My Cousin Laura Comes to Visit

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When I was a kid we used to go and visit my father’s brother in the summer. He lived on several hundred acres in Idaho. Ken was quite a bit older than my father and had 3 grown sons who were all married and living on the adjoining properties. The sons all had kids but only one of them was my age. Her name was Laura.

Laura was 2 years older than me and was quite a tomboy. She was a skinny girl with no figure to speak of. We had a good time chasing around the “ranch”, but I never had any sexual inclinations towards her.

When I was 14 my dad changed jobs and we didn’t go to Uncle Ken’s again until I was 18. When we arrived at my uncle’s house and got settled, my aunt called Laura and told her we were there. A little while later I heard the door open and a familiar voice said hello. When I turned to say hello to Laura, I’m pretty sure my jaw hit the floor. The skinny girl I remembered was gone and standing before me was a smoking hot woman. I was tongue tied and Laura seemed oblivious to the effect she had on me, and probably most other heterosexual male humans.

Laura had always been tall but now was even taller at 5′ 11″ She had shoulder length brown hair, with blond highlights, worn in a ponytail. She was wearing shorts and a halter top. The first thing I noticed was how tall she was, and the second thing was…she had tits now. Spectacular tits. Firm, high, solid C cup tits…and hips, too. I was awestruck.

We sat down on the deck and started talking about what had been going on since we’d last seen each other. Turns out she was a swimmer and had a full ride college scholarship in swimming and had to leave to go back to school the next day. We talked into the wee hours of the morning before she left to go home, giving me a hug and a chaste kiss on the cheek.

I didn’t sleep much that night. I just couldn’t get over how hot Laura was, and I thought that she was sending out signals that she was interested in me, in a non-platonic way, but I finally decided that was just wishful thinking on my part.

Fast forward 16 years. I had recently ended a long-term relationship and had not yet started dating, again. I was sitting at home on a Monday night when the phone rang. When I answered it a very sultry woman’s voice asked, “is this Mark?” I said that it was, and she said, “this is your cousin Laura, Ken’s granddaughter, do you remember me?” I said that I did remember her and asked her if her family was OK. She laughed and apologized and said they were fine. She said she was in town for the week at a seminar and told me her grandfather said she should call, so here she was.

We talked for about an hour catching up on the last 16 years. After college she’d gone to medical school and was now an MD. She’d also gotten married and had recently gotten divorced. I was dying of curiosity and wanted to see what she looked like now so I suggested that we should meet for a drink. She quickly agreed. The hotel she was staying at was downtown and had a nice bar, so I told her I’d meet her there in an hour.

I got to the bar about 15 minutes early and, after looking around and seeing that Laura wasn’t there yet, got a table where I could watch the door. I ordered a drink and shortly after the waitress brought it Laura walked into the bar.

The last 16 years had been kind to her. She’d put on some weight, but it was all in the right places and her figure was outstanding. She was wearing a fitted skirt and jacket with a white silk blouse underneath. She was also wearing stockings and 4.0″ heels. The look was totally professional but quite sexy. I was glad I’d put on slacks and a sport coat. I stood to greet her and got a hug and kiss, on the cheek, for my efforts.

We sat down and the waitress took her order for a Bombay Sapphire Martini, very dry. We started to catch up where we’d left off on the phone. She told all about her life and recent divorce and asked me about my life.

I told her all about my recent relationship and the events that led to its termination. We talked for hours, Escort bayan and 2 more drinks. Laura was very easy to talk to, and even better to look at. After the first drink, she’d taken off the jacket. She was wearing a sleeveless silk blouse that was semi sheer. Underneath she was wearing a very pretty lace demi-cup bra over what looked like D cup breasts. I complimented her on her outfit and figure, which seemed to please her.

Around midnight she said she needed to get to bed, as she had an early start the next day. I paid the bar tab and as we were leaving Laura took my hand and said she’d had a lovely evening. Then she asked me if we could have dinner the next evening, if I was free. I said I’d make a reservation and pick her up at 6:00.

The next evening, I pulled up in front of the hotel and Laura came out wearing a long coat, as it was late Fall and quite cool. The doorman quickly opened the door for her, before I could get out and do it. When the door closed, she leaned across and gave me a kiss. Her lips were electric, and the jolt went right to my cock.

When we got to the restaurant, Laura checked her coat and we were seated at a booth, in the back corner. She was wearing another fitted skirt and a tight sweater with a very low neckline that showed quite a lot of cleavage. We ordered drinks and dinner and she told me about her day.

