My Step-Sister and Mom

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Watching my 18 year old cheerleader step-sister Nicky jogging on the spot in a tight white sports bra small dark nipples partly visible, and tight white Lycra shorts in front of me sitting on sofa.

Her gorgeous 34c tits bouncing she increases her stomps when I look her tits bouncing wildly. My step-mom distracts my attention as I see her scrubbing something of the floor in next room wiggling her ass on all fours.

My step-mom Sally is milf and a half she looks like Catherine Zeta Jones with toned athletic 34b,24,35 they both have gym bodies though they only exercise at home mostly while I’m watching as much as I can.

Walking past Nicky’s bedroom this morning I catch her on all fours blue pussy cupping thong and tiny t-shirt on, arse wiggling going back and forth in the air as she tries to find something under her bed. I watched till she went out of view then I jogged downstairs.

My semi-hard bouncing cock flopped out my boxers fly as Sally my step-mom seemingly in slow motion saw it happen and covered her eyes while turning and carrying on her phone call. I put it back went in to kitchen and had a look back after a minute or so mmm I thought she was bent over bag on floor straight legged fumbling in her purse. Short figure hugging tight black skirt and tight white blouse and lacy white bra I noticed underneath.

“Fuck.” I said to myself what a pair of sexy asses I realized I was rock hard went back in kitchen from peeking round the door push my hard-on into counter and made three teas.

My step mom has teased me so much from the first time we met. My dad introduced us but before I could even shake her hand or say hello she’d faced away from me bent over straight legged adjusting her high heel strap wiggling her ass.

“Nice to meet you Neil.” As she stuck it out even more as she look back over her shoulder at me.

“Yes very nice to meet you Sally,” I slightly pervingly replied.

She’d wear tight tee-shirt’s every evening that just showed the bottom of her cheeks and always made sure to tease bending over in front of me.

She came into the kitchen, I apologized instantly as Sally came for her tea.

“Don’t worry honey.” She calmly said as she rushed putting on her lipstick to leave for work I pumped the counter twice watching her ass as she left.

I thought of the time she fell sleep on my shoulder, she slid off my shoulder right cheek onto top of my left thigh. I got hard looking down her top and it grew its way under her face lifting her head as it grew, her lips were slightly squished on my bell end. After about half an hour she ended up beginning to moan and bite, nibbling and rubbing her cheek on it definitely asleep seeming to have an erotic dream quietly groaning throughout. It felt so good but ended as she stirred and I jumped up and went bed.

Sipping my tea, Nicky bounces into kitchen after a few minutes, drops her sweatband turns back around and straight newcratos legged picks it up. With a snap, turn and smile.

“Is that my tea Neily boy.”

“Sure is Nicky.” I watch as she stretches her left leg facing me smiling up to side of her head she’s always been bendy. Then her other leg up to side of her head this time letting out a few sexy groans.

“I feel so tight this morning I need to loosen up, help me after tea.” She said.

Regularly she got me to hold her ankles and stuff when she exercised teasing my brains out.

Exited Nicky gets on all fours leaning forward so she was flat and back so she’s sticking her ass out doggy style she’d really eventuate it.

After watching her do five or six.

“Okay hold my wrists.” Standing now she’s pushed them behind her back clasped them in between top of her ass ckeeks.

I go behind her holding her wrists she’s spread her legs and shuffled her arse back into my crotch. Holding her hands she has bent her body straight out spread legged pushing her ass into me gently.

“Now pull my arms up lean back and pull softly.”

I push them up i watch her ass squish as she arches her back pushing ass harder against me but god the tease is wriggling. I get a twinge in my cock and get a semi hard on instantly I let go and move back.

“That okay.”

Dad without us hearing walks in front door quickly going into kitchen not saying anything.

“For now I suppose.” She replied as she looked at my her step-dad slightly annoyed.

I sit on sofa watching her bending showing her lovely round cleaveage as she picks up and puts her exercise stuff away thinking of things she’s done to tease me.

Like last week she called me to her room wearing the tiniest white bikini wanting my opinion if it suits her or is too sexy.

“What you think nice and bit naughty.” She said biting her lip sticking her tits out.

“Looks great.” Watching her rearrange the tiny circles of cloth over her nipples sticking her tits out even more.

Showing me her ass in thong tightening side ties after turning and pointing her ass up and at me.

“Really looks good on you.” Yearningly replying.

She’s always bending over giving me cleavage and ass shots, exercising sexily in front of me walking round in just bra and panties and she’s a suggestive talker she can make anything sound rude.

More than half her clothes must be see-thru. Loads of times she’d get my opinion on which bra, knickers or thong to wear. She’d mostly call me to her bedroom door and give a spin back and front.

If showing with just underwear she would shut the door with a smile and a comment like.

“Please, hold on.” And open again in different ones she loved to show her ass in thongs she knew i had a special liking for them.

Though in a dress or skirt she would slip thong or panties down with her skirt or dress and slip next ones up without newcratos giriş shutting the door always biting her lip or with a naughty look on her face.

