Oedipus Rod

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As Judy pulled into the drive, she noticed her son’s road-worn Honda parked in front of the garage. It was a bad sign. Even though she missed his presence in the house, she wanted to see him under better circumstances. It was the middle of the week and Rod attended a university that was 100 miles away. He rarely came home on weekends unless it was a long holiday weekend or an extended break in classes.

“Knock – knock” Judy said as she pushed open the door to Rod’s room, which was ajar.

“Hey, mom.” Rod said without taking his eyes off the ceiling as he lay on his bed in a pair of loose colorful boxer shorts and a faded heather gray T-shirt.

“I didn’t expect to see you until Spring Break. To what do I owe the pleasure of your company?” Judy said, sitting down on the bed next to him.

“I don’t want to talk about it, mom.” Rod said.

“Well, you’re missing classes, right? As I’m paying a lot of tuition money, I’d say it’s a fair question. You’re doing alright with your classes?” Judy pressed.

“Classes are fine, mom.” Rod replied.

Judy didn’t expect that he was suffering any kind of academic suspension, but wanted to get the easy possibilities out of the way first. While Rod had his strong and weak subjects, he managed B’s even in the classes that he found challenging. However, she knew all too well that kids go through phases, and the overstimulation of college could cause problems. Judy tried another tack. “Are you in some kind of trouble?”

“No, mom. It’s personal. It’s not something I can talk to you about.” Rod said.

“It’s about a girl?” Judy continued to press.

“I don’t want to talk about it.” Rod said.

Judy took that as a “yes”, and didn’t want to lose momentum. “Is it Sherry? Are you still seeing her?”

“No…I’m not.” Rod said.

Judy had never met Sherry, and had no real basis to make judgments about the girl. She had seen Sherry’s picture. The girl was pleasant enough looking. She was a natural blond with Germanic looks. She looked like the kind of girl you’d see waitressing in a beer garden during Oktoberfest. Judy had instinctually liked Sherry, but didn’t know why. She wondered if it wasn’t because Sherry reminded Judy of herself. Her son’s girlfriend had long straight hair that was worn in a pony-tail in each of the photos Judy had seen, while Judy had a short and thick wavy coiffure. Otherwise, however, they shared the characteristics of being blond, bosomy, and cherubic faced.

“So what happened with Sherry?” Judy continued the full-court press.

“Mom, I really don’t want to talk about it… I’m thinking about transferring schools.”

“You mean start somewhere else in the fall after you finish out this semester? You know you’ll have to start applying right now to have any shot of that working, don’t you?” She asked.

“I meant starting somewhere else in the fall, and not going back this semester.” Rod said.

“Out of the question. We’ve already paid tuition, and you’re past deadline for drops. I’d be out the entire amount of tuition and fees.” Judy said.

“Uh-huuh.” Rod grunted acknowledgement.

“Let’s figure out what the problem is, and I’ll help you get through it.”

“I can’t go back, there.”

“Why not? You tell me your grades are OK and that you are not in any trouble. Sherry’s not pregnant is she?” Judy asked.

“Mom… no she’s not pregnant.”

“But you’ve broken up and you don’t want to see her again? That’s understandable, but…”

“It’s not just her.” Rod interrupted.

“There are other girls?”

“No… that’s the problem.” Rod said the latter part under his breath.

“Why is that?” Judy pressed.

“I really don’t want to talk about it, OK.” Rod said in an assertive tone.

“You have to talk about this. I need to know why you want to toss this semester’s tuition in the trash.”

“I can’t go back there, and face…”

“What? Face what, exactly?”

“Sherry and I broke up, after we… all the girls think I’m not good at it and have…” Rod said giving in.

“Have what?” Judy continued to press.

“A tiny dick.” Rod said, defeated.

“That bitch.” Judy said unable to control her anger.

“Rod, nobody is going to take her seriously. Spiteful girls say things all the time. Your penis is fine, and what’s important is how you use it.”

“Well, apparently, I don’t do that so well.” Rod said, his voice quavering.

“No boy does it well, at first. It’s like anything else. It requires practice.” Judy said, leaning over the boy and tenderly raking her fingers through his hair.

“Well then, I guess I’m fucked.” Rod said, showing his frustration.

“Watch your language, young man.” Judy said.

“Well, I’m sure in a Catch-22. No girl will do it with me, because I’m not any good, and, like you said, I can’t get good unless I get laid. At this rate, I’ll never screw again. I just want to go to a school where they don’t know me… Maybe I can build a mystique.”

