Full Body Workout

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Note: I have edited this story to make it better.


It was late in the day when Harry got to the gym. It was a 24/7 place with tinted windows. There were only two people there. One was somebody he didn’t know very well. The other (to his delight and surprise) was Sara. She was 6’2 with long blond hair in a ponytail. He’d had a crush on Sara for months, but they were currently just friends. He put his stuff away and started with his workout. He began with some chest exercises. Then he went on to his abs. Halfway through, the other guy in the gym left, leaving him alone with Sara.

Sara finished up working her back, and walked over to Harry. “Hey there Harry!” She said smiling.

He returned her smile. “Hi!” He said.

“You’ve really been coming along.” She said. “You’re getting kind of big.”

“Yeah, I’m making improvements. He said. “But you’ve been at it longer than I have. You’re really toned.” She was. After five years at the gym, she had a rock solid body, but not too muscular, weighing 165 pounds. Harry had only been at it for two years, and his body, though not gigantic, was muscular. He weighed in at 170 pounds. As for the rest of him, he slicked his light brown hair back, and matched Sara’s blue eyes.

“You know,” She said, “I’ve seen you checking out my body every now and then.”

“Oh, I didn’t mean anything by it!” He said, a little embarrassed.

“I don’t mind” She said. “I’ve been checking you out too.”

“Really?” Harry said with a sly smile.

“Yeah, you’re cute.” She said. “Hey, I’ll tell you what. Are you up for something wild?”

“Maybe.” He said. “What do you have in mind?”

“Let’s get naked, and compare bodies!” She said.

“That’s pretty wild.” He said. “I’m game.”

Sara jumped right into it, taking off her T-shirt, then her sports bra releasing her large firm tits. Meanwhile, Harry kicked off his shoes and socks, then his T-shirt. Next, Sara striped off her shoes, socks, and pants. Her pink panties were now visible. Harry pulled down his workout shorts. They were now both mostly nude. Although Harry wasn’t quite the picture of Iron Man, he was lean, with a visible six-pack. Sara was also very lean, with the slight definition of a six pack.

“Nice!” Harry said as he walked toward her and cupped her breasts, giving them a squeeze.

“Yeah, you like those, don’t you? I’ve seen you sneak a peek at them sometimes over the last few months.” She said.

“Oh, yeah! They feel better than I imagined.” He said.

“You want to go the rest of the way?” Sara asked.

“Yes.” He said.

They both reached down and peeled off their underwear. Now they were completely naked. They looked down to see each other. Harry was mostly erect, his cock protruding out about 5 inches. Sara’s pussy was neatly trimmed, her lips clearly visible below her mound. They reached down together, Harry cupping her Mons pubis, Sara tuzla escort grabbing Harry’s dick. They both stroked each other, getting into the heat of the moment. Now his cock was its full 6 inches long and 6 inches in circumference.

“Wait a second.” She said. “Want to play a game?”

“What kind of game?” He asked.

“The naughty kind.” She said with a smile. “I want us to get hot and sweaty before with make out. We’ll compete at 5 different exercises: push-ups, pull-ups, bench press, dead lifts, and squats. When one of us wins an exercise that person gets a wish performed by the other person.

“Ok. That sounds fun.” Harry smiled.

“Which one do you want to do first?” She asked.

“How about push-ups?” He asked.

“That’s fine.” She said.

“Ladies first.” He said.

Sara got to the ground and into position. She began. One, two, three, four… Passing 50 she kept at it. Little beads of sweat were forming on her smooth body. Up to a hundred, she was getting tired now. Her push-ups were getting slower. She finished at 145.

“Very impressive!” Harry said, clapping his hands.

Sara bowed slightly. “Thank you!” she said between breaths. “Your turn.”

Harry got into good form and then started his set. Usually, on a good day, he could perform 200 push-ups. But he’d already done an extensive chest workout earlier. He was only able to crank out 132.

“Ha!” Sara exclaimed. “I win! Let me think now. What wish are you going to grant me? Ok, I’ve got it. I want you to lick the sweat off my belly, and then eat me out for a few minutes.”

Harry smiled. “With pleasure.”

Sara sat down with her arms behind her supporting her then spread her legs. Harry got into position. First he bent down and kissed her navel. Then he started licking up the sweat all over her tummy. He enjoyed her salty taste. After a little of that he lowered his head farther and gave her clit a little flick of the tongue. Sara shivered a little from the pleasure. Now Harry was really going to town on Sara’s pussy. She was wet with her juices and moaning out loud.

“Yeah, I love to hear you enjoying yourself.” Harry said.

“Oh, yes! You make me feel so fucking good!” She said. Harry got her nearly to orgasm before she stopped him. “I don’t want to cum just yet.” She said. “I want it to last.”

“Ok.” Harry said, and stood up. There was just a little moisture on his lips. “Now I get to choose an exercise. We’ll do the deadlift.”

This time Harry started first. He loaded a barbell with 100 pounds, then got into proper form. Holding the barbell firmly in his hands he lifted with his legs. He did 43 reps before lowering it to the floor.

Sara looked at the barbell doubtfully. “I’m not sure I can even lift that!” She said.

“Do you give up then?” Harry asked.

“Not by a long shot!” Sara said with a slight smile.

