Happy Holidays

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So I follow Vivienne Rose and she did a contest with the criteria “what we would do if we had a weekend together”. The prize was an audio of the winning stories.

Mine was one of the winners.

And here it is for all of you to enjoy (also check out Vivienne’s stuff, she’s amazing). I wrote it from her POV, which is a first for me. Hope you all enjoy and have a Merry Christmas!


“So,” I purr as I enter the bedroom. “Have you been naughty or nice this year?”

Tied down as you are to my bed, I know you are desperate to answer me. But the ballgag I slipped in between your pretty lips makes it all but impossible. Not that it matters We both know the truth.

“Don’t worry baby,” my voice barely a whisper beneath the clicking of my heels on the floor. “I know you’ve been very naughty. Just how I like you.”

You struggle to lift your head, to catch a glimpse of me in all my holiday wonder. But you don’t get that present just yet.

The lights of the little Christmas tree in the corner shine all over the room, reflecting off the leather of my knee-high heeled boots while I stand at the end of the bed, taking you in. All tied up for me. I’ve teased you so much this weekend, my mouth and my pussy and every delicious inch of me toying with you and your cock over and over.

Bringing you to the edge and then denying you.

You’re so desperate now, practically aching for release. I can see the precum dribbling out of the tip of your cock, and I lick my lips knowing that soon that tasty little dick of yours is going to explode just for me.

But not yet. I haven’t wound you up enough.

Gently, I raise my right boot off the floor, and slide the toe up and down your cock, poking your balls with the heel just for fun. I see you shiver at the sensation of the smooth leather and the sharp stiletto against your skin. God, just knowing how much you’ve been willing to do for me has my panties nearly soaked through. Such a good little Christmas toy.

I pull the boot away after a few seconds, not wanting you to have too much of a good thing. You moan through the gag, and I slowly make my way close to your head. You look up, and even in the dim, Gaziantep Grup Escort colored-light filled room, I can see the excitement in your eyes. Any dreams you had of sugar plums dancing in your head disappear as I allow you to see me in all my glory.

The soft, silky red top you bought for me barely contains my breathtaking breasts, the matching panties already glistening. My lips- red to match, smirk at the look on your face, and I blow you a kiss just to see you squirm. I know you want me under the mistletoe baby, but you have to wait a little longer.

Reaching down, I remove the gag, amused at the sound of your panting. “Like what you see?” I ask, though your eyes tell me all I need to know.

Still, never hurts to hear you say it. “Yes, Mistress Vivienne.”

“Good boy,” I say as I lift my leg and let the sole of my boot rest on your lips. “Kiss my boots.”

You don’t need to be told more than once, and those lips of your pucker up and place sweet little kiss all over the toe, sole, and heel of my boot. I switch to its twin once I’m satisfied, and you do the same, enjoying the taste of the leather on your tongue. But not for long. After all, I have much better uses for your mouth.

I take the boot away, then climb onto the bed, straddling that adorable face of yours. Your beard tickles me through my panties, and I giggle before positioning myself.

Your tongue- well trained even before this weekend, gets right to work. I moan as it dances its way along my tender lips before diving in search of my clit. I let my fingers glide through your messy hair, not yet holding on too tightly but reminding you who is in charge.

My free hand rubs my nipples through the silk, and I let a small moan of my own escape. You’re doing so well, I almost want to play with your cock right now. Looking over my shoulder I see it standing at attention for me, begging and pleading for my touch. So cute, and so hard.

A jolt runs along my body as your tongue continues its work, and what started as a small moan grows as I bite down on my lip. “A little to the left… a little more…” I grab your head with both hands. “Perfect.” I moan, my thick thighs tightening around you. I wonder if you fear that they’re going to crush you, but you agreed to all of this. And you did tell me you always wanted a thick girl on top.

We’re both getting what we want this Christmas.

The jolts keep coming, and my nails dig into your scalp as I feel my muscles tense and let loose, a torrential wave coursing along. My moans become screams, muffling any you may be letting out as you nearly drown in my juices. The flow seems endless, and I cry in ecstasy as your tongue keeps up its pace. I haven’t squirted like that in far too long, I’d almost forgotten how good it felt.

“Good boy…” I manage to whisper as my grip loosens. Shivering, I slide off your face and try to find my footing on the floor, but I see your face in the lights and smile. Your lips and beard shine with sweat and cum, and in between your panting, I watch your tongue lap up the juices that didn’t make it into your mouth.

Not one to let a drop go to waste are you? I like that in a Christmas toy.

Slowly, I move along the side of the bed, knowing your eyes are locked on my bottom as it sways back and forth. I had planned to tease you a little bit more but after that? You deserve a little treat.

I take a seat on the bed, laying down so my boots are once more in your face, and my lips are inches from your cock. It practically leaps, trying in vain to touch them but not yet. I give the tip a small kiss, tasting your sweet precum. Sliding my tongue along your shaft, I feel you squirm, and as I reach your balls I give them a peck. They are so heavy after all the fun we’ve had, and the thought of them exploding for me is more than I can take.

Quickly, I take your length in my mouth, sucking it like a candy cane and letting my tongue tease every inch of it. Your so hard, almost mad with lust, I bet I could get you to do anything for me if I just let you cum. But then, you’d already do anything for me, wouldn’t you baby?

Without a word, you start kissing my boots again, and though I hadn’t given you the order, I’ll allow it. After all, it just makes your cock grow even harder. More of you for me to enjoy.

Up and down and all around my mouth explores this rock-hard dick, your balls tightening with each teasing turn. You’re so close. I could stop right now, maybe leave you for a while then come back and tease you later. Or I could straddle this thick cock of yours and let you fill up my pink little pussy.

But feeling you in my mouth, thinking about what yours did to me… I can’t stop myself.

I keep sucking, licking, and teasing your prick. You’re gripping at your restraints, panting, and begging me to finish you off. My lips brush against your balls and I can feel them shake. I take your cock in my hands and look up at you. Our eyes meet and the ache in yours is so hot.

“Say it, baby,” I tease, and you practically melt into the bed.

“Please Mistress Vivienne, let me cum.”

My fingers glide along your shaft. You’re so close now. “Again.”

“Please Mistress Vivienne, let me cum.”


“Please Mistress Vivienne, let me cum.”

It’d be so easy to make you beg more, I can almost see tears in your eyes. But I want that cum, and I wrap my lips around your cock one more time and give it that last lick, and then, we both feel it.

You, coursing through your body. Me, exploding in my mouth. All that cum

we’ve built up this weekend, shooting deep into my throat like a geyser. Your arms tear at the restraints to no avail, you’re not getting free until you finish, and there’s so much cum I don’t know if you ever will.

But you do, and as your lay there, numb with ecstasy, I suck every last drop out of those balls of yours, then swallow your load and lick the little drops from around your cock. Then, slowly, I crawl my way to your face and press my lips to yours, my cum on yours and yours on mine, our tongues meeting in the middle and mingling our juices.

Only when they part do I dare start to untie you, but you shake your head to stop me. Your eyes plead with me, and I smirk, knowing what you’re going to say. Like a child on Christmas morning, even after you got all your presents, you still want more.

“Please Mistress Vivienne… Can we do it again?”

My lips come together in a devilish smile. Such a naughty toy.

I let my hand slide down your chest and wrap around your cock. The weekend isn’t over yet, and I still have plenty of things for us to try out.

“Yes, we can baby. Yes, we can.”