My Mom’s Corruption Ch. 07 Pt. 01

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I hated Seth more now. I hated how easily my aunt gave in to him. I hated how my mom did too. Now there was no place safe for me. No place he won’t taint or ruin.

I hated myself for being weak and not standing up to him. None of this would be happening, if dad was still alive.

I deleted the picture Seth sent to me of my aunt covered in his cum and looking up at the camera.


“I must admit,” said Seth standing over me, “you look sexy while covered in my cum bitch.”

I hated being called that. I got up and walked to the downstairs bathroom naked. I closed the door behind me and locked it. Then proceeded to wash his cum off my face. After my face was cleaned, I decided to get dressed in the bathroom as well.

I came out a bit later and stood in front of him. He looks up at while lounging on the couch. He smirked.

“I want you to leave my house,” I said.

He cocked his head at me, then laughed.

“That attitude ain’t going to fly with me Maria,” said Seth.

“I mean it,” I snapped back, “I don’t want you in my house.”

“Just admit it.” he continued, “You enjoyed every second of it.”

Despite myself, I really did enjoy it. I can’t remember the last time I had such a big cock. It felt amazing. Yet now I felt guilty, because Doug called while Seth was fucking me.

Monica then came downstairs and saw Seth lounging on the couch naked. Then turns to face me.

“I thought we decided not to.” she said.

I gave her a weak chuckle

“I know,” I said, “sorry Monica.”

“So we still are?” she asked.

I looked her in confusion now.

“We still doing that threesome with Seth then?” she clarified.

Seth sits up and smirks at her.

“We all know what you were thinking!” I said angrily.

He chuckles.

I then motioned for Monica to follow me into the kitchen.

“I think,” I said, “we should place him in my room tonight.”

“You mean Doug?” Monica asked.

“No,” I said, “I mean Seth.”

She looked at me confused.

I then told her how Seth basically forced himself on me and how I reluctantly agreed to it. About him saying he owns the both of us now. Monica looked disgusted as I said that. Then she sighed and shook her head.

“Yeah he tried the second week of the trip,” she said.

There was another pause between us.

“But he is something else isn’t he Maria?” Monica asked looking at me.

I nod my head in agreement. My mind went back to him fucking me on my couch. His huge cock filling and stretching me out. Monica sighs again, which snaps me out of my erotic daydream.

“Well,” I said, “then it looks like we both can’t stop now.”

“Appears so,” she said.

We both giggled afterwards.

As we returned from the kitchen, Seth was still lounging on the couch naked. His clothes were on the carpet next to the coffee table. We both stood in front of him and crosses our arms over our chests.

“Grab your clothes and head up to my room,” I said.

He sighs before getting up, then grabs his clothes and walks to the stairs. We followed behind him. Both of us thinking the same thing. Even though he was a asshole, Seth was a great fuck.

When we got to my room. He walks in and lays on my bed. I then closed the door behind him.

“We’ll be in there later,” I said.

I heard him chuckle and say fine. We then both head downstairs. I sit on the couch, as Monica leaves to get Doug.


I drove to the park, all the while cursing myself for being stupid and a slut. If I had just locked the damn door, then none of this shit would be happening. Why did I want to invite him into the shower with me? I kept cursing myself for it.

I pulled into the park a bit later and got out of the car. As I began walking into the park, I spotted Doug on the swings. I could tell he has been crying hard.

“Doug!” I said walking up to him.

“What mom?’ he snapped and turned to look at me.

“We need to talk,” I said sitting in the swing next to him.

“About what?” he asked.

“I’m sorry Doug,” Avcılar escort I said, “for not telling you sooner about this.”

I then told Doug about everything. Explained to him, that I was fucking Seth since week three. He looked at me in shocked silence. I expected that.

“So you willingly fucked him,” he said coldly.

“Yes I fucked him.” I said, “Yes I made a huge fucking mistake.”

“Yeah we can agree on that,” he snapped.

My mind trails to Seth’s huge cock. He was a very big and delicious mistake. Focusing on the first night we made love. I never had that many orgasms before. Even with my late husband.

“If dad was still here,” he began, “none of this would be happening.”

“Don’ t you think I know that,” I snapped.

“But he is gone,” I continued, “it’s just us two now.”

“I miss him,” said Doug.

“I miss him too,” I said sadly.

He sniffles.

“I don’t want you hating me,” I said, “I can’t stand you hating me.”

“I don’t hate you mom,” he said, “I’m just upset you willingly slept with him.”

“Can you please forgive me for being stupid?” I asked.

He then hugs me and cries. His tears soak the top of my shirt as I held him. After a while, we walked back to the car. I smiled knowing Doug has no idea about tonight. That I’m still going to fuck Seth tonight with Maria. I then started the car and drove back.


They came back a half hour later. Doug would not look at me when he came in first. Instead, he bolted upstairs to his room and slams the door. Monica came in a bit after him and sat in the armchair.

