College – Semester Break Pt. 02

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This is the follow-up to College: Semester Break

“Yeah, Paddy. Just like that. I won’t last long, I’m so turned on.” Paul moaned.

Patrick had a bit more expertise than he was letting on because after just a few minutes of lavishing lips and tongue over Paul’s head, Paul’s balls began to tighten.

“I’m coming, bro.” Paul’s dick erupted into his brother’s mouth. Patrick, unaccustomed to having someone cum in his mouth, couldn’t take the entire load. Cum seeped out around his lips as he fought to swallow his brother’s seed as he’d done for him.

“Hmm.” Patrick picked up his shirt and began cleaning the excess cum off of his mouth. “I can see how you like that. I could get used to that.”

Chapter 1

Paul poured himself a second cup of coffee. He hadn’t heard a sound from Patrick’s room since going to bed. His mind was still reeling from the events of last night. He had given his younger brother a blowjob, he even tongued and fingered his ass. Then his brother blew him. Paul grabbed his phone.

Paul: I did it…

Nick: Fuck. Really?

Paul: Yep. He did me too.

Nick: Shit, man. Really?

Paul: Yeah. It was pretty hot.

Nick: Dammit. I would have liked to seen that.

Paul: Come on.

Nick: I want details. Now.

Paul proceeded to recount in detail the events of the previous evening. Nick ask repeatedly for clarification, especially when Paul described when he tongued Patrick’s ass and teased him with his finger.

Nick: Oh, man. That sounds awesome. Did he like it?

Paul: I think so, he was moaning a lot.

Nick: Promise me we can do that when we’re back!

Paul: Really?

Nick: God, I’m so hard right now.

Paul: Yeah, what you gonna do about it?

Nick: Don’t have many options. Gonna jerk it and swallow my cum.

Paul: Wish I was there…

Just then, Patrick walked into the kitchen.

“Mornin’, bro.” He grabbed a coffee mug and poured himself a cup.

“Thanks for saving me some.” He doctored his coffee and sat down at the table, across from Paul. His body language gave no indication that he had received and given head with his brother the night before.

“Wanna get pancakes? Let’s go get pancakes.” He stood up and headed up the stairs. “Imma go get dressed.”

Paul glanced at his phone at the exchange between he and Nick. Pancakes did sound pretty good and as he stood to head upstairs he realized that his cock was as hard as a rock and was poking out of the fly of his boxers. He started to pull it back into his boxers but then stopped.

“Well, fuck it. After last night…” As he headed up the stairs he unlocked his phone and sent a message to Nick.

Paul: I have an idea. I’ll text you later.”

Nick: Can’t wait.

Paul and Patrick headed down to their favorite breakfast place and ordered pancakes. As they ate they talked of all of the mundane things that brothers talk about when they haven’t seen each other in a while, school, sports, parents. Paul was amazed that, at no point, did Patrick even hint at their tryst last night. Not that Paul was making any effort to bring it up. It just seemed strange that Patrick seemed to be acting like it didn’t happen, or that he forgot. They hadn’t been drinking, couldn’t have been a blackout situation. The more Paul thought about it, the more it riled him that Patrick wasn’t acknowledging it. Finally, Paul broke the ice.

“So, last night…” Patrick interrupted him.

“Pretty awesome, right?” Patrick grinned as he shunted another fork-full of pancake into his mouth.

“Yeah, it was.” Paul paused. “You’re not weirded out or anything, are you?”

“Maybe a little. Honestly, I didn’t expect that one of the best BJs I’ve ever received would be from my big brother. But it was pretty amazing. I was awake for a while thinking about it.”

“Me too.” Paul was relieved that Patrick wasn’t freaked out.

“I’ll admit,” Patrick added “I don’t think I did a very good job. But, don’t they say it’s always awkward your first time?”

Paul laughed. “I think you did better than you think. Better than I did the first Gaziantep Fetiş Escort time.”

“Cool.” Patrick tucked back into his short stack and redirected the conversation back to the non-blowjob topics. They finished their breakfast and headed home.

Paul texted Nick.

Paul: Still wanna watch?

Nick: Watch what?

Paul didn’t respond. After a few minutes

Nick: Are you serious? How?

Paul: Get on Skype at 9pm tonight. I’ll have my camera on but mute your mic. With my laptop closed it’ll still be on and you can watch.

Nick: Will that work?

Paul: We’ll see…

Later that afternoon, Patrick announced that he was heading to the gym for a quick pick-up basketball game with some friends. Paul declined the invitation to join. After Patrick left, Paul began to set his plan in motion. He set up his digital camera to get a good view of his bedroom. He knew Patrick would most likely get some dinner with his basketball friends before he came home so his timing would be about right. About 8:00pm, he climbed into the shower. Another idea came to him remembering Patrick’s clean-shaven balls. He reached for his razor and shave cream. As he cleaned his scrotum, he had to resist the urge to stroke himself off. He wanted to save it for the show he hoped would be coming later. As Paul had guessed, Patrick rolled back in just a few minutes before 9:00.