“Look, I’m sorry we didn’t have this conversation earlier. I always hoped your father would tuzla escort have these talks with you. Anyway, I can give you tips about what women like. You can learn to do it better. Just promise me you’ll always be safe.” Judy said. She was obviously not a prude, but neither had she had any natural impulse to discuss sex with her son. Now she could see he was agonizing, and, pipedreams about no-sex-out-of-wedlock aside, she felt compelled to help him be better.

“Mom, this conversation is getting too weird. Could I just have some alone time?” Rod said.

“I know this is awkward, Rod, but you can talk to me about anything. You don’t have to worry about what I’ll think. I love you no matter what, and I’ll keep your secrets till the grave. I’m not going to get mad about what you did. I just want to help you. You know I love you, right?” Judy said rubbing her hand soothingly on his chest.

“Yeah, mom, but that’s not going to help me with this problem.” Rod said, sniffing slightly.

“So what happened with Sherry? What about the experience didn’t she like?”

“We didn’t really get far enough for her to like it or not.” Rod replied.

“So you… you ejaculated before you were inside her? You had a condom on, right?”

“Mom, I came before she stroked me twice. I couldn’t help it. She was on her knees in front of me, and she was about to put it in her mouth, and I… all I could think of was that those lips were about to touch it. I tried to stop it, but… I shot right across her face and in her hair.” Rod confessed.

“Did you try again? You know guys last a lot longer the second time.” Judy said.

“No. She startled giggling, and then I got embarrassed. I tried to make excuses, and that just made her laugh harder. I got mad, and stormed off.” Rod said.

“And Sherry went around spreading rumors about you because of this?” Judy asked. It didn’t sound like the girl of which her son had spoken.

“Nah. I don’t think so. I think she just told her roommate, Gina, but Gina is about the biggest gossiping bitch on campus. Sherry tried to apologize, but I just walked off. I couldn’t face her.”

“Well, it sounds like you just need to redeem yourself. If you still like her and you want the rumors to stop.” Judy said, fearing she was being far too much a friend and not enough of a mom. What kind of mom would give such advice?

“Yeah, great. I just need to get back with her, but, this time, be Mr. Superstud. Why didn’t I think of that the first time? Mom, I appreciate your efforts, but you can’t help me with this.” Rod said, shifting his tone from sarcastic to appreciative when he saw his mother’s pained face.

“Look, you just need to learn to pace yourself. Girls like the appetizer as much as the main course, so you’ve got to develop stamina. You can do it.” Judy said.

“Once again: First, this is too weird. Second, I’ve got all the stamina in the world when I’m alone. It’s just when a girl touches me, I get all … excited. The way they smell; the softness; I don’t know what it is, but I can’t control myself.” Rod said.

Rod flushed when his mom turned to look over her shoulder. He hadn’t noticed the onset of the erection because he was lost in thought and conversation, he was quite comfortable in his mother’s presence generally, and because his mother’s back had been turned to his waist. However, something made her look, and, when she did, she got an eyeful of the tenting of the light cotton boxers. Though he knew his stiffy had been seen, Rod still tried to turn onto his side away from his mother, but his mother’s hand still rested on his chest, and so he had to move it before he could turn over. This all took too much time for his comfort.

Judy hoped to salvage the situation. She thought she had been making progress. “Rod, it’s nothing to be embarrassed about.”

“I beg to differ. If there is anything in this world worthy of getting embarrassed about, it is what just happened.” Rod said.

Judy couldn’t help but giggle at that. Rod’s wry sense of humor came from his father. It reminded her of him. It was one of the few things that she continued to love about the man when everything else in their relationship had turned to shit.

“Ah, yes, another woman amused at my expense. Just what I needed.” Rod said.

“I’m not laughing because of what happened. I’m laughing because of the funny way you responded to it. If you have nothing else but that sense of humor, you will have no trouble finding a woman that wants to be with you.” Judy said.

“Yes, I guess with my baby dick, I’ll need a grand sense of humor.” Rod responded.

“Hun, you don’t have a ‘baby dick.'” Judy said comfortingly.

“How would you know?” Rod replied.

“Well, I just saw it, for all intents and purposes, and I’ve seen it since it was, in fact, a baby dick.” Judy said.

Though he was facing away, Judy thought she saw a momentary tightening of his cheek that indicated she got a fleeting smile out of him.