“So I told him everything” she said.

“You what?” I said.

“I told Doug everything.” she said again.

“Like everything you did with Seth?” I asked

She nods her head.

“Wow,” I said, “how did he take it?”

“He brought up his father.” she said.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“How if he was still alive,” she said, “none of this would be happening.”

“Well would it?” I asked.

“Of course not!” Monica replied.

“So what happened afterwards?” I asked.

“He cried heavily,” she said, “and hugged me.”

I pictured that in my mind.

“All I thought about driving back here,” Monica said, “was about tonight.”

I stood up and went to stand in front of her. Monica looks up at me.

“Then let’s go upstairs and fuck him,” I said.

“Yeah,” Monica said, “let’s do that.”

Just then the doorbell rings.

“Shit,” I said, “must be the pizza.”

I went to the front door and opened it. A girl in her mid twenties with short black hair and green eyes, hands me two pizza boxes. I paid her and closed the door as she turns to leave.

“Cute girl,” I thought.

“Now,” I said turning around, “let’s go to our special fuckboy.”

We then ascended the stairs and head towards my room. Monica left one of the boxes outside Doug’s room and then followed me into mine. I close the door behind her and placed the pizza sat on my dressor.


Mom looked upset on the drive back. I think…deep down, I knew. Knew that they were forever tainted by Seth’s big cock. Tainted by how good of a lover he was. Better than I’d ever be, if I got to fuck them too.

It was also hard to look at my aunt too, knowing she also fucked Seth. So when we got back to the house, I bolted to my room. I then decided to just lay on my bed and read. But after a while, I began to hear laughter and muffled talking from my aunt’s room.

“What are those two doing” I thought.

I decided to get up and investigate. As I opened my door, I saw a pizza box in front of my door. They probably ordered pizza for us and gave me one to myself. I took it into my room and placed it on my desk. Then left again.

Walking down the hallway, I felt uneasy. The closer I got to her door, the more uneasy I felt. When I got to the door, I knew I should turn around. I heard my mom and aunt giggling. Knowing it was none of my business. So as I turned to leave, I heard a male voice. A voice that made Avcılar escort Bayan my blood run cold.

“You like that sluts?” said Seth.

“Oh yes,” said mom.

“Definitely sweetie,” said Aunt Maria.

I then heard a loud slap.

“Ouch Seth,” said my mom giggling, “not so hard.”

“Can’t help it.” he said, “Your ass is just so fucking juicy.”

“What about mine big boy,” pouted aunt Maria, “is my ass nice too?”

She gasped as he slaps her in turn.

“Patience bitch,” he said aggressively.

I turned back around and opened the door. I was then greeted with a glorious view. Both my mom and aunt were naked on the bed. Seth was behind them, fingering and eating their pussies in turn.

“Looks like you two are ready,” he said afterwards.

“Give it to us!” said aunt Maria and mom in unison.

“You have to beg for it bitches,” he said.

“Please fuck us!” they pleaded, “Give us your cock.”

He gets behind mom and rubs his dick against her slit. Teasing her. His tip was wet with her juices. Her cheeks wet as well.

“No more!” pouted mom, “Just fuck me already damnit!”

“I will,” he said. “I’m just making sure you are extra wet for me.”

Then he aligns himself with mom and slides his cock in.

“I needed this!” she said and moans loudly, “I so fucking needed this!”

“I bet you do bitch.” he grunted out, “I will fuck you harder then.”

“Please Seth!” mom cooed at him, “Pound my pussy like you did on the trip!”

Her ass rippled with each thrust from him now. Her face buried in the sheets. He leans over her and grabs her hair. She screams as clear liquid (which I now know was her cum) shot out around his shaft. Then slides off Seth’s slick cock and lays on her back. Staring up at him glowingly and panting.

“Holy fucking shit Monica!” said aunt Maria wide eyed, “I had no idea you were a squirter.”

“Now you do.” said mom, “Seth found that out on the trip.”

Seth then slides over to aunt Maria. He slaps her ass.

“Oh!” she said, “Is it my turn already big boy?”

“Assume the position!” he commanded.

“Yes sir!” said aunt Maria.

Then she faces her dressor, which had a mirror on it. They both moan in unison as he enters her. Then Seth begins fucking her hard. Hearing her ass slap against his waist turned me on. So I did something I wouldn’t ever do. I took out my hard cock and jerked it while watching them.

I stared at my aunt’s swaying breasts as he fucked her. I turned to my mom, who was on her back still and now fingering her sore pussy.

“Your cock feels so good baby.” said aunt Maria.

“Yeah you like my big cock don’t you bitch?” asked Seth.

I hated how he called them that. But I guess that turned them on during sex?

“Yes,” she replied back, “I love it so much.”

Their fucking started to get more intense and hardee. Both moaning loudly. Then Seth slams into her a few more times and stops. Then grunts loudly.

