Fun with Chris Ch. 1

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Chris and Jake have known each other for five years since they met in college at the age of 19 and have nursed each other’s broken hearts and shared stories of their sexual adventures. It was really no surprise when their friendship evolved to the next level, and the two friends ended up in bed after last New Year’s Eve party.

A stunning woman, Chris loves to indulge her erotic and Epicurean tastes, and she
possesses the intellect to appreciate her sensuousness and imagination. Chris is a tall, slender woman with straight blond hair cascading down to the middle of her back. She has a golden tan with obvious tan lines, and she vows never to tan her well-groomed, blond mons or her pink areolas and nipples which point skyward upon her full breasts. Those surprisingly full breasts create a tantalizing, natural cleavage and frequently surprise people since her body is so slender. Her tanned thighs don’t even touch, providing a constant invitation for a feel-up. Her ass is a sweet, curving shape that should not be dismissed as delicate because Chris has been known to entertain and enjoy more than one guy at a time.

Chris and Jake have driven to Florida for a weekend at a cottage owned by Chris’ family. The luxurious cottage has its own private beach and hot tub where the couple plans to spend much of their time. After playing with each other for several agonizing hours in the car, Chris and Jake are horny and primed for action when they arrive at the cottage. Chris is wearing a white sundress with nothing underneath except a sheer white thong, which has become very moist from her and Jake’s fingering of her twat. Her blond hair is pulled up into a sassy ponytail on top of her head, and he thinks she looks hot. Jake works out regularly, is tall and well built, without being muscle-bound. With his tanned body, blue eyes and blonde hair, he reminds her of a bronzed god. She loves the way the navy T-shirt is stretched across his broad shoulders, and she gets wet just imagining the lush thickness that waits inside his loose white pants. As she requested, he hasn’t worn any briefs, so his body could be easily available for her hands and/or mouth. Chris appreciates his maleness and can hardly wait to feel him inside her.

Jake can hardly to savor her breasts and suck on their rosy pink points. The hard nipples are erect, highly visible and protrude against the white fabric. They have been teased by Jake and have tempted him for hours. As Chris unlocks the door, Jake presses his hardness against her ass and slides his hand along her satin-like skin under the short dress and rubs his open palm against her pussy under the thong. Her puss is hot and wet to his touch, and she groans when he rubs his hand back and forth over her swollen lips.

“Jake, you do that so well – it’s exquisite. You’re gonna have to fuck me in a few minutes!” she says while moving against his hand. He licks the back of her neck and tastes her salty skin.

“Whatever you think babe.” he says while plunging two fingers into the wet tightness of her twat.

As soon as the door is opened, Chris pulls him inside and slams the door closed. He holds her close while his mouth covers hers and his tongue invades her sexy mouth. Untying the dress’ straps he lets it fall to the floor while his engorged cock, presses against her belly. Chris strokes his cock and caresses his balls while he pulls aside the thong and fingers her erect clitoris, nearly bringing her to an orgasm before moving his fingers away. Chris removes her thong and kneels while she unties kurtköy escort his pants and pulls them down his legs. She spreads open her legs and rubs her blond mons and breasts against his legs while she stares into his excited face. Chris rubs her pussy on his feet, and he groans with pleasure as her warm wetness is spread on his feet. Pulling her to a standing position, he holds a breast in each hand and moves his warm mouth from one to the other, holding each nipple lightly and dragging it between his teeth. By now, Chris’ twat is drenched, and he moves his hand between her legs sliding his spread fingers back and forth across her pussy lips, but not touching her clit or entering her pussy.

“Oh, fuck me with your fingers, Jake, I can’t stand it!” Chris feels like she’ll burst if he doesn’t relieve her, so she moves her fingers to her clit and strokes herself. Jake pulls her hand away and licks her fingers and then bites her nipple, eliciting a moan from her.

“Wait, babe, I have plans for you. I want you to beg for your orgasm and beg me to fuck you.” Jake continues slowly rubbing her pussy lips with one hand and massaging her breast with the other, pinching her long, hard nipple between his finger and thumb.

“You know I’ll love begging you to make me cum.” Chris smiles up at him and takes hold of his cock and firmly strokes it to a rock hard erection, teasing its tender wet head with her nails.

