Fun for Two

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** This story follows on from School Disco Sex- but can be read as a stand alone story. **


One break time, Emma and Jon were sat outside his classroom in the sunshine having a cup of coffee. Emma did worry about it looking suspicious, but it was the first nice day they’d had for ages so they decided to risk it.

“Any plans for the weekend?” Jon asked casually. It was killing him being so close to her, but unable to even touch her incase someone saw them. Emma sipped her coffee, using her hand to shield the sun from her eyes.

“Rob’s taking the kids to the football tomorrow, there’s some big match on?” Emma shrugged, she knew nothing about football. Jon laughed, it wasn’t just any match, it was the Premier League semi final!

“But that’s what Rob’s doing… what are you doing?” Jon asked.

Emma blushed, “Oh. Actually I was going to go into the city with them and do some window shopping while they’re watching the game.”

“Yeah? So you’ve got a bit of time to yourself then on Saturday?”

Emma raised an eyebrow at him.

“I’m sure I could get out of the house for a couple of hours… maybe I could meet you somewhere?”

Emma shook her head, “What if someone sees us together?”

Jon shrugged, “We’ll just say we bumped into each other. We are allowed to see each other outside of work.”

“Ok, but we need to make it look innocent. It can’t look like we planned to meet up. What if I casually wait in Starbucks – the one by the stadium- around 11am, and you just happen to walk in?”

Jon laughed at how much she was over thinking it. “Sounds good. We can go window shopping together.”

On Saturday, Emma’s husband Rob drove their family into the city for the big match. The kids were excited and had bought along their scarves and flags to wave. Outside the stadium, Emma gave the kids a hug and Rob gave her a curt kiss on the cheek before she made the short walk into the town.

She ordered a latte with a blueberry muffin and sat at a table in the window to wait. She didn’t have to wait long as Jon was already in the city, having told his wife he was going to watch the match with some of his mates in one of the pubs there. He pushed open the door to Starbucks, giving Emma a fake gasp of surprise.

“Hey, what are you doing here?” he walked towards her with his arms outstretched for a friendly hug, “Fancy bumping into you!”

Emma smiled at him, “Are you ordering?”

Jon saw that Emma had finished her coffee and shook his head. “Shall we go for a wander?”

Emma picked up her bag and followed him out into the street. They wandered along the main high street, peering into the windows of shops that caught their eye. One of the shops they past had a window display full of sexy lingerie. Jon steered her through the door chuckling.

“You know you want a look.” he whispered behind her.

Emma blushed furiously. Being seen together in the town was one thing, being seen together in a sex shop was something else. She followed Jon, who had headed straight for the bondage clothing section, gasping at some of the more hardcore accessories. Emma couldn’t help but laugh at the look on his face.

They browsed through the cheesy novelty gifts; furry handcuffs, glow in the dark condoms, inflatable sheep etc. After that, Emma headed over to the dildos and vibrators. She had wanted to buy one for a while, but just never got round to it. Jon picked up the biggest, widest dildo he could find and held it up to show Emma.

“Where the heck do you women stick these things?” he gasped. Emma laughed, “They’re not just for women…” Jon winced and put it back down tentatively. He stood behind Emma as she inspected the different features of a range of vibrators. He leaned in close to her ear and whispered, “I would love to use one of those on you…” Emma’s nipples hardened in excitement as she ran her hand down the shaft of a firm, purple vibrator. It was a battery powered ‘rabbit’, with variable vibration strength. Emma bit her lip in indecision. “I was thinking about checking into a hotel nearby…” he whispered tuzla escort into her ear again.

Quickly, Emma picked up the box and headed for the till, then she doubled back and picked up the lube that was recommended as well as a pack of batteries. Jon smiled, his cock stirring at the thought of seeing her masterbate for him.

They left the shop, their thoughts consumed with sex rather than shopping. Jon knew there was a Travelodge nearby and quickly pulled out his phone to check. It was only a short walk away.

Emma has a good look around for anyone she recognised before they pushed through the doors. Jon casually asked the receptionist if they had any availability for that afternoon. The receptionist checked her computer, finding them a vacant room on the third floor.

“Can I take your names please, for the booking?”

Jon looked to Emma, they couldn’t give their real names incase someone found out. “Mr and Mrs Smith.” She smiled at the receptionist. The receptionist paused and looked at her sceptically. “Are you paying by cash or card?”

When Jon quickly said ‘cash’, the receptionist knew for sure that they were probably just there to have sex, and given that they’d used a fake name, they probably weren’t married to each other. She sighed, everyone was having more fun than she was.

Jon took the key from her and practically dragged Emma towards the lift. “At least here you can stop looking around for people you might know.” Jon chuckled as the lift doors opened onto the third floor. Jon walked down the corridor until he came to their room number, inserting the electronic key to unlock the door. He hung the ‘do not disturb’ sign on the door handle and locked it behind them.

