Donor Uncle in Apartment Pt. 06

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Again, there was a heavy downpour in the afternoon in the city due to low pressure(depression) that occurred in the Bay of Bengal. It was raining heavily. It had rained most of last night and there was no sign of respite yet. A grey and dark sky seemed to be descending on the city unable to bear the weight of heavy saturated clouds. Pawan Kumar cursed the weather, but he had no alternative as he had already booked the train ticket for Visakhapatnam, and he had to board the train by 3.00 PM, afternoon from Howrah.

One week before, the owner of Apple orchard made a call to him, requesting him to reach Chennai immediately for transferring all legal documents to Pawan Kumar for his ownership of Apple orchard which required Pawan Kumar’s necessary signatures in all legal documents. Further, there was a call from Chennai, Rupa happily informed him that Kakoli had been blessed with a son. Pawan Kumar was very happy to hear the news as this new born son was his flesh and blood, it was a gift from him to Kakoli, Rupa’s eldest daughter. Immediately, he apprised this good news to Manasi.

Then Manasi lamented over her daughter-in-law, Aprajita as she was also in advance stage of pregnancy. Pawan Kumar assured her that from Chennai, he would visit Bangalore to see the wellbeing of her son, Tapan, and daughter-in-law, Aprajita. But he had a different plan, instead of going to Chennai directly from Kolkata, he booked the ticket up to Visakhapatnam, which was en route to Chennai. He wanted to drop in, to visit Moushumi (Daughter of Rakhi/Sister-in-law of Kakoli). He had already made a call to Moushumi for his arrival at Visakhapatnam. Now, he had a long journey, first to Visakhapatnam, Chennai, and then Bangalore, afterward, he would return to Kolkata.

The taxi stopped outside of the Howrah Platform. Pawan Kumar had to wade through running rainwater with his suitcase to reach the platform. The rain gushed down the back of his neck, inside his collar. He looked around, he was looking for a porter and found him, who asked Pawan Kumar to let him carry the suitcase. It was a heavy crowd on the platform due to rain. He headed towards the destined platform where the train bound for Chennai was standing. He pushed his way through the jostling crowd.

He reached near the coach, paid the money while calling out “Thank you, thank you!” to the porter.

He climbed up the steps of the coach, each time putting the suitcase on the step ahead and then following himself, supported on the handle of the suitcase. The coach that he entered was brightly illuminated by the great amount of light from inside.

He booked in 1st AC, which was the first-class coach of the train. The corridor, covered by a red carpet led him to his compartment. The compartment was in sets of four-bed. The coach was very clean. The toilets also were clean and odorless. He was given a blanket, pillow, and two clean sheets and a towel by the Attendant. He settled himself on the bed. A flickering of daylight from outside was coming through the window, many a windowpane – all were shut right up to the top – a hissing arc lamp hung at about eye level, and the many raindrops on the glass were white, often single ones were blocking the view of outside. A young couple entered, most probably newly married, and occupied their seats opposite him.

The train was flagged off on time, as the train went in motion slowly and left the Howrah railway station, his excitement began to rise to meet Moushumi next morning. As the train gathered speed, Pawan Kumar pushed aside the screen of the window and tried to see the view of outside. The train was now out of the city and in open country. The rain was beating, and he shut his eyes. It was raining noisily on the iron roof of the train, but out in the open country, the rain fell in such a way that it sounded like the uninterrupted blowing of the wind.

His thoughts carried him to the slum area of Savita. He had sanctioned a cash loan of Rs.20,000/-, and a new rickshaw to Shyamlaal, husband of Savita. Both of them were very happy and obliged to him forever. Now Shyamlal could know the benefits of Pawan Kumar’s visit to his hut which was not an only material benefit to him but also to satisfy his sexual urge by watching his wife, Savita being fucked by Pawan Kumar. After sanction of his loans, one-day Shyamlaal came to his cabin.

Shyamlaal said, “Sahib, why don’t you come this weekend, and stay with us two nights? Savita would prepare a special dish for you.”

“Certainly, I would visit, Shyamlaal,” replied Pawan Kumar.

While he was remembering all these things, the train rocked him into a magical sleep, slumber overtook him, and he quickly fell into sleep.