“I feel it,” cried aunt Maria, “I feel your hot sticky cum shooting inside me!”

“Take it!” he bellowed.

He pulls his cock out before slamming it back in. Then slowly pulls out a second time before slamming back in. By the fourth time, his shaft was covered in his cum that filled her. Then he pulled out and shoved it into my mom’s sore pussy. She moans, as he pumped the last of his eight loads into her. Then lays on top of her and kisses her. Aunt Maria lays on her stomach and seems to fall asleep.

I came hard after watching. Shooting three ropes onto the floor a few inches in front of me. Mom fell asleep shortly after aunt Maria. Seth peeled himself off of mom and sat on his knees. Then chuckled as he turns and saw me with my cock out.

“Hey,” he said, “didn’t your mommy ever teach you to not spy on others?”

He then got off the bed and grabs me by my arm. Then throws me to the ground as he kicks me. Then hovers his flaccid 5 inch cock over me as he pisses on my face. The smell was horrible and strong too. Some of it got in my eye, which stung. I blindly fumble around and felt a foot.

“You filthy fuck!” he growls, “How dare you touch me!.

Then Escort Beylikdüzü he kicks my gut hard. I groan and my head hits the head.

I hear mom stir from her sleep.

“What’s going on?” she asks.

“Sorry for waking you,” said Seth, “just got back from the bathroom.”

“You want to go again?” she asks, “since we are both still up?”

She then grabs Seth and pulls him to her. He had a big grin on his face. Seth then moans as mom sucks him in her mouth. Then stops sucking.

“Why does you taste like piss?” she asked while sucking.

“I did just get back from taking a long ass piss” he said “right after you two fell asleep.”

She then pops him out of her mouth and jerks his cock a bit. He was already at his full girth again.

“All hard for mommy now,” she said.

I tried to get away, but Seth yanks me back down. He then lays on the bed next to her.

“How about you ride me this time.” he said, “I love watching your tits sway in my face.”

“Gladly Baby Boy,” she said.

I watch her then mount his cock. Then sigh contently as she slides down his base. His hand still holding my shirt. He forced me to watch my mom ride him. They kiss wetly

“You’re…ugh…such a stud Seth,” cooed my mom quietly, “no wonder girls like you.”

“Yeah you like it don’t you?” he asks, “you like my big cock.”

“I love it,” said mom.

He suddenly lets go of my shirt and glares at me. I limped to the bedroom door and close it behind m. Then went back to my bedroom and stripped. Tossing my reeking clothes into the dirty clothes hamper and got into my pajamas.


True to her word, Mom marries Seth’s Dad and became his stepmom. I didn’t like having Seth as my new brother. He always forced me to watch him creampied her. Mom was disgusted by it at first, then grew into doing those types of acts in front of me.

We even got enrolled at a new school, which was an academy. We had to live in the dorms and were even roommates too. Which sucked for me. Because every night, I was forced to hear them have phone sex. What’s worse, is that both mom and aunt Maria send him nudes and videos of them playing with each other.

One day in particular, they came to visit us. Both would throw their arms around Seth and kiss him. Then reluctantly (very reluctantly) they’d give me a hug afterwards. Then turn their attention back to Seth. I stormed out and went for a short walk. I knew the moment I left, they would fuck.

When I got back, my theory was correct. I heard them both having sex. As I got closer to the door, I realized my sock was tied around the locked doorknob. So I sat outside my room and listened for nearly two hours.

“Looks like Seth caught a prize again.” said one boy across the hall, “Two hot ass MILF this time.”

“Shit man.” said the boy next to him, “I feel sorry for you”

“But then again,” said his friend, “maybe he should not have left his mom and aunt alone with Seth.”

They both laugh and return to their room.

“They are his family too,” I mumbled under my breath.

The door unlocks two hours later and they come looking flushed and red. Both started walking funny down tbe hall. Seth came out with just his jeans on. Holding a pair of purple frilly panties in his hand.

“Hey,’ he called out, “one of you forgot something.”

“Shit,” said aunt Maria.

She then walks back over to Seth and takes it from him. Then stuffs them in her purse and returns to mom.


Mom came to visit two weeks later. She tells me to leave the room. She looked nervous about something.

“This is for Seth’s ears only,” she told me, “I’ll inform you after I tell him.”

Then she closes and locks the door. I heard them talking about something, but couldn’t make it out. After a while, the door unlocks and mom calls me back in. She stood next to Seth as I entered the room. She stares at me hard, before speaking.

“You’re about to be a uncle,” said mom glowingly,” and a cousin.”

I stood there dumbfounded. I can’t believe what I just heard.

“You deaf or something?” said Seth, “She said that both her and Maria are pregnant.”

Still I refused to speak. Mom then sighs in disappointment at me.

“I’ll call you later,” she said to Seth.

She then kisses him and places his hand over her stomach. Then leaves without looking at me.

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