Emma sat on the foot of the bed, unsure what to do next. She slipped off her trainers and her jacket as she watched Jon do the same by the door. Jon wiped his hands nervously into his trousers as he walked over to the bed and sat next to Emma.

“Why does this feel weird all of a sudden?” he chuckled, “It’s not the first time we’ve done this?” Emma gave him a half smile, unsure why it felt different this time. She turned towards him and placed her lips on his, running her hand slowly from his knee to the top of his thigh.

“Still feel weird?” she whispered. Jon pulled her towards him, “Nope…”

Jon tugged her down, so they were facing each other on the bed. His lips found hers effortlessly, enjoying the feel of her soft, plump lips against his as her tongue flicked into his mouth. He moaned softly, then remembered that they didn’t need to be quiet for once! He rolled on top of her, kissing her harder.

Emma ran her hands down his back and pulled his football shirt up over his head. Jon sat astride her as she pulled off her own black t-shirt and bra. Jon’s eyes were fixed on her breasts. They were full and round, with beautifully dark areolas surrounding her already firm nipples. He rolled her nipples lightly between his fingers, enjoying the way it made her moan.

He slid off of her to stand at the edge of the bed so he could remove his jeans and boxers, Emma watched as his semi erect penis bounced out. Then he reached down to pull her jeans and panties off too. Emma’s nipples stiffened even more as she lay naked on the bed under his gaze. Jon leaned forward, planting gentle kisses up her thigh. Emma squirmed against him as his gentle touch made her clit tingle.

“Where’s your new toy?” he asked casually, as he placed a kiss on her clit. She writhed beneath him, not wanting him to stop.

“In the bag on the table.”

Jon glanced over and slid off of her again. He took the vibrator out of the packaging and inserted the batteries. “Holy shit!” he gasped as he turned it on to test it out. The bobbly shaft rotated and the ‘bunny ears’ were jiggling around like crazy with the vibrations. Emma felt herself get wet just watching it, imagining how great that was going to feel inside her.

Jon turned it off and bought it over to the bed as Emma propped herself up with pillows. Jon pushed her legs apart and straddled pendik escort one of her thighs. In that position he would still be able to play with her breasts while fucking her with the vibrator.

“What now?” Emma whispered expectantly as Jon picked up the vibrator and rubbed a generous amount of lube along the shaft.

“Now it’s my turn to make you scream.” he said, leaning forward to run his tongue along her neck. Emma shuddered lightly as he rubbed her slit slowly with the head of the vibrator. “I want to watch you cum until you’re begging me to stop.”

Jon continued to rub the purple head along her opening, the lube mixing with her own moisture. He switched the vibration on at the lowest setting, rubbing slow circles around her clit as she moaned. Jon moved the head to her slick opening and slowly pushed it inside her, watching it disappear. Suddenly Emma gasped as the ‘bunny ears’ reached her clit. Jon watched his cock hardening as Emma’s breathing quickened. Her eyes were closed, her head back against the pillows behind her. Jon increased the vibrations slightly and decided that it was time to really give her what he’d promised.

Emma groaned as Jon started to move the vibrator in and out of her quicker, bucking everytime the ‘bunny ears’ reached her clit. With his other hand, he pinched her nipples; pulling and rolling them hard. “Jon..” she breathed as he kept up his unrelenting thrusting. Suddenly he angled the vibrator up towards her navel, hitting her g-spot hard with the vibrating head and holding it there. Emma screamed as the intense orgasm hit her hard, making her whole body shudder.

Jon changed the angle of the vibrator, moving it away from her sensitive g-spot to push the ‘bunny ears’ firmly against her clit. “Shit, Jon!” she squealed as another orgasm rolled through her. Jon started to stroke the shaft of his cock with his free hand.

He turned the vibrations up as high as they would go, fucking her with short, rapid thrusts, keeping the ‘bunny ears’ close to her clit. Emma’s eyes rolled back, she wasn’t sure how much more she could physically take as short intense orgasms kept ploughing through her without a break. She was spasming beneath him, a thin trail of saliva hanging from her open mouth.

“Had enough?” Jon growled. Emma led out a deep animalistic groan as she tensed up beneath him, on the edge of passing out. Jon pulled the vibrator out of her sopping opening and gave her clit a firm slap with his hand. That was it for Emma, she had no control over her body as she squirted onto the bed, her mind unable to form words. She laid there unmoving, panting hard. Her body was covered in a sheen of sweat. Jon grunted as he started to come, still straddling her thigh. Emma barely noticed the streams of hot cum landing on her face and breasts.

