Mother and Daughter BBW’s share

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Many people have trouble getting a date and it applies to men as well as women. This is a story about two women, and a man.

The women are mother and daughter. Mom is now forty-one and daughter is twenty-two. The guy is thirty-one, lives next door and moved in recently. They’re all single now and Mom was divorced when daughter was barely three years old.

The neighborhood is conventional rural and they reside in three-bedroom houses that are mirror images. The houses face east and each has a driveway and garage. The women’s home has a driveway on the north side and the man’s is on the south side of his home. The women’s two lived-in bedrooms are on a side of their home opposite the man’s bedroom in his home.

The evening of the day the man moved in, the daughter came home from work. With a day off Mom had been busy in the home with various tasks but not too busy to ignore the moving van next door.

I am the daughter and the story begins with Mom “The house next door is no longer empty.” she tells me.

“Oh? Who moved in?” I asked.

“I’m not certain but I did see a man that didn’t seem to be part of the moving company and he’s still there. I don’t know if he’s married or anyone else is coming or if he’s just house-sitting until the owners arrive.” Mom tells me.

“What does he look like Mom?” I ask.

“He’s very tall and looks to be in his late twenties or early thirties. He was barefoot wearing only shorts, has short brown hair and has a nice chest especially when it’s soaked with sweat.” Mom teases. “Maybe you’ll meet him and he’ll be a boyfriend worth having.” she continues.

“Mom! I’ve never had a boyfriend and I doubt if one will suddenly appear next door.” I tell her.

“Well maybe if you don’t want him then, maybe he’ll like an older woman.” she laughed teasingly.

“You need a man. Dad was a dud cheating on you and all but now I can move out anytime and give you a place to entertain.” I tell her continuing the tease.

“Well. Let’s just see what happens if anything.” Mom says and we have dinner and waste the rest of the evening in front of the boob-tube.

I did see the guy outside a few days later and Mom was right. He did look interesting. I don’t know if he wore a different pair of shorts but he was wearing a pair when I saw him still without a shirt and barefoot and still sweating as he worked outside around the place. Besides sweat and shorts he was nice looking and then I caught sight of the thing that every woman enjoys or would like to be enjoying. If it was all real then he was virtually a stud under those shorts.

I was working part-time and attending college at the time and when I was home I began to notice him often and even spent more than a few minutes studying him as I hid behind the edge of windows. I was definitely interested and began fantasizing him nude and eager for me.

Mom and I talked about him a lot then and we talked openly. I saw Mom too studying him many times but neither of us had met him.

We paid a guy to take care of most of our yard work but we sometimes did the watering of the lawns and bushes ourselves and so one day when I had been watching him again in that same sort of uniform he seemed to dress in I hatched an idea.

It looked like he had a lot of work at the bedroom side of his house and would be there for a while.

Mom was gone for the day and I was in my robe because I hadn’t dressed since I crawled out of bed. It might have been nine-thirty in the morning and it was going to be hot.

I pulled out a short sleeved but long-tailed white dress shirt and a frilly clean bra. The shirt was long-tailed because I’m chubby and if I tuck it into a skirt without the extra tail it pops out and I look like a plumber when I bend over.

This time after I had the bra on and fastened I put on the shirt but then had an idea. My bra was frilly but it was also fine mesh except for the frilly trim. I could see right through it and maybe that’s a reason I like it so much. Instead of wearing the shirt straight down I grabbed the tails and tied them high under my tits. I liked the look and loosened the tie to allow my tits to jiggle when I walk. The tie also left my belly-button visible and I liked that.

As I’ve said I’m chubby but Mom and I have almost identical figures with large tits, soft obvious tummies and butts larger than we like although I’ve watched men look appreciatively at Mom’s. Because we are so alike I’ve studied Mom’s figure and use it to judge what I look best in and Mom does the same with me.

Next I found my tightest and shortest white shorts and fastened them. It did seem to make my tummy stand out and I didn’t much care for that but I think Mom looks good that way so I forgot about it. Next I pulled out an old pair of tennies but they were dirty and I decided to go barefoot.