“Hey bro. You missed a good game.” Patrick threw his gym bag in the corner.

“I doubt it. You know I don’t really like basketball.” Paul hoped his voice didn’t give away the nervousness he felt.

“Imma get a shower.” Patrick bounded up the stairs and slammed the bathroom door.

Paul took this opportunity to connect his computer to Skype and connect with Nick. Nick appeared on screen.

“What’s going on?” Nick asked.

“Shhh. He’s in the shower. Mute your mic.” Paul made some minor adjustments to the camera. It seemed to Paul that Nick mouthed “OK” but there was no sound. “Perfect.” Paul shut the laptop.

After what seemed like an excessively long shower, Paul heard the water shut off. He grabbed a book off of his shelf and sat on his bed pretending to read. His plan was to call Patrick into his room and offer him another blowjob. Before he could call, Patrick walked in still wrapped in his towel.

“Hey, I wanted to ask you something. I was talking to some of the guys about giving head.”

Paul blurted out “You told them?”

Patrick held up his hand. “Calm down. We were talking in general about what make a great blowjob. I didn’t say anything about you or me or any of that.”

“Sorry.” Paul calmed down.

“We were discussing what makes for a great blowjob and what things we like to have done to us and stuff like that.” Patrick pulled the chair from the desk and sat down. “So, I have some ideas and I’d like to try again.”

“What?” Paul asked.

“I want to suck you off again. I think I can do a better job than last time.” Patrick’s matter-of-fact tone was throwing Paul off.

“I hadn’t expected this. I’m not complaining. Honestly, I was hoping for another chance with you, too.” Paul stood up and pulled off his shirt. He could see a growing bulge in Patrick’s towel. He dropped his shorts to reveal his growing erection.

“You shaved. Awesome.” Patrick stood and pull off his towel, threw it over the chair and moved toward his brother.

Patrick pushed lightly on Paul’s chest to encourage him to sit back on his bed. His fingers trailed down Paul’s chest and over his abdomen as he gently wrapped his hand around his brother’s hardening dick. Slowly he knelt down as he caressed Paul’s thick cock and, with his other hand cupped his freshly shaven sack. Licking his lips, Patrick leaned closer and closer to brush his tongue lightly over the bulbous head of Paul’s dick. A slight twitch resulted in a pearl of clear precum. Patrick flicked his tongue over the sensitive opening to gather the sweet liquid and was greeted with a rush of goosebumps over his body.

“Here’s one we talked about.” Patrick tensed his tongue to force open his brother’s hypersensitive slit and swirled it around as his lips closed over Paul’s cockhead. Applying light suction and rolling his tongue around the opening he was rewarded with another drop of clear nectar. Stroking Paul’s cock, using increasing pressure as he drew his hand up created a steady flow of precum. Taking more and more dick into his mouth, Patrick gripped and massaged Paul’s testicles adding a bit of pressure each stroke.

Paul moaned “Oh, god. That’s incredible. Keep doing that.”

Patrick obliged and worked his mouth up and down the shaft of Paul’s cock, pausing to roll his tongue around the cockhead. After several long strokes, Patrick guided Paul’s leg up onto the bed. Reluctantly, he released Paul’s cock and began stroking it by hand. With easier access, Patrick moved down and with his tongue, drew one of Paul’s balls into his mouth, rolling it to coat it thickly with saliva and, after a moment, did the same with the other. Alternating with his tongue and mouth, Patrick coated Paul’s nutsack until it was completely covered.

“That was another one.” Patrick’s voice was somewhat muffled.

“Christ. Did you discuss head with your friends or spend the whole time practicing on each other?” Paul didn’t care either way as long as his brother kept going.

“Now, for some payback.” Patrick pushed Paul’s leg back a little further and began to flick his tongue over Paul’s ass.

“Oh, fuck.” Paul groaned. “Paddy, yes. That feels…” Another groan stifled any further coherent thought.

Not content for a quick tease, Patrick lingered on his brother’s tight pucker, all the while stroking his throbbing cock unhurriedly. Paul was leaking precum at a steady pace and with every third or fourth stroke, Patrick would roll a thumb or finger over the cockhead to coat Paul’s dick with his fluid. After what seemed an eternity, Patrick extricated himself and began to work his way back to engulf as much of Paul’s cock as he could manage. Patrick established a steady rhythm, not too fast or too slow, applying pressure with his lips and tongue on the swollen helmet as he drew back. He could feel the muscles in Paul’s legs begin to tense and his sack tighten as the impending climax approached.

“Paddy, I’m going to cum.” Paul moaned.

Without changing pace or pressure, Patrick readied himself for what he knew would be a torrent of hot cum, gushing into his eager mouth.

“I…I’m…ah…AHHH!” Paul gasped as the first spasm of his orgasm crashed over him. Patrick continued his rhythmic sucking as thick ropes of semen filled his mouth. Slowly, the intensity lessened with each throb of Paul’s sensitive cock. Patrick swallowed the sweet cum while keeping his lips puckered over Paul’s dickhead, not wanting to miss a single drop. Soon, he withdrew, stood and smiled.

