Mom’s Halloween Swingers’ Dance #02

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Jennifer sexually fantasizes about having sex with her son.

Sex, sex, sex, the entire movie had so much sex in it that Jennifer wondered if the swingers’ Halloween dance would be anything like that, sex, sex, and more sex. If the swingers’ Halloween dance was all about sex and nothing more, not wanting to be at an orgy, she had no desire to attend the Halloween dance. Looking more for intimacy and loving affection than animalistic sex, she was more looking to make some sexy friends who shared her desire to have some sexy fun.

Preferring to have sex with just a select few men or couples over the course of the next year rather than one night stands at the swingers’ dance, she didn’t want to have sex with the whole wide world, especially not all at once. She wondered if she was making a big mistake by attending the Swingers’ Halloween Dance. Maybe instead of attending the dance, she should just go to a bar, pick up a man, and bring him home to suck and fuck out his brains. Only how would she do that? She lived in a small town where everyone knew her. As if is, she had to travel a distance from home to attend the swingers dance in a city where no one knew her.

With that about it for dialogue and interior monologue in the movie, not much of a storyline, once they returned to the hotel room, the four of them, Larry, Tiffany, Robert, and Gloria launched themselves naked in bed to have sex, sex, and more sex. A son sexually satisfying his mother, Jennifer watched the Sexy Swingers’ Halloween movie with sexually excited albeit incestuous interest. Watching Tiffany having sex with her son gave Jennifer wicked, incestuous thoughts and made her want to have sex with her own son. A bit dated, the movie was shot in the 80’s. Actually, a movie without much character development, except for the erotic part with Tiffany having sex with her son, with the dialogue weak, boring, and lacking interest, the porn movie was funnier than it was sexy.

Even more deeply disturbing than the swingers swinging, she was shocked, albeit admittedly a little sexually excited, about the incestuous sexual revelation of a mother having sex with her son. Even though she’s thought about having sex with her son on more than one occasion, especially when she’s alone and horny, and when her husband was with God knows who, she couldn’t imagine having sex with Michael in the way that Tiffany relished having sex with Robert. Nonetheless, the parallels drawn between her life as a mother who’s thought about having sex with her adult son and Tiffany’s incestuous character in the movie who had sex with her adult son was uncanny.

Easily, switching roles from incestuous mother to porn actress, she could envision herself as Tiffany. Without doubt, if her son was to ever make a pass at her in his attempt to have his wicked, sexual way with her, in the horny way she felt now, she’d find it difficult to resist him. Bad enough that she was teasing him by flashing him bits and pieces of her naked body, he’d have to make the first move, of course, for her to have sex with Michael. Even then, a big step over the forbidden line, even if he made the first move and touched her while feeling her, she didn’t know if she could go through with having sex with her son.

A sexy game that she always played, wanting to tease him to see if she could get his attention and to see if he’d look, the most she’s ever sexually and incestuous done with her son is to purposely flash him while making it appear accidental. Acting oblivious to her immorally, immodest display of sexuality, she’s flashed him her panties in an unladylike up skirt while sitting across from him watching TV. She’s flashed him her breasts in a down nightgown view while bending, leaning, and stretching while vacuuming, dusting, and leaning over him to dish out his breakfast.

With him always looking at all that she was showing of herself, as if undressing her with his eyes and imagining her naked, she enjoyed the leer of his stare. A means to an end, more for herself than for him, she’s only flashed her son when she was horny and needed some sexy, sexual fodder to masturbate over. Now that she knows her son is as interested in having sex with her as much as she’s interested in having sex with him, a sexy game that she sometimes enjoyed playing, she continued teasing him by flashing him.

With her flashing her son and her son trying to catch her naked, Michael never knocked on her bedroom door before opening it when she was changing. A sexy game that he obviously needed to play, if she was going to innocently flash him her tits or her naked body, waiting for him to open her bedroom door was her way to do that. Standing in her room while waiting for her son to barge in on her was her perfect way to flash him all that she wanted him to see of her and all that he obviously wanted to see of her.