When I went out the back door and walked around to the garden hose I turned on the water and slowly worked my way around the yard to the side of the house next to where he was working. It didn’t seem he’d noticed me yet, even though the watering was rather noisy, Gaziantep Mutlu Son Escort and so when I got closer I said “Hi my name is Sheri. Isn’t it hot today?”

He turned slowly and nodded then when I thought he was going to ignore me he turned back and studied me. He was undressing me with his eyes and that was a fresh treat for me.

He stood then and said “Yeh it is hot. Would you like something cold to drink?”

“That would be nice Mr.?” I answered.

“Just call me Bill. I’ve got ice water and Diet Coke which would you like?” he smiled.

“Coke would be good.” I said.

“Do you want to come inside and drink it out of this heat? You can turn off the water until we get back” he answered.

I was nervous but thrilled to learn his name and be invited into his house. “Sure give me a minute to turn it off?” I asked.

When I had it off and returned he escorted me to his back door and motioned for me to go ahead of him.

When we were inside he went straight to the refrigerator and pulled out two cans of Coke then rinsed their top under the faucet and dried them with a paper towel before bringing them back and handing me one.

We popped the can tops and he was studying my cleavage. I laughed and made certain my tits bounced for him “Thanks. We’re out of Coke at home.” and then he was studying my legs.

I started to speak but he interrupted me “Girls that come into a guy’s house alone always have one thing on their mind.” he said.

I was taken back and after a moment I asked “What is that?”

“You saw me, got turned on and want sex with me.” he said matter-of-factly.

“What?” I almost screamed.

“You have a body built for sex and a set of cans and ass that beg to have your body taken. Your tits are huge and you dressed to show them to me.” he said confidently and I had a serious wet moment.

“I don’t know what you mean. I always dress this way.” I stammered.

“No you don’t. I’ve seen both you and your Mom and you guys never dress this way.” and he seemed to be leering at me.

“I’ve also seen you both watching me out your window. You want me so now you get naked for me.” he said.

“I don’t know what you mean.” I said innocently.

“I mean take off all your clothes so I can see where we’re going next.” he told me.

“You want me to get naked? In front of you? You’re crazy.” I said.

“I might be crazy but you and me are going to have sex so get naked or I’ll undress you. You decide. Now!” he said and reached out, grabbed the tie in my shirt and pulled it. The tie came free easily and I hadn’t fastened any of the buttons. The shirt fell fully opened before I could cover myself. I didn’t know what to do next. “Are you going to rape me?” I asked.

“No I’m not going to rape you. I’m going to give you an entire day of that pleasure you’ve dreamed of all your life and your body is aching to enjoy. Now those are some nice tits.” he said “…and I can see them right through the bra. You can leave the bra on or take it off but it’ll probably be more comfortable for you if it’s off when we start rolling around.” Then he reached out and dragged a fingernail across my left nipple and it felt good enough that I closed my eyes involuntarily and climaxed.

“I see that they are sensitive have you always liked them played with?” he asked.

“I’m not sure. I’m the only one that has ever touched them but I do like it I think.” and blushed at what my voice had just admitted.

“Nobody? Do you like cock?” he asked.

“I think so but I’ve never seen a real one.” I continued amazed at what I was saying.

“Then why do you think you’ll like it?” he insisted.

“My girlfriends all do and when I was sixteen my Mom caught me playing and then drove me to an adult store. She left me in the car and when she came out she was carrying a sack. She showed me what she’d bought. There were two of them. One for me and one for her and they looked real… just like pictures I’ve seen.” I was running off at the mouth now and couldn’t stop.

“What did you do with them?” he continued.

“The bigger one was for Mom but I knew what they were used for and Mom got me batteries. I used mine and it was perfect.” I said shakily.

“Did it feel good?” and waited for me to answer.

“Yes and I practiced with it a lot. I still do. Sometimes I imagine it’s real and it feels like it. It is soft rubber but like a continuous erection I think.” I told him.

I heard my voice but couldn’t believe I was telling anyone all this. I was sitting half-naked in a strange man’s house and telling him things I’d never told anyone but I couldn’t stop.

“Have you ever sucked a cock?” he asked.

“I told you I’ve never seen one and certainly never touched one.” I told him.

“So you don’t know how?” he said in a serious voice.

