Movie Marathon

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Author’s note: all characters are 18 or older. Not a true story but it is original, property of me, OliverPride. Any suggestions please contact me. WARNING: Do not copy this story! Thank you. Enjoy!


My name is Aaron, I’m 6ft tall and have brown hair, white skin, and the darkest brown eyes anyone’s ever seen. It was the summer after senior year of high school therefore I, or… uh, we, were 18 at the time. Before we went away to college, one of my best friends, a girl named Amanda, wanted to see all the Marvel movies because I have an obsession with them and she had never seen any. I warned her that there were almost twenty movies in the MCU (Marvel cinematic Universe) yet she didn’t care. Amanda claimed she was more than happy to come over and watch them all with me.

Senior year was very rough for me as I had spent the whole year trying to earn the love and heart of a girl who did nothing but break mine. I had told Amanda everything about my devastating crush, heartbreak and torturous year. That girl really ruined my year, she purposely lead me on just to crush me and hurt me. Luckily, my good friend Amanda was very sweet and was always there to comfort me. In short, she knew all my pain and all my secrets. We were just friends at the time, nothing more. I really needed to spend time with a friend to help me get over my terrible year and move on. Therefore, I invited Amanda over for a Marvel movie marathon so she could watch and understand all the new movies that came out. Most of all she wanted to understand and see the movies that I love.

It started as another random Saturday in the sweaty months of August. Amanda rang the doorbell. I answered and let her in. She was wearing black yoga pants and a white shirt. Being a guy, I’m not sure what type of shirt she was wearing but it was loose, looking like a drape from her chest that was covering her midriff. It addition, it was slightly low cut, revealing a small amount of cleavage. Although Amanda was insanely attractive I had never pursued a romantic relationship with her in order to retain our friendship. Even if I confessed that I think I have feelings for her, she probably wouldn’t feel the same and I couldn’t handle anymore rejection that year. In the meantime I did enjoy hanging out with Amanda as friends. Secretly, I thought Amanda was practically perfect. She’s the nicest person, friendly, funny, helpful and my God was she gorgeous. Amanda had long, lustrous dark brown hair that she often tossed around and played with and had flawless white skin with a touch of a summer tan. I could get lost staring into her light brown eyes as her bubbly personality kept conversations going endlessly.

Now Amanda is a little plump; which means she has a tiny puff to her cheeks that makes it cuter when she smiled. I wouldn’t say Amanda is overweight by any means, however, she is very curvy and has all her extra weight in all the right places. Everyone’s eyes are always drawn to… well, Amanda has a gargantuan ass, there! That’s the only way to put it. None of her friends, especially not me, have ever mentioned it to her but Amanda is extremely pear-shaped. She has large thighs that lead to wide hips and the biggest of bottoms. Amanda has the sexiest plump tummy. I’ve seen it exposed many times when we went swimming. She’s not at all fat by any standards but Amanda has a round belly as if she is constantly bloated. There’s not enough fat on her stomach for it to fold over or droop but just enough to show that she has got some curves and damn does it make me want to rub her belly. Lastly there’s Amanda’s breasts. Their size depends on her outfit so I could never tell her true cup. My guess is a Bcup because some days they look huge and others they look to be a decent, modest and beautiful B. On this day they happened to look huge but my guess remains locked in at B.

Normally I never talk about my friends that way yet this is all important information to understand Amanda.

My basement has a projector screen like a movie theater so I lead Amanda downstairs. The old wooden staircase creaked as we walked. Once at the bottom I turned to see Amanda still walking down. Her tits bounced very slightly but enough for her loose shirt to flap and show off some belly. With her tight yoga pants on Amanda’s tummy looked a tad bigger than it really was. Amanda reached the bottom step and gave me a knowing smile. Did she know I was checking her out? My cheeks went red with embarrassment. What an awful friend I am, I thought.

Amanda walked toward the couch in front of the large screen. Just before she sat down Amanda pulled her yoga pants up to cover part of her belly just below her navel. This hid her belly making it appear flatter. Meanwhile the material of her pants stretched, straining to cover Amanda’s giant ass and wide hips. The fabric was spread so thin it turned partially see-through in some parts; obviously her thick butt and thighs. In fact they were so see-through that I Gaziantep Sınırsız Escort believe I spotted pink panties through them before she sat down.

