My Sister is a Failure

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When she phoned me with her news, I wasn’t really surprised; in fact I’d been expecting it for the best part of a year to be honest. What I was surprised about was just how unhappy she sounded.

“He’s left me,” she howled, her words nearly drowned amid her tears, “My marriage – it’s over, I’m useless; absolutely completely useless!”

My sister’s words disappeared into a cacophony of unhappy noises, few of them understandable.

“Come on Susie – try to calm down – it won’t help getting all upset,” I said, feeling somewhat inadequate.

“I can’t help it – I can’t stop,” she cried, “It’s horrible – it’s ended – it’s all over!”

“Whoa! Slow down! Take it easy – don’t let it get on top if you!” I said as soothingly as possible but Susie continued to cry loudly.

“Hey darling girl – hold it together for me,” I said, hoping that she’d listen to me.

“I’ll try,” she sobbed, “But every time I sit down and look at his chair I just start again.”

“Hey, come on Susie, it’s not the end of the world – yours isn’t the first relationship to crack up,” I said as I tried to reason with her, “Hell, I’ve been through it myself and I’m still ok…come on, pull yourself together you sweet little softie. Tell you what, I’ll come over if you like – then you can cry on my shoulder.”

“Oh Chris, thank you, thank you,” she sobbed, her words muffled as she blew her nose loudly, “I really do need a good shoulder right now.”

“Ok – give me an hour or two and I’ll be there,” I said, “I’ll be on my way any minute.”

That she was well and truly cracked up was pretty apparent and someone needed to be there with her or she might fall apart completely. Not just a friend but someone closer than that so that only left me. Sadly our lovely parents had both succumbed to their injuries in a car accident some year or so ago…but I was more than happy to help.

I loved my normally happy and chatty sister and quite honestly I didn’t see enough of her these days. We lived far enough apart that nowadays we only met when we made the effort to travel and although we chatted on the phone and on the internet often enough, it wasn’t the same as meeting and being together.

And that was especially true because of one particular thing; I truly lusted after her body! I knew it was wrong to lust after my sister but just one look at her would send disgustingly waves of emotional desire through me – desires that were and would remain unfulfilled no doubt. To me she was perfection – a warm loving pretty woman who seemed to ooze sexuality from every pore and who caused hidden sexual desires to quickly rise in me. Sister or not I longed to get to know her a whole lot better even though I knew in my heart that it was entirely wrong. That I hadn’t already tried was down to my ‘decent’ upbringing – no normal brother would consider such action; would even let his mind dwell on the subject.

Nevertheless and despite my secret lust for her body I was protective about her. We were only four years apart (me at 26 and Susie at 22) so we had similar tastes and ways and we usually managed to understand each other – something that she and her soon-to-be ex-husband obviously didn’t.

Inside twenty minutes I had a bag packed and was on my way, slipping into the traffic with a fifty mile journey ahead of me. A myriad thoughts swirled about in my brain as I considered what to say to Susie because, as I said, I’d seen this coming for ages and my brain was full of suitable phrases.

‘Complete fucking idiot!’

‘Waste of oxygen!’

‘Should have been terminated long ago!’

‘Dunno what you saw in him!’


Don, her husband whom I had long ago renamed “Dumb” behind his back was exactly that – a typical Neanderthalic blockhead. Full of himself; as ignorant of niceness as a traffic cop and as chauvinistic as a reality star he was exactly the kind of guy I’d have avoided like the plague. The kind of guy who was all loud and in-your-face and utterly unlikeable in my opinion, but Susie fell for his manly charms – an instance that proved that our tastes did differ occasionally. He most certainly wasn’t the kind of guy I’d ever wish to be seen with.

With all those negative thoughts in me, the way to cheer her up was going to be hard to find…

No, it was going to be a case of just saying whatever seemed appropriate at the time – and if it hurt Susie then perhaps it would help her learn not to pick another guy like that.

Soon I was parking up outside the flats and then striding purposefully to her door – which crashed open as I approached it.

“Oh Chris!” Susie howled as she leapt at me, her hot tear-dampened arms around my neck in an instant, her wet cheek and shaking body pressed hard against mine, “Oh Chris – I’m so sorry!”

“Hey – sorry for what, Sis?” I asked rhetorically as I held her tight, feeling her sobs shake her body, “There’s no need to be sorry – I’m always here for you.”