She got into position like tuzla escort bayan Harry had done, and to her delight was able to lift the weight. But she was only able to do 12 reps before she had to stop.

“I win!” Harry exclaimed.

“Well, I guess I’m your genie in a bottle.” Sara said. “What’s your wish?”

“You may not believe it Sara,” He said. “but I’m never had a blowjob.”

“Really?” She asked.

“Yeah. Never.”

“So, that’s your wish?” Sara asked.

“Yeah.” He said.

“Well, I’ve given them before, so you’re in good hands.” She said.

Sara got down on her knees in front of Harry. His cock was rock hard and sticking out in front of him. First Sara grabbed his dick at the base and stoked it a few times. She flicked the tip with her tongue, then she took the head in her mouth. She swirled her tongue around it as she took it in more and more. Harry was moaning every couple of seconds. She expertly sucked him off at a nice steady pace for several minutes. Finally, Harry couldn’t take any more and exploded in Sara’s mouth. Spurt after spurt filled her warm, wet mouth until it overflowed a little. She tilted her head back and gulped down Harry’s delicious cum. She licked her lips and asked, “How was that?”

“I’ve never experienced anything like that before!” Harry said.

“I love the way your come tastes!” Sara said.

Harry reached down and lifted her to her feet. Then he kissed her on the mouth, tasting just a hint of his own cum. Sara smiled and kissed him back.

“How about pull-ups next?” He asked.

“Ok.” She said.

She went first, walking over to the pull-up bar and grabbed ahold of it. She started; one, two, three, four… She kept it up. She reached 50, and was still going at 75. She made it to 125 before she dropped back down to the floor.

“I’m spent!” She said.

“That was pretty good!” Harry said.

Next, it was Harry’s turn. Without too much difficulty, he got to 40. He kept going. He fatigued at 77.

“You win again.” He told Sara. “What’s your wish this time?”

“I want to ride you cowgirl style!” She said.

So Harry put down a mat and laid down, while Sara straddled him. His cock was hard again and slid with easy into Sara’s dripping pussy. Sara began to bounce up and down on him.

“Play with my clit!” She said. So Harry took his thumb and rubbed it over her nice, large clit. Sara was moaning with ecstasy, her tits bouncing all over the place. Harry could feel her pussy squeezing his dick, and he loved it. He had good staying power, lasting 12 minutes, timing it so he could cum with Sara. Harry moaned out loud unloading his come into her, and Sara screamed as she came, spraying her sugary cum all over his torso. She let his dick slip out of her pussy, then she lowered her head down his body. She lapped up her own pussy juices with her tongue. “Mmm, tasty!” She said.

“Let escort tuzla me taste your lips!” Harry said. She kissed him deeply. Harry could taste her pussy juice that Sara had lapped up with her tongue.

“Alright, time-out.” Sara said. “I need to rest a little.

“Me too, actually.” Harry said.

They walked over to one of the benches and sat at opposite sides catching their breath. “So, I guess this means that things between us are going to be different now.” Harry said.

“Yes. But I think in a good way.” Sara said. “I’ve always liked you. I’m just not use to dating guys like you. I guess that’s why I haven’t pursued this.”

“I liked being your friend.” Harry said. “But I’ve always been attracted to you. I’ve wanted this for so long. I’m usually in the friend zone with girls. I don’t know why.”

“I understand.” Sara said.

“Well, I’m ready to begin again.” Harry said.

“Yeah, let’s get to it.” Sara said. “Two more to go! Let’s do the bench press now.”

Harry started first. He put 200 pounds on the barbell, then started. He was able to do 24 reps.

Next, Sara began. She was did an astounding 31 reps.

“Man! I shouldn’t have worked out my chest today.” Harry said. “What’s your wish?”

“How about a 69er?” She asked.

So Harry got down on his back, and Sara laid on top of him. She took him in her mouth while Harry bent up and licked her beautiful trimmed pussy. He flicked her clit, then the bottom of her labia. Then he stuck his tongue into her twat.

Sara kept swirling her tongue around and around his rod. Every now and then she’d take him down her throat. After several minutes of play, they increased their pace until they finally both exploded in each other’s mouths. The floor was a little wet now. They grabbed some paper towels and cleaned it up, not wanting to leave evidence of their adventure at the gym.

The last exercise was the squat. They decided to use the squat machine for convenience and comfort. Harry put 200 pounds on the bars. He went first, managing 30 reps. Next, Sara went. She only managed 18.

“So that’s 3 for you, and 2 for me.” Harry said. “I have one more wish. I want you to suck me off, and then come all over your face.”

“Ooo, I like that!” She said.

As he stood over her she knelt down in front of him and gave him his second blowjob. She worked him at a feverish pace, as if she was eager for his climax. Four minutes later he pulled out, aimed his cock at her and blasted her face with lots of cum. Her face was now dripping with his seamen. She took her fingers and collected his cum, bringing it to her lips where she slurped it up. She stood up and they embraced.

“I’ll never forget tonight.” He said.

“Neither will I. And it’s not over between us.” She said. “By the way, I won 3 out of 5 of the events, so next time I see you I get another wish!” She smiled.

“That’s fair. I’m looking forward to pleasing you again.”

They got dressed and headed out the door. Luckily that hadn’t gotten caught. As they headed their separate ways they both gave one last glance at each other.

“What a workout!” Harry thought to himself.

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