“Come on, turn back over. We are going to deal with this. It’s perfectly natural. pendik escort I’ll help you.” Judy said.

When Rod did not respond, she hooked his hip with her hand and rolled him back onto his back. He didn’t put up any resistance. His erection was still subsiding.

“Alright, this may seem awkward, but think of it as science… a learning opportunity. Don’t think of me as your mom for the moment. Just think of me as a girl.” Judy said, again rubbing her hand lightly over her son’s chest and stomach.

“Mom… I can’t.” Rod said.

“I know I’m not as young and pretty as Sherry and her friends.” Judy said looking away momentarily.

“Mom, that’s not it. I think you are… beautiful. I mean, all my friends think you’re hot… I mean… It’s just…”

“Shh-sshh. Just relax. It’s not going to be so bad.” Judy said.

Judy smiled at the stammered compliment from her son. She couldn’t be sure whether it was born of pity or was heartfelt, but such compliments were far too rare these days – so she took it at face value. She got checked out every now and then at work, particularly on her more cleavage-revealing days, but in the litigious sexual-harassment-conscious world, she seldom got explicit compliments on her looks anymore now that she was no longer in a low level position. She worked too hard, and didn’t have much time for dating.

She turned to sit sidesaddle on the bed’s edge facing the headboard and her son’s face. She unbuttoned her blouse one button at a time, and then shrugged it off. Rod was transfixed by her cleavage. She then reached around and unhooked her bra, letting her straining orbs roll forward and down to freedom. She noticed that Rod’s member was again vertical, and tenting the boxer shorts, just from the visual stimulation. She picked up his hand that rested beside her, and placed it lightly on her breast. He fumbled with her nipple self-consciously, but it nevertheless became engorged and purple.

As Rod was furtively and anxiously playing with Judy’s nipple, Judy unbuttoned the solitary button across the fly of his boxer shorts, and then pulled the straining member out. It was not huge, but nor was it tiny. It was perhaps slightly smaller than average, but certainly adequate to pleasure a woman, if he learned how to put it to good use.

Judy noticed that, not even having stroked it yet, a clear drop of pre-cum had already developed at the tip of the cockhead.

“Do you feel like you’re going to cum if I touch you?” Judy asked.

“Yes.” Rod said, looking away, embarrassed.

“It’s OK.” Judy said, splaying the boy’s knees apart against no resistance. “I want you to tense here.” Judy said, putting the hard sharp polished nails of one hand gently on the boy’s perineum, between his scrotum and anus.

That stimulus alone almost caused the young man to jizm. Judy said, “I want you to practice tensing that spot if you feel like you’re going to climax too soon. You’ll develop those muscles, and it will help you last longer.”

“Alright.” Rod said, and he practiced.

At first he practiced without a pressing need, but then, when his mother raked her nails gently over his scrotum and then began to lightly stroke him, he got to practice for real. He really did find his mother attractive. He didn’t consciously pick Sherry because she was a bosomy blond like his mom, but, at a subconscious level, it might have been for that reason. He couldn’t imagine a more beautiful look. Rod was soon about to lose his composure. He tried to not look at his mother’s pretty face or glorious breasts, and also to not think about the pleasure, but it worked less successfully the more stimulation she applied.

As if sensing her boy’s predicament, Judy encircled the base of the boy’s balls between the thumb and index finger of her free hand. The pressure she applied helped keep the young man from prematurely blowing his load. When this method was nearing the end of its usefulness, Judy took her hands off her son altogether.

Rod managed to squeeze and prevent himself from climaxing onto his boxers.

“Good job.” Judy said. “Another way to keep from coming too soon is to devote some attention to your girl. Boys your age tend to want to get there dicks inside a girl as quick as they can, and it sometimes makes it unpleasant for the girl. A lot of girls have bad early experiences. You want to take your time, and get her so wet that she can’t stand not having you inside her. If you can do this, you’ll be way ahead of the other boys. Do you know what I mean?” Judy asked.

“I think so. I need to rub her down there.” Rod said in an unconfident almost-questioning tone.

“No. You want to get her excited before you ever touch her there. Here is what I want you to do…” Judy said, whispering in her son’s ear.

