My Sister’s Keeper Ch. 05

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Note: All character are over 18

Kaitlyn woke up, seeing Sasha still bound with her.

“Wake up, Sasha.” She said, shaking Sasha. “It’s time for your first lesson.”

Sasha woke up, feeling Kaitlyn’s arms around her.

“What’s going on… mistress?” She asked.

“It’s time for your first lesson.” Kaitlyn said.

“I thought yesterday was my first lesson.” Sasha said.

“No,” Kaitlyn said. “I forgot to teach you anything. Now, it is time for your lesson.”

“What is it?” Sasha asked.

“Your first lesson is in the basics of binding,” Kaitlyn said. “And, if we have time, the basics of gagging as well.”

“I… see.” Sasha said with a blush, trying to fit into the role. “Can… can I wear latex, mistress?”

“I shall pick you some out.” Kaitlyn said. “It will only be gloves and stockings if anything since I haven’t bought you any to wear.”

“I bought some.” Sasha said. “Is that okay?”

“Perfectly fine, dear.” Kaitlyn said, kissing her cheek. “You can wear it if you like. Let me get you loose first so we can have you be ready for your first lesson.”

Kaitlyn produced a dull blade from her drawer, Sasha paling slightly.

“Worry not.” Kaitlyn pet her head, running her fingers through it. “It doesn’t hurt skin. See?”

She drew the blade across her naked arm, only producing a red line as if she had drawn her fingernail across it to scratch an itch. Sasha saw this, knowing that Kaitlyn wouldn’t intentionally hurt her like this. She couldn’t tell why, but… she knew that Kaitlyn truly had no reason to.

Kaitlyn cut the tape, Sasha feeling a slight scratch as the blade touched her, but nothing beyond that. Kaitlyn was completely gentle and caused her no harm. When she had finished, Sasha stood, allowing her mistress to remove the tape from her skin.

“Now, put on your latex gloves and stockings.” Kaitlyn said. “But, if they are not tight to your skin, I don’t want you to wear them.”

“Why not?” Sasha asked.

“Because if they are tight to your skin, they won’t chafe or rub on you.” Kaitlyn explained. “It’s why I measured you. They also won’t make the ropes or tape shift.”

“I… I understand… mistress.” Sasha nodded, exiting the room and returning with her latex gloves and stockings on.

“You look perfect.” Kaitlyn cupped Sasha’s face, smiling at her. Sasha felt her cheeks heat up at this; she had no idea why Kaitlyn was getting her so incredibly flustered.

It was odd how much she liked not being in charge for once and hearing someone genuinely praise her like Kaitlyn. When she was praised at sports practice or by her mother, usually it was simply for what she did. Kaitlyn praised her as a person, ignoring the actions. Kaitlyn gave her a smile that was one of acceptance, one that didn’t dislike any portion of her. She’d welcomed her into her new life with open arms, trying to keep her from hurting herself. Sasha might have been convinced that Kaitlyn really didn’t care about sports at all and only listened because she wanted her to be happy.

“Th-thanks,” Sasha said finally, looking down. Her head was conflicted, spinning with questions about herself.

“Hey, focus on me,” Kaitlyn brought her back to reality. “You’re alright. I love you, Sasha. I know that this is a bit uneasy for you considering the circumstances, but I sincerely believe that you will make a good dominant and you won’t have to worry about what people will say.”

“It’s just… weird.” Sasha said. “I’m used to hearing people praise my skills and talents, like mother or those at practice, but you… you tell me genuine things about myself. I… I feel weird when you do.”

“You’re just not used to it.” Kaitlyn said. “Soon, you’ll be used to it and Alanya Olgun Escort it will still feel good, but it won’t cause you to question yourself. Now, kneel for me.”

“Yes, mistress,” Sasha kneeled, bowing her head.

“You don’t have to bow your head.” Kaitlyn said with a giggle. “I just needed you to be kneeling so you wouldn’t have to worry about falling.”

“Oh,” Sasha said. “Sorry.”

“Hey, don’t apologize unless you do something bad.” Kaitlyn said. “Now, let me just get the proper type of rope for this.”

“There’s more than one kind?” Sasha asked. She knew there was more than one kind of rope in general, but she was unaware it went for bondage too.

“Well, yeah,” Kaitlyn said, walking over to her closet. “There’s tons of different kinds of rope. Some rope is thicker than others and some is softer. There’s quite the variation and it depends on your desire. For your first lesson, however, we’re going to use soft, thinner ropes.”

Kaitlyn returned from the closet with a bundle of neatly folded ropes that were about as thick as Sasha’s index finger. Kaitlyn placed them down and held one of them up to Sasha’s face, rubbing it gently.

“Isn’t that soft?” She asked, Sasha blushing at the feeling. She nodded, really wanting to feel the ropes holding her tightly.

