My Cousin

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It was another boring Saturday night in the middle of July. I had nowhere to go, so I was in front of the computer, watching porno movies, drinking whisky and smoking. The windows were open because the night was warm. I had spent almost 3 hours in front of the screen and I had ejaculated 4 times but, since I had nothing better to do, I kept on watching. Suddenly I heard someone knocking at my door. Time was already 1.00, in the middle of the night, so I was very surprised that someone wanted to visit me that late. I put on a t-shirt and a pair of shorts and changed the site to a “neutral” one, in case my visitor was planning to stay for a while. While I was going downstairs, I heard the voice of my cousin asking:

“Are you awaken cousin?”

I opened the door and answered to her:

“As you can see I am!”

“Oh, thank God for that! I was out with some friends and we had a few drinks…In fact we had more than just a few…I am quite drunk and I thought to come and see how are you doing, since I can’t go to bed yet.”

“Come in then. Don’t stay there because soon this place will be full of mosquitos. Fast!”

She started to laugh and she came in.

“Are you sitting again in front of the computer?” she asked me and I nodded.

She started to make her way upstairs, moving a bit to the left and a bit to the right on her high heels.

“Poor cousin!” she said “You have been completely alone since you divorced. Why don’t you go out at all, to celebrate?”

“None invites me! I am not the kind of person to go out on my own.”

“Why don’t they? You are a very nice guy.”

“How should I know? Ask yourself! You were out tonight but you didn’t ask me to join you either.”

“You are so right! Indeed I didn’t do it!”

For a moment she was silent. She seemed to try to find an excuse for her behaviour.

“We were a gang of women. You were probably going to feel bored with us,” she said finally.

“On the contrary, I was going to be very happy to meet new persons. Especially women. Are any of your friends single ones?”

“A couple of them. Three more are divorced, like me.”

My cousin, Candy, is a year older than me and she lives in a house next to mine, along with her parents. She has been divorced for many years, she has no kids and she doesn’t work. Her parents have enough money to support her. She is a pretty woman, in her late 40s, who looks at least 10 years younger than her age. She is slim and short. Her hair is dark brown and long and her eyes are brown too. Due to the fact that she is short, she wears high heels very often. That specific night she had a black, mini dress on. She loves to wear mini skirts and mini dresses because she wants to show off her legs. According to her opinion they are her best asset. I agree with her but I also like very much her buttocks. They are small but roundish. She also has a pair of small breasts. We grew up together, since we were leaving close to each other. Neither of us got siblings, so our relation has always been very close, like brother and sister.

I have been thinking about her in an erotic way since I was a teenager and I keep on still thinking in the same way. By the time we were kids we used to play in the garden, which is common for both our houses. Occasionally we would hide and then we took of our underwear, in order to show to the other one what kind of secret we hide in there. I remember us touching each other’s genitals. By the time when I was twelve, this interesting and exciting game came to an end, since her mother discovered one day what we were doing and we were both severely punished. After that we had to play always when some adult was present, in order to guard us, or else we had to play alone.

I was watching her now and I couldn’t avoid thinking how sexy she looked. The mini dress and the high heels made her legs look longer. Needless to mention that I had been jerking off many times, while dreaming of her, spending gallons and gallons of cum for her sake. Now, as I had her standing in front of me looking so awesome, I couldn’t avoid getting horny. My cock started to stiffen and I decided to turn and look at the computer, cause I had only my cotton shorts on and I was sure that she was going to notice the bulge between my legs.

She lit a cigarette and told me:

“Cousin I have a problem.”

“What is it?” I asked and there was true interest and concern in my voice.

She hesitated a bit, took a sip from her cigarette, blew the smoke, sighed and said:

“I have been acting in a stupid way. The other night I was out again and I got really drunk. I met a guy and we had sex.”

“Don’t tell me that he didn’t use a condom!”

“No, no! That is not the problem. But, while we were fucking he took a video of me with his mobile.”

“Fuck! How did you let such a thing happen?”

“How do these things happen? I was carried away, drunk, horny… Come on now, you know the story! You have been probably into this situation yourself too!”

I had never been into this situation but I nodded nevertheless, in order to make her feel better.

“Can Escort bayan anyone recognise you? Does your face show in the clip?”

“No, thank God it doesn’t! That is the positive thing. Still…”

“Still… what?”

