My Brother My Lover Ch. 10

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On the morning of the eight day of me taking the pill, we were all in mom’s big king size bed. I lay there, the first to wake, and remembered back to what had happened yesterday.

I watched my brother fuck mom and cum in her. He had fucked her so much harder and aggressive than when he did me. Mom loved it.

I had been licked and sucked twice once by mom and once by my dear brother while I licked mom’s pussy clean from Bobby cumming in her.

While I licked mom clean of my brother’s cum, Bobby licked my pussy to a great orgasm. Then mom and I had cleaned Bobby’s cock of his cum.

It had been one wonderful day and night sexual experience for me and I’m sure Bobby too. Mom was a pro and while I’m sure she had done all of this before, I think it was a fun time for her too fucking Bobby like she did.

I mean his young hard cock had been the first one she had in many months maybe years. And, he finished her off with a few orgasms before he had his too cumming deep inside her.

As I lay there I wondered what would happen now? We were all together in her bed and I had a feeling this was only the beginning for all of us. It was going to be a great day today, and a great night tonight I was sure of it.

But, them I began to think it would be a great summer too. I only had a few more days, of taking birth control pills to go, before I would be safe for pussy and cock sex. I was sure Bobby would be back chasing me and fucking me again and again.

I wondered if mom would be OK with it after she was sure it was safe for me. Or, would she want Bobby all for herself now that he had felt his cock in her pussy. From what I saw mom really needed fucking badly.

Mom didn’t date much at all and I felt that if my brother could satisfy her sexually, she wouldn’t worry about finding anyone else. That is until we both left home for colleges.

For me that meant when summer was over I’d be gone. But, Bobby, he would be around for another year at least. If he went to the local college in town, he would be here for four more years. I giggled thinking about how many times he could fuck mom before he left, if he left at all.

When Bobby woke he still had his arm around me. He pulled me to him and kissed me as we shared tongues. Mom was laying on her back, her big tits showing with those big nipples sticking up high.

As Bobby reached for one I grabbed his hand and held it. I took it and placed it on my tit. My nipples were big too. Not as big as my mother’s but big enough to please Bobby I was sure. My brother loved playing with my tits and really liked sucking on them.

MY hand went immediately to his cock which was rising fast. “Play with me before mom wakes up and stops Escort bayan us. Suck my nipples Bobby. Suck them hard.” I whispered.

As we played with each other we talked in a low whisper to each other about what had happened yesterday. Bobby sucked on my tits and played with my pussy . When I asked about how it felt to fuck mom, all he could do was sigh.

He told me how mom had worked her pussy tunnel to grab his shaft and make love to it. “You have got to learn how to do that Mary. It drove me crazy. Seriously babe you should learn how to do that. Mom will teach you I’m sure.” He said.

Bobby worked his fingers in me and when I was close to cumming, I rolled on top of him and moved up his body until I straddled his face. Bobby loved my pussy and he told me he loved eating me. So, he licked and licked me as I rode his mouth. But I was thinking for sure, soon very soon, I would have that big cock in me again.

When mom woke up she watched us as I rode my brother’s face. His cock was sticking straight up in the air. She straddle him like she did yesterday and she rode him again until he shot his cum her again. Bobby was happy and satisfied.

Mom seem to be too but she knew I wasn’t. She turned to the side desk and pulled out the long dildo. She put it on and I straddle it. This time I rode it and I got fucked wonderfully by the toy. I had two orgasms before we stopped. I knew mom had another one from the vibration inside her pussy as she fucked me.

That was before breakfast!!

Mom told me to shower in her bathroom and made Bobby shower in the other. When we were done we were told to meet her in the kitchen. Mom told us to wear baggie clothes and no undies. “They would not be need today or any other day we are all together.” She said.

I put on my gym shorts which were very baggie. So much so you could put your entire hand up the leg opening. The tee shirt I was wearing was cut just below my breasts. The bottoms of my round full breast were showing. It was a tease shirt and I knew Bobby would love it.

Bobby wore his work out shorts and no tee shirt. His big strong arms and chest were so sexy. His shorts had leg openings that were so big that when he sat down on a chair without underwear on let his cock and nuts hung out the opening.

With mom and I teasing him all the time, Bobby’s cock was almost always hard and tenting in those shorts or sticking out the leg opening. Very hot.

Mom wore a robe with noting under it. She told us she had to wear it just incase someone came to the door. But she opened it showing off her nude body. She left it open for us to enjoy her body too. Both Bobby and I would touch and play with her body too while we ate or watched Bayan escort TV.

It was like we couldn’t keep our hands off each other. Someone was always touching or licking or sucking or fucking someone else.