“Can… can I take off my latex clothes?” Sasha asked. “So I can feel them on my arms?”

Kaitlyn giggled, stroking Sasha’s face.

“Of course you can,” She said. “But, make the choice quick. I won’t let you put them back on after.”

“Yes, mistress,” Sasha said, taking off her gloves, but leaving the stockings on.

“Now,” Kaitlyn said. “Put your hands behind your back and close your fists to face each other.”

Sasha did so immediately, anxious to begin being bound by the ropes. Kaitlyn took some of the rope and began to tie it around Sasha’s wrists.

“Now, the first step is to tie the wrists,” She said. “This is the first show of dominance you will have over your submissive, but it must always be gentle. Sometimes they’re bound in front, but I like them behind so that means I can play with the front more.”

She tied another, smaller section of rope in between Sasha’s bound hands, making a small coil between them.

“An extra step could be to tie another length between the hands to further restrict movement.” She said, rubbing her hand on Sasha’s naked arms. Her nails made Sasha shudder a little, her breath hitching with the arousal that was building within her.

“If you want to get more restrictive on the arms, you can tie them at the elbows,” Kaitlyn said. “But, I’m not going to here since I have a different plan.”

“What… what plan, mistress?” Sasha asked as Kaitlyn began to wrap ropes above her breasts.

“Well,” Kaitlyn said, tying those ropes off and adding some below the breasts. “One thing I like to do is sort of like encircling the breasts. This makes them stand out a little and gives almost the illusion they’re there to be played with.”

She gave Sasha’s breasts a playful squeeze from behind her, Sasha giving out an aroused moan from the feeling.

“Seems we both have that in common,” Kaitlyn giggled. “We both like to have our breasts played with. Now, try to get out.”

Sasha struggled to escape her bonds, but had absolutely no luck in doing so. She kept going for ten minutes, eventually beginning to pant.

“That’s good enough,” Kaitlyn said. “That is how you know it’s good. Now, we’ll work on you escaping bonds later, but for now we’ll just work on showing you the basics of bondage.”

“What about my legs?” Sasha asked.

“Let’s get to those.” Kaitlyn said. “Move your rear off of your legs.”

Sasha Alanya Otele Gelen Escort complied, Kaitlyn tying a rope around Sasha’s ankles.

“The legs just need some simple ties and they’re enough to keep the submissive from using them without hopping.” Kaitlyn said. “But, you can tie around the knees as well to keep them from spreading them.”

“Seems… counterproductive,” Sasha said.

“Well, sometimes it’s fun to tie a vibrating wand to their legs and let them be aroused from it.” Kaitlyn said.

“You would… do that to me?” Sasha asked, her arousal rising.

“Not this time, sweet,” Kaitlyn kissed her cheek. “We’ll get to that lesson another time. First, let’s work on this basic tie. I will add that it’s fun to add a crotch rope. Now, that’s not basic, but I think you’d enjoy a basic one.”

“Yes, mistress,” Sasha nodded quickly. Kaitlyn laughed, producing a length of rope and tying it to the rope under Sasha’s breasts. She fed it through her bound legs and brought it around, feeding it through her ass to tie it off to the same rope on her arms.

“Now, normally, it’s supposed to be an incentive not to struggle,” Kaitlyn said. “Since, it’s supposed to be that if you move, you’ll pull it and thread your pussy and arouse yourself. You can add a knot or two to rub on the clitoris for further stimulation.”

“K-Kinky,” Sasha said, feeling herself become more aroused.

“I suppose basic bondage is covered,” Kaitlyn giggled. “Now, it’s time for basic gagging.”

“Wh-Which one are we using first, mistress?” Sasha asked, her arousal building further.

“All of the ones I feel,” Kaitlyn said, walking over and retrieving a box labelled “gags”. The first one she pulled out was a rubber ball on a strap, a ball gag.

“You’re familiar with this one right?” She asked. Sasha nodded. Kaitlyn smiled, looking down at her.

“Open wide,” She said. Sasha immediately did so, Kaitlyn pushing the ball into her mouth and buckling it behind her head.

“You know this is a ball gag,” Kaitlyn said. “It’s designed to fill your mouth a good deal and has varying sizes. This is a medium sized one.”

“MM lff iff (I love it),” Sasha said, blushing with her arousal.

She unbuckled the ball gag, removing it and wiping it with a wipe. She pulled out a plastic looking ring on a buckle.

“This is a ring gag,” She said, putting it behind Sasha’s teeth and buckling it as well. “It’s mostly for holding the mouth open so you can fit something in like a dildo or what have you. It also prevents biting.”

“It’s kinda painful,” Sasha said behind it, though the words were strange sounding. Kaitlyn removed it next, holding up a gag with a pump like a blood pressure cuff on it and a round part attached to the buckle, similar to a ball gag.