“No, I’m sorry that Don left me – I’m sorry my marriage didn’t work out – I’m sorry I’m useless,” she howled Alanya Fetiş Escort wetly.

Somehow I managed to manoeuvre her back inside the flat and shut the door – it wouldn’t really help to tell all the neighbours of her emotional state and then we just clung together in the lounge, Susie’s body shuddering with grief while I attempted to hold her as it all flowed from her. And then eventually she was all worn out and I was able to lower her to the couch and sit beside her, our hands still grasping tightly.

I let out a long sigh before attempting to find the right words…and I realised that the best thing was to go straight to the point.

“Susie – you’re better off without him,” I said bluntly, a statement that immediately brought out another shower of tears.

I grabbed some tissues from the box on the coffee table and gently wiped her cheeks.

“Now come on, listen…,” I continued, “He was a pig – I bet he did absolutely nothing round the house.”

“Well, he did used to help me carry in the shopping…” said Susie through her tissues.

“Oh sure – he did that, but why – so he could get his booze, I bet!” I answered.

“Yes – I’d bring those home for him; he’d get all nasty if I didn’t…” Susie agreed.

“Hah – he used you like a servant, didn’t he?” I carried on, rubbing in the evidence, “I bet he treated you like dirt? I bet he only married you so he had a lovely woman to come home to.”

Still wracked by sobs Susie did at least manage to nod her head as the truth sank in and eventually the tears dried up too, so I continued.

“But you don’t need all that shit – you’re a capable woman; you’re pretty and you’re intelligent – and you can bounce right back from all this – believe me,” I told her, “So stop feeling sorry for yourself.”

“Yes, but I’m useless – I’m a failure, it’s all my fault,” she whimpered but I shushed her quickly.

“You’re not – and it wasn’t your fault and you know it. Was it your fault that you didn’t act like a slag for him?” I fired at her, knowing it would hurt her but that it made sense to tell her the truth.

“I wasn’t a slag,” she said and I nodded.

“No you weren’t – you held up wonderfully,” I said, soothing her but adding, “And was it your fault that he was a dickhead?”

“He wasn’t,” she blubbered, but her words carried no conviction now so I hit her harder.

“Ok,” I said, “Then was it your fault that he used to go out and chat up other women in the clubs at night, was it?”

Susie’s face turned hard for a moment as my words drove in and she frowned, before nodding again as she understood at least some of the truth, then spoke again.

“He didn’t, did he – did he really chat up other women?” she asked and it was my turn to nod.

“Course he bloody well did – I heard it from one of my old mates – and I live fifty miles away now,” I replied, “So if I heard it I bet plenty of others knew too…and it wasn’t just chatting either, I might add.”

“But I didn’t know…” said Susie, still very downcast as tears continued to run down her face.

“That’s because you loved the bast…your husband,” I said.

“The old rose-tinted glasses,” I added under my breath…

Susie sniffed loudly and we had a break while she blew her nose and wiped her eyes and when I went to fix us a drink I found a pile of cans of lager in the fridge. Soon I had the kettle heating for a cuppa while I cracked open one of the cans from her husband’s stockpile and a short while later the water was hot and I was stirring the coffee. And then her coffee was ready and I returned with it, to see Susie looking somewhat better at last.

“Cheers,” I said as I lifted his can, “Here’s to old shit-face – long may he not return!”

Susie’s face fell briefly then cheered up slightly as I put the cup of coffee down before her.

“Come on, it’s over now,” I said as Susie and I drank, “You’re in a whole new world now.”

I let the conversation lapse for a while as we refreshed ourselves and while Susie recovered before I opened the discussion again.

“Right – now then, what’s next?” I began, my words firm and my intentions clear, “It’s gonna be hard for you but I suggest that the best way forward will be for you to clear this place of every last sign of Dickhead’s presence. Anything that you find of his put in a big box – I guess you’ve got one. Then, when you’ve done that, send him a text and say that all his crap is outside in the car park and that he’d better fetch it soon or someone will nick it, ok.”

Susie, still with tears appearing, nodded slowly so I continued…

“I’ll put it down there, then it’s up to him,” I told her, “And make sure you tell him that I’m here for you now and that you don’t want to see him again. Get it – can you manage that?”

“Yes Chris, yes I can. I’ll do that – oh thank you,” said Susie eagerly, “I’d never have been brave enough to do that just in case he might come back.”