No doubt hoping to see something of her that he shouldn’t see, it was perfect timing as if preplanned and it was by her, as well as it was by him. Thinking back of all the flashing illegal bahis she’s done, there were those few times when, with her bathing suit down around her waist or her nightgown over her head, he caught her topless and even naked. Deliberately flashing him but always making it appear accidental and making it appear that it was his fault for barging in her bedroom without knocking and for looking, she never thought she’d be so sexually excited showing her son her bare breasts or her naked body but she was. Pretending she was embarrassed, she’d slowly cover her nudity from her son with her arms and hands. Yet, especially after watching that porn movie with Tiffany seducing her son, Robert, for days after, she masturbated over showing Michael what no son should ever see of his mother and what no mother should ever deliberately show her son.

With her so sexually frustrated, the lust she had for her son heated up her libido as if she was a slow cooker set on the back burner and forgotten until she boiled over with lustful desire for her son. There was another time when her husband was gone on business, so he said, monkey business was more like it, and she was alone with Michael again. With her husband never home, she was always alone with her son.

She didn’t have to be a physic to know that her husband went to a business conference with his secretary. She didn’t have to be a fly on the wall or to hire a private investigator to wire their room with video cameras to know that they’d have three, uninterrupted days of sucking, licking, and fucking. Angry that he was having all the sexual fun and she, an over the hill 41-year-old woman, was home alone with her son, what choice did she have but to seduce her 23-year-old son? With no other man around to sexually satisfy her, Michael was the only man available to her. Figuring she’d just flash him and masturbate over all that she showed him later, a sexual fantasy come true, she never imagined all that happened later that night would actually happen.

Bitter, jealous, and angry that her husband had someone who wanted him and she had no one who wanted her, her sexual frustration took control of her commonsense. After watching that swingers’ movie, still horny, she had second thoughts about attending a swingers’ function without her husband nonetheless. How dare she? A marriage woman, albeit not happily married, how could she put herself out there as if she was ready and available to fuck and suck? What if someone she knew or knew her husband saw her at a swingers’ dance. How could she possibly explain that?

Cheating on her husband was one thing but swinging without him was an entirely different matter. Now making matters worse, she thought more of flashing her son in the way that Tiffany had sex with her son than she even did about swinging with some stranger. Such a forbidden thought, she wondered if she could recreate Tiffany’s couch scene. She wondered if by pretending that she was drunk, if she could convince Michael that she had mistaken him for her husband coming home unexpectedly. A titillating thought to have, she wondered if her son would believe she had mistaken him for his father. She wondered if she could go through with touching her son’s cock, stroking her son’s cock, sucking her son’s cock, and fucking her son’s cock in the way that Tiffany had done in the movie.

Nonetheless her second thoughts about seducing her son, consumed with horniness, especially after watching that swingers’ movie with Tiffany having sex with her son, her release to masturbate over later, she thought of flashing her son again. With her son out partying with some friends and with him coming home late and, no doubt, a little drunk and/or high, she was curious as to what he’d do when he came home and found her pretending to be drunk and passed out asleep on the couch. With her nightgown disheveled and with her so indisposed by showing him some skin, she wondered if her son would take advantage of the situation by making a sexual pass at her.

Adjusting and fixing her nightgown to make it appear more tousled as if she had been sleeping instead of making it appear obvious that she was flashing him her naked ass and pussy, just the thought of Michael seeing bits and pieces of her naked body made her horny. Imagining more than just flashing him, the mere thoughts of him touching and feeling her in places where no son should never touch his mother made her wet with sexual desire and incestuous lust for her son. Only, flashing him was one thing but she couldn’t have sex with her son. How could she have sex with her own son? Should he make the first move, could she have sex with Michael?

She wondered if he’d stare at her. Would he reach out his horny hand and touch her and feel her? Would Michael fondle and caress her nearly naked body in the way that Robert felt, fondled, and caressed Tiffany’s nearly naked body in the movie? Curious to know now, she needed to know what he’d do if she was seemingly passed out drunk on the couch casino siteleri and vulnerable to his wants, needs, and desires.

