Erotic Wildlife

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Anal Fucking

It was a beautiful fall morning as I pack my belongings and set off upon a journey into the wild wilderness that covered the stunning countryside like a warm blanket upon a comfortable featherbed.

I bask in nature’s infinite beauty as I gaze upon what seems to be an endless supply and variety of plants, trees, flowers and animals while gradually meandering deeper and deeper into the wooded countryside and briefly refreshing myself in an occasional stream that I encounter. Eventually, the warm and inviting rays of the setting sun begin to recede below the horizon as I promptly decide to head back to camp.

I gradually hike back toward my camp and suddenly realize that I had lost my way because my surroundings did not match the maps that I had brought. Therefore, I continue wandering around the uncharted territory until I could find a familiar area that did match somewhere on my map.

Soon, I begin to smell the aroma of burning wood. Puzzled, because it did not seem like there was any forest fire, I decide to follow the scent to see where it lead me. The smell strengthened, as I grew closer to a bank of trees that had smoke rising above them in the distance.

I come upon the bank of trees and find an old rustic log cabin that seemed recently renovated. I politely knock upon the door and after a few moments, a stunning and shapely full figured woman with long golden blond hair and beautiful brown eyes opens the door and greets me with a friendly smile. I formally introduce myself and ask if she could kindly assist me in finding my way back.

She invites me inside and mentions that it is too dark to do much of anything and we can set off first thing in the morning. She introduces herself as Margie while offering me a hot meal and something to drink. I humbly accept her gracious hospitality and sit at her meticulously carved dining table made from cedar trees.

After serving a meal that even a grizzly bear would have trouble eating, Margie sits across from me and intently observes my every movement as we converse about our life stories and become acquainted with each other while I gradually devour her delectable condiments.

After a very fulfilling meal, we sit upon an exquisite, bear design couch that featured bear claws at the end of each armrest that was in front of a raging fireplace located in the living room while my overstuffed stomach begins to settle down

Our pleasant conversation deepens with every moment as a starry twinkling gradually appears in her eyes and a slightly devilish smile forms upon her lips. I crack a smile and wonder what she was thinking or planning on doing. She rises, takes my hand and says, “Let Onwin me show you something.”

She leads me to the rear of the cabin to where upon a deck appeared a Jacuzzi with hot bubbling water. With raised eyebrow and an even more devilish smile she asks, “Care to join me?”

In a cautionary tone of voice, I warn her that I have not brought my bathing suit with me. She replies, “So, is that a problem?” Therefore, I hurriedly undress and slowly step into the Jacuzzi as the hot, bubbling water immerses me up to my waist.

She seductively says, “I’ll be back momentarily” while winking and heads back into the cabin. Minutes later, she returns with two glasses of wine and donned only a silky, black robe that gently cascaded over her voluptuous body like frigid water falling from an exotic waterfall.

She hands me our wine, gently unties her robe and then slowly removes it as it drops to the floor while my eyes go cross-eyed and my mouth waters as I gaze upon her goddess-like nakedness.

She enters the Jacuzzi and sits next to me as we begin to slowly consume our wine and gaze into the clear, moonlit night while attempting to count every star in the sky as clouds begin slowly moving in. Margie gently rests her head upon my shoulder as she gently wraps one arm around me and I slowly comb my fingers through her silky soft hair.

Suddenly, she places our empty glasses upon the deck, lustfully gazes into my eyes and then straddles me and begins passionately kissing my lips while slowly running her hands all over my chest and torso. Occasionally rubbing my budding nipples with her fingertips and gently pinching them.

Somewhat shocked but unwilling to impede with her sensual actions, I let her continue while my manhood gradually stiffens as her soft, velvety vulva brushes up and down my hardening shaft.

She continues with her sensual kissing even though I begin to feel the cold speckles of snowflakes upon my naked skin in the chilly night air. She slowly moves down my neck and all across my muscular chest while paying particular attention to my ripening nipples as she licks around, flicks the tips with the tip of her tongue and then suckles while gently tugging with her teeth.

With an animalistic look in her eyes, she takes my hand and leads me into the cabin to where we enter her “lioness’s lair” that is exquisitely decorated with a variety of lion, tiger, and cheetah memorabilia.

She turns down the leopard design blankets and motions me to enter. After entering, she straddles me and begins passionately French kissing my lips. As she kisses me, she raises my hands over my head and handcuffs them as Onwin Giriş she grasps the handcuffs from behind the headboard. She seductively growls and bites as if to say, “Your mine now!”, then begins sensually devouring me like a newly fallen prey.