I shook my head and shut off the basement lights. The projector was already on, providing us with enough glowing light to see in the dark. I was ashamed for looking at my dear friend that way. I saw her underwear and it made me think of how much I wanted to grope and feel that lovely huge ass of hers. I wiped sweat from my forehead and those thoughts from my mind. I was a better person than to think those things about Amanda. She was a great friend who didn’t deserve a pervert as a friend. Of course I’m not actually a pervert but my recent thoughts made me feel guilty.

I walked over and sat on the opposite side of the couch, away from Amanda. She was distracted playing with the soft, fuzzy brown couch cover to notice me. I smiled and started the movie, forgetting all about Amanda.

The first movie to watch was Iron Man; the first movie of Marvel studios and the mcu. We sat in silence as the movie played. Now, Amanda is an extremely friendly person who is known to go around hugging everyone and leaning on them. That’s why it was no surprise to me when within thirty or so minutes of the movie, she was leaning on me, practically sitting on me. As I explained, Amanda has a very sexy, big ass and it was right on top of my crotch! This made me very uncomfortable. We were just friends yet I knew with her on me like that I would certainly get an erection. I began to grow restless and worried that at any moment my boner would start to rise and she would feel it. In my mind I started to plan out what to do out of panic. I thought, “maybe I should warn her and make a joke out of it then it’d be funny and less awkward. On the other hand maybe if I focused on the movie I won’t get a hard-on and she would never notice.”

I tried to distract myself from the fact that my beautiful friend was sitting right on me and her face was a foot away from mine. Unfortunately, it didn’t work for long. Right when I thought I was safe, Amanda leaned forward to scratch her foot or something and her butt rubbed against my crotch. I immediately began to harden at a rate that I couldn’t stop. It wasn’t my fault, there was physical and visual stimulation even though we were good friends my dick didn’t care; it made me think sexually of Amanda which caused further arousal. My face turned to pure shock. I didn’t know what to do or say. Amanda had to feel my erection. I was stone hard and her plump ass was pressing right against it!

I tried to look at her face to get a sense of her reaction but she was looking away from me, still staring at the movie. When she sat back up, once again rubbing my crotch, I felt my cock twitch. That’s when I knew she had to feel it and I had to do something. Amanda wiggled a bit and suddenly my dick was wedged in between her asscheeks; basically I guess since we were both wearing clothes. To my surprise, Amanda ignored my raging erection and continued to lean back against me. She watched the movie as if nothing had happened. It was too much for me. Her huge butt was squished against me, I couldn’t ignore it, it turned me on so much that I was not paying attention to the movie at all. Instead I was trying to figure out how I could get out of this awkward situation without making the rest of the night uncomfortable for us both. With every slight movement she was rubbing against me, ensuring my erection and sexual thoughts never went away. I finally decided enough was enough and something had to be done or else I might lose control.

“Uhh Amanda?” I started. She turned her head slightly to look at me. “The way you’re sitting is kinda… well you’re an awesome person and I love you as a friend but you’re also a very attractive, stunning girl and that means you can’t sit on my lap, a boy’s lap, without getting… I don’t know, some unwanted attention?”

At first there was silence. Amanda simply smiled at me. Then after a few seconds she giggled, leaned away from me and sighed. “Oh Aaron, who says it’s unwanted attention?”

I was confused. I thought she didn’t understand what I meant so I repeated myself more clearly. “No Amanda, I mean if you sit like that you’re accidentally rubbing against my crotch which is turning me on and I’m really sorry for it. I can’t control it, so please sit next to me or something because it’s not gonna be fun if you sit on me like this. I’m really sorry.”

Amanda laughed. “Aaron stop apologizing! I’m saying I like this. It… it’s kinda hot to me to think that I can turn you on like this.”

“You mean you meant to do this?” I asked bewildered.

“Not at first, but once I felt your large dick against me I started to think about all the nice things, all the compliments you ever gave me. It made me realize you’re not just being nice or a good friend, you actually believe in what you say, you really think I’m gorgeous don’t you?” Amanda confessed.

It was time for my confession now. “Yes of course I do. I’d never lie to you, you’re so sweet and breathtakingly stunning. You don’t have to do something like this in order to know that I’m telling the truth.”