We had a nice dinner and the conversation was slowly becoming more personal and intimate. It eventually wound its way around to the last time we’d seen each other. I told Laura that I had a confession to make, she raised her eyebrow in that “yes, and what would that be” look and I said that when we’d last seen each other I’d had a massive crush on her. She blushed and said, “I know…I felt the same way about you but didn’t know what to do about it, so I did nothing.” We laughed about it and continued talking, long after dinner was over.

3 hours later we left, and I took her back to her hotel. When we pulled up in front, she asked me if I’d come in for a night cap. I handed the keys to the valet and took her arm and we went into the bar and got “our table.”

After our drinks were delivered, we resumed our conversation, which had become increasingly sexual. Then Laura threw me a curveball and asked me if I’d mind if she took off her bra, as it was digging into her boob. I assured her that I was perfectly all right with that. She got up, taking her purse, and went to the ladies’ room. When she came back it was very obvious that she’d removed her bra as her nipples were very hard and her heavy tits swayed as she walked, under the tight sweater.

When she sat back down, I said, “I hope you won’t be offended but you really do have an amazing figure.” She thanked me and said that she thought that she needed to lose 10 pounds. I assured her that from where I was sitting, she didn’t need to lose an ounce.

By the time we’d finished our drinks it had again gotten very late and Laura said she needed to get off to bed. I paid the tab and we left the bar. When we got to the elevator Laura put her arms around me and kissed me, saying she’d had a wonderful evening. She looked like she wanted to say more and instead kissed me again. This time I could feel her tongue in my mouth, and we kissed for what seemed like hours but was probably a minute. You know the feeling.

When we parted, Laura looked at me and said, “we’ve been getting along so well and I don’t want to mess things up, but I have to tell you how I feel.” I gave her the raised eyebrow, hoping this was going where I was thinking it was going.

Then she said “I feel this overwhelming desire to sleep with you. I know it’s wrong, and all the reasons that we shouldn’t do it, but still I really want to do it. If you don’t feel the same way, just walk away and we’ll part friends and never mention it again.”

I thought about how to formulate my reply and finally said “it’s very late now. Tomorrow why don’t you check out and come and stay at my house for the rest of your trip?”

Laura Bayan escort gave me a long deep kiss, pushed the elevator button and said I should pick her up the next day at 5:00.

The next day went very, very slowly and I went home early as I just couldn’t concentrate on anything. At 4:30 I pulled up at Laura’s hotel and left the keys with the valet, saying to leave the car out front as I would be leaving soon. As I rode up in the elevator, I prayed that Laura hadn’t changed her mind. Finally deciding that if she had, she would have called. I went to her room and knocked, as nervous and excited as I had ever been in my life.

Laura answered the door wearing a hotel bathrobe and a big grin. My heart skipped a beat. Laura invited me in and gave me a big hug and a long, wet kiss. My heart skipped another beat, I think because it was working overtime sending blood to my penis.

Laura said the seminar and run long, and she was just getting in the shower. She said I should pick out something for her to wear. She went into the bathroom and I heard the shower start as I rummaged through her closet. I selected some nice heels, thigh high stockings, and another fitted skirt and jacket set. The jacket had 2 buttons and was cut quite low in front.

When Laura came out, she was wearing the bathrobe and looked at the outfit I’d chosen and asked me what top, bra and panties she should wear. I grinned and said I didn’t think she’d need them. She grinned back at me and took the outfit onto the bathroom saying she needed to put on her make up. She said I should go down to the bar and she’d be along shortly.

I went to the bar, got a table and ordered a Coke, wanting to keep my wits, such as they were, about me. In due course Laura arrived, rolling suitcase in tow. She looked fantastic. The jacket barely covered her tits and there was a lot of cleavage on display. I stood and greeted her and told her she looked spectacular. She thanked me and said that she’d decided to wear a bra as it showed off her tits a little better but that she’d take it off, If I preferred. We decided to leave it on, for the time being.

We left the hotel and I took her to my house where we dropped off her suitcase and then went to the restaurant where I’d made reservations. We got a table in the back corner, my preferred location, and ordered drinks. Laura sat beside me and I had a good line of sight down her top at those magnificent tits.

Laura said she’d barely slept last night, and I laughed and said I knew how she felt! I told her I’d gone home from work early as I couldn’t concentrate, and we had another laugh. All through dinner we stopped to kiss. After dinner, we decided to go into the bar and have an after-dinner drink.

