Confessions of a Wife Ch. 01

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Before I got married to my husband all I thought about was sex, I lived it, I breathed it, could think of nothing, but my next orgasm or how I could get certain favors from my boyfriend. I was every guy’s dream, though I still would not allow certain things like anal or me being on top during a 69, for some reason I was afraid that these were too dirty.

We were married 6 months when I realized that our sex life had become nonexistent, and a year and a half later, it still was. When we would have sex, it was okay, but nothing earth shattering. He would ask for sex constantly, but I would tell him no and then we’d both go to bed frustrated because of our inability to get past the barriers I had put up. I had in effect killed my sex drive and was angry at him for letting me do it. We were at an impasse and it was killing our relationship.

Two months ago something finally changed, something clicked in my head and I realized that by denying myself the thoughts of sex that I had had so often when I was single and that had got me into trouble so many times, I was denying him a part of me that was needed in our relationship. I knew then what I had to do, but I had gone so long not being the aggressor that I had to get up the courage to make the first move. I knew he would not expect it and I would have to take advantage of the element of surprise and let him know that canlı bahis times are a changing for us.

My first chance came as we were getting ready for dinner with family, and we were due there in an hour, he had just finished getting ready and I was sitting on our couch watching him as he walked down the hallway dressed in his khaki pants and dress shirt, my favorite outfit on him. His blue eyes weren’t as sparkly as they normally were, but he seemed to be happy until I heard him say something of how he didn’t look as cute as he used to anymore. That made me angry, because all I was thinking about was how he was completely cute and absolutely fuckable. I made my move and followed him into the bedroom and at first he didn’t notice me since I was right behind him, but he turned around and looked at me kind of weird, but still didn’t say anything. I grabbed his arm and led him to the bed and proceeded to push him down on it, still not saying anything.

I think I was afraid that if I did say something I would lose my courage and back out of what I had already started, so I started to unbutton his pants and smiling at him as I did so, he just looked at me as if unsure of what I had planned. He let me take his pants off and then his boxers and I saw the prize that I had been unwrapping and I got myself comfortable as I lay between his legs and kaçak iddaa reached my hands to touch his cock which was not hard yet, but on its way.

I slid my fingers underneath it to play with the little bit of loose skin under the head that I know from experience was oh so very sensitive and smiled wickedly as he gasped in surprise at the touch and then I moved my fingertips down to his balls to tickle him and tease him knowing that it would drive him wild and he would get harder that much faster, his cock began to grow to it’s full length in my hand and when I was done teasing him for that moment I leaned my head toward him and softly blew on his cock, he whimpered and I knew what he wanted, and stuck my tongue on the tip and swirled it around till he moaned then I withdrew my tongue and smiled up at him and noticed he had his eyes closed so I leaned even closer to him and took him fully in my mouth, sucking him in so quick that he flinched with the pleasure of it, taking him down completely into the back of my mouth, then I released him, letting him relax. I didn’t want him to come so quickly and knew I would be enjoying the torture I was about to give him.

Again I went back to lightly teasing him, licking up and down the shaft, circling my tongue around the head of him, every so often taking him completely in my mouth getting him to the kaçak bahis point where I knew he was ready to cum and with one hand on his balls gently cupping them and the other holding his cock so I could make sure he wouldn’t move while I deep throated his cock. I took him deep in my throat over and over again feeling as his body started to clench up and then I would slow down my pace and leave him unfulfilled and then I would start again.

Three times I did this to him until he pouted and begged me to let him cum and with a smile I kept up such a fast pace that he was soon clenching hi whole body again and I felt the cum moving it’s way down his cock and I kept my mouth on him and kept swallowing as I milked his cock for all of his cum. I felt him spurt into the back of my throat and as he came I strengthened my sucking to get every last drop until I felt him relax and then I stopped and let his now satisfied cock out of my mouth, but I wasn’t done. As gently as possible and with tender care I licked his cock of every last bit of his semen and made sure that he was completely clean.

When I was finished I looked up at him and smiled as I got off of the bed and left him to recover. I went and sat down upon the couch and waited for him to finish getting ready, I wasn’t ready yet to tell him why I did what I did. He finished getting dressed and we left to go to dinner. Right before we got to the restaurant he turned to me and said “what did I do to deserve that wonderful blow job?” I just smiled at him and said I was in the mood and that was the end of the conversation. If he only knew what I had in store for him.

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