“This is a pump gag,” She said, sticking the round end in Sasha’s mouth and buckling it. “It’s kinda fun because it can get bigger.”

She pumped it a few times, Sasha’s cheeks expanding a bit with the size of it.

“They also make it in a dildo variety,” Kaitlyn said. “But, it’s the same idea.”

She deflated the gag, removing it from Sasha’s mouth. The next one she picked up had a leather panel of sorts and a round object. Kaitlyn also put this in Sasha’s mouth, buckling it.

“This is known as a panel gag,” She said. “It’s basically that. But, it can also be pumped.”

She removed that, putting the ball gag back in.

“You seem to love this one most,” She giggled, watching Sasha’s cheeks redden further, not just from arousal. “But, just know that a gag doesn’t silence the person with it. It only keeps them from yelling. Sometimes, however, people like to add something extra, like a sock or Alanya Rus Escort something, but I say don’t unless you’re well trained.”

Sasha nodded in agreement, moaning into the gag as the arousal reached a new level.

“This also comes in a ‘whiffle ball’ variety,” Kaitlyn said. “It has holes in it to let you breathe through your mouth.”

She then held up a ball gag with all kinds of straps.

“This is a harness gag,” She said. “It’s a ball gag type, but it basically is made to be super hard to take off.”

The last one she held up was a leather bar on a strap. She unbuckled the ball gag to put this one in Sasha’s mouth.

“This is known as a bit or bridle gag,” Kaitlyn explained. “You’ll see it in pony play, but it mostly is used because it looks like a bridle. It’s kinda cute, but you look better with a ball gag.”

Once she’d yet again put the ball gag in Sasha’s mouth, she noticed that Sasha was blushing and breathing heavily.

“Are you okay, sweet?” She asked.

“Mshtrsh, mm sh umrsht (Mistress, I’m so aroused),” Sasha said into the ball gag, Kaitlyn giggling.

“So you are,” She said. “But, I suppose I can help you. What’s the magic word though?”

“Plsh (Please),” Sasha said, moaning louder.

Kaitlyn kissed her cheek, slipping a finger into Sasha’s pussy and beginning to finger her. Sasha felt sparks go off in her head at Kaitlyn’s work. She felt better than she’d ever felt before, from her fingers to the chastity belt, to everything. Kaitlyn was pleasuring her in a way she’d never felt. She clenched her eyes shut to wait for the orgasm.

“We can work on teaching you how to arouse and climax later,” Kaitlyn whispered seductively in her ear. “I’ll teach you how to hold off until commanded to cum or even how to drag your orgasms out. All so you can be a better mistress one day. Or, if you don’t find yourself fit, to be a nice submissive one day and know how best to please your mistress. I hope you don’t mind having some sex with your sister.”

Sasha, had it been a month ago, would have been disgusted. But now… she wouldn’t mind this feeling. She felt so pleasured and she hoped she could keep feeling it. But… suddenly, it stopped. She opened her eyes to see Kaitlyn staring down at her cum-stained hand with tears streaming down her face.

“I’m sorry,” She said quietly. “I’m so sorry. I did it again. I took advantage of you… I shouldn’t have done that.”

“Wht… Mrshtrsh, m lff if. (Wait… Mistress, I love it)” Sasha said. “Plsh dn sup (Please don’t stop).”

“I… I’ll bring you to orgasm…” Kaitlyn said with a guilty expression, continuing what she’d started.

Soon, Sasha felt the throes of an orgasm rock her body. She shuddered as she felt her cum explode form her in a burst of pleasure all over Kaitlyn’s hand and the crotch rope. Kaitlyn untied Sasha, sobbing as she held her.

“I’m so sorry,” She said, holding her close.

“It’s alright,” Sasha took off her ball gag, leaving it hanging around her neck with her collar. “I wanted it… look, if it makes you uncomfortable… I wanted this. Our feelings may not be the same, but I still want to do this with you. The fact you feel the way you do is proof you’ll never do anything to hurt me again.”

“R-Really?” Kaitlyn asked. “I just… I’ve never had a submissive I tried to do this with like you. There was no romance between any of them… Rebecca doesn’t count since we’re neither dom nor sub to each other… just fiancées…”

“I love you,” Sasha said, holding her. “Like my sister, like my mistress. I don’t love you like a lover, but I do want this. Please don’t feel bad.”

“I… alright,” Kaitlyn said. “But, let’s just stop for today. We can get something to eat and just relax. I need to collect my thoughts.”

“What if… what if you had your… fiancée help with the sexual stuff?” Sasha asked. “Or at least be here so you don’t feel like you’re going too far?”

“I guess we can work that out,” Kaitlyn said. “But, that’s a while away. Now, let’s go eat something.”

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