Jake pulls off his shirt and tosses it onto the pool of clothes around them. Chris releases his cock and sucks his nipples. She kisses and licks across his chest, moving down his abdomen to his cock which she gently sucks while caressing his balls. Squatting again, she moves her pussy over his foot, rubbing her clit against his leg.

“Chris, you’re not following the rules.” Jake pulls her up and playfully spanks her butt. They laugh, and he hugs her, tonguing her ear and rubbing her pussy lips again, enticing her even more. She rubs his cock against her belly and licks his neck while he kisses her ear.

Chris feels her body building to an orgasm while Jake continues his assault on her ear, which is driving her wild. Her body arches as the spasms rock through her, and her musky wetness seeps onto Jake’s fingers which are still rubbing her pussy lips. She pushes against his fingers, begging him to fuck her with something. “Please fuck me, baby! Damn, I beg you to fuck me hard! Please, please, please!”

Jake smiles at her and stops caressing her wetness, “Chris, what do you want from me? Tell me again.”

“I want you to fuck me with your thick hard cock!” she begs.

“Are you sure you’re ready for me to fuck you, my sweet girl? Do you really want my dick in your tight little cunt? I’m not convinced, Chris.” His hand moved lightly against her pulsing twat, and he sucks her nipple.

“Oooh! I’m begging you! Please drive your thick cock into my cunt and fuck me hard and slow until you cum deep inside my body.” Rubbing her hard nipples against his chest, she smiles when she sees the pained expression on his face. She knows her breasts are searing into his chest, making his erection painfully hard.

“I’m gonna fuck you out of your mind.” He removes his wet fingers from between her legs and licks them. “Taste yourself, you’re so sweet, and your little pussy is going to love this, I promise.” He holds her hand and pulls her onto the plush carpet where she lies on her back, staring into his eyes.

“That cock is what I need deep inside me!” Chris spreads her legs wide, aydıntepe escort running a finger along her twat and tasting it while she watches him smooth back his hair and stroke his handsome tool.

“You’re ready for me, I can see your shine.” Jake drags one finger from her clit, between her pussy lips to her hole, which he circles with his fingertip. “Mmm, nice and wet, just like I want it!” He smiles as her body shudders.

“Baby, I want you to push it into me hard!” To seduce him even more, Chris pinches her nipples hard and cups her full breasts for him to kiss. Jake bends over her, and his cock looks as if it will erupt at any moment. He runs his tongue over her breasts and sucks on each nipple, exciting himself and her even more.

“Put your long legs over my shoulders, baby, and I’ll fuck you good after you beg me one more time!” He smiles and winks at her.

“Please, please fuck me hard and deep in my cunt, and I’ll grind your cock until you cry. Please, Jake, do it now, I beg you, baby, please!” Chris smiles and languidly stretches a leg over each of his broad shoulders, pushing her twat against his chest but not before giving him a long moment to view and appreciate her femininity.

“Oh, damn! I feel your hot wetness on my chest, my sweet Chris. Looks like my lady is ready for me, and I promise to make you glad you begged.”

He positions himself, and she covers his mouth with hers, sucking on his tongue. He drives his cock into her cunt, nearly leaving her breathless with his strong, first thrust. Chris stares into his eyes and whispers, “Do it harder, baby, please, fuck me nice and nasty!”

“This is just for you, babe!” Almost withdrawing from her warmth, he plunges even harder and deeper into her, and he is lost within her hot, delicious pussy, which is tightly wrapped around his cock.

“Ah! Oh, yes! Oh, you’re fucking me so good, Jake! I’m cumming now – go harder, please!” Chris cries out and grinds into his pelvis while her orgasm rocks her to her core. “So fucking good, baby!” She screams and moves wildly under him.

“You like that, don’t you? You’re so sexy, Chris!”

Jake slows down and fucks her hard and steady while she plays with her clit until she cums again. This time he rams himself into her as his cock erupts deep inside her. “Oh, Chris, baby! You’re so tight and sweet! Damn! I wanna fuck you all night!”

“Oooh! Yes, yes! I want you to!” She lowers her legs as Jake releases them from his shoulders. She can feel her internal spasms, and she feels so warm and satisfied. “You’re a great lover, Jake, my sexy man who knows how to treat me, and I want your cock inside me most of this weekend.”