“Not bad, eh?”

“Fu…Not bad? That was unreal.” Paul was panting, his muscles ached from the intensity of his orgasm. “You figured all that out from just talking with your buddies?”

Paul had recovered enough to see his brother standing at his bedside with a raging hard on, drops of clear precum glistening from his slit. Paul practically whimpered as he slid over to allow Patrick to lie down on the bed. With a equally gentle approach, he cupped Patrick’s heavy balls in his hand and wrapped the other at the base of the hard shaft. His tongue reached out to capture the droplet and he savored the sweet flavor.

“I don’t think I can top that, but I’ll try”. With that, Paul closed his mouth around Patrick’s full cock and began to lather it with his saliva. He settled into a regular pattern, alternating between long, deep strokes with his lips as far down as he could manage, wishing he knew how Nick managed to take a cock into his throat, and lavishing the head and sensitive slit with his tongue.

Nick. He’d almost forgotten that Nick was an eyewitness to this spectacle. He risked a subtle glance at the camera perched on the shelf above his desk. He wished he could see what Nick was doing.

Chapter 2

Nick turned off the microphone on his computer, maximized the screen and waited. It did not take long until he saw Patrick enter the room. Since the mic was open on Paul’s laptop, he could hear the entire exchange and as soon as Patrick stood and pulled off his towel, Nick’s cock began to bob and thicken in his boxers. He pulled them off and settled back in his chair, propping one leg up on the corner of his desk. As he watched the lurid scene of his college roommate, and recent blowjob partner, receiving a world-class sucking from his younger brother, he stroked his own member in rhythm to the action on the screen.

“It doesn’t look like it is only his second time giving head”. Nick remarked to no one.

Nick nearly came in his hand as he watched Patrick’s head dip down to rim Paul’s craving asshole.

“Ah fuck, I can’t wait to try that.” He collected some of his own precum on his finger and instead of bringing it to his tongue as he would ordinarily, he reached below his own ballsack and rubbed it gingerly over his tight hole. Delighting in the sensation, he reached out for the lotion pump which sat, as always, on his desk. He was a professional masturbator, of course. Putting a dab of lotion on his finger, he returned it to its ministrations on his ass. Lubing up the warm opening, he slowly allowed his finger to penetrate his virgin opening and began fingering his ass in tempo with Patrick’s head as it bobbed up and down Paul’s cock.

“Ahhh. Oh my god.” Nick was working his cock and asshole as his eyes were glued to the display on his computer. He could see Paul was tensing up and knew, probably better than most, what was about to happen. He pushed his slick finger as deep as he could into his ass as he stroked his cock to time his orgasm with Paul’s.

“I…I’m…ah…AHHH!” Paul’s voice crackled through the speakers of his laptop as Nick’s hard cock began to throb with his orgasm. Cum erupted from his slit as his ass tightened and pulsed around his probing finger. It seemed as if it would never stop until the waves subsided and he pulled his finger out not realizing that he would kind of miss the sensation, the fullness. But he saw that it was far from over as Patrick stretched out on the bed beside Paul and Paul began working Patrick’s long member.

Chapter 3

Paul continued to suck deeply on his brother’s cock as he caressed his balls and teased at his asshole with a finger. Pulling Patrick’s stiff dick from his mouth he pulled one leg over the other so Patrick was laying half on his side. Pushing the top leg up forced Patrick to twist and roll onto his shoulder as Paul lowered his head to Patrick’s backside. He had eaten out many girls this way so he figured it would work just as well to eat Patrick’s ass. With little hesitation, he plunged his tongue into the cleft and found his prize. His tongue coated Patrick’s puckered hole with his drool as he brought an exploring finger up. Glazing the finger with spit, he guided into Patrick’s hole.

“Oh, yeah…Unggh…finger fuck my ass” Patrick’s voice was breathy. Patrick brought up his other leg and lifted himself onto his knees. Spreading his knees, he lowered his head down and hugged the pillow, turning so he could try to see what was happening. Paul moved around to position himself directly behind Patrick using both his tongue and finger to penetrate his ass. With his free hand, Paul reached between Patrick’s legs to stroke his cock in pace with his probing. Paul then rolled over onto his back and shimmied between Patrick’s knees and once again engulfed Patrick’s prick with his mouth, keeping his finger deeply buried in Patrick’s tight ass.

Patrick began to gently move his hips in time with Paul’s sucking taking over the motion slowly fucking his brother mouth. Patrick felt the familiar sensation rising in his crotch and increased his pace. Paul sunk his finger as far as he could into Patrick’s ass, massaging his prostate, feeling the flow of precum course over his tongue.

“I’m cumming, Pauly.” Patrick’s cock twitched and lurched as a gush of warm cum streamed into Paul’s mouth. He continued to bob and suck until the spasms subsided, swallowing every drop of hot jizz.

After a moment of recovery, Paul slid out from under his brother as Patrick turned to sit with trembling legs on the bed. Patrick folded his hands behind his head and looked towards the desk.

“Hey, Nick. Did you enjoy the show?”