We got a table and this time Laura sat across from me. After our drinks came Laura looked at me mischievously, leaned back and unbuttoned the 2 buttons on her jacket. Letting it fall open and leaving her full, black lace clad, tits on display. She grinned at me and asked what I thought of the view and I said it was stunning. When the waiter came to check on us, she made no move to cover up and I thought I was going to have to shoot the guy to get him to leave!

After he left Laura buttoned her jacket and went to the ladies’ room. When I saw her walking back to the table there was only one button holding her jacket closed and her heavy tits were swaying very enticingly, under her jacket, and I knew she’d removed her bra.

She sat down, looked me in the eyes, grinning the whole time, sat back, and again unbuttoned her jacket, letting it fall open, exposing her bare tits to me, for the first time. They were even more spectacular bare, and I told her so. They were a heavy D cup and sagged like natural 34-year-old D cup tits would. Her nipples were very dark and large and now were quite hard. We waited until the waiter came, and then paid our tab and headed for my house.

When we got to my house we sat down on the couch and started kissing and frantically undressed each other. Escort I was pleased to see that Laura’s pussy was shaved smooth. She said she’d started shaving when she was swimming, in high school and college, and after college had liked the way it looked and felt so she’d had it lasered.

I quickly got down between her legs and started to lick the lips of her succulent, soaking wet, pussy. As I rolled my tongue over her clit, she shuddered and came. She pulled me up and kissed me hungrily and licked all her juices off my face. Then she got down on her knees and started to suck and stroke my cock. I warned her that I was pretty excited and if she did that for very long, I would come. She stopped long enough to say that she wanted me to come in mouth, the first time, to “take the edge off.” Then she redoubled her efforts. As predicted, I shot a huge load of cum down my cousin’s throat. She milked my cock dry and sat next to me on the couch.

I asked he if we were “kissin cousins” now and she laughed and said “yup, I guess so.” I started a fire and got us drinks and we lay down on a blanket, in front of the fireplace. We talked for a while and pretty soon we started to fool around.

I was sucking on her nipples and fingering her pussy as she stroked my cock. She had me lay down and climbed on top of me, guiding my cock into her pussy. Her pussy was very tight and she fucked me for a long time before speeding up and screaming that she was coming as I shot my load deep inside her cunt. She lay on top of me until my cock shrank and popped out of her. Then we went upstairs and took a shower together.

We fell asleep then woke up around 2:00 and made love again before falling asleep for good. I’d cancelled my appointments for the next day and Laura had, as well, so we slept in until 10:00, then made love again, followed by a shower.

When she came out of the shower she lingered, still nude, in front of the floor length mirror. Then she said, “now that you’ve seen me nude what do you think, do I need to lose 10 lbs.?” I told her that she looked fantastic and that, if anything, I’d love to see her 10 lbs. heavier.

I made breakfast and we spent the day in bed, for the most part, finally getting up around 6:00 to get dressed and go out to dinner. Laura wore very tight Levi’s, heels and a plain white t-shirt, with no bra. She looked amazing.

We went to a local bar and had dinner than danced for a while before going back home and falling into bed again. We made love 2 more times that night.

The next day Laura was somewhat melancholy, and I asked her if she was OK. She said that the last 2 days had been wonderful, and she would like nothing more than to stay here, forever, but she had her career, I had my business and our families would never understand. We made love again, very slowly, both knowing that this would probably be the last time we would be together. Then we got up and I took her to the airport. We exchanged e-mail addresses and did keep in touch, for a few months, before she met another man, and then I met Mary, whom I would soon marry.

A couple of years later I heard, through my parents, that Laura had remarried and moved to the east coast. 5 years later I saw her at her grandfather’s funeral. We were both happily married and were only able to be alone for a few minutes. She said she was happy, and I said I was, as well. She gave me an envelope and said I should open it alone, kissed me and was gone.

I opened the envelope the next day, when Mary was at work. In the envelope there was a USB drive. When I loaded it into my laptop, I found about 100 pictures of Laura. They were taken by a professional. They started off as portraits of her wearing business attire and ended with full frontal nudes. She’d gained about 20 lbs. since I’d last seen her nude and looked FANTASTIC.

I emailed her and told her how great she looked and asked how her husband liked the pics. She said he’d never seen them. She’d done it for herself, on a whim, and had thought I might like to have them, too. We keep in touch via email a few times a year and I’ve seen her twice at funerals.

Mary and I have had some pretty hot sexual experiences since we got married but I’ll always remember the time I spent with Laura.

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