A few hours later thin red blanket covering my bottom half laying along sofa knew Nicky was about, I didn’t know at time why and what I was going to do but I pretended sleep.

I feel her prod me after a few minutes then again and then shook me quite hard she knew I was a heavy sleeper. Shortly after what felt like a bare breast placed on my mouth and what was definitely a nipple between my over my lips.

I licked once while leaning head back very slightly flashing across the nipple.

“Mmmmmm.” I hearin her short sharp quiet moan.

My heart was racing then what were both were both her naked breasts gently being rubbed over my mouth then all over my face. Well my cock was semi hard now but already with a bit of pre-cum in my white loose boxers. She stopped and I heard Dad moving through the room and go upstairs.

A few more seconds past then I felt my legs being pushed apart at the knees. My feet facing almost touching I felt her hands on my left thigh gripping softly then she moved lifted the blanket and pushed it so it stayed out way over back of sofa.

I wonder if she was looking at my bulge as all was quiet I started getting really hard. My cock went like a clock hand moving under my boxers from 5o’clock to 12o’clock. She must have been watching it, the thought made me the hardest I’ve ever been as it rose pointing to my head raised off my belly slightly.

Then after what felt like a full ages I felt light strokes up and down from bell end to balls, then a bite on the bell end I groaned I had to it felt electric.


So good I thought then another lower across my whole shaft, then a harder over my entire bell end again but nearer tip oh god that felt good, she nibbled her way to top of my bell end then rub it really fast in her hand while holding with her other. My word that felt amazing so intense she stopped as I squirmed a bit.

I heard her sniff and felt her breath on my balls, bet she could smell my pre-cum. I slumped further trying to appear deeply asleep suddenly she pulled it out the slit in my boxers The cold air felt good and the exhibitionism of this strange situation was amazingly horny at this moment.

Wrapping her hand around the base and squeezing testing it’s hardness with her other hand she rubs a finger around tip of it. I stirred and moaned she stopped letting it go to hit my belly and spring back up a bit.

She gripped it again at base and began tiny licks over the top of my bell end slowly turning into a full tongue lashing licking it like a cone ice-cream using the whole of her tongue.

She abruptly stopped no i thought as a shout in my head, she grabbed and moved the blanket over my cock. I heard her go run upstairs but come back instantly and felt her kneel next to me again and move blanket back away. She licked up my shaft slowly then lifting my cock he slid me all the way into her mouth very slowly massaging my balls.

It felt so hot having my cock in her mouth slightly her head bobbed her nose pushing into my belly oh my god I feel her throat tensing and swallowing against my bell end. She moves to have half on me in her mouth and lashes, flicks and thrashes the bell end with her tongue. I loved the fact she had a big tongue and big blowjob lips and I was even gladder now.

Rubbing all over her face she gripped softly it wanking slow and shallow then a few quick fast ones made me murmur a muffled grunts. She pulled it toward her squeezed her hand up it and licked the pre-cum that was forced up and out she did that four times.

I felt her licking all around my bell end with the whole of her tongue expertly and felt so good. She pulled my foreskin up and inserted her tongue in swirling around the bell end with my foreskin still up, damn that felt she did it for what felt like an hour, circling slower and faster with her toungue rubbing my balls.

As she then slowly engulfed all the way down then doing six or seven fast full length bobs up and down but stopped and quickly put a cushion on my lap covering me cock. Then i heard my Dad rush down the stairs and say bye to her and her reply.

“Bye daddy.” And whispering quietly.

“Take your time.”

I just thought thanks Dad these women are amazing.

After a few minutes of near silence she removed the cushion then near silence again for a minute or so. I heard sexy whimpers then a few full on moans damn she made sexy noises and must have been playing with herself Then i heard very fast rubbing of material.

Listening to her muffled mmmm’s I was incredibly horny and as hard as i have ever been. I twitched my cock a few to make it move and she made a short low groaning sexy moan she was cumming, stifling restrained moaning.

“Oh oh ohhh mmmmmm mmmmmm mmmmmm.” Over and over getting quieter and shallowing her breathing as ahe and her noises calmed.

I twitched my cock and she was abruptly sucking my full length into her mouth. Slowly taking the full length in and out. I would love to have seen her big juicy lips forcing down and back over my dick. She rubbed me around her lips then sucked and lapped my bell end kneeding my balls really gently. It felt so good as she took e deeper and deeper picking up speed.

Sucking so quite fast all in all out for a while I rubbed my belly with a groan and after a few more deep sucks I came. Five big squirts and to her five big swallows, not taking her mouth away. She licked it all up squeezing it out licking it up.

“Naughty girl.” Reapeating on my breath over and over.

She placed it back in my boxers with a fast sort of buddy rub after really taking her time licking me clean. I love so much the way she kept trying to squeeze more cum out.

About 10 minutes after I pretended waking up and went to kitchen had a drink of water and started to go upstairs, I heard Sally’s car pull up outside…..


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