“I didn’t say that. I’ve practiced with mine and I liked it. It took me a long time though before I could swallow it.” and my voice seemed almost apologetic.

“So you’re ready for a real one now?” he asked.

It took me a long moment in the quiet room before finally to break the silence I answered “I think so.”

“Stand up and take off those shorts now.” he said and reached for the side buttons and then opened them.

When I was standing he pulled them down then whistled appreciatively and said “You didn’t wear anything under it and you look good.” It was only a moment before he was working them over my feet and then he leaned forward, kissed my tummy several times then worked his kisses lower.

I didn’t know what to do and then he said “You want me to kiss it, and I will but not yet. You should know that I like shaven pussy.”

“First you’re going to come over here to the doorway with me.” and he led me to a door but turned me around so that I couldn’t see inside his bedroom. “There’ll be time enough to see the bed later. Right now I want you to look up. Do you see those eyebolts?” he asked.

I glanced up and saw them. They looked like they were new and I said so.

He reached over and slid a drawer open on the table next to the door and pulled out a handful of black stuff. He wrapped one strap around each of my wrists then hooked a long black rope through a brass ring on each wrist strap. Next he slipped the ropes through the eyebolts on each side of the door and pulled them tight raising my arms above my head then he tied the ropes to more eyebolts at each side bottom of the door frame. “It makes your tits stand out beautifully.” he added.

I didn’t know what to do then and I was afraid to scream.

He scrounged through the drawer again and pulled out something that looked like a large paintbrush.

“Do you feel how soft this is?” he asked as he ran it across my tummy and it was indeed soft.

“You didn’t take off the bra and so I’m going to do it now.” but instead he slipped it upward until my tits were bare.

I watched in fascination as he brought the brush up and circled each tit then after long moments of teasing he pulled it away before he suddenly snapped the brush downward over a nipple several times. At first it stung and then it felt good before he moved to my other nipple and repeated it.

I think I moaned and he said “You have nipples that come alive.” and he leaned over, pulled one between his lips then I felt him sucking before running his tongue over it. It seemed I could feel the wetness running down my legs.

He continued for several minutes running the brush all over my back and front and almost to my heat. He’d slapped each cheek of my ass with it just as he’d done with my nipples and it too felt good.

“Well Sheri you have a body that arouses me and your reactions are exactly what is needed for pleasure. Now I’m going to do something more.” he said before wrapping my ankles in straps too then spread my legs as he brought over the remaining lengths of rope that he’d already secured there. He had to let my arms slip down a bit as he spread my legs but he kept them tied high. I was totally naked and spread-eagled in the doorway when he finally ran the soft brush up the inside of my legs again and again but stayed away from my center that cried for attention.

When finally he glanced up into my eyes and smiled he moved the brush to tease my mound and outer lips and I climaxed again. It seemed that he could make me climax endlessly even though subconsciously I knew I shouldn’t be here.

“Are you ready now?” I heard him ask and then he was spreading the lips and said “You have a beautifully small tight clit.” then he swept it with the brush and I was lost. My body trembled and then shook frantically and I had to scream softly. I had long minutes of ecstasy and then he stopped a moment. As I opened my eyes to see what he was doing he snapped the brush against my clit hard several times but after the first, all pain was gone and I wanted all he’d give me.

I believe I was totally out of it unable to do more than shake when he stopped. Finally my body settled and I opened my eyes uncertain of what I’d see.

He was standing watching me then said “Pay attention now. Do you want to see it?”

I didn’t immediately know what he meant until his hand cupped his crotch and I could see the size of his bulge then I nodded. His shirt was off and I could see his abs so perfectly tight and formed I wanted to kiss them. I wanted to run my fingers and tongue and nibble over his nipples and down to that stretch of dark. I focused on the disappearing hair below his shorts.

His shorts had an elastic waistband and he slowly slid them down without unbuttoning them. When at last I could see the top of his cock appearing and the shorts continuing to descend I knew at last I would see what I’d been aching to have.

He dropped the shorts to the floor and stepped from them but my eyes were focused on a huge, perfect erection. It was beautiful and circumcised but it also stood proud at a slight upward angle. The head was huge and swollen almost purple. “Do you want to taste and suck it now?” he asked as his hand closed around it.

