stockings. I was careful when I put them on remembering how my mother did so when I saw her as a little boy. There was no way to hold them up but because my sister is tall for a woman and has such long legs the tops of the stockings went up nearly to my crotch. They were very smooth on my legs. I had my underwear on and these stockings. I became very hard. I shut the room lights off and there was just a nightlight on. I sat on a chair near his desk.

My cousin returned to his room and said “where are they?” I pointed to my legs and he slowly walked towards me. We had to be extra quiet and spoke now in whispers. He was staring at me and my legs and rubbing his cock through his underwear. I crossed and uncrossed my legs making the swishing sounds that in my life had driven me crazy. My cousin became very excited and asked if he could touch my legs. I said okay. He then asked if he could rub his cock on my legs and I said okay. He had pulled his underwear to the side and this was the first erect cock I had ever seen in person. He took his underwear off. I would cross and then uncross my legs and then cross them again and he was getting very excited. He was jerking on his cock and then rubbing my legs with is cock and then rubbing my legs with his hands. He got on his knees at one point and rubbed his face on my legs. My cock was like steel.

He then stood up and whispered a request that I touch his cock. I said okay. It was hard and I could see veins through the dim light. It was very warm. I suddenly recognized that I had all the power. He asked me if I would kiss it. I thought about that for a minute and then lightly with a closed mouth started kissing the top of the head and then towards the front of it. My mouth was closed and I was kissing the head with pursed lips. I did not know what was going to happen next. I tried just sticking my tongue on the head for a moment. He really started to breathe hard and his cock seemed to have escort tuzla its own pulse. It tasted a little salty and wet. I then licked the head and he whispered to me that he loved what I was doing. I finally placed the head just beyond the ridge in my mouth and then closed my mouth. I did not move. Time stood still. His breath came out in a rasping noise. I moved my mouth around the head and the slightly in and out. I started tasting more saltiness.

I thought I heard something and I pulled him out of my mouth. He silently walked to his door opened it slightly, closed it and then returned whispering to me that it was only his dog in the hallway. I could see in the dim light as he walked towards me from the door that his cock was swinging and pointed at an upward angle. He got closer to me and then crouched down and started touching my legs. He said he was imagining I was my sister. He stood up again and I took hold of his cock and then pulled it into my mouth.

I started to suck slightly on the head and jerk it a little with my hand. I never had felt so much power in my life. I started to get a little rhythm of pulling the head nearly out and licking it and then sucking on the head and then letting it go towards the back of my throat. I whispered to him “Jimmy, come for Helen”. Without any warning my mouth was filled with liquid. I swallowed and then swallowed and then a third time. He was giving a high pitched whine that he tried to muffle.

The fourth swallow was the last. I then jerked myself off shooting all over him and those beige nylons. I was suddenly exhausted. We went to bed. I got up at ten in the morning. Jimmy was asleep.

I went into the kitchen and there was a note from my aunt and uncle that they went out to do some shopping and would be back for lunch. There was a pot of coffee and I sat and thought about the night before.

About fifteen minutes later Jimmy appeared in the kitchen and I showed him the note from his parents. He was wearing a bathrobe. I could see that he had no underwear on. He said he could not believe how good it felt the night before. I had a mouthful of hot coffee that I swished in my mouth. He was standing next to me as he was speaking. I reached in to his robe and grabbed his cock. I got on my knees and gave him what we would later refer to as a coffee blowjob. The heat from the coffee in my mouth sent him off. It took him about one minute to deliver his cream for my coffee.

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