I softly moan and lustfully gaze at her as she takes a tiger design silk scarf from her nightstand and gently glides it all over my chest while gently nibbling my hardening nipples through the scarf.

She gradually moves down my fully toned torso with the scarf and passionately kisses and licks every inch of my soft supple skin while driving me insane with her erotic actions.

She begins delicately caressing the scarf over my hardening tool while slowly licking up my inner thighs and as she reaches my groin, I go mad as her tongue traces my rigid shaft up and down each side and over my swollen head through the silky soft scarf.

She delicately takes my throbbing manhood into her hand and begins slowly stroking while gently caressing her lips and the tip of her tongue all around the head. I attempt to comb my fingers through her hair but only grimace because the handcuffs restrain my wrists.

Lustful moans roll off my tongue as her lips begin slowly gliding up and down my fully erect penis while her fingertips softly massage my testicles and her tongue runs up and down my rigid shaft. My hips churn wildly as her seductive movements become steadily faster and she reaches underneath my hips and begins to massage my thrusting ass cheeks. Suddenly, as I gaze in bewilderment, she pauses to look up at me and say, “Ok, it’s my turn!”

She releases my wrists from the handcuffs and I madly wrestle her down onto her back and begin wildly French kissing her soft, velvety lips while intentionally brushing my groin and body up against hers.

I sensuously growl into her ear and gently nibble on her earlobe as my passionate kisses and licks slowly moves down her neck, across her shoulders and all over her chest. She softly moans as my sensual kisses gradually grows closer to each ripening nipple while gently massaging her soft pliant breasts and rubbing her erect nipples with my fingertips

She begins gently combing her fingers though my hair and bites her lower lip as I slowly run my tongue up and down in-between her breasts, then underneath, up the outside and then gradually back down to each hardening nipple.

I reach each nipple again and lick around her areolas, flick the tips with the tip of my tongue and then suckle like a nursing tiger cub while rolling them around inside my mouth. Then gently tugging on the tips with my teeth as I slowly withdraw and Onwin Güncel Giriş licking them like an ice cream cone while cupping her breasts completely into my strong yet affectionate hands.

I continue to devour her sexually as my sensual kisses moves down her torso attempting to kiss every inch of her soft supple skin while my hands gently caress her sides up and down and I briefly pause to lick around and flick the tip of my tongue inside her navel.

I move in-between her long, sultry legs and rub my fully erect cock up and down each side of her fully rigid and moistened clit, then rubbing in circular motions. I continue by thrusting just my cock head, then in one motion, I thrust my full length into her as the feeling of her hot, wet and tight vagina drives me insane.

I did not want our erotic mating to end as we tossed and turned for hours, attempting every sexual position we could possibly imagine as our lustful cries gradually makes our voices horse.

I begin to feel her spasm as she steadily grows close to orgasm. Therefore, I tilt my aching and throbbing tool upward to stroke my cock head over her fully dilated “G-spot” while ramming my rigid shaft into her as fast, hard and deep as I can.

Suddenly, with an ear-deafening roar, she cries out in ecstasy as her legs clamps around my hips like a bear hug, her womanly love cave clamps down on my exploding cock like a vice and her claws digs into my back while her back arches upward as we climax together.

We both collapse with exhaustion as we lie beside each other and attempt to catch our breaths. Eventually, our gasping breaths returns to normal and we contently gaze into each other’s eyes and lovingly kiss as we gently embrace and drift off into a sweet blissful slumber.

The next morning, the aromas of freshly brewed coffee, cooked eggs and bacon awakens me. I wipe away the sleep from my eyes and rise to get dressed and follow the delicious aromas that were filling my nostrils.

I enter the so-called “kitchen” to find Margie just finishing and serving up breakfast. She offers me a seat and places a fully loaded plate in front of me. I quickly devour every morsel of food as if I have never eaten before.

After another fulfilling meal, I gather up my belongings and wait for Margie to join me outside of the cabin. Soon, she comes out from the cabin and we embark onto our journey. After some hours of meandering around the wild wilderness, some of the trails become familiar and I am dumbfounded on how far off course I have gotten.

I turn to Margie and sincerely thank her for her help and loving hospitality, as I am very indebted to her and I will never forget her and will always remain my “Wild Wilderness Woman.”

We warmly embrace and as I leave, I turn to wink and smile as if to say, “I’ll be back.” and then I turn back to head back to my camp while forever carrying her warm and inviting smile in my mind and my heart.

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