“You are so fucking hot…” he growled, “Now clean my cock…” He moved to straddle her head, pushing his cock into her already open mouth. He thrust in and out of her mouth as she instinctively sucked him clean before she passed out exhausted.

Jon rolled back onto the bed next to her, his eyes roamed over her naked body to the damp pool between her legs. He felt himself hardening again, but thought that he’d better give Emma time to recover.

Fifteen minutes later, Emma felt a familiar lapping between her legs and glanced down to see Jon with his face buried in her crotch. She let out a quiet moan, letting Jon know that she was awake. “No fair,” she pouted, “I want a turn too.” Jon turned around in a typical 69 position to give Emma access to his cock. Emma sighed happily as she took his hard on into her warm mouth. It was slow and sensual, different to their usual rough sex. They were each lost in the sensation of both giving and recieving oral sex. Emma came first, pausing with her lips around his cock as she ground against his face, before returning to working on him again. He didn’t take long to cum in the back of her throat, Emma took her time to clean him off again.

Jon picked up the vibrator and waved it at Emma. “Ready for some more?”

Emma aydınlı escort smiled seductively. “I’m not going to be able to walk later… can we use my favourite position this time?”

“Of course. On your knees… ” he smirked. Emma obliged, quickly turning over onto all fours and pointing her ass at him. Jon ran his hands over her ass cheeks in appreciation. He positioned the head of his cock at her opening and slid in easily. Emma groaned and pushed her ass back against him. “You are so wet…” he breathed as his cock slid in and out of her slowly. Emma heard the buzz of the vibrator turning on as Jon pulled out of her, replacing his cock with the toy. This time, instead of the ‘bunny ears’ teasing her clit, he turned it around so that they were flickering against her puckered asshole. Emma gasped as Jon dripped the lube between her ass cheeks. She was squirming against him. He knew she hadn’t done much anal as he had introduced her to it on the school residential trip.

He rubbed his finger against her hole with the ‘bunny ears’, pushing gently to open her a little until he could get his fingertip inside. He dropped more lube on, circling his finger tip inside of her until he was in up to his knuckle. He pulled the vibrator out, not wanting her to cum just yet. Emma whimpered as the vibrations stopped, leaving her with just his anal exploration to focus on. She had relaxed enough that he was able to move his finger in and out of her ass. He started his circling motion again to open her even more, wondering how much lube he would need to get his cock in.

He squeezed a generous amount onto his cock and quickly swapped his finger for the head of his cock. Emma gasped. His cock head was a lot wider than his finger had been. She breathed slowly, coaxing her muscles to relax as Jon edged in a little further. He pulled out a bit, squirting more lube onto his cock before pushing in a little further than he had been before. Every time it pushed in a little more, he had to wait for her to relax before he could move in again. Emma felt stretched and completely full as he slowly fucked her ass. The more she relaxed, the quicker he was able to build up his thrusts.

Suddenly Jon felt something vibrating against his cock. He glanced down to see that Emma had picked up the vibrator and was fucking herself with it. The double penetration almost tipped them both over the edge instantly. Neither of them had ever tried it before, but it felt incredible. Jon tried to imagine his wife letting him do this to her and snorted, no chance. Emma was moaning loudly in ecstasy as both holes were filled and the ‘bunny ears’ stimulated her clit. Jon was pounding into her ass now as the vibrator rubbed against his shaft through the thin wall separating her ass from her pussy. He moaned almost as loudly as she did.

“Em, I’m cuming. I want to cum in your ass!” he panted.

“Do it!” she squealed breathlessly, as the clitoral stimulation became too much for her, just as she felt the force of his ejaculation filling her ass hole. They collapsed forward on top of each other, completely spent.

“Fucking hell Em. I’m not sure we can top that.”

Emma chuckled breathlessly beneath him. “I’m glad we got a room with a shower.”

They both showered quickly, mindful of how much time had passed since they had arrived. Emma was expecting a text from Rob anytime now to say that the match was over. She packed up her new toy and the lube, hiding it in her bag.

They left the hotel quickly, dropping their room key in reception as the receptionist from earlier gave them a knowing look. Jon walked back with her towards the stadium, when suddenly Emma froze. She could see Rob and the kids ahead of them. It was too late to hide the fact that she was with Jon. “Relax,” she heard him whisper, “I’ve got this.” He walked towards Rob purposely and shook his hand as Emma followed him. The kids rushed to her, eager to tell her about the match. Emma moved closer to Rob and Jon, trying to hear their conversation.

“Yeah, I bumped into Em outside the chippy. Thought I’d better eat something before I head to the pub.” Jon laughed, smiling at Emma who nodded as if confirming his story.

“That’s good.” Rob smiled at Emma, “I was worried you’d be bored wandering around on your own.”

Emma chuckled nervously, “No, I definitely didn’t get bored.”

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