Suddenly, the train came to a screeching halt, when it paused on sidings to wait for freight trains to pass, Pawan Kumar woke up as the rhythmic movement of the train stopped, then he observed the newly married couple were in a tight embrace and kissing each other. Then there was Escort bayan a knock, and they disengaged themselves. The uniformed catering boy entered with snacks and hot coffee in a tray. He sipped his hot coffee and tried to view the outside through the window, but nothing clear was visible as evening was approaching. The sound of the beating of raindrops on the roof of the train could be heard. The couple stared at him, but it seemed they were not interested in any conversation with him as they were merged in themselves without any interruption. Pawan Kumar also changed his glance towards the window and let them know that he did not wish to disturb them.

He tried to enjoy the rain, much like a romantic man after seeing the embrace and kissing of the young couple in front of him, for a short while with a warm cup of tea at hand. But his romanticism filled his mind of the last events occurred in the slum.

At the weekend, Pawan Kumar reached the hut of Savita. He fucked her whole night in front of her husband, who masturbated two times by watching them. The next morning, Shyamlaal went outside for some works. Seeing the opportunity, Savita visited the other side of slum and returned with Basanti, her daughter-in-law. Now, Basanti was in new saree, blouse, and new petticoat which she purchased by the money provided by Pawan Kumar. She was also clean. Without waiting further, Pawan Kumar stripped her naked and started fucking her in front of Savita.

Then Pawan Kumar said to two women, “I want to fuck a virgin girl of 18 years. I want to spend any money on her. Cannot you find such a girl?”

On hearing this, both Aunty and daughter-in-law exchanged meaningful glances. Basanti, the daughter-in-law whispered something in the ears of her aunt-in-law, Savita.

“No, no, Basanti, please don’t drag me into this affair. After all, she is my niece. You do whatever you wish…I have no objection, but I would advise you to seek her consent,” said Savita to her daughter-in-law.

“OK, I am coming within half an hour,” said Basanti, and left the hut of Savita.

Pawan Kumar could not understand anything that happened between themselves.

“What is going between both of you, tell me, Savita,” asked Pawan Kumar.

“You see Sahib, Basanti’s husband is my nephew (son of Shyamlaal’s elder brother) I have a niece also (Younger sister of Basanti’s husband) her name is Sumati, and she is very young of 18 years. Basanti proposed her name to me, but I don’t want to involve myself as she is my niece. Let Basanti talk to Sumati as she is her sister-in-law.”

It was 10’o’clock in the morning, Basanti didn’t turn up. Pawan Kumar became very impatient. He waited for her for one hour, but she did not come.

“Sahib may be Sumati is not agreeing for the proposal. No doubt, she is a slight fair and beautiful girl unlike me which is rarely found in our community, but what I think as she is a virgin girl she must be scared for fucking. So, I would request you to take lunch and take a little rest,” requested Savita.

“What is she doing?” asked Pawan Kumar.

“Sahib, she is a rack picker,” replied Savita.

“But, if I offer her 10 times more than what she is earning a day, would she agree?” asked Pawan Kumar.

“I don’t know. Let Basanti come,” replied Savita.

After lunch, Pawan Kumar fell into sleep. Suddenly, he woke up after hearing the voice of Basanti. He looked at his watch, it was 1.30 PM. He heard the voice of Savita.

“What happened Basanti? Sahib was waiting for you hours and hours. Whether Sumati is not agreeing with the proposal?” asked Savita in an impatient tone.

“Aunty, Sumati was not at home. She had gone to the dump yard to collect the wastes. You know, the dump yard is 1KM away from here. I found her there. At first, she did not agree with my proposal,” replied Basanti.

“Then what happened?” asked Savita.

“I convinced her that she is earning Rs.50/- every day by selling the wastes to scrap dealer. But for a few hours, she will get Rs.500/-, and she agreed immediately. But she is scared that people would know gradually if Sahib would fuck her in our hut in the slum, and her brother would also get to know. The safest place in the dump yard where amongst huge mountains of garbage, nobody could notice them. Where is Sahib?” asked Basanti.

Pawan Kumar entered the living room and consented for going to the dump yard.

Basanti said, “Sahib, you appear to be city guy, and in this daylight, if you move in the slum area, slum people will doubt unnecessarily, and which may create problems for us.”

