I Turned Your Dad into a Bottom

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In high school, I had the biggest crush on my best friend’s dad. I did everything I could to tempt him. I took my shirt off every chance I got when I was around him. I even went as far as to buy bikini briefs to strut around in when I slept over. It was just us guys since Johnny’s, my best friend, mom divorced his dad and moved away for her job.

I think I was more upset over the divorce than Johnny. After all, if he were to live with his mother, my time trying to get into Mr. Brown’s pants would be wasted. Luckily the divorce was amicable, and they agreed to let Johnny finish his schooling with his friends. That’s when I stepped up my game.

After all, Mr. Brown needed comfort. Comfort I was all too willing to give, though he didn’t seem to take notice of my willingness. About the only thing I didn’t do was crawl into his bed at night. I knew in my heart he wouldn’t have kicked me out. I knew Mr. Brown really swung my way. I saw his eyes devouring my lean body, and the way his voice cracked when he saw me in those sexy briefs.

After graduation, Johnny went to school near his mother. I went to a local college. I wasn’t the jock Johnny was. Yeah, I played baseball and ran track, but that was more so I could scope out the guys in the locker room, I really wasn’t into sports like that. It did give me a long lean muscular body that I kept in check in the university gym.

Every time Johnny sent me a text, I would remember his dad. Mr. Brown was the one that got away. He was totally rocking the dad bod before anyone had named it. He had this slight graying to his temples, permanently brown skin from his time in the Navy. I know he hit the YMCA to stay in shape, and tame his slight belly, but for me he didn’t have too.

Sophomore year, Johnny and I messaged less and less. I also came out and was humping anything that gave me a second glance. It wasn’t unusual for me to miss class because some frat boy wanted to suck me off in a bathroom, a TA wanted to have a quality discussion with their mouth full of my dick, or a professor wanted to know what it was like to be bent over their desk.

I was five foot eight, toned and tanned. I let my chestnut hair grow a little shaggy, so it gave me that school boy innocent look with my amber eyes. The thing that drew the boys, and men, in was the bulge in my shorts. I was blessed with eight inches of pure bottom pleasure and bull balls that cried out to be emptied as much as possible.

Spring break was coming up. Johnny was coming to visit his dad and I was looking forward to it. It was mainly so I could shamelessly flirt with his dad. I understood his hesitation when I wasn’t eighteen, but I was nineteen going on twenty five with my sexual prowess. So when Johnny sent me the text he wasn’t coming two days before Spring break because of some stupid paper he had to get done, I was totally bummed.

I hadn’t made any plans to do anything else. It wasn’t like I had the funds to do it anyways. I ended up doing the one thing I never did. I went to the local Gay bar to see what was exciting about it. Girls were always trying to get me to take them to one. I got enough action without going to one, so I figured it was a waste of my time. With my cornucopia of ready and willing bottoms out of the picture for the week, I decided to chance it.

I was glad I did. I was there an hour, bored out my mind and about to leave when I saw Mr. Brown come in. I faded into the crowd, eyeing him, making sure it was him, but I knew that cute little ass anywhere. I watched him order a drink and walk around the crowded club. I followed.

I saw him talk to a few guys, so I knew it wasn’t his first time here. There was no chance he was going to pull off the, “this is my first time here,” or “I’m here for a friend” story. I waited till he went back to the bar to refill his drink to make my move. I wanted him away from his friends. I didn’t want to embarrass the guy, nor did I want him looking for them for support.

I moved through the people like a shark homing in on his prey. Mr. Brown had his back to me, with people on either side of him. I saddled up beside him, my body pressed close to his. My hand moved down to his ass, cupping his firm butt. He jumped with surprise then turned his head with a smile to see whose hand was on his ass.

That smile turned to shock. I grinned a toothy smile. I leaned in, putting my mouth next to his ear so I knew he could hear me over the thumping of the music. “Hi, Mr. Brown. Remember me? It’s Zack.” I flicked my tongue against his ear to show my intent. I pulled my head back, the cockiness pouring off me like bad body spray.

Mr. Brown just stared at me, a deer caught in the headlights. He didn’t move away, nor did he push my hand off his ass. I squeezed his cheeks harder, pulling him against me. My cock was lengthening. I knew he could feel against his leg as it slowly snaked down mine. I wanted to take him right then and there, but I knew better.

