Fight of Their Lives

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I opened my eyes and heard the soft whimpers of Katie. She only made those sounds in two circumstances. The first was when she was on the edge of orgasm. I trusted her with my life so I knew that was not why she was whimpering. The second was because she was crying. Instinct told me I needed to wrap my arms around her and hug her tight.

It was pitch black in the room and when I reached out I could feel only the soft blankets of the bed we were on.

“Katie?” I whispered.

“Mark?” She replied.

I had somehow twisted in the middle of the night and so I shifted so I was lying up against her again. The cold metal dug into my ankle but I didn’t care.

“You were whimpering. It’s going to be O.K.,” I murmured.

I wrapped my strong arms around her body and felt her trembling stopped. It made me happy to know that just the touch of my body could calm her down. In this situation we both needed to remain calm.

“The cuff on my ankle hurts.” Katie stated.

“I know. I must have pulled it while I was sleeping. Any idea what time it is?” I replied.

She didn’t respond and I could do nothing but kiss the top of her head.

She cuddled perfectly against me and soon she was fast asleep.

I could see a thin strip of light coming in from the window. It was just thin enough to cast shadows and not really help me figure out where we were. I closed my eyes and tried to piece together everything that had happened.

I know that she was at home. She had spent the day interviewing witnesses and had decided to go home so she could eat dinner and rest. In her condition I would have ordered her to do that anyway.

I was at the office looking over files when there was a crash in the kitchen. When I went to investigate everything went dark.

I woke up cuffed to the bed and to my beautiful wife. Neither one of us was physically injured but I knew the stress of the situation would not be good for the baby. Katie was Alanya Yabancı Escort being smart by sleeping. That way her mind wouldn’t race with thoughts of what could happen.

I slept for a bit. Thankfully I didn’t dream or if I did, I didn’t remember anything. When I opened my eyes Katie was awake and facing me. Someone had obviously come in and opened the curtains because the late day sun was shining into the room.

“Tell us where the files are. We’re destroying everything. You will have no case.”

The voice shook the room and I glanced over to the large black man who had spoken. Katie was only looking at me and I knew she was scared.

“We have both laptop files as well as your work files. Where is everything else?”

Looking into Katie’s eyes I knew I had to tell them. We knew the case was dangerous when we were asked to take it. Being on the wrong side of environmentalism was a bad idea but we both knew it was the right side.

The case had been simple really. A company had been created to turn waste into energy. It had been done numerous times before. The city had paid the fees and the garbage was being removed. It had the appearance of perfection. Landfills would not be filled up with waste. The city would not have to use dirty fossil fuel systems to generate power. It was too perfect.

An activist had decided to go under cover to check out the company. She had found that the incinerator used for burning the garbage was creating almost a hundred times more pollution then current power plants. She had told the city. She had told the media. No one believed her.

No one but me, and Katie.

“We have a safe in our master bedroom. There are five memory sticks that have the back ups for all the files you just destroyed. Everything is a file. No paper trail at all.”

I looked at Katie and knew this was the right thing. We believed in revealing the truth but this was going too far.

“It Alanya Yaşlı Escort was nice doing business with the two of you. You should really stick to what you’re good at Mark. Patent law is boring and redundant. You’re good at that. Katie — popping out babies is good too. Maybe you can pop out one of mine.”

I don’t think he realized how protective I was. He had gotten so close to Katie’s face to almost spit out those words. I reached out and grabbed his gun and held it against his forehead. He didn’t move.

“Don’t ever treat my wife like that. Ever.”

My finger curled around the trigger and I heard the first click. The room was silent. I looked down at Katie and she was shaking her head. Every part of my body wanted to kill this man. Not just for kidnapping us. Not just because his mind was delusional about the environment. I wanted to kill him because he had touched my wife. He deserved to die because he saw Katie as an object, not a person.

“Unlock us.”

He struggled to get the key from his pocket and undid the cuffs that tied us to each other and the bed. The moment we were free I pushed Katie towards the door. I wanted to kill him so badly.

“Don’t Mark.” Katie whispered.

Her words distracted me enough that the man lunged forward and two shots were fired. It was hard to figure out what happened because everything moved in slow motion. Katie fled to the phone and when I heard her tell the 911 operator that the kidnapper was dead I knew it had ended happily.


I woke up early. The sunlight was streaming into our bedroom and I held Katie a little too tightly. Her round belly was pushed up against my flat stomach and every once in a while I felt a baby swish or nudge against me. Katie slept peacefully. She was worth everything to me and I wasn’t going to let any crazy environmentalists get in my way.

I kissed the top of her head and felt her move a little. Alanya Yeni Escort I laid her back on the bed and slid down her body until I was nestled between her legs. Her lace panties were up against her pussy and I tugged them down easily. I threw them on the ground and licked up and down her pussy lips. She moaned quietly and I kept going.

She tasted amazing and I used my tongue to find her clit. I licked it and then sucked it hard into my mouth. I must have hit the exact spot because I felt her hands in my hair. I sucked harder as my hands wrapped around her belly.

“Mark,’ Katie panted.

I didn’t stop. I couldn’t. This was the first time since the kidnapping that we had made love and my body was reminding me that I could barely go a few days without her. I licked harder and faster, feeling her clit quiver against my tongue. She came so hard and I had to hold her hips down so I could taste her juices.

I looked up and smiled at her. Her eyes were glazed over and she could barely move. I kissed her inner thighs and then knelt between her legs.

“I missed this,” we both said in unison. We both blushed, realizing how in tune we were. I pushed my hard cock inside her and let it adjust. She was so tight and two months of not being inside her had made her tighter. She was hot and wet and when she squeezed her pussy against my cock I growled.

“Don’t. I just want to feel this,” I hissed. She winked and did it again. She was a feisty one sometimes.

“Fine.” I glare at her and grabbed her hips. I began to slam into her hard and fast. Her enormous breasts shook and I saw her cry out each time my cock hit the back of my pussy. I rubbed her feet and ankles. I rubbed her legs. My hands were all over her body as my rhythm sped up. I couldn’t get enough of this and she knew it.

My cock suddenly exploded and I gasped. I hadn’t even realized how close I was. I was concentrating on my wife’s beautiful belly. I was enjoying her large breasts swaying. I was concentrating so much on her that I didn’t realize how aroused I was.

I pulled out so I could lay against her side. Her belly was so round that I could not press against her anymore.

“I love you more then anything,” I whispered.

“I know,” she whispered back.

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