Erotic Fencing Lesson Ch. 4

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Erotic Fencing Lesson : The Challenge

The sun was setting upon the salle. Ed, the fencing coach, was ready to call another night of practice when one more student was still left to teach. Trish stood before him in her white breeches showing the athletic calves off then looking up seeing her 36C breasts push through the smooth fabric to her dark complexion and smoltering brown eyes. “May I see you for a moment?’ comments the twenty –five year old as she walks up with a metre of him.

“Yes.” He comments.

“I am going to challenge you to a duel.” She snickers.

“What kind of duel?”

She leans to him and whispers in his ear “Which each hit, we take our clothes off.”

Ed’s eyebrows raise “You better lock the door then.”

Trish turns around and skips over to the door, diplaying her lovely toned ass. She proceeds to turn only two lights in the salle like two spotlights upon the centre stage; however this time on the centre piste or strip.

“Choose your weapon?” Ed asks.

“I think I will choose foil for starters and take it from there.”

Now Trish is about 5’7” in good shape and trains very hard. This would be a match of skill as well as technique on both parties. Ed knows she has beaten him before, but he wont make it easy for her.

“En guarde”

They take their positions on the en guarde lines with the spotlight over their heads.

Ed wears his traditional black leather fencing jacket, black pants and white sneakers. With his 5’9” body, he lunges for the first hit on Trish’s upper shoulder.

Trish smiles and takes off her white fencing socks slowly and chucks them to the side.

“Ready?” She smirks.

“Ready?” He claims.

They begin again moving down the piste, she attacks with her straight-arm; he parries it or blocks it and hits her again on a different target. The action stops. She nods her head and takes off her mask. Ed takes off his mask and leans against his sword as if it’s a cane.

Trish takes off her shoes. Beylikdüzü Escort Ed looks disappointed. “You thought I was going to take off my breeches. Wrong.” Her cute laugh fills the room up like sunshine.

“Darn!” Ed waits patiently. Trish kicks off her shoes away slips on her mask taking him off guarde as he quickly slides on his mask and prepares for her attack. Too late, as she hits the blade away and hits him with a lunge.

Ed slips off his track pants. “I thought to do something a little different.” He has his midnight black club shorts on.

“For sure. Let’s have it again.” As they race up and down the piste exchanging attacks, parries and counter actions. His hit lands right underneath her guard. “Not bad for a 36 year old!” He balks. “Yeah right, it’s not over yet big guy.”

She unzips her jacket slowly exposing her sport bra and plastic breastplate. Trish takes off her jacket and then proceeds peeling off her sweaty breeches. Her tanned legs shimmer under the spotlight. Trish still has her crimson sport shorts on.

They begin again. The steel blades clashing, heart beats racing as they continue. She hits again right in the chest with a beautiful counter-attack. Ed was not expecting this move at all.

He takes off his shoes and socks.

“Hey don’t change the rules.” She exclaims. Put your shoes back on or leave them off. One or the other.”

“Ok I will leave my shoes off.”

“En guarde!” he says.

He lauches this fleche or running attack and hits her on the right side.

“Nice hit!” she claims. Trish lays the weapon upon the floor and sticks her breasts out as she unzips her jacket. She noticed a slight bluge in his pants and grins.

“Ok change of weapons.” She says.

“Agreed. Ok we fence epee next.” Epee target is the whole body. Anything goes.

He places the foil back on the rack and takes an epee with it’s somewhat tained steel and shiny guard. Trish grabs another blade right beside his. Suddenly, Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan she pokes him on the side. “Point for me.” And laughs.

“Oh you think you are smart eh!” He slides on his mask and agressively attacks her high, low, and high again. She binds the blade and nails him in the mask.

“Ok off go the shoes!” Ed kicks off the shoes aside.

He attacks her again; she parries the blade nails him on the arm. Ed nods and peels off his now sweaty leather-coaching jacket then takes off his t-shirt revealing his toned body. He zippers back up the beaten jacket and starts once more.

Ed comes attack engages the blade then goes directly to her hip.

“I was not expecting that one.” Trish unzips her jacket and then slips out of her sport shorts showing off her lovely shaven pussy. Neither was Ed. She could see his ever growing hard on pushing his way through the shorts.

Ed moves her down the piste attacking, attacking but she keeps him away. They exchange blows and no one is hit. Trish advances hard against him and moves her epee point underneath his guard. Hit.

“Your turn.” Trish smiles widely. She touches her tits as she sees his revealing hard eight inches exposed to the gym light. “Very nice indeed.” Now Ed has only his mask, leather jacket and glove on.

“Begin.” Ed lunges directly to her chest before she has a chance to react.

“You have been waiting for his moment Hmmmm…” Trish zips her jacket slowly pushing her tits out and slips out of her moist uniform. She kicks it aside. She stands with the plastic breast- plate enhancing her sweaty breasts and hard nipples.

“I believe it’s time for a change in weapon.” She glances over to the rack of weapons hanging in the salle.

Ed runs over to the rack puts the epee back in and slides out a sabre. Trish is right behind him and grabs the same weapon. In the sabre, the target is from the waist up. The only target left to hit is the mask.

“En guarde!” Trish flies Escort Beylikdüzü down the piste and hits his right flank.

“That was fast!” Ed is astonished. Takes off his leather jacket, he stands before her nude except for a mask and weapon.

Ed slaps his thigh and they start. He attacks her head; she blocks it and he parries it again hitting her mask.

They stop. Trish peels off the plastic breast-plate, caressing her nipples as she sensuously. “There’s not much left.” She grins. Her body glistens in the moonlight with her hand holding a sabre and mask by her side.

“Nothing sexier then a woman with a sword!” Ed remarks.

“Watch it or I might miss and cut your dick off. Thanks for the compliment though.” Trish raises her sword “Ready?”


They start and hit each other at the same time. They both strip off the mask and kiss each other deeply.


Ed turns her around and caresses her hardening nipples. She moans loudly. He spreads her legs wide and eases his hard cock into her. He goes harder and faster. Trish loves his throbbing muscle into her love tunnel. He brings her almost to orgasm then pulls back.

Trish removes herself from his hard cock slowly. She takes him by the hand and lays him down on the piste. She uses the sweaty jackets as bed for the two lovers. She tells him to relax as she spreads her pussy lips above his mouth. He darts his tongue in and out briskly then grabs her hips and sucks hard. He constantly laps her pussy hard lashing his tongue on her stiff clit. She comes on her face. He licks up her juices and she comes again.

“Now I am going to treat you!” She crawls over to his hard cock and licks her way up the shaft. Trish darts tongue into his slit licking the pre-cum. She moves both hands up and down his hard eight inches while sucking the head. Trish engulfs his entire shaft down her throat and licking his balls. Trish feels the cum moving up his shaft slowly as she goes faster and faster with her hot mouth. Ed is about to explode then she lowers her moist pussy upon his now wet cock.

She begins to ride him feverishly. Ed leans up sucking her had nipples. They moan in unison, bodies rubbing against each other. Finally they came together and lay in each others arms.

“Some work out eh!” Ed snickers.

To be Continued….

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