“Zack, what are Gaziantep Grup Escort you doing?” He finally asked when he found his voice. He tried to move away from me but I held on tight. I saw his face was flushed red with embarrassment. It wasn’t that he was here, it was that I was. “Zack, let go of my ass.” His voice had no force in it. “Please, you’re embarrassing me.”

I leaned in again. “I’d let go, but then everyone will see how hard you made me.” I heard the hint of a moan escape him. “Those squats at the gym are really paying off.” I reached into his pocket and pulled out his phone. I made sure to brush my fingers over his own excitement. “Unlock it so I can give you my number. Then I’ll leave you to brag to all your friends that you got some hot studs number.”

I took the phone from him the moment he swipe it opened and called my number so I had his too. “There.” I locked the phone and pushed it into his pocket. I left my hand in there, feeling his hardness through the fabric of his pants. “I’ll come over tomorrow around noon so we can catch up.” I squeezed his cock for emphasis. “Have a good night, Mr. Brown.”

I pecked him on the cheek before releasing both his cock and ass then walked away, heading out of the club. Once outside, I sent him a text with one of the many pictures of my dick I had on my phone with the caption, “You’re going to look good riding this.” I knew the message was going to fluster him, but I didn’t want to leave anything to misinterpretation about my intent. I was getting that ass.

I didn’t get a response back. I didn’t expect one. It was everything I could do not to bust a nut before I fell asleep. I kept thinking of Mr. Brown staring at my dick pic. My cock was crying for release, but I wanted to save every last drop for Mr. Brown. I wanted my sexual palette clean and ready for the sexual buffet I was going to have.

Saturday morning I woke up and sent another picture. It was of a pair of white bikini briefs I used to wear. Along with it, I sent the message. “I’ll be wearing these when I come over.” I still didn’t get a response, but I knew he got it. I went about my morning business, eager to head over Mr. Brown’s house.

I went to the gym, got my muscles bulging for him and my testosterone flowing. I had to look good for Mr. Brown. This was going to be our first time, the first time of many if I had my way. I would have to get used to calling him by his first name, Alvin, instead of Mr. Brown. I could make that adjustment.

I was a little early for my “date” with Alvin. I didn’t think he’d mind. I knew deep down that he was just as eager as me to get down to the down and dirty. He wouldn’t admit it just yet, but he would. His car was parked in the driveway so I knew he was home. I pulled up behind him and strolled up to the front door as confident and cocky as ever.

When I hit the door bell, the door almost flung open immediately. Alvin, I had to get used to that, was standing there. His hair still damp from his shower in one of his signature polo shirts and shorts. I didn’t wait for him to invite me in, I just pushed in passed him. I wasn’t in the mood to play whatever cat and mouse game he thought we were going to play.

I plopped down in the middle of familiar couch, spreading my legs so he could get the barest glimpses up my pants leg. “Hi, Alvin.” I tested the name rolling off my tongue. I liked it. “So nice to see you out of the club scene.” He just stood there, staring at me in disbelief. “You should shut the door, unless you want the neighbors to see. I don’t mind, but you might.”

He shut the door but didn’t move. “Zack, I don’t know what you think is going to happen here, but let me make sure one thing is clear. Nothing sexual is going to happen between the two of us.” So we were playing cat and mouse. I wasn’t in the mood for this game, but I was a professional at it. “What you did last night, and those pictures you sent can’t happen again.”

I gave him my innocent look. “I just want to talk, Alvin. Honest.” I gave into the game, if that was what he wanted. I watched him tense up at my familiar use of his name. I patted the spot beside me. “Come on, sit down with me. Let’s catch up.” I watched the internal struggle rage on in him. I was setting the bait for my obvious trap, and he was willingly walking into it. “Come on, I don’t bite.” I left out the obvious sexual undertone. I didn’t want to spook him.

“Stop calling me Alvin.” He took a tentative step forward. I could see the tent in his pants that he hoped I hadn’t noticed. I moved over a bit, to give him a safety zone. “I’m sorry Johnny couldn’t make it to hang out with you this weekend. I knew you were looking forward to it.” He sat down, trying to shrink his body as much as possible. “How have you been though?”

I stretched my arm behind him, resting my hand on his shoulder. The cat had the mouse, and there was no escape. “Horny, Alvin.” I said low and deep, my eyes meeting his and conveying my intent. “I mean I’m young and full of cum.” I adjusted myself with my other hand, watching him stare blatantly at my package. “You know I had such a crush on you in high school. I wanted to fuck you so bad.”