Susie was energised at last but was still somewhat subdued and possibly frightened.

“Can Alanya Gecelik Escort you help me?” she asked as she rose, her voice all small and trembling.

“Sure – but make sure that whatever I chuck out is his. Don’t get rid of his booze though – that’s mine now!” I answered, trying to add a spark of brightness, “Come on then – let’s get to work.”

Don had seemingly taken most of his clothes already but he’d left behind quite a bit of junk and it actually took two large boxes before Susie was satisfied that she’d found everything. And while she texted him I lugged the boxes downstairs and dumped them on the far side of the car park, kind of hoping that the local kids would find them first!

By the time I was back with Susie she was able to tell me that Don was on his way, fearful of losing his possessions and cursing me roundly. She showed me his text message – all misspelt and full of threatening capitals.

I laughed at that – Don was no threat to me. He may have been all mouthy and bossy to Susie but on his own he was nothing and I’d be quite happy to give him what he really needed – a good hiding.

And I could do it too – I taught karate (and kick-boxing) and could put a guy like him on the floor in seconds flat – very flat if necessary!

But nothing happened. Instead, Susie and I watched as he picked up the boxes – the bottom of one of them falling out as he did so! I almost laughed as he gathered up his dumped possessions, loaded the boxes into his car and drove off, although not before raising two fingers to us!

“Stupid pig,” I muttered, “Knew I should have waited down there for him…”

“No – let him go,” said Susie, her hand on my arm, “No need for you to get into trouble over him.”

I growled menacingly – the gesture aimed at the back end of his departing car but it was the last gesture I needed to make – he was gone. But whether or not Susie could equally soon forget him was another matter.

She let out a long sigh as she turned from the window and looked at me, her face still reddened from crying.

“Oh Chris – what on earth am I going to do now?” she said, the tears starting falling once more.

Quickly I enfolded her in my arms and held her tight while her sobs slowly subsided against my chest. But the action of holding her was doing nothing for my composure; instead it was sending growing waves of lust to my groin as her hot emotionally sensual body squashed comfortably against me.

“Come on. You’ll be fine,” I said blasély, as I pushed us apart rather abruptly, my arousal now doing the threatening, “You’ll be better off without him, that’s for certain.”

“Yeah, but what am I going to do? He did everything for me except the shopping; he paid all the bills, he organised me – he did almost everything important,” she cried, wringing her hands, “I’ve lost track of everything…”

“Yeah – that’s so you didn’t know what he was up to,” I said accusingly.

Hmmm, yes, she did have a point though and one that needed attention quickly. My brain worked hard as I considered what to do, finally coming up with a plan of action.

“Ok come on Susie, let’s have a pen and paper and we’ll work things out,” I said and a few moments later we were seated at the table as I asked as many questions as I could and Susie answered as best she could. Eventually we had a detailed list of the bank accounts, her credit cards and who needed paying and something to work on. Susie had unearthed assorted forms that would provide identification too but it was all going to take time to sort out, so I paused in our research as I planned ahead.

“Look, it’ll take some time before you’re up and running, so I’ll stay overnight if you don’t mind – perhaps just for the one night,” I said, “Have you got a spare bed handy?”

“Err no, that’s a bit of a problem,” replied Susie, “Is the couch any good instead?”

“Anything,” I replied, knowing that I’d sleep well enough if I was tired.

“I’ll find you a pillow and stuff,” said Susie, “I’ll make sure you’re comfy.”

She rose and left me, a small spring in her stride now I noticed and there was a sudden spring in my groin as Susie turned and blew me a kiss over her shoulder.

Her cheekiness was both arousing and happy-making and I found myself following her with my eyes, realising how cute she was; how nicely shaped she was; how her ass rose and fell deliciously; how her hair fell over her shoulders – and how her eyes sparkled and her lips had gleamed when she looked back over her shoulder at me. She was such a pretty sexy girl when she was happy…and I felt my forbidden lust rising inside.

I was glowing happily inside as I returning to the pile of notes and papers before me and didn’t even notice her returning, complete with another cup of coffee and another can for me.

“Thanks love, you’re a sweetheart,” I said absentmindedly as I concentrated on the problems, only to be interrupted by Susie’s hand coming to rest on mine.

“Do you know what,” she Alanya Genç Escort said, “That’s the first time I’ve heard anyone say that to me in ages. Don never said that sort of thing…”

I looked at her sadly and seriously before understanding.