“I have got one idea. Let Sahib wear Ganji (Ganji is a layering piece of cloth, worn by a male person as an inner layer under a shirt) only instead of a shirt. He would wrap the Gamcha (Gamcha, a cotton towel is also worn as knee-long loincloths by people of the poorer sections of society, especially menial laborers and farm workers. It is also used as a headscarf) around Bayan escort his waist, and he could use another Gamcha for his headscarf. He would be barefoot. Then only, Sahib would be looking like a man from the slum,” explained Savita.

Suddenly, a surge of excitement, a thrill swept through his body. Pawan Kumar wanted to become a slum dweller, he wanted to be among them which a civilized person would not dare to do. Let it be an experiment, Pawan Kumar thought. He readily agreed for the outfits as proposed by the two women. He asked Savita for a cotton grocery bag and put the whiskey bottle,4 nos of disposal glasses, two bottles of drinking water,4 nos of Apples, and a packet of dry snacks (food item) inside the bag. All these items were brought by him from the city.

He embraced Savita and kissed her.

“Sahib, wish you all the best to fuck my virgin niece. Fuck her carefully as she is very delicate,” Savita wished him smilingly.

He followed Basanti outside barefoot.

The first time in his life, he observed the stark reality of slum area, people living there were in unhealthy and unhygienic conditions which he could see from so close, which a city person could never know nor could realize. Basanti led him through narrow lanes. He could see the unending stretch of narrow dirty lanes, open sewers, and huts. Garbage scattered everywhere on the way. Pawan Kumar passed through dirty stagnant water, clogged drains, narrow lanes, cramped houses, heaps of garbage, and strong stink welcomed him. He could see dumps of garbage everywhere. The dumped waste was emanating a foul odor. Pawan Kumar controlled his nauseated feeling and tried to be familiar with all these odor and stench as he thought himself to be a slum dweller.

The slum was situated between two main drains through which all the effluents, wastewater were flowing out from sewers of the city for discharging into nearby Hooghly river. The two drains were clogged due to the dumping of trash and waste materials thrown, and open defecation by the slum dwellers. Trash, and tons of it, was floating in black water, slowly flowing out to the Hooghly river. While passing through the side, he could see women making open defecation and urinating by the side of the drain, lifting their sarees on their backsides exposing their dirty buttocks. They were not at all ashamed when Pawan Kumar passed near them, just 2 feet away from them as this was a regular phenomenon to them. When Pawan Kumar glanced at one of them, the woman smiled and showed her yellow teeth to him. The side main drains were overflowing and the sewage water entering the huts and the air was pungent. Pawan Kumar watched beneath his feet, he had to watch out for open channels of sewage waste and uneven surfaces.

Basanti led him into the narrow lanes, shaded alleys winding into cramped huts. She turned into the narrow lane, a width of a person, just wide enough for two people to pass pressing each other’s body. The alleyways were dark because over his head were the overhangs of huts. This narrow lane carried him past tiny doorways leading into one-room huts, a divider made of aluminium with a wall of reject bricks, dwelling in the row. Every fifteen feet, there would be a doorway leading into a hut, a singular 4×4 meter room which was the kitchen, living room, and bedroom for an entire family. It seemed the huts were held together by duct tape and rope.

He found people only in loincloths and half-naked females in tattered clothes lying on the floor, and some moving outside. The barefoot naked children were playing in these dirty, smelly streets.

Pawan Kumar was walking through the alleyways barefoot.

Suddenly Basanti stopped, and said, “Sahib, be careful, See the metal sheets of the roof which may cut your face and head.”

Basanti said, touching the metallic wall as he followed her through the labyrinthine lanes. He constantly had to duck down to avoid hitting his head on the roof of huts, which had metal rebar, broken plywood, straw, palm leaves, torn plastic sheets, and those dangling wires. He could see Cats scrambled along the rooftops.

After passing through the slum area, both of them reached an open place which was the end of the slum.

Basanti pointed out her right side, and said, “Dumping yard is in this way, it would be 1 km away from here.”

Pawan Kumar could see a lot of small as well as big mountains like objects from the distance. Suddenly, two trucks loaded with garbage crossed nearby them with a steady flow of speed, winding towards the mountains through the zigzag way for dumping their garbage, trailing behind a foul odor and stench.

Slowly they proceeded towards that direction. They came nearer to the place.