He looked back at my face. “I’m a top.” He said the words hesitantly, as if trying to believe them as he spoke. We both knew it was a lie, at least as far as me and him were concerned. “Zach, we shouldn’t be doing this.” I had him. He was already resigned to it. “I mean you’re my son’s best friend, and I watched you grow up.”

I reached over and pulled his hand onto the hard lump in my shorts. “Exactly, Alvin. I’m all grown up now.” He didn’t pull away his hand. “I’m not the naive little boy. I’m a grown man now.” I felt him squeeze my cock gently. He bit his lip in contemplation, his eyes moving from mine to his hand.

Since he had me by my bull horn, I decided to end his internal debate. I moved my hand to his face, guiding him to my mouth. Our lips touched and sparks flew for me. He didn’t fight my tongue slipping into his parted lips. Our tongues met and embraced, wrapping around one another then ventured out to explore each other’s mouth.

I moved my hand down his chest, then slipped it up his shirt, finding that his belly was now flat, not hard and defined, but not as much as there was before. My hand followed his happy trail up his chest till I found his nipple. I flicked the tiny dot, getting a muffled sound of approval. Slowly, I scraped my nail around and around.

He ran his hand up and down my length, squeezing the firm pipe that stretched across my hip. There was no turning back now. I kept him pulled close, letting him feel my hard supple body next to his. I was just giving him a taste of what was to come. The trap was set. He was nibbling on the bait. It was time to spring the trap and catch my willing prey.

“We shouldn’t be doing this.” I said breaking the kiss. I stood up, quickly kicked my shoes off and pulled my shirt off to show him the hard sexy prize he was about to get. “We are though.” My hands went to the button of my shorts. His eyes stayed glued to them. I unfastened them. “Remember these?” I moved the zipper down slowly, drawing out the anticipation.

My shorts fell to the floor revealing a pair of too tight white bikini briefs that barely contained my cock and balls. I ran my hand over the length of my cock. His eyes followed, his jaw slacked with awe. “Remember how I just ran around her in just these?” I stepped out of the shorts and between his legs.

I reached for his shaking hands and placed them on my hips. “Zack.” Came his voice soft defeated voice. His hands moved around to my ass. Alvin didn’t take his eyes off his prize. He looked up at me, pleading for me to stop him. I put my hand on the back of his head and gently nudged him into my crotch.

That was all that he needed. His mouth found me, sucked on the fabric surrounding my cock. I felt the warmth and wet of his mouth seep through as he moved along my shaft. I fisted my hand in his wet black hair. My body tensed, eager to get down to business, but I wanted to drag it out. I wanted to enjoy every minute of it.

I pulled him back by his hair, lifting his head up and off of me. There was a pleading in his eyes. He was so close to the ultimate prize and I was snatching it away. Only momentarily, though. “I think you’re overdressed, Alvin.” Comprehension was lost on him in his sex induced hypnosis. I reached down and pulled his shirt off.

His body had changed since I had last seen him. Gone was the slight pudge I had loved, replaced with a flat, but still soft stomach. His chest muscles were more defined and firm. His arms were toned, and the anchor tattoo on his right bicep looked like it had been freshly reinked. “Looking good, Alvin.”

He blushed, but didn’t say anything. We both knew if he said anything it would be to end all this, and we weren’t about to do that. Not now. “Let me look at you.” I pulled him up to his feet. We were the same high now. My hands ran over his rugged chest, feeling the baby soft chest hairs. “Damn, you’re just as sexy as you were back then.”

My mouth found his. I sucked on his lower lip, letting my hands drift down his body to his own shorts. His hands came around me. I unbuttoned his shorts and lowered the zipper. I sucked on his upper lip while I pushed his pants down over his hips, letting them fall to the floor. Alvin, to my delight, was going commando.

His cock was rubbing against my thigh. My hand moved to it, feeling what I dared not look at yet. I felt the hardness of his six or so inches. His cock wasn’t too big, wasn’t too small, wasn’t too thick or too skinny. It was just right. The perfect for sucking and, I’m told, fucking. Maybe I’d give him a chance to feel how tight my walls were, but not today.

“I feel overdressed.” I said huskily between kisses. “Why don’t you help me catch up to you?” Alvin was all too willing to drop to his knees for me. He looked up at me again. I gave him a smile of encouragement. He pulled down my briefs, freeing me from my tight confines. My rod swung free, slapping him on the cheek.

