Moving in with Daddy Ch. 03

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Jessica was doing so well in college, she was getting great marks in all of her classes. Daddy was so very proud of his little girl, so he decided Jessica was doing so well in college, she was getting great marks in all of her classes. Daddy was so very proud of his little girl, he would surprise her with a little trip for the upcoming Thanksgiving break. Daddy worked hard on making plans for them so they could enjoy their time off and time together by taking her to a place where no one would know who they are. He let Jessica’s mother know that she wouldn’t be making the drive back to her place for the week, as Jessica would be going away with friends for the break.

Jessica came into the house she shared with her father, happy to have that last test over with. She was looking forward to having a break from classes and spending more quality time with her Daddy. “Hi Daddy, I’m home!” she yelled as she walked through the door.

“I’m in the kitchen sweetheart,” she heard Daddy yell back to her. When Jessica came around the corner into the kitchen, she saw her strong, handsome Daddy standing at the stove stirring something. He turned when he heard her come in and smiled at her. “How was your test?”

“I think it went well,” she replied as she went over to him, on her tiptoes and placed a chaste kiss on his lips. Her father put the spoon down and grabbed Jessica around the waist, pulling her close and giving her a proper kiss. His warm, wet tongue slid past his lips and to hers, meeting her delicious tongue and having a playful duel. Jessica let out a moan and slid her hands up his chest and up around his neck. Daddy’s hard cock pressed into her tummy as she rubbed her large breasts against his chest.

They broke apart, both a bit out of breath, looked into each other’s eyes and smiled. “I’m so proud of you Babygirl, you’ve worked so hard to keep your marks up and studying as must as possible,” He told her.

“Thanks, Daddy,” Jessica replied. “What are you making that smells so good?”

“Just throwing together some spaghetti. Do you want to set the table for us? It’s almost ready.” Daddy said.

“Sure thing,” Jessica said as she grabbed the plates and utensils to set the table. Daddy handed her a couple of wine glasses and a chilled bottle of white wine. Jessica raised her eyebrows in question.

“We are celebrating,” Daddy told her and kissed her cute little nose. He picked up the platter of noodles and sauce to carry over to the table. Jessica looked up at her Daddy, with so much love in her eyes.

“What are we celebrating Daddy?”

Daddy pulls out Jessica’s chair for her, and she sits down. He then pours a small bit of wine into their glasses and hands one to Jessica. “I wanted to show you how proud I am of you and tell you how much I love you. I also have a little surprise for you.” Daddy said as he sat in his chair.

Jessica took a drink of her cold, tart wine. She looked at Daddy, “A surprise? Really? What is it?”

Daddy reaches into his pocket and pulls out an envelope that he hands to Jessica. Jessica is so excited, she almost rips the envelope open in a rush to see what the surprise Escort bayan was. Inside the envelope is two plane tickets to St. Lucia. Jessica gasps and looks up, wide-eyed at Daddy. He has a big smile on his face. “Really Daddy?”

“Yes Sweetie, I remember that project you did in school when you were younger, and you got so excited about this place. I want us to experience and enjoy this together. I’ve already told your Mother that you won’t be home for Thanksgiving, that you are going away with friends. And I’ve already packed a bag with everything you will need. We leave first thing in the morning.” Jessica jumped up from her seat and sat in Daddy’s lap, wrapping her arms around him and smothering his face in kisses.

“Oh Daddy, this is so exciting! I can’t wait! I love you so much, Daddy!” Jessica can feel Daddy’s excitement pressing into her leg. She takes his face in her hands and presses her lips against his. She moves to straddle Daddy in his chair, her short skirt riding up showing her very damn panties.

Daddy slides his hands up Jessica’s soft, firm thighs. He grabs the side of her panties and rips the side out, shredding her panties. He pushes the plates back on the table as he lifts her on the table and buries his face in her sweet, bare kitty. “Oh yes Daddy, that feels so good!” Daddy’s tongue, slides up and down her wet slit, as Jessica lets out a moan, Daddy sucks her hard little bud into his mouth. Jessica and her pussy were purring with excitement, Daddy slid one then two fingers in her hot box, pumping them in and out as he sucked and licked her juicy peach until Jessica let out a scream of “Daddy, I’m cumming!” Jessica’s body tenses up and shakes from the amazing orgasm her Daddy just gave her.

“I’m ready for that spaghetti now Daddy,” Jessica says laughing. Daddy laughs with her, picks her up off the table and puts her back down in her seat. He dishes up her supper and hands her the plate.

“Enjoy Babygirl!”


The plane lands at Hewanorra International Airport in St. Lucia late the next afternoon. It’s a balmy 86 degrees. Jessica is so glad that Daddy picked out a cute white halter top dress with beautiful yellow flowers all over it. The dress shows off Jessica’s amazing cleavage and it just long enough to cover her lady bits. She also wearing some very sexy high heeled sandals that show off her great legs and delicate feet. Daddy loved the way Jessica looks in the outfit he picked out for her. He watches Jessica take in the surroundings and the beauty of the Island. He couldn’t wait to get them to their private suite and show his babygirl how much he loved the way she looked.

“Hey Sweetie,” Daddy says, “I think while we are here, you should call me by my name.” Jessica smiled at Daddy.

“I like calling you Daddy,” she said, “It’s so naughty to call you Daddy, doing the things we do to each other.”

“I love it to Babygirl. How about when we go out to dinner or to the beach you use my name and we’ll save Daddy for when we are alone. I just don’t want people to talk about us and I want to be able to show you affection out in public.” Daddy said.