Pawan Kumar could see it was a landfill site, garbage dumping ground, it was a site for the disposal of waste materials by Govt. A thick stench filled the air. The smell was emanating from the dump yard. The smell was difficult to describe, Escort but a small whiff was bound to make anyone nauseous. The stench could make anyone dizzy. But Pawan Kumar was very strong in his mind, he was determined to discover the essence of sex from this stench. He was not at all affected by the stench.

Pawan Kumar stepped into a field of garbage. He could see the mounds of trash and dirt dumping ground. It was an open area about 2k.m. by length and half width. The city’s mounting garbage was being dumped in this empty land near to slum. The garbage heaps were scattered in this area with the shape of small and big mountains. He saw countless mountains made entirely of garbage, and those were growing bigger with each passing day as authority was not disposing of.

Most of the garbage heaps were standing between 5-10 meters high, but some garbage heaps were very huge standing 20-25 meters high, as tall as a three- or five-story building. Every day, trucks would bring in the city’s unsegregated refuse —construction rubble, plastic, rotting food, and would make their way up the winding trail on the mountain of garbage. The entire area was enveloped in the stench.

“Sumati is there, let’s go,” said Basanti indicating an area surrounded by 8-10 nos of mounds of garbage.

Pawan Kumar glanced towards that area, a cloud of thick smoke was rising to the sky from the burning of garbage from that area. The hawks were circling overhead. Few stray dogs and cattle were running and jumping in the heaps.

Amongst the heaps, Sumati saw them and waved her hand as she was going on relentlessly picking through the garbage bin, looking for waste that could be useful.

Pawan Kumar now saw her from close. She was too young, a slum beauty, the color complexion of her body was not so fair but she was not so black like her aunt Savita. Her entire body was blackened and soiled due to accessible garbage. Although she was 18 years, she looked 3 or 4 years younger than her actual age, looked like a kid girl as she was very thin may be due to malnutrition. For a moment, Pawan Kumar was in a dilemma whether she could take his big thing inside her legs. But he knew nature had made these slum girls very tough, they could withstand and bear anything.

She had no flesh in her body except her wide ass and her small boobs which were a little bit fleshy. She had a full ripe thick and lascivious rosy natural lips. Her dishevelled hairs were falling on her face full of black dust which she was trying to evade frequently. She was in a dirty and shabby appearance. She was with a tattered and faded salwar and kameez. She had no bra nor panty inside her tattered dress. As she was sitting on the heaps of garbage with spreading her legs, Pawan Kumar could see the tattered portion of her salwar near the joint of her legs, just near the pussy, and he observed long pubic hairs were coming out through the holes of her cloth. She had a pair of prominent small round breasts, and Pawan Kumar could see a portion of her white flash through her cloth just below her armpit which was torn. She had dirty fingernails which had become black. She looked quite matured to her age. She was surrounded by crows, stray dogs, and cattle behind her, just a few feet away from her. She was sitting on piles of polythene bags, plastic bottles, paper, metal parts, used medical equipment like needles, syringes, used condoms, saline bottles, soiled gloves, and other hospital wastes as well as ample of plastics, paper, bottles, cans, and iron items. A big gunny bag was kept near her. She was segregating the selected items from garbage and putting those inside the gunny bag so that she could sell those to scrap dealers.

Sumati could see her Bhabhi(sister-in-law) with an old man, old enough to be her father with a Gamchha in his loins approaching towards her. It would be her first fucking, and she shivered when she thought about this. She carefully observed Pawan Kumar, whom she found very muscular and strong although he was old. She always thought of herself as very clever than others. She always hated young men of her slum who were heavy drinkers and druggist, they would always stare and ogle at her in a lecherous manner and would ogle her breasts always. Being born in a slum, nature had made her very tough to handle the people with her sharp tongue even she could handle male persons physically.

She wondered as her sister-in-law was saying that this man belonged to the city, but he appeared to be from the slum area. She did not mind which area he belonged; her main concern was Rs.500/- to be received from him which was a huge amount for her consisting of the total earning of her 10 days. She was very happy and confident that he was an old man whom she could handle very easily.

He could see inextinguishable fires burning in some heaps quite away from the place where he was standing, which was polluting the nearby areas, polluting the air by the fumes. So, this was the city’s seething, smoking garbage dump under spotless blue skies. He looked anxiously at that site.

“I never go to that site, that area is full of fire and smoke. You know, Tonnes of garbage are being burnt at that area” said Sumati.

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