I must have nodded or at least I think I did because it was there and my attention wouldn’t leave it. He cupped his balls then and drew them forward before he asked “Do you want to feel and lick these too?”

“Do you want to swallow my cock and taste my cum? If you’ve only used toys then you’ve never tasted a man’s release. You’ll like it and never be able to get enough of it after that first taste and swallow. You’ll want it caressing your throat anytime you can get it.

Do you know what precum is?” he asked and I shook my head.

“They are clear shiny drops that form at the tip when you have me hard enough and when you taste them you’ll want more. You will extend your tongue and lick it clean. If you’ve ever used a large, long round package of cookie dough from the grocery and if you cut off the steel ring at one end then wrap your fingers around it and squeeze as you slide the hand from the closed to the open end you will see the cookie dough squeeze out free. That is what you will do with this every time after I’ve filled you with salty sweet cum. You will suck every last drop from the tip and catch them on your tongue as your hand slides forward and then you will wash the tip with your tongue and use it to clean my cock from base to tip. You’ll enjoy it all after your lifetime of need.”

“If you try very carefully you will even feel my balls clench each time you make them cum and empty, then you’ll know that my balls will fill again as we prepare for another round.” he promised.

“Is your cock toy this large?” he asked as he shook it at me.

My toy wasn’t nearly his size and he teased when I shook my head “You’ll learn to swallow it all down and I’ll help.”

I nodded although I was uncertain because of his size that I really could do it all but I was still helplessly tied in the doorway with a yearning to continue, feel and taste. I wanted him to want me and to want everything I’d do for him.

He released his hold on it then walked closer to hug me close and I could feel his urgency against me. “Have you ever been spanked?” he asked and I told him I hadn’t.

He dropped below and crawled between my legs before standing again and a moment later I felt something warm being tied around me. “It’s a chamois. The kind used to dry your car but now it has been soaked in hot water and will keep you from getting lasting welts. Because it is wet you’ll be able to feel everything as if it was against your bare ass and he slapped me hard across one cheek.

Again I had that intense feeling of pain that faded again into need and desire for more. He gave me more and I could feel my ass growing warm and knew my ass must be bright red below the chamois but I wanted even more. He gave it to me and I realized then that I’d never known the pleasure of rough handling and it was all good. Now I was awakened and would always want and need more.

When he’d stopped I felt something teasing the space between my cheeks then his hands were pulling them apart and I felt something more sweeping from under then up across my anus again and again. “That’s my cock and I can tell how much you like your ass touched. We’ll get to that maybe next time you come over.” he said matter-of-factly “You have the cutest sweet ass for it.”

I didn’t know what to say but then he removed the chamois and kissed the warmth he’d created. When I turned my head I could barely make out his location from the corner of an eye.

Then I heard him close to my ear say “I will free you now but you will obey me and do all I command.” Then I felt him loosening them before removing the straps from my legs then my wrists.

He strolled confidently to a large soft chair and sat on the front edge. “Get down on your knees and crawl to me. From now on you may call me Master but must ask before you speak.”

My legs were stiff as I bent them before dropping to my knees and beginning to move toward him. It seemed long minutes to cover the short distance and my eyes flashed from his eyes downward to his still eager erection. I still had difficulty realizing how large it really was and as I neared it he raised one leg over the arm of the chair then said “You are going to give me a blowjob now and you will remember everything I’ve told you about it. You’ll begin here.” and he pulled his cock back against his tummy and cupped his balls pulling them forward. They were as large as the biggest plums I’d ever seen and the skin of his sac was tight around them.

I looked questioningly into his eyes but he only shook his balls as he stared into my soul.

“Cup them in one hand and use a finger to separate them. It’s okay because I don’t expect you to take them both into your mouth at the same time.” he said and his voice seemed hungry.

I did as he told me and I was astonished at how warm they were as they filled my hand. My finger felt their firmness and they moved easily to opposite sides while I moved forward and leaned my head over and licked them one at a time. It was perfection and nothing like the pair on my toy at home. I took them one at a time into my mouth and rolled them around. I was definitely leaking down my legs and for only a moment I wished I had a towel to dry myself. He moaned as I worked and then his hand was on my head and I couldn’t pull back until he was ready.