Newly Wedded Bliss Ch. 04

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Aunt Colleen called Jeanie and Jack to come over her house in a half an hour that next Sunday afternoon. She told them to come in quietly when they got there and to walk to her bedroom. When they got there, they were to remove their clothing and turn on the hall light so she would know that they were there. They loved the intrigue of the whole thing; it made things even more exciting. So they did as they were instructed and when they turned on the light they heard Colleen say from inside her bedroom “Don’t move now or your arse will feel my wrath.” She opened the door with her index finger to her lips, she was naked with her breasts swaying as she was slightly leaning forward.

Before them the couple beheld a sight that jolted Jeanie a little bit and made Jack dick even stiffer if that were possible. There on the bed was Jeanie’s mother Katie. She was tied face down spread-eagled across width of the bed, blindfolded and her ass which was pillow propped upward was red with newly delivered welt marks obviously put there by Colleen. There was music playing on the record player in the corner and the couple quickly realized that this was to mask the smaller sounds in the room. But they could plainly hear what was even sexier than Katie present position. It was the foul language that Katie used to beg for Colleen to resume her assault on her posterior. Jeanie had never heard her mother utter one curse work during her whole life.

All Jack could think about was what he would soon be doing to his mother in law. She was so hot looking, Jack was amazed the she could be even sexier than she was just walking around a room fully clothed and smiled a hello. Katie was different from Colleen’s large hourglass escort bayan frame, Even Jeanie while similar in some aspects was a giant compared to her own mother. Kate was all of four foot nine. A small woman who at forty-one still seemed childlike in appearance with one exception She had a rack that made her look as if standing upright was be difficult. They were probably only a thirty-four but they had to be double D’s.

“Please Colleen,” Katie was saying from behind her blindfold “punish me some more, make me fucking cum from your whipping. I need it badly!” There was moisture on Katie face that implied she had been giving Colleen a servicing at some point and Jeanie and Jack moved over to sit in the chairs over buy the windows. Colleen resumed her position in front of Katie’s mouth and shoving her pussy forward as she lashed Katie’s’ ass with a wide belt saying “Do your duty, you slut.” Katie strained her neck to reach the feast before her and every so often whether she was doing a good job of it or not Colleen would give her another crisp smack with the belt.

Colleen moved away and Katie groaned “Stop teasing me, you fucking bitch!” Colleen signaled to Jeanie to take her place and Jeanie was apprehensive but to excited to resist the wanton pleasure that offered to her. She moved her self into position and held her pussy open just out of the reach of her mothers tongue so that only her clit was accessible to the older woman. She did this for two reasons, her pussy was shaved bald and her mother might notice the lack of hair and the second was that it made her mother work even harder to get what she so desired. Colleen handed her the belt as Katie again tuzla genç escort pleaded to be whipped. Then Colleen quickly moved to sit on Jack’s cock and ground down deep into his lap to watch.

Jeanie raised her hand to lash her mother, if this is what her mother liked who was she to deny her, and was impressed with her self when the belt cracked sharply against her mothers already decorated ass. She could tell his was a painful hit as her mother flinched backwards and moaned loudly and started to grind her pussy down into the pillow under her hips. Jeanie was new to this and felt terrible for delivering this punishment to her mother no matter how much she seemed to be enjoying it and was relieved as Colleen beckoned her to come around to the other side of the bed. Colleen tugged at Jeanie to position her behind Katie and pushed her toward her mother’s backside. Jeanie used her tongue to slather over her mothers ass to try and sooth the woman abused rear. Katie arched her hips up and back to get the tongue where she wanted it. “Eat me you fucking whore, suck my pussy!” Katie demanded. Jeanie did her one better and buried her tongue in her mother’s asshole causing her to buck wildly and immediately spew forth a river of cum that Jeanie quickly moved to drink from. “Oh, oh yes, oh!” Katie wailed as her cum flooded against Jeanie’s chin.

Colleen spoke up then and said ” I have a surprise for you Katie-mi-dear,” and she removed her self from Jack’s dick to have him push his cock deep into Katie’s pussy. “Oh, who’s that?”

Katie’s shocked voice exclaimed, “Are you crazy Colleen, who have you brought here? Who have you told about this? Oh Colleen, you fool tuzla kendi evi olan escort we’re ruined.” she cried. Jeanie leaned in and whispered to her mother “It’s all right Mother, it’s Jack and we love you and would never breath a word. We wanted to do this for you Mother, we knew how lonely and frustrated you have been.” Katie was surprised to say the least but being a Mahoney by marriage she was no stranger to having sex with a member of her family. And Jack was doing such a wonderful job of filling her pussy. ” Well Jack if you’re going to be fucking me then make it hard and fast and be sure a give us a slap in the ass as you do it. Jeanie take of this fucking blindfold, I was wondering why Colleen had gotten that idea.” Jeanie did as her mother told her and was standing in front of her mother so that the first thing her mother saw was her shaved and dripping pussy. ” Don’t be messing up the carpet with all that cunt juice girl, Bring that thing over here for me to eat.” Jeanie now mashed her vulva over her mothers face and rubbed it hard over her features to spread her juices completely over her mother’s face.

Feeling left out Colleen untied Katie from her moorings so Kate could turn over and went to caress Jack’s body paying particular attention to his balls and ass. Soon she got on the bed to get in to lick Katie’s clit and Jack’s shaft as they fucked. Seeing her aunt’s ass pointed in her direction Jeanie shoved two fingers in Colleen’s cunt and a thumb in her ass and began pumping them vigorously in and out of her auntie. Jack was the first to cum but only by a small margin as he pull his cock out of Katie and Colleen drove her mouth down to the root to suck the cum from his balls as her own orgasm took hold. Then she lowered her face to Katie’s pussy licking and spitting cum into her cunt and on her asshole. Jeanie came all over her mothers face with force and near smothered the woman as she ground downward so hard her mother nose was lodged in her asshole like a tiny dick.

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