Amanda blushed. “You know that I hate it when guys hit on me or flirt with me but it’s strange because when you say things like that… I love it.”

We sat in silence again for a moment. I think we both didn’t know what to say or what lied ahead for us. Finally Amanda began to speak.

“And yeah maybe it was wrong to grind against you like I did but I really didn’t do much. I’m not offended. In fact I’m very happy because… I don’t know… it’s like the guys that usually hit on me, I know that they’re only after one thing, you know? Like they don’t care about me, they just want sex, it’s obvious because they’re complete strangers that know nothing about me. However, with you it’s different. You’ve been my friend for a long time and have always been here for me, so I know you care about me. You know a ton about me, my secrets, my interests, my dreams. You know me, understand me, and now I know you! That you’re way more than just a good friend or a good person. You love me for who I am, unconditionally, and in return you never asked for anything and you even wanted me to stop grinding against you, you truly respect me and you’re not after anything.”

“I don’t know what to say Amanda,” I replied.

She blushed from what she had admitted. “You don’t have to say anything, I love you too! Nobody’s ever complimented me without wanting something from me. I know we’re just friends but I love you so much more than that. Sorry I’ve kept it a secret and you had to find out like this. Don’t worry about not knowing what to say because this says it all,” with that Amanda did the unexpected and grabbed my hard cock through my shorts. I didn’t dare move. I stared back at her in disbelief. I could feel my dick throbbing as she stroked my shorts with her left hand. My eyes moved up to meet hers. “I can’t believe I actually turn you on, for once in my life a decent guy, err no uh, an amazingly sweet guy, is attracted to me. That makes me feel so great; like I’m worth more than I thought. I don’t just attract perverts I can get a really great guy. I believe we could be amazing Aaron. I just have to know for sure that all you say about me is true and that you really want to be with me?”

“I’m not sure what you’re doing or where you’re going with this but, yes Amanda I do love you. You’re honestly beautiful. I can’t imagine anyone more heavenly than you… what!”

I yelled because Amanda stood up and removed her white shirt. The whole time I was speaking she was only half listening and more focused on undressing. It caught me off guard. I was very confused but I decided to shut up, sit back, and watch what was going on.

Amanda put her hands to her hips while forcing out her bust and belly a bit. Amanda was by no means fat, a little plump, possibly chubby, but not fat. Her belly had enough mass to curve over her pants at times however her stretchy yoga pants prevented that from happening now. She stood in front of me wearing a tight black bra and constricting black yoga pants. I stared up at her tits, I still wasn’t too sure but I believe they’re around a Bcup or a bit larger than the size of a handful and not much more. Amanda’s bra looked a bit too small for her making her breasts look a lot bigger. I was utterly captivated by her. Then she started to rub her curvy belly with her right hand and my dick twitched. She was so hot.

“You find this fat body attractive?” Amanda asked. She didn’t take her eyes off her stomach as she played with it.

My heart sank. “You’re not fat!” I exclaimed. “You’ve got the sexiest body anyone could have Amanda, look at you!” She blushed and grabbed her stomach with both hands holding onto her belly fat between her fingers. I found this extremely hot even though she was trying to turn me off. Her belly is perfect just a little pudgy to make me want to rub it and hold onto it. The best way to describe her is curvy as her sexy belly is perfectly round, while her ass and thighs are much bigger; massively huge but very hot. Not big enough to be a turnoff.

I stood up. I couldn’t take the teasing anymore. I had to kiss her or touch her, to do something! I reached out to her soft face and brought her head swiftly to mine in a quick kiss. It was her turn to be speechless. She stared at me with lust sparkling in her eyes. I had never seen such an expression on anyone before. Suddenly Amanda leaned in and we passionately kissed. Obviously I was very turned on by then so I couldn’t control myself and let my hands drift down to her giant ass. It was amazing! Feeling her butt through her tight yoga pants made me realize how much her pants were straining to contain her wide hips and thick ass. I squeezed an entire handful of her ass in both hands as our bodies came together to make out. My hands roamed all over her back while we kissed. Amanda’s hands were searching my body as well but what I felt the most was her grinding her pelvis or groin against my hard cock. I was in heaven. I could even feel her soft beautiful breasts pressed against my chest as we embraced.

