Mom’s Morning Chores

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Big Dick

Brad’s cock stirred in Pavlovian response to the sound of gravel crunching in the driveway. His mother was home from her early-morning aerobic workout, same thing, every day.

He heard the key in the door, heard her drop her things, felt her stop at the hallway mirror and adjust her shoulder length blonde hair and look at her sweaty self, a 50-year-old body that a 30-year-old would be proud to have, a pretty face, winning smile, big brown eyes, high, perky tits firm and proud, a rather tight belly, and those legs, those long, lean, rugged — and demanding – legs. He closed his eyes, tried to will his hard on down, he knew what was coming, what was always coming, just wasn’t right. But the sheet rose above his crotch and he heard the door to his room open.

She turned him on more than any other woman possibly could. He tried to fight the feeling, failing every time.

“Bradley, time to rise and shine for school,” his mom said softly, padding into the room and pulling open the blinds, letting the early-morning sun stream in. “I see you’re already rising.”

Brad couldn’t fake it now, even as he rolled over and tried to hide his throbbing prick under the sheets. His mom laughed to herself, then got stern

“Bradley, time to clean mommy,” she cooed. “Get over here and do your job, you don’t want to be late for school. You know you have chores to do.”

‘Chores’ to Brad’s mommy meant licking her sweaty cunt until she felt herself clean enough to fuck. It had been this way since Brad’s father moved out three years ago, since he was 18. Now a college student, Brad had endured his mother’s endless pawing, her needs, her incestuous wants for three years. As an only child, he had no sister or brother to share the dilemma with. He was on his own and despite being a strapping lad of 6-3 and 220 pounds and a star football player, he was putty in his mom’s hands – due to his mom’s legs. He couldn’t fight them, no one could, and that’s why his dad left.

Brad rolled over to look at her, as she stood peeling off her clothes until she was wearing nothing but short white socks and sneakers. Her thick, matted pussy hair was wet and oozing sweat. The aerobic room she worked out in was not air-conditioned, and this being summer, she sweat considerably. She wasn’t fond of trimming her pussy hair and as women age, they grow it thicker and wider and hers was an explosion at the top of her muscular thighs and below her trim belly. She turned to show Brad her creamy white ass, kneading the meat in her bedava bahis hands, her hair-ringed asshole winking at him.

She turned again and half squatted. Brad winced in anticipatory pain: His mom’s thighs were powerfully muscled, long and lean and lined with deep creases on the side, thick ropes inside, and those calves were tall tubes of carved steel rising out of her low socks. Those legs were lethal, those legs had been scissoring Brad into eating her cunt for the last three years whenever she felt the need, and she – and those legs – felt the need often. “Very well, Bradley, if you won’t come to me … ” she sighed, walking to his bed and laying on her back.

Without a word, Brad’s mom lashed out with her sneakered feet, hooked the back of his head, and mashed his face into the dripping sweat-snatch, lacing her iron thighs around his ears and scissoring him deeply into her wet cunny, locking up her socked feet and resting them on his back. Brad’s entire head was lost in his mom’s thighs, and not that she had big thighs but when in full scissoring action as they were now, they bulked up considerably and thickened to hide all but his eyes, which were being brushed shut by the bush of her cunt. Brad licked and sniffed and chewed and sucked his mother’s tireless pussy, and as much part of his oral satisfaction of his insatiable mom as his proficiency at cunnilingus was, was his mother’s equal parts hip-snapping, thigh-throbbing, cunt-whipping action on his face.

She was a grinder, she loved to press her pussy on hard things and grind her way to orgasm, and often would ride the corner of the vibrating washing machine in the basement, or the handle of the lawn mower, which was quite a sight for the neighbors. And this morning, as in many others, she was grinding her son’s face in her hairy maw, grinding her clit against his mouth, his teeth, his gums, grinding her wet, nasty, cheesy sex all over his face. “Oh, yeah, baby, that’s it, that’s it … unh!! Unh!! UNH!!!!” she screamed, scissoring down in those muscular middle-aged legs so hard the thighs quivered in orgasmic throbbing, her calves snapped out straight and she poured so much pressure into her cumming scissorlock she knocked him out cold. It wasn’t the first time. She slowly undid her iron legs from his head and laughed as he snorted, snored and finally came around. “Shit, mom, do you have to cum so hard?” he groused, sitting up and rubbing his ears, blowing his nose on a corner of the sheet to get his mom’s smell out. casino siteleri “Geez, you could shower before we … before YOU do this to me … “

“Uh-uh, Bradley darling, that’s half the fun, no that’s all the fun, getting you to lick clean Mommy’s nasty cunny,” his mom cooed, sitting up to lay him on his back. “Now shut up and give mommy her morning cream!” Brad shut his eyes and felt his mother’s hot mouth envelop his throbbing cock, starting with sucking the plum-sized knob and then gobbling it slowly down, her tongue lashing the thick prick like a velvet whip, until all nine gloriously hard inches were lodged in her sucking face, the tip in her throat where her amazing gullet muscles worked the sensitive head, milking it, chewing it.