Or instead of touching her and feeling her, would he just go to his room, close his door, and masturbate over his mother exposing him her bare ass, pussy, and most of her breast to him? In the way that Robert did with Tiffany, she’d love for her son to strip off his clothes and put his cock in her hand before slowly sliding it across her lips. In the way that Tiffany had, she imagined flicking out her tongue before taking Michael’s cock in her mouth to suck him. Playing her role by setting the stage to make everything appear realistic, she littered the coffee table with an empty wine bottle and a spilled, empty wine glass.

* * * * *

Too sexually excited to be embarrassed, with her pretending to be asleep drunk on the sofa, as soon as he walked in the front door, she knew he could see her. With her legs spread just enough to put her pussy lips on display, she had arranged her short nightgown just high enough to cover the top of her naked ass. She was sexually excited just knowing that he could see her bare buttocks and pussy slit. Figuring that he’d do something but not knowing what he’d do, at the least of which he’d stare, maybe he’d carry her to bed and touch and feel her while carrying her and putting her to bed. Only, so horny for her son, especially after watching that porn movie, she hoped he’d do much more than that.

Instead of touching her, feeling her, and/or putting his cock in her hand or by her mouth, as Robert did to his mother in the movie, Michael surprised her. He did something she didn’t figure he’d do. More erotic than pornographic, he sat on the couch by her feet while staring at her. She didn’t have to open her eyes to know that he was staring at her and at all that she was showing him. As if his eyes were red hot lasers, she could feel the heat of her leer.

Making her hornier, she could feel him looking at her nearly naked body, staring at her at her mostly exposed breasts, and leering at her naked ass and pussy. For him to be sitting there while staring at her, it aroused her to know that he was as sexually interested in her as she was sexually interested in him. It titillated her to know that from where he was sitting, only a few feet away from her ass and pussy, that he had a good view up her short nightgown of her naked ass and her trimmed, blonde pussy. Even when purposely flashing him, but always making it appear accidental, she’s never shown him as much of herself.

So wicked, so horny, and so incestuously depraved, she couldn’t believe she was flashing her son, her very own flesh and blood, her ass and pussy. If anyone knew she was so inappropriate with her son, she could only imagine that they’d say. She wondered what he was thinking. What must he think of her, his drunken mother sleeping on the couch with her ass, pussy, and breasts so exposed? She wondered if he thought that she was deliberately flashing him or right place at the right time, he just happened to get lucky in seeing something that he shouldn’t be seeing.

Yet, in the way that some of her girlfriends talked about and sexually lusted over their sons young, hard bodies, she knew if they had the opportunity that she had now to seduce her son, they’d seduce their sons too. With her husband gone for the long weekend, if even with her only masturbating herself, this was her chance to get some sexual relief. Only, what if he rejected her by not touching her and feeling her. With him her son and her his mother, what if he’s nothing more than a voyeur?

With her lying there with her eyes closed and with her so nakedly exposed, now with her going through with flashing him, she wondered what he’d do. Would he touch her and feel her? Would he fondle, massage, and squeeze her round, firm, shapely ass? Would he reach down her open nightgown top and feel her tits and finger her nipples? Would he finger her already moist pussy? She knew for him to still be sitting there that he was interested.

God, if only he would do any of those things, she’d be so happy. She imagined him parting her pussy lips with his long, stiff finger while rubbing her clit and wiggling his finger deeper inside of her. If ever he did that, finger fucked her, she’d cum in a gush. If he ever touched her in that inappropriately incestuous way and gave her an orgasm, she’d return the favor by sucking his cock in the way that Tiffany did in that Halloween swingers’ movie. In the horny way she felt right now, she’d even allow him to cum in her mouth and she’d swallow him too. Or would he just stare as he was doing now before retiring to his room to masturbate over all that he saw of her.

Then, hoping he would but instinctively knowing he wouldn’t, he surprised her. Ever so slowly and ever so gently, as if not wanting her to know what he was doing, he lifted her short nightgown further up her back to stare at her ass and pussy. As if he was moving closer to smell poker siteleri her, she could feel him moving so close to her pussy that she felt his hot breath on her pussy lips. If only he’d lash out his tongue to lick her, she wished he’d eat her. Erotically so sexually albeit incestuously exciting, she could feel herself getting wetter by her son staring at her ass and pussy. She was so sexually excited that she couldn’t breathe. Fearing that she’d end his obvious, incestuous lust for his mother, she didn’t dare move for fear that he’d stop what he was doing and run to his room.