Jake lies down beside her on the floor, and he gazes at her luscious body, which has just fucked him senseless. He smiles and runs the back of his fingers over her rosy nipples, which are still long hard erectiles. As she turns to face him, Chris runs her hands over his chest and looks at his cock, gorgeous and thick even when resting after a marvelous fucking. She can still feel it in her, and she wants him again. Chris begins to stroke his cock with a gentle exploratory touch. She leans over him and takes his cock into her mouth, slowly sucking it and running her tongue over the sensitive head. She takes his balls inside her warm mouth and gently swirls her tongue over them before returning her mouth to his cock.

“I taste so good on your cock. I wonder if my pussy tastes as good to you as it does to me.” Sucking and licking her way tuzla içmeler escort back and forth between his balls and his cock, she sighs with pleasure when she hears his softly spoken words. He caresses her breasts and then glides his hand around her ass which he tenderly massages with her wetness. Cupping her pussy, he feels her juiciness and finger fucks her while she pushes against his fingers until she cums again. All the time her mouth never ceases sucking him.

“Babe,you have a delicious tasting pussy that squeezes my tongue so hard when you cum in my mouth. You’ve spoiled me with your sweetness. I’m so hard now! You can do whatever you want with my willing body!” He smiles and lightly caresses her breasts, rubbing his thumbs over her sensitive nipples. “Come on, Chris, fuck me.” Jake is lying flat on his back with his legs slightly spread and his cock standing from all her attention. He rests his hands behind his head as he watches Chris prepare to mount him.

Jake still can’t believe how sexy she is with her breasts aroused in all their glory, and they are glorious. Never has he seen nipples as long and hard or as sensitive as hers. He knows he has never felt a pussy and ass as tight as hers even after being double fucked by him and Al. Yes, Chris is an extremely erotic lover. That long blond mane turns him on when it hangs over her breasts and her erect nipples point through it. Shit, he can cum just thinking about it. Who needs a fantasy when you have Chris and those blue eyes staring at you!

Chris straddles him and lightly grazes his erect cock with her wet pussy. She smiles down at him and pushes her breasts against his chest and kisses him, holding his face in her hands. Her blond hair falls onto his chest, and its silkiness pleases him. Chris moves her fingers between her legs, slipping them inside her cunt. She brings the wet fingers to their mouths for them both to taste. Jake groans in pleasurable agony as his mouth crushes hers. Chris squats over his cock. She feels the warm hardness of his erection, and she ever so slowly spreads her swollen lips and takes his hardness into her descending pussy. Sighing, inch by inch, driving him crazy with her leisurely movement.

“Mmm, you feel so hard and big – I love this so much. It fills up my little cunt.”

“Oh, damn, Chris, sure does feel good — feel like I can cum before you finish taking me inside you. This is agony!” Jake firmly massages both of her breasts, sending pleasurable jolts through her body.

When Chris is completely full of his cock and is sitting solidly on him, she becomes totally still for a moment while she flexes her muscle around his cock. Jake loudly groans and starts to move his pelvis and grasps her breasts. “Oh, Chris, your little pussy feels too damn good! You know how to do it, baby!”

“I do. I know what you like.” She bends down and licks and nibbles his lips. “Gentle or hard, love?”

“Fuck me hard, Chris, as hard as you can stand it, babe. Please!” He kisses her, sucking her tongue before pushing her to a sitting position where she begins her wild ride on him.

Their rhythmic momentum increases, and her gyrations become more fierce until she cums and gets him off. “Yes! My sweet girl, I’m cumming in your pussy now! Oh! Oh, Chris! Harder, baby, faster!”

Chris hears him as the violent orgasm storms throughout her pelvis. She rides him as multiple orgasms rip through her while grinding into his balls. She lets out a scream of pleasure in her final shudder.

“Is that hard enough for you, honey?” Chris bends down her sweat-glistening body onto his, rubbing her breasts against his chest and kissing him, making him feel weak.

“Absolutely perfect, babe!” Jake holds her close and gives her a tender kiss while their satisfied bodies rest.

To Be Continued…

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