Rod took up position kneeling behind his mother, and began to rub her shoulders, and then to kiss her neck and shoulders. He took his time, at first, but occasionally got wound up. Every time he got overzealous, his mother would give him a gentle reminder. He reached around and aydınlı escort cupped both her breasts, and gently massaged them as he continued to softly kiss her neck. Judy gradually began to revel in the pleasure being delivered, and succumbed to events as more than a teaching exercise. She put one of her hands under Rod’s hand as it cupped and rubbed her breast, and she reached the other over her shoulder to run her fingers through his hair. Rod was intoxicated by his mother’s scent and took the guidance patiently.

After about ten minutes of this tender activity, Judy stood and turned to face her boy. She unzipped her skirt, and, hooking her thumbs into her panties and pantyhose, she swiftly shed the remainder of her clothes. She then took one of Rod’s hands, and placed it between her legs. Judy was drenched from arousal.

“See what you did? You do know how to satisfy a woman.” Judy said, as she enjoyed his unpracticed hand.

Judy then ushered Rod from a position kneeling on the bed to one standing beside it. She then went down to her knees. His cock was still fully engorged, and she gave it a few playful hand strokes. She then leaned in and took him in her mouth. From that instant, she felt Rod’s body stiffen. She could see the tension in the flat youthful muscles of his lower abdomen and waistline. When she rested her hand upon his thigh, it was like steel. She knew he could not hold out long. She rubbed his leg soothingly in a manner that was meant to be reassuring.

Rod suddenly managed to tense still more and, despite his attempts to hold back, he shot his seed into his mother’s mouth. Judy swallowed the heaping spoonful of his slippery man-pudding, and continued to suck him against his feeble protestations.

Judy turned her eyes up to see her son’s dejected look.

After removing her son’s cock from her mouth, but continuing to stroke it, she asked, “What’s the matter?”

“I couldn’t hold it.” He said.

“Maybe so, but, look, you’re still hard as a rock.” Judy pointed out. “Now you’ll have plenty of stamina.”

Rod seemed reassured. Judy lay back on his bed, and spread her legs to let the young man, who crawled onto the bed, enter her. Rod took her enthusiastically, and it was true that his stamina was vastly extended by having cum. He was becoming much more confident, even given his extremely limited experience. While there was awkwardness resulting from the taboo situation, it was also true that there was no one on Earth he was more comfortable being with and trusting than his mother. Her pussy felt exquisite wrapped around his engorged member. After about ten to twelve minutes of missionary-style sex, they began to switch it up both to break up the monotony, and so Rod could get a more wide-ranging experience. He next took his mom for several minutes doggy-style, until he felt he might cum yet again. However, he regained composure while Judy mounted him and rode his cock, letting him rest for a few moments and focus on control.

After bouncing up and down on her son’s shaft for as long as she was able, Judy climbed off.

She kissed him on the forehead, and said, “Hold that thought, I’ll be right back.”

Rod lightly stroked himself as he watched his mother’s gracefully rounded backside recede into the hallway. Judy returned in no time with a box that appeared to contain condoms in one hand and a tube of some sort in the other.

“Are you ready for something different?” Judy asked.

Rod nodded.

Judy extracted a condom, and took her time putting it on her boy’s handsome chubby. She did it seductively so as to not lose any of the momentum that had developed. After she got the condom on, she generously coated his condom-wrapped stiffy with lubricant. She then guided him to a standing position as she laid on her back on the bed with her ass at the edge and held her knees splayed and back with her hands.

It was clear to Rod that the formality of the lube meant that he was to take his mom in the ass. Her pussy, after all, was certainly in no need of external lubrication. He aligned his bulbous cockhead with her tight rosebud, and pushed with increasing pressure until a few inches breached more rapidly than planned. His mom took a sudden deep heavy inhalation, and he thought he might have hurt her until he saw ecstasy in her face. Rod was naturally gentle, and took his time working his member gradually deeper into Judy’s ass. She moaned as his shaft sank deeper. She then let go of the crook of one of her knees and reached down between her own legs and began to massage her clit.

“Touch me here while you fuck my ass.” Judy said, directing her son to massage the swollen nub of sensitive flesh.

Rod used his thumb to do as directed, and gradually experimented until Judy told him what he was doing was perfect. Rod then dutifully kept his clitoral massage going as he continued to penetrate his mother. Judy’s tight ass would clearly result in Rod’s second nut of the session. He managed, with great effort, to both multi-task by manually and anally servicing his mom while still occasionally clenching to delay his own gratification. However, when Judy’s body began to spasm and writhe in an intense wave of orgasm, Rod could hold out no longer and he filled the condom with his seed as the familial moans of the two twisted together in the small lonely house.

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