“He was fucking me doggy style and he started to tell me that I’m his slut and his little whore. Then he asked me to repeat it and call myself all these names, which I did not do. So he started to slap my buttocks and I…and I got…excited and started to scream that I am his whore and his slut and I was begging him to fuck me harder and to use me in any way he liked. Then he asked me if I needed more slapping and I said “yes please! slap me harder!” and he started to do it. This caused me to get even more excited and to scream harder what a big harlot I am and how much I love to fuck and many other degrading things.”

While listening to all these, my cock got so hard that I was forced to put one leg on the other and to bend ahead, placing my forearms on my knees. My relationship with her had always been very good and we would discuss openly almost every matter. Still, this was the first time that my cousin was talking about her sexual behaviour. I was really surprised (and excited at the same time of course) to find out that she was a masochist.

Nevertheless I was supposed to pay attention to her problem and to try to comfort her, instead of getting horny. She seemed to be desperate. So I told her:

“Come on now cousin! This is not that bad, when you come to think about it. Who is going to see that video?”

“Apart from himself, he may show it to his friends.”

“Even if he does, who is going to recognise you? None!”

“But what happens if he puts it in any porno site or even sites?”

“People will see a sexy woman who is fucking in a very passionate way. None can realize that it is you in that video clip. Even if someone does, you can always deny it. How is it possible for anyone to prove that it is you? None can find the guy who took this clip and ask him,” I said and lit a cigarette.

“Besides I gave him a fake name and I never wear jewels. I don’t even have a watch. I was completely nude, so I had no underwear. There is nothing to give me away.”

Suddenly she was very happy. She shouted “Oh cousin! You are so great!” and she hugged me, giving me a kiss on my cheek.

I was sitting on my chair, in front of her, while she was sitting on a bed that I keep in that room, in case I have guests (something that happens very seldom). Behind the bed I had placed a big mirror. When we got married with my ex, we used to fuck a lot in that room and watch ourselves in the mirror. I enjoyed it particularly when she was giving me a blowjob, while being on her all four. I had a great view of her buttocks then and my wife knew, that if she wanted me to cum fast, all she had to do was to sway her ass. This caused me always an instant ejaculation.

My cousin sat back and I looked at her, with a stupid smile on my face. I was almost sure that she had touched my hard penis, probably accidentally, when she hugged me. I have always expressed openly my admiration for her. Every time she had new clothes on I told her how gorgeous she looked. I would whistle while she was getting in her car or while she was doing work in the garden. I told her always that she looks great and that she is very sexy and desirable. So I was sure by then, that she knew how much I liked her. Still, could she also realise, that I was getting horny with her and that I had been jerking off while imagining of her? I couldn’t answer that question in a positive way. I was suspecting that she had an idea about all these but I couldn’t be sure. Needless to say that I had never tried to do anything that was going to prove my sexual desire for her.

“Everything is ok cousin!” I told her again in order to calm her completely. Then, without any particular reason, I told her, while smiling:

“In fact, the only bad thing that can happen is that many men will jerk off, while watching you fucking!”

My cousin laughed and said:

“This, as a matter of fact, is not bad at all cousin! On the contrary, I consider it an honour!”

I was stunned!

“Are you serious?” I asked her.

“Of course I’m serious! I’m flattered to know that a guy is jerking off while imagining of me. The same thing happens with most women, if not all of them.”

“Excuse me but I don’t get it. What is so flattering about it?”

“I can’t tell you about other women but, as long as it concerns myself, I find very exciting the idea to be the erotic dream of someone. I guess it has to do with the vanity that all women carry inside us. We love to be desirable!”

I emptied my glass and put more in. I took a good sip and asked again.

“So, would you like to watch a man jerking off, in front of you?”

“That would be perfect! I was going to be very horny for sure!”

I emptied my glass again. I had drunk enough whisky already and the alcohol had started to affect, so I was feeling very brave now.

“So, would you like to watch me doing it?”

“Do you mean if I Bayan escort want you to jerk off in front of me?”

“Yes! I can jerk off for your sake!”

“Can you really do it?”

“Of course!”

“I mean here? Right now?”


“Don’t you feel ashamed?”

“No, as long as I know that I can please you by doing so!”

