Hoodwinking My Two Doctors

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Brutal Dildo

Although Catherine and Susan are now studying to be medical specialists, when I met them they were in their final year as medical students. A friend of mine at college had advised me to try to have 3 girlfriends at any one time. The rationale was that female students don’t want a “needy” boyfriend — they want an independent boyfriend who is available intermittently. With that in mind I had negotiated my way through many girlfriends when I met Catherine and Susan at a campus function. By trial and error I had worked out what is successful and what isn’t.

After a week or so I had been successful in bedding both Catherine and Susan. I had to put up with their insecurities and their desire for me to wear condoms. The first rule in the first few weeks is to give them a good time and to give them orgasms. I was confident that my rewards would follow with time.

After a few weeks I casually mentioned to Catherine one night that I was having regular sex with Susan and that Susan didn’t get me to use condoms. Catherine was on the pill and so she agreed to let me fuck her without condoms. I started enjoying just cumming in her cunt. The next time I was with Susan I mentioned the opposite — that Catherine didn’t get me to wear condoms and again Susan agreed that I could cum inside her.

Although they were friends they never seemed to discuss what was happening sexually with me — I think it is just a girl-thing. They both loved dirty stories and they especially loved hearing about what the other was doing when she fucked — but all the information flowed through me. Occasionally I’d have a third girlfriend as well, but Catherine and Susan became my main source of sex for quite a while. They thought it was cool that I didn’t ring them frequently like previous boyfriends and let them study.

Over many months we worked through sucking my cock, swallowing my cum, doggy style, sucking me after I’d fucked their pussy, fucking up against the wall — all on the basis that the other one was already doing it. So, for example, when I suggested to Catherine that we park the car at the look-out and fuck, I told her that Susan had already done it with me — Catherine then agreed and I could then truthfully report Gaziantep Yabancı Escort the details of our car-fuck to Susan who would then agree to do the same.

On average I was probably fucking each of them every 10 days and our fucking was becoming more and more exotic. So combined with an occasional third girlfriend I was probably getting sex 7 or 8 times a month. I even got them to agree to fuck during their periods.

During this time they graduated and both became interns in the main city hospital. I was a bit concerned about what their change in status would mean — but the cycle of fucking continued uninterrupted. As long as I was the conduit of information, each of them continued to keep up with the other. It never ceased to amaze me that during this time, although they saw each other frequently, none of this sexual activity was discussed.

I must admit that the thought that I was now fucking 2 doctors was highly arousing. The problem was that I was getting close to the end of my perversions. Catherine had agreed to have anal sex because Susan had — and Susan had agreed to anal sex because Catherine had. It seemed that there was a perfect balance in our sexual activities as long as Catherine and Susan though the other was do it as well. Our “standard” sex was for me to lick their pussy to orgasm, fuck their pussy and then cum in their mouths and then fuck their pussy again and cum in their pussy. Variations might include doing it on in a public place or in a forest or in a car. What they wouldn’t consider was all 3 of us fucking together.

Catherine was tall and slender with long blonde hair — she also had smallish breasts. Susan was slightly shorter and slightly plump with large firm breasts. She had long black hair. It was interesting playing with their insecurities — I’d say to Catherine that Susan’s tits were much bigger and she would respond … “But I’m better at sucking your cock.”

I started thinking about possibly getting my 2 brothers involved. I’d been telling both of them about the sex that I was having with Catherine and Susan. I thought – what if I asked them if I could have sloppy seconds sex with both of them and say that “Leon” was a clean living guy that I knew who would fuck them, cum in their pussy and then go. I’d stay with them during the fucking and then fuck them afterwards. I’d say to them that it would really excite them to be fucked by 2 guys and really excite me. I’d promise them that “Leon” was a safe choice but that he preferred to remain anonymous.

The detail that I wouldn’t tell them was that “Leon” would be a different brother for each of them.

Both of my brothers were really keen about the plan. My older brother got first choice and chose Catherine, the blonde. My younger brother was still happy to be having a fuck with a doctor with big tits. I told them that if the women enjoyed it, maybe we could keep it going for a while.

In general I had found that the best time to discuss a new idea was after they had cum. On my first opportunity with Catherine she said … “I don’t know.” After telling her that Susan had already agreed and discussing that “Leon” was a very clean man, she agreed. Similarly, after she had cum, Susan agreed to the plan on the basis that Catherine had already agreed.

I put meticulous planning into the Friday and Saturday nights. I wanted the plan to work and didn’t want to lose my sex partners. In all our sexual adventures I had only a few photos of our exploits. Maybe the opportunity of being the observing person would allow me to take a few photos as the fucks unfolded.

On the Friday night Catherine arrived and I escorted her to my dimly lit bedroom. I told her that I’d tie a loose blind-fold around her head so that she couldn’t see “Leon”. I told her that “Leon” wouldn’t say anything. I told her that “Leon” would fuck her pussy and she would have the choice of him cumming in her pussy or in her mouth. She was obviously very excited and I added that Susan had already been fucked and had swallowed “Leon”. Catherine then told me that she’d suck his cock after he had fucked her pussy and swallow his cum.

My elder brother then walked in, naked and with his erection. He gently spread Catherine’s legs and started fucking her. During this time I was whispering in her ear that I loved seeing her fucked, that she was a slut and that I was going to give her a great fucking once “Leon” left. I also managed to quietly take a few photos. The entire time I just talked to her as if she was a slut. Catherine felt 4 hands exploring her body — especially her tits. After about 20 minutes “Leon” took his cock out of her pussy and put it in her mouth. He let out a loud groan as he spurted into her mouth. Catherine sucked it all down. He gave me a thumbs up as he left the room.

My cock was like a flagpole and I entered Catherine’s cunt. After removing her blind-fold I told her what a slut and whore she was. Her cunt was tight and she had several orgasms. Over the next hour or so I must have cum in her cunt 3 times. I told Catherine that “Leon” had indicated that she was a much better fuck than Susan.

The next night Susan arrived. I gave her the same explanation and also stated that Catherine had sucked “Leon” and swallowed his cum. I tied the blind-fold around her head and then my younger brother came into the room naked with his erection. Again I told Susan how great it looked to see her being fucked by “Leon”. I whispered to her what “Leon” had done to Catherine — Susan became very excited. Again I managed to take a few photos. I whispered non-stop into her ear about what a slut she was. My younger brother was taking a large interest in her big tits and was squeezing them vigorously. “Leon” took his cock out of her pussy and exploded in her mouth — she swallowed him all down.

After he had left the room, I took off her blind-fold and fucked Susan for an hour or so. She was so excited and tight. After she’d had several orgasms I told her that “Leon” had indicated that she was a much better fuck than Catherine.

It’s now been a few weeks since those 2 nights. Both Catherine and Susan have very good memories of the night and it has really lifted our sex lives. Both of them have said that they’d be keen to do it again. Neither of them have spoken to the other about “Leon” and if they did, all they know is his false name. Both of them are proud that they were a better fuck than the other.

After thinking about it for a while it occurred to me that I wouldn’t even need my brothers next time — there are probably lots of guys out there who would love to fuck a young female doctor. In the same dim room and with the blind-fold, I could introduce virtually any guy to them as “Leon”.