Jessica Bayan escort agreed, she wanted to have a real relationship with Daddy and being able to have PDA would be wonderful to experience. “Alright Alex,” Jessica says with a smirk, “I think I can handle that.” She grabs his face, and kisses him deep, on the lips in the crowded airport. Daddy wraps his arms around Jessica’s waist, pulling her close, and giving in to this very public display of affection.

Jessica didn’t look like your regular 18-year-old, she’s been passing for 21 since she was 16, especially if her makeup was done right. Daddy looked young for his age. At 43 he had all of his hair, with no greys, his body was fit and he could easily pass for someone 10 years younger. No one paid them any attention when they were kissing each other in the middle of that airport.

“Come on Baby, let’s go get settled in our room and do some exploring if you’d like,” Daddy said to Jessica. She smiled up at him and nodded her head. The resort is only a few miles away from the airport, the two lovebirds grab their luggage and get into the airport transfer that would take them to the resort they were staying at.

After checking in Daddy and Jessica follow the bellman to their suit. The setting is breathtaking, the resort sits on a volcano ridgeline, 1000 feet above the beautiful blue Caribbean Sea. The suite had an open wall that gave way to a private plunge pool and views of the Pitons that were so astonishing it made Jessica gasp in awe.

Daddy had spared no expense and got them the romantic honeymoon package. The beautiful canopy king-sized bed was draped in white sheer curtains that were currently tied back and the white comforter was covered in gorgeous deep red rose petals in the shape of a heart. On a nearby table was a platter of chocolate-covered fruits and sparkling wine was chilling in a wine bucket filled with ice. Jessica walked out by the pool and was awestruck by the deep colors and beauty that was on display before her. Daddy tipped the bellman and walked over to Jessica, wrapping his arms around her.

“Oh Daddy, this place is beautiful. I don’t know what I did to deserve this, but I’m glad I did it.” She giggles.

“You are my everything Babygirl, I want to give you everything you ever wanted. This is only the beginning.” He whispered in her ear. “I love you, Jessica.”

“I love you too, Daddy. So much!” She turned in his arms, looked up at him with love and desire in her eyes. Daddy lowers his lips to hers and they share a very passionate kiss. Jessica’s fingers slowly unbutton Daddy’s shirt and then she removes it from him. She runs her hands over his chest, combing her fingers through his chest hair, running the tips of her fingers over his hard nipples. Daddy moans and pulls Jessica closer, and unzips her dress.

Jessica steps back enough for the dress to fall to the floor. All Jessica has on under the dress is a white, lacy thong that looks great framing her plump ass. Her impressive globes with her large, nipples telling Daddy she was aching for his touch. She reaches for the closure of Daddy’s shorts, pops open the Escort button, and as she lowers the zipper, she lowers herself to her knees on the floor. Pulling his shorts and underpants down to his ankles, Daddy’s massive tool stood up waiting for Jessica’s sultry mouth to take him.

Jessica places her hand at the base of Daddy’s rod as she licks her lips and slides her sensual lips over the bulbous purple head. She started with long, slow licks from top to bottom, then teased a little with her tongue on the head. Then she started deepthroating him, licking the base of his prick with her tongue while he was deep in her mouth. She looks up into Daddy’s eyes to make sure he is enjoying what she is doing to him. Her hand is pulling and massaging his balls. Jessica is moaning along with Daddy, her moans vibrating down his shaft and into his balls.

Taking Daddy’s meat in her hand, stroking it, she starts sucking, licking on his fun sack. She then licks from the bottom of his man pouch up his shaft, to flick her tongue on the underside of his frenulum. She licks up and down, side to side and swirls her tongue along the edge before she takes him into her mouth again. Daddy slides his hands into Jessica’s hair, holding her head in one place so he can fuck her pretty face. His moans get louder as he pumped in and out of her wet orifice.

After a few minutes of this, he stopped and pulls out of her mouth. “What’s wrong Daddy?” Jessica looks up and asks him with concern in her eyes.

He touches her cheek and says “Absolutely nothing Baby. I just didn’t want to cum.”

“Oh, Daddy! I want you to cum in my mouth. You haven’t done that yet, and I want to taste your load, I want you to spill it down my throat.” Her pleading eyes looking up at him from her position on the floor. How was Daddy supposed to say no to that? He nods down at her.

Jessica slips his fuck stick back in her mouth, working it over very similar to before Daddy stopped. Daddy couldn’t wait to cum in her mouth, he grabbed her head and began to fuck her lovely face again. Within a couple of minutes, his cum gun was ready to fire his thick ropes of jizz over her taste buds and down her throat. He lets out a roar of “I’m cumming Baby” as the first rope hits the back of Jessica’s mouth at high speed. Jessica greedily swallows down the slightly salty jism, enjoying every last drop that shoots out of Daddy’s fat prick. She licks, sucks and kisses his prick until he is soft in her mouth before she backs up, stands up, and kisses Daddy deeply on his lips.

Jessica then slides her thong down her legs, steps out of her high heeled sandals, and walks over to the plunge pool. She slides into the heated water and ducks under. When she pops up for air, she looks over at Daddy and waved him over. He stepped out of the shorts at his feet and sandals he has on as he makes his way over to join his little girl. He swims over to her and says “You are so amazing Babygirl, so fucking amazing. Thank you for that.”

She kisses him and says “No, thank you, Daddy. Thank you for taking me to such a beautiful place and thank you for feeding me that delicious load of yours. I plan on thanking you in similar ways over and over.”

They smile at each other, and float there in the beautiful water, under the heat of the sun. He was going to have to return the favor very soon, as soon as he regained some energy.

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