She looked at me, trying to find out if I was serious. Then she stood up, she put some whisky in my glass, she took a sip, she sat on the bed in front of me again and she lit a cigarette.

“Ok then! Do it! But under this condition. I tell you how to do it. I give the orders and you obey and execute them. If you don’t agree, I’ll leave from this house immediately. If you don’t obey me, I’ll leave again. Is it fine with you?”

“It is more than fine with me! It is perfect!”

“Very well! Let’s start then. First thing I want you to do is to get naked. Take all your clothes off!”

I obeyed immediately. I stood up and took off my t-shirt and my shorts. I was standing now naked in front of my cousin. She took a sip from her cigarette while she was staring my hard cock. A smile came to her lips.

“I can see that you really get horny when you look at me.”

“Of course cousin! You are extremely sexy!”

“That was very polite of you! Thank you! Now, do sit down and please me. Jerk this hard cock of yours off!”

I did as she said. I grasped my shaft and started to masturbate.

“Slowly cousin! Slowly! I want this to last long” she said.

I slowed my tempo at once.

“Just like that! Now you are a good boy! Give your cock slow strokes. Remember that all this happens for my pleasure, not for yours!”

“Yes cousin! Am I doing it well enough for you?”

“You are doing a great job” she said and she took a sip from her glass, while keeping her eyes all the time on my hard cock.

“I’m going to ask you a few questions and I expect some honest answers,” she said.

“Ask me anything you want. I’ll tell you the truth.”

“Have you been doing this before? I mean have you been jerking off while dreaming of me?”

“Yes, I have!”

“How many times?”

“A lot! Probably thousands!”

“Thousands?” she asked and she laughed. “How often do you do it then?”

“Almost every day!”

“Wow! You really are a great fan of mine!”

“Probably your greatest fan!”

“Easy cousin! Don’t get carried away!” she ordered me suddenly as she realised that my tempo had started to get faster again. “The conversation may get you excited but remember that I tell you when to cum!”

“Yes cousin!” I answered obediently.

She took a sip from her cigarette without loosing eye-contact of my cock. It was only then when I realised that she had painted her fingernails black. She asked me again:

“So, you jerk off every day, while imagining of me. What kind of fantasies do you have?”

“The usual ones. That we fuck in every possible way.”

“Your answer does not suffice me! I would like you to be more specific. Describe to me, in every possible detail, the most exciting of your sexual dreams.”

“The best one I have is that you are on this bed, on your knees and your hands, naked and I stand here. You give me a blowjob. I enjoy your mouth while, at the same time I have a full view of your ass. You tease me by spreading your legs so that I can have a better view of your pussy. You even open it with your hand for me to see. Then you grasp your buttocks and you spread them giving me a full view of your open asshole. In the end, you start finger fucking your pussy and you sway your ass at the same time. I cum in your mouth and you have an instant orgasm as soon as this happens. You take all my load and swallow it.”

“Do you talk dirty to me all that time?”

“Oh yes! Very dirty indeed. I call you all kind of names..”

“Slowly!” she orders suddenly. She looks at my cock all the time.

I slow down my tempo once again.

“Keep on talking!” she orders again. Her voice sounds a bit different this time, as if she is excited.

“I call you bitch and whore and I have even created a new name for you.”

“What is that name?”

“Instead of Candy, I call you Cunty!”

I was expecting her to get furious with my insult, so I was really surprised when I heard her laughing.

“Cunty!” she said “You do have a wild imagination, Cousin! And how do you call yourself?”

“I haven’t thought of that at all!”

“Then let me be your godmother and give you a name. I’ll call you Dick! I believe it suits well, don’t you think so too? Cunty and Dick! Perfect!”

I laughed too as soon as I heard the combination of our names.

“I like my new name, so from now on you’ll call me Lady Cunty!”

“Yes cou…Lady Cunty!”

She took the last sip of her cigarette and started to extinguish it. While doing so, she spread her legs a bit. I couldn’t say if this was on purpose or happened accidentally. My eyes went automatically between her legs trying to get a sneak of her panties. I was too concentrated on my effort, so I didn’t realise that she Escort had already turned and watched me.

“Are you trying to peep my panties?” she asked but there was no anger in her voice.

She closed her legs and told me in a playful way: “You, dirty boy! Sneaking your cousin’s underwear!”