“No – of course he didn’t – I told you, he just used you. Sort of ‘nice to come home to’ using, wasn’t it?” I said firmly, “So don’t start feeling sorry he’s gone, ok.”

“I wasn’t – I was just thinking how lucky I am to have you,” she said softly, causing a lump to come to my throat and my groin again.

I put my other hand on hers and squeezed it gently before returning to sort out things and before long the list was organised into a plan. Soon I had my phone in my hand too and was calling up the numbers, with Susie adding words here and there to allow me to act on her behalf.

And I was then that I began to discover a few problems.

That bastard hadn’t been paying the rent – they were almost four months in arrears. And then I found that her bank was as good as empty too and that Susie’s end of month wage would be entirely swallowed up by an overdraft. On his instructions they’d been living off her credit cards and she hadn’t realised that he’d appropriated her money.

So now, not only was she broke but when I spoke to the landlord he said that an eviction notice had already been issued. What’s more, I’d discovered all this inside the first hour of phoning so what the hell else remained to be uncovered?

“You’re in the shit Susie,” I admitted, “You’re screwed.”

Her face which had been falling steadily yet again now crumbled apart as the truth sank in and her tears began once more and even a good long hug didn’t cheer her much.

But inside me, the seeds of an answer were growing…

“Susie,” I said, holding both of her hands, “I think you’re going to have to do a runner; well, kind of.”

Susie’s mouth opened wide as she gasped like a fish out of water before closing again, the action seeming to squeeze yet more tears from her eyes. I ignored her plight since I hadn’t finished talking yet.

“Ok – it won’t help in the long run because we’ve still got to sort out your bills,” I continued, then counted off her problems on my fingers, “but if you try to stay here, firstly you’re going to be evicted and secondly you’ve no money left. And thirdly I bet he hasn’t paid your phone bill or your water bill or any of other important bills, so one way or another he’s left you in a right old mess.”

“Yeah, but how – what – where,” she spluttered, her mind unable to contain all the bad news at once, “Oh help me, help me Chris!”

Tears once again flooded over my shirt as she flung herself at me before I could apply a wad of tissues but I remained as calm as I could – at least I had an answer.

“You’re coming to stay with me,” I said, realising that my bachelor freedom was about to be fractured, “I’ve got the space and at least you won’t be making any more bills – and you’ll have me to look after you and to help sort things out until you get back on your feet, ok. You’ll obviously have to give up your job though.”

“You’ll let me come and stay with you?” she asked, shocked by the situation, “Honestly?”

“Can’t think of any other way round,” I said, “And I can’t leave you here all on your own. It doesn’t have to be for long though.”

“Oh Chris – oh God, how can I thank you?” she asked, a warm wet smile appearing, “Oh that’s incredible!”

“No – it just makes sense,” I added while inside me I actually felt quite good about the idea now, “And like I said, don’t forget that if you move you’ll lose your job so you’ll need to find a new one.”

“Huh – that’s the one good thing as far as I’m concerned – I hated that job. I’ll love telling them that I’m off,” she sniffed, “Anyway I don’t think I was much good there.”

I felt my eyebrows lift as Susie’s insecurity appeared again, but it was all going to be behind her soon.

“So that’s sorted then, yeah?” I asked and Susie nodded, some kind of relief washing over her features.

That night, after a scratch meal I slept on the couch wrapped in a sleeping bag as Don seemed to have taken the spare duvet and somehow I slept adequately well; the only real interruption being when Susie came to see if I was ok, bending over me in her nightie as she checked me. When I opened my eyes they were filled with the sight of her freely hanging breasts – the sight substantially stirring my cock for a while…but otherwise I was perfectly comfy. Perhaps the beers helped me to sleep – certainly the sight of her breasts didn’t.

And so it was that by noon the following day we had a small removal van and driver at the door; a couple of hours later we’d shifted all her belongings into it and less than an hour after that we were in my car, soon depositing her key through her ex-landlords door and leaving all her chaos behind.

It was a warm day and Susie was now wearing a light summery dress with a delightfully scooped front and with the car windows open the material was billowing around, the draught even lifting her skirt occasionally, showing off expanses of her long smooth and apparently naked legs. It was nice enough to have a pretty woman beside me but when various parts of her curvy anatomy kept being displayed my concentration was much needed to keep the car on the road.

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