I stepped out the briefs, keeping my eyes locked on Alvin. With one hand, I pushed his head back just far enough, the other I guided my cock toward his lips. He did the rest. His lips spread wide, brushing over my tip as he took me into his mouth. I saw his body trembling from the excitement and anticipation.

He let out a low grumble moan as he got his first taste of me. His tongue moved like wildfire, exploring every bit of me as he slowly took me into his warm waiting mouth. I let out a sigh of triumphant. I watched him take more and more of me in. Anyone else, I would have skull fucked him into oblivion, but not Alvin. He was a fine wine to be savored.

When I felt the press of his nose into my pubes, my legs almost gave out from the rare pleasure I was getting. Not many could take me all the way without scraping me with their teeth, and Alvin did that and more. I could feel the tickle of his tongue along the underside of my shaft. He pulled back without any choking or gagging then swallowed me whole once more.

Alvin was definitely a born cock sucker. Had I known in high school, I would have been the cause for his divorce. I held onto his head as he bobbed back and forth along my length, giving me a long sloppy wet blow job. His tongue did an intricate ballet around my cock, massaging it as it went back and forth.

Alvin gripped my hard muscled butt cheeks. He pulled me into him. He practically slammed me into him. I started moving my hips in time with him, letting him spear himself on me. I could feel the churn in my balls going, ready for their first of many releases today, but I didn’t want to shoot just yet. He could still have second thoughts.

I pulled him off me, holding his head back with one hand, my cock with the other. “Open your mouth and stick out your tongue.” He did as commanded, no questions asked. I batted his tongue over and over again, letting the driblets of precum splatter across his taste buds. “You’re so hot on your knees, but I want to taste that daddy dick I have dreamed about.”

I pushed him onto the couch. He was too scared to give in, too scared to admit that this was what he wanted. I spread his leg, lowered my head into his lap and revelled in the fact that the Mr. Brown was finally mine. I slurped and sucked his cock, holding his balls with one hand the other exploring his body.

I could tell he was holding himself back, not letting himself fully enjoy this, but that wasn’t going to stop me. I loved the feel of him sliding between my lips, the press of his cock along my tongue and the almost, but not quite there touch of his tip to my tonsils. How many times I had fantasized about this very situation and now I was living it.

“Zack.” He finally found his voice. “Fuck, Zack, that mouth.” I knew that I was as talented a cock sucker as him. I squeezed his balls, let him slip from my mouth only to take him back down again in a one swift motion. “Damn, Zack.” He arched up into my throat. I was just getting him primed. I was a man on a mission.

I let go of his balls and brought both my hands under his legs. I pushed his legs up into him, exposing that perfect pucker for me. There was no time for him to react, to protest, only shudder and moan when my tongue dashed across him. I ran my tongue all around him, tasting the hint of soap and man musk.

I toyed with him, letting my tongue open him up with its insatiable tap tap tapping on his back door. He grabbed ahold of his legs, pulling them back for me, letting me free a hand to run across his delicious doughnut hole. He was saying my name, praising me with curses of how good it felt.

The time was near. I reached over to my pants, fished out the tiny bottle of lube I brought. I opened it, unbeknownst to him. I slicked my cock up, getting it ready to do its duty. My bottom feeder was anxious and ready to satisfy yet another. I pushed a lubed finger into Alvin. If he noticed, he didn’t let on.

I stood, hooking his legs on my shoulders. I looked him dead in the eye as I rubbed my tip against his loosened hole. “I’ve wanted this for so long.” I said softly, pressing against him, but not pushing in. He looked so sexy there below me, folded in half, getting ready to take me. “I’m going to make you feel so good.”

“I’m a top.” He said pathetically. I pressed forward, feeling his warm walls surround me. I watched is eyes roll back in his head when I moved across that special spot. “I’m, ugh, a, fuck, top.” I tried not to laugh at his feeble lie. No virgin top could take me as easily as he did. “Zack, damn, fuck.” My hips pressed against him. “I’m a top.”

I leaned down and kissed him, quieting him. “Not today, baby.” I said when I pulled back from his lips. His protests stopped when I began rocking back and forth, moving full in and out of him. He was clinging to me, trying to keep me from leaving that velvet ass. “Oh, you feel so good on my dick.”