I must have got a very funny expression on my face at this moment, cause she started to laugh loudly. When she finished she asked:

“Would you really like to see my panties?”

“Yes, I would!”

“I guess that this could be a very good inspiration for your jerking off business, don’t you think?”

“Indeed Lady Cunty!”

“No, no! Don’t get excited again! Slow down!”

Once more I had to slow down my tempo.

“Bad boy, Dick!” she said severely. Then in a playful way she asked softly:

“Don’t you want to please your beloved Lady Cunty?”

“I do Lady Cunty! I am sorry! I apologise!”

“I forgive you! In fact I am willing to show you my panties, if you promise me that you’ll be a good boy and you won’t cum as soon as you see them.”

“I promise you Lady Cunty! I swear that I’ll be a good boy!”

“Hmmm…We’ll see about that. So far you have been acting in a bad way. You have speeded up your tempo many times and you tried to peep my panties. In fact, the later was completely in vain. All you had to do was just to ask me!”

“Are you serious?” I asked in surprise.

“Of course I am! Didn’t I just tell you that I’m willing to do it? The only thing you have to do is ask me in a proper way.”

“May I see your panties, please, Lady Cunty?”

“That was not exactly the way I expected. Try again!”

“Please, please, please, Lady Cunty! Will you be kind enough to show me your panties?”

“No, no and no again! I am not your teacher! This try was worse than the first one!” my cousin said and added:

“Try to persuade me, Dick! Make me feel special…unique…show me that I’m important to you…that I matter a lot…Do you understand?”

I nodded fast.

“Good! Then let’s try this again!”

“Will your divine majesty be generous enough to her worthless cousin, in order to fulfil his dream of seeing your glorious panties?”

“That was really a very good effort which should be compensated!” my cousin said.

I smiled happily. My cousin took off her high heels. Her toe nails wee also painted black.

“Tell me Dick, how much do you love me?” she asked.

“A lot my dear Lady! More than you can imagine.”

Keeping her eyes all the time on my cock she started to caress her legs.

“So, since you love me so much, how far would you go, in order to prove it to me? What would you do to satisfy me?”

“Anything you want Lady Cunty!”

“Do you love my body?”

“I adore it! it is gorgeous!”

“What about my legs?”

“I love them too!”

“And my feet? Do you love my feet too?”

“Of course my Lady! Everything, your legs, your feet, your toes, your heels, your soles. There is nothing on you that I don’t love!”

“I’m very pleased to hear that. So…” my cousin said and leaned back on her elbows. Then she lifted her left foot in front of my face “…prove it to me now! Lick my foot!”

I started to lick her foot. At the same time my cousin lifted her other leg on the bed and spread it to the right, giving me a view of her panties.

God Lord, what a view that was! Her black nylon underwear were completely transparent, letting me see easily through them. My cousins pussy was completely bald. Excitement got me once again, so I had to slow down again my jerking rhythm. On the other hand I kept licking her sole faster and faster.

“Mmmm..” my cousin moaned in pleasure “you do love for sure my foot cousin!”

“I adore it!” I asserted.

“Don’t talk! Just lick!” she ordered severely and I obeyed.

“Yes…like that…move your tongue…good boy!…lick my sole…clean it with your tongue…do a good job and I’ll give you the other one to clean it too…you would love that, wouldn’t you?”

She didn’t expect me to answer she it was forbidden, so she answered herself to her question:

“sure you do…go under my toes now…there, yes…lick them well…remember to jerk off slowly…”

She kept her legs spread as she talked so my eyes were stuck on lovely pussy lips. I was imagining that I was licking them instead of her foot. My cousin realised that I was hypnotised with that view and she kept on talking to me all kind of crazy and degrading things. At this moment I would have accepted anything she would have asked me to do.

“My toes too cousin…lick them well…yes like that…and between them…this is the dirtiest part of all…it needs cleaning thoroughly…good boy…now the second one…stick your tongue out well and take the dirt between my toes away…press it to go deep in…are they very sweaty?…can you taste the salty sweat between them?…of course you can! I have been standing for so many hours in that bar. I bet my feet stink terribly!”

I don’t know if my trance was so deep or if alcohol had influenced my senses of smell and taste but I was sure that her foot was smelling as if she had just come out of the shower. I even got a very discreet scent of leather, which led me to the conclusion that her shoes were brand new, probably used for the first time.

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