I remember when Bobby took mom hard and long and fast on our sofa as I sat and watched. He didn’t touch me at all that time, nor did mom. It was just him and her but I wasn’t jealous at all. The pleasure they were giving each other was very special.

First Bobby undid her robe and opened it completely. Then he began to slowly finger fuck her pussy with two fingers. As he did he sucked those big tits with those hard red long nipples. It was really sexual. he worked on her slowly at first gently guiding his finger in and out of her wet pussy.

I could see his big cock sticking up with mom’s hand wrapped around it. She was just sort of holding it slowly lifting her hand up and down the shaft. I could see some clear liquid around the head. he always had a lot of pre cum.

When I went to touch it she said: “NO! no sweetie not now. It’s Bobby and I right now. You watch us Mary and play with yourself.”

I watched Bobby work on mom’s body bring her to the edge a few times with his fingers in her cunt and his mouth sucking her nipples. He used his fingers and mouth to lift her sexual need higher and higher. When he started fucking her hole with his left hand, he used two fingers to rub her exposed clit with the other hand. Mom arched up!

When she did Bobby told me to suck her nipples and pull on them. When I did mom moaned and lifted her ass up off the sofa and began to hump and hump her pussy on Bobby’s fingers. We all knew mom was cumming and climaxing.

But Bobby wasn’t done yet. He moved between her wide open thighs and began to lick and eat mom’s pussy! I sucked and played with her breasts while my brother licked and suckled on mom’s cunt.

I saw mom spread her thighs wider and wider. Finally she put her feet up on the sofa opening herself as wide as she could to Bobby’s mouth. Again and again I saw her arch her back and lift up off the sofa. I don’t know for sure how many orgasm Bobby gave her but it was a lot.

Finally, it was my brother who couldn’t take any more. It might have been the smell of mom’s musk that filled the room. Or, it might have been the fact that Bobby was loving mom’s MILF body for so long his sexual want was to much for him. It might have been the way mom so willingly spread herself for him offering him all of her body.

Whatever the reason Bobby moved fast and grabbed his cock in his hand and moved up between mom’s open thighs. He positioned his cock at the door to her vagina and rammed it into her hole. Mom arched again Escort cried out but grabbed him and started to fuck him. She was lifting her ass up sliding her cunt along my brother’s hard cock. It came out of her hole wet as he fucked her.

He lifted her legs over his shoulder and rammed his hard cock back into her. Mom lifted her ass taking his cock deep into her pussy. She was fucking him back.

I watched as they went wild on each other. Bobby fucked her harder and faster than I had ever seen him fuck before. He was driving his cock into her body so hard it was taking the air out of her lungs with each thrust. “GOD YES!” Mom cried out as I’m sure she climaxed again! “GOD YES! Fuck me Bobby! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me.” She said again and again.

And Bobby did just that. He went at it like he was insane. It only took a few minutes before I saw that look on his face I knew so well. Bobby was trying like hell not to cum. But, mom’s pussy was milking him and squeezing his cock shaft

Then with one last push he jammed it into her as far as it would go. One last time before he arched his back this time. He held his cock as deep inside mom as he could get it. “OH God mom! Oh God! Oh God I’m cumming.”

I could almost hear the cum pumping into our mom’s cunt as Bobby kept saying: “Squeeze me mom! It’s so good, so fucking good Squeeze your pussy around my cock!.”

He was almost cried out the words! Mom held him and I’m sure locked her pussy tight around his cock making him feel as good as he could get.

Mom’s eyes were closed and I knew she was most likely cumming too. It was so sexual, so erotic, so hot I rubbed out two orgasms with my fingers watching them.

When it was over they just laid there. I cleaned up and took the dishes to the sink in the kitchen. When I came back they were laying together facing each other. on the sofa. Mom was stoking my brother’s face and kissing him softly. He was gently stoking her hair and back. I watched then for a few minutes and when they didn’t move, I went to bed.

Hours later I heard them in my brother’s room they were fucking again. That night I think they fucked 3 or 4 times that night. Bobby was surely satisfied that’s for sure. So was mom. Me not so much.

On Monday I took my birth control pill, it was day number 9. Mom made sure I did and then she went to work. I showered and went into mom’s bedroom where Bobby was still sleeping. I sat on the edge of the bed and watched my brother sleep. He was sound asleep.

My 19 year old brother was fucked out and finished by my MILF mom. I smiled thinking she had done her duty last night that was for sure.

One more day and I would let Bobby fuck me even if mom didn’t want me too. She would go to work on Tuesday and as soon as she did I would be in my brother’s arms and I would put his big cock inside me again. I was in heat, I was horny as hell and I wanted to be fucked. Where the hell were her toys?

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