She worked his nuts, too, those huge, hairless bloated bags of spunk, kneading the meat of them in both hands, one in each, pulling them apart and caressing, squeezing, coaxing the load out. Brad couldn’t fight it, never could, his mom’s mouth was too nuclear hot, too smooth and creamy and fucking amazing for him to fight it, and within two minutes he was blasting a huge load down his dick and straight into his mom’s belly. She came again, a little orgasm, but one nonetheless as she felt the first spray of her boy’s seed blast directly into her small belly.

She pulled back so the big knob filled her mouth and let the remaining blasts ooze into her mouth, coating her tongue, her teeth, and finally pulled it out all the way to jack him off onto her pretty face, thick gobs of salty teen boy spunk hanging in obscene clumps from it. She stroked him and kept him hard, rubbing the spew all over her cheeks and neck, feeling it run down to her hard, pointy tits. She smiled a cummy smile at him and felt his dick remain hard in her small pumping hand. “Mmmmmmmm, I love how you stay hard for mommy, Bradley, I love how all you young, hung studs stay hard for me,” she growled, sliding up to impale herself on her son’s big dick. “I love you all … “

Bradley shut his eyes again trying not to think that the incredibly tight, hot and wet cunt so mercilessly working his cock belonged to his mom. He thought of the other boys in her life, his friends, and how they loved fucking the middle-aged sexpot, how much they learned from her, how much she had to offer, of how they’d come over on the weekend nights to party and spend half the time banging the shit out of his mom. She rode him hard now, her lean, rugged thighs gripping his sides as she sat astride bahis siteleri him, her pumping pussy keeping him hard and long and deep. She came hard herself, several times, over and over, an endless orgasm, a stream of snapping cums, until she was as sweaty as she was in aerobics. Fluidly, she rolled them over and snapped shut her scissoring legs on Brad’s aching sides, locking her socked ankles and squeezing hard.

“Come in Mommy, baby, give Mommy your big load!” she screamed.

And Bradley did, his huge nuts emptying again, a load nearly as big as the first as she dragged his face to her mouth, forcing him to lick her lips clean, eating up his own cum that she’d rubbed into her face moments before, making his slobber over her cum-stained neck and lick the cold gobs of his goo from her meaty titties. He came like a bull in his mom’s tireless cunt until his dick finally went soft and it plopped out. She laughed, put her hands on his shoulders and pushed him down, down, down.

“You still got chores, son,” she cooed, fitting her muscular thighs along his ears, mashing his moaning and protesting mouth to her dripping snatch. “Clean me up!” “No, mom, please, you know I hate … ” he started to say, his words giving way to the pain of his mom’s iron thighs scissoring his head. Her cunny opened wide in his mouth and he felt gobs of his salted semen fly into his mouth, his mother’s amazing cuntal muscles forcing it out. She mashed the gooey mulch of her hairy cunt harder into his mouth as she experienced a series of orgasms, small ones, big ones, all of them caused by the grinding motion of cunny on mouth and the fact that she was forcing him to do the nastiest thing a woman can force a man to do – eat his own cum – made nastier still by the taboo act of the woman being the man’s mother.

This was incest at its raunchiest, shethought, and she came again, harder and harder, hearing and feeling her son involuntarily gobbling down the cheesy brew of her juices and his own. By the time she was totally clean, he was totally out. She stood and rolled him over, his face awash with clumps of cum and the clear streaks of her pussy’s offerings. She leaned over and kissed him on the lips as he came around, his eyes snapping open, his hands furiously working at his face to erase the stench and evidence of her sexual dominance. And as the smell from her pussy rose from his face to his nose, as he felt the oily cream of his own cum on his lips and cheeks, his cock stiffened again. It always did. It betrayed him again. His mother smiled at it and walked out of the room. “Get ready for school, son,” she said in sing-song voice. “You don’t want to be late.”

He groaned, watching her amazing MILF body as she went. He hated what happened. And hated himself for loving it so much.

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