Then, surprising her by moving to the front of her and kneeling over her, he stared at her to see if she was really sleeping. Feeling the heat of his horny leer again, she didn’t have to open her eyes to know that he was staring down her open nightgown top. He was staring at her tits. Exposing him most of her breasts to him, from his angle she knew that he could see her areolas and nipples. As much an involuntary reaction as he getting an erection, she could feel her nipples hardening with the anticipation of her feeling her breasts and fingering her nipples.

Then, as if it was all in her sexual fantasy, it excited her when he ever so slowly and ever so lightly reached his hand down her open nightgown top to cup her breast, first one and then the other. Her son was touching her tits. She couldn’t believe her son was feeling her big boobs. Not only couldn’t she believe he was touching her, she couldn’t believe that he was cupping her tits in his big hands. If only he knew how good his hand felt on her breast, he’d think her an incestuous whore. Wanting to fuck her son right then and right there, it took all the self-control she had not to open her eyes, roll off the couch, push him back on the carpet, and fuck him, really fuck him.

Apparently not daring to finger her nipples, no doubt for fear of awakening her, disappointed that he didn’t finger her nipples, nonetheless her nipples immediately responded by hardening when in the palm of his big hand. If he had made a move to have sex with her then, if only he had rubbed her clit and fingered her pussy, she was so horny that she would have stripped off her nightgown and fucked her son. Imagining him doing just that in her sexual fantasies of him, if only he had put his cock in her hand she would have given him a drunken hand job. If only he had put his cock by her lips, she would have given him a sleeping blowjob while pretending that her son was her husband.

In the way that Tiffany sucked her son in the porn movie, seemingly a good idea to her, the thought of sucking her son while pretending he was her husband overwhelmed her with lust for her son. She liked the idea of using that ruse to suck her son. Getting away with blowing him, he’d never know that she knew he was Michael and not his father. Only, instead of trying to have sex with her, he stood and went in his room.

“Damn. Fuck,” she mumbled under her breath when he left the living room.

Show over, not ever meant to be, emptiness and disappointment washed over her to replace her sexual excitement with sexual frustration. After staring at her ass and pussy, after leering down her open nightgown and cupping her breasts, he rejected her. He could have had his way with her sleeping, drunken body but he walked away instead. Stunned, she couldn’t believe it. He could have had sex with his mother but he didn’t. Stronger than she was to resist him, he resisted her. He showed the restraint that she should have shown.

Feeling sick to her stomach, it was then that she felt evil. It was then that she felt wicked. She felt guilty that she was trying to seduce her son and worst that she failed. Her plan to seduce her son had failed miserably. No coming back from this, what does she do now? How does she face him in the morning? Now that she flashed him and he rejected her, she’d never feel comfortable or wanted enough to ever flash him again.

She decided to stay there until she heard his bed squeak from the weight of him before she’d masturbate herself over her son stealing a peak of her ass and pussy and cupping her breasts in his hand. She wondered if he was masturbating in his room over all that he saw and felt of her. Still driven to have sex with Michael, she wondered if she went to him now and caught him masturbating if he’d accept her offer to masturbate him and suck him before fucking him. With her son possessing more sexual self-control than she had shown, she felt terrible trying to seduce her son and worse that she failed.

What’s wrong with her for trying to have sex with her son? What’s wrong with him for rejecting his nearly naked and seemingly passed out, drunken mother. Maybe that’s why he turned her down because he thought she was drunk and he didn’t want to take advantage of her in the way that she was hoping to take advantage of him. Maybe he has more morals than she does. Maybe he’s just not as horny as she is. Maybe, in the way that she doesn’t see incest as being wrong, he is disgusted by incest. Yet, every time she’s showing, he’s looking and he did lift her nightgown to see more. Also, he did stick his hand down her nightgown to cup her breast in the way she wished she could have stuck her hand down his jeans t feel his cock.

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