Finally Amanda broke away in order to speak. “I can’t believe this is happening” she started. “I want you to see all of me because I can’t believe you’re actually attracted to me.” With that she stripped off her pants and panties in one swift motion. They dropped to the cold concrete floor before I could say a word. Next, Amanda removed her bra and let her nice big tits rest naturally against her. Her belly, boobs, and thighs jiggled as she moved. Amanda did a 360 spin to show off her naked body. Then she stood casually. I loved her gigantic ass that rippled and shook when she spun. Amanda is definitely a pear-shaped girl with glowing white skin as soft as silk. “Well,” Amanda announced, “this is it. This is all of me. You really don’t see how fat I am until you see my ass and thighs huh? You really like a chubby girl like me?”

At this point I was certain she was teasing me, yet she was serious. She really couldn’t believe I honestly thought she was beautiful. “Amanda I don’t believe in perfection but you’re as close to perfect as possible. You are not fat, maybe curvy, but not fat. You’re ass and thighs are so thick; it’s beyond sexy!”

Amanda smiled devilishly while blushing. She rushed forward and hugged me, squeezing me with all her might. I could feel heat from her pussy or pubic region as her lower body rubbed against my stiff dick. As quickly as she hugged me, she pushed away. Amanda grabbed the waistband to both my red shorts and blue underwear and quickly yanked them down to the floor. It was too fast and unexpected for me to react. Amanda smiled sweetly and claimed, “you were very overdressed.”

I stepped out of the clothes piled at my feet and took off my nerdy Spider-Man shirt. We were now both completely naked. I stared back at Amanda’s eyes and they dazzled with desire, it was so surreal, she is so gorgeous. “Wow, you’re insanely hard Aaron. I’m so lucky that my best friend loves me and is really, really attracted to me. This thing proves you actually think I’m sexy and umm here’s what I think.” After Amanda spoke she immediately grabbed my cock and kneeled down. She stroked it until it stood erect at a strong seven inches or so. My dick had never been bigger, it grew to about three inches wide or a tiny bit smaller, I wouldn’t know. What I did know was that before I knew it, Amanda was sucking my dick. Nothing made sense in that moment. Seconds ago we were just friends. Then out of nowhere she confessed she had feelings for me, I confirmed that I never lied to her, I honestly believe she’s stunning and somehow we both ended up naked and aroused. At the time I had no idea what this night would lead to. I wasn’t sure if she was just as horny as I was or if we really had a connection and could form a stable relationship. We were great friends and loved each other as friends but now I couldn’t see how I could go back to that, it was like what Amanda said; I loved her much more than that and seeing her smooth body, I couldn’t get enough. I wanted to do this, see her, be with her, all the time.

I could feel my pre-cum already leaking into her mouth. I was so shocked any of this was happening yet it was, it was all real. My eyes were locked on Amanda although the pleasure I was feeling made it hard to keep them open. Her glistening brown eyes stared up into mine as her mouth went back and forth on my cock. While she sucked and licked my dick her hands were busy keeping it steady. Then the next thing I knew her left hand reached for my balls. I felt them boil as cum began to surge to the surface. There wasn’t much time before all that cum would come blasting out.

“Amanda? I can’t hold back my cum much longer,” I warned.

Amanda stopped sucking me. “Ok, I can’t have that. I want you to cum somewhere else first.”

I noticed that she said “first” which meant this blowjob could quite possibly be the first of many. “Alright but I’m really close, where do you want it?”

Amanda blushed with a sigh. “Oh Aaron, I want it in my pussy! I know you’re shy, quiet, and a man of morals, though I really wanna go all the way with you. I’ve waited for this longer than you know, yet if you don’t wanna do this we don’t have to.”

I was stunned. This is the best day of my life, I thought. Amanda was my best friend and one hell of a beautiful lady. I pointed to my dick which was so hard it was touching my stomach, “Amanda look at me. Of course I want to, I would love to make love to you, you’re a goddess.”

She giggled and shook her head. “I mean it Amanda. You’re so sweet, caring, talented and sexy. You’ve got it all.” Amanda stepped forward and I enjoyed watching her body jiggle lightly. Then she hugged me while slightly humping me. I ran my fingers through her hair as we kissed and made out as if we were never going to see each other again.