Weekend Getaway

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Long, cold winters are something my wife Ann and I have grown accustomed to where we live. I don’t really mind the cold, but come March, I’m ready for spring. Ann is not as patient as I am. By New Year’s, she is longing for summer. Before February is out, my wife is begging me for a vacation, a break from work and the stress of maintaining a home. I can’t say I blame her. She is responsible for a lot of things. Beside, she deserves the best I can offer for many, many reasons.

Not only is Ann the love of my life, best friend and faithful wife for more than three years, she had really upped the ante in the past year when it comes to sexual fulfillment. Fantasies and turn ons I had never dared share with her the first couple years had come to life, things that I didn’t think were possible in a healthy marriage; namely, sex involving other people. Watching my wife service other men was hotter and more exhilarating than I had imagined, and no matter how many other guys were in the room, I remained her sole focus. Everything we did was for each other’s pleasure.

As we reached our mid-30s, our libidos hadn’t diminished in the least, although responsibilities with work, being parents and owning a home certainly slowed us down sometimes. My wife’s attractiveness hadn’t deteriorated either. Even after having the baby, she worked hard to slim down her tan, Italian figure. Everyone who met her noticed her sexy breasts and her rocking ass, but perhaps her best assets were her deep brown eyes and pretty lips. Her hair hung to her shoulders, dark brown and often straightened. From head to toe, she was flawless.

I had reason to feel good about my appearance too, though not as much as Ann. I worked out, had a thin, toned, albeit pale frame. I stand about 6′ tall with dark hair and a short beard. It’s all enough to entice not only my wife but her sister as well, but that’s another story.

From all appearances, no one would imagine the debauched turn our sexuality had taken in the past year, which makes it even hotter for us. We are convinced that everything we do doesn’t compromise our morality, especially within our marriage. In fact, we hold all marriage in high regard. We have turned down more than a few men who had partners that they would have been cheating on had we welcomed them into our dynamic.

When it came time to plan our vacation, we thought it would be fun to set aside one night for an away-from-home gangbang. We had thought of the idea when we took a trip in September, but Ann had not been feeling well that week. To date, Ann and I had enjoyed several threesomes, one session with three other men and myself and one gangbang involving a total of five people. We were interested to see how many people would want to be in a one-night fuck-fest with my wholesome wife.

After researching several options for a cost-effective mini-vacation, we found a good deal on a trip to Niagara Falls. Ann was tasked with booking the package, and my job was to recruit the men. I had a couple contacts in mind, but decided to pursue only one of them, my buddy Pat who was the only actual friend from normal life whom I had shared Ann with. It had still been only that one time, but we were definitely planning to do it again. For this weekend, though, it didn’t make sense for him to travel with us on our romantic getaway, which was just as well because I sensed he wasn’t sure about a gangbang with a bunch of guys he didn’t know. Pat would get his chance again a few days before Ann and I left for our vacation anyway when he came over initially to just watch a sports game with me. We ended up double-fucking my wife for the second time before that game was even over.

Anyway, to prepare for our vacation, I set out to a couple websites that I had had some luck with before and advertised our plan. Over the course of the next few weeks, we generated a lot of inquiries. A good number of interested parties appeared to be actually legitimate too, which is the real struggle. Getting men to hit on Ann online is no problem at all. It’s finding guys who aren’t just using the conversation to get off in the moment without any intention of actually meeting up that proves to be tough. When all was said and done, we had more than 20 people who had seemed to show some real intrigue. Almost half of them faded away as the chatting progressed, and three or four of them didn’t appeal enough to Ann. In the end, we were expecting seven men (eight including me) to arrive at our hotel on the scheduled night with hope that at least four would be true to their word so Ann could match her previous total from the only other true gangbang we had hosted.

Eight was a lot, admittedly, but Ann and I were excited to see how she would perform. We clarified with all the men that if at any point it wasn’t fun for Ann anymore, it would stop. If it came to it, we would still make sure everyone got to penetrate her at least once or, at the very least, get to finish on her. However, as with all our sex, regardless of how many bonus veren siteler people were involved, the most important thing was that my wife was pleasured and honored. It’s that kind of safety, Ann tells me, that gets her turned on to do these things with and for me.

We planned to leave on a Thursday. That prior Monday was when Pat came over. A few days before that, Ann asked me if Pat was coming over just for the game or for “round two,” as she put it. I told her he wasn’t just looking for an excuse to fuck her, but if we were all into it, we could certainly make it happen. Ann liked that answer and suggested it would be a good way to prime her up for all the men she was expecting later in the week.

Well, no surprise, it did happen. The key was my wife was really into the idea, so it didn’t take any prodding to get Pat and me to follow. Like I said before, the game wasn’t even over before we were all in the bedroom undressing. Ann had made her desire very clear in readily attending to us boys after our daughter went to bed, providing us with drinks and snacks and always giving a sexy flare to her voice and movements. The tight, revealing clothes she had chosen to wear for just around the house were a good indication too.

A detailed account of that threesome is outside the scope of this story, but as for a brief summary, we got Ann out of her clothes and then got naked ourselves to let her pleasure us with her hands and mouth before we took turns fucking her in a couple different positions, each making her cum once. For a grand finale, I got to fuck her ass while she was on top of Pat with his cock in her pussy, giving her a good taste of double penetration because she was expecting a lot of that later this week. DP had always fascinated me, and now that my wife was willing to do it, it has been my undisputed favorite thing to do not just in sex but in life. Plus, I didn’t get to give Ann anal often. Even in group sex, I usually was in her pussy while other guys might get her ass if we did DP. After we double-stuffed her gently but steadily for a little while, she asked for us to both cum on her tits, which we did. When we were done, nearly every inch of her chest was covered.

When the day to leave for vacation finally came, we packed, loaded the car and dropped our daughter off at my in-laws’ house. We were in Niagara Falls that night with plenty of time for dinner at the nearby casino for a bit before heading to the hotel room where we relaxed for a little and waited for our guests. I had filled all of them in on the details and asked them to be at our room no later than 10 pm. Being parents in our mid-30s, it was hard for us to stay awake that late on a normal night, never mind when we had to entertain up to seven other men! We did have the benefit of energy drinks, but the excitement – and even the nerves, let’s be honest – had us revved up as well.

Our first guest arrived around 9:45, and we gave it until 10:15 for everyone to come. We ended up having two no-shows, leaving six of us to take on Ann, which she thought was a more reasonable number while still allowing her to set a new personal record. We don’t know what happened to the other two guys and wouldn’t hear from them anytime soon but we didn’t care. It’s just that it’s rude to make plans and bail, right?

As for a brief description of the men, here you go:

The youngest was a guy named Brett, a 5’10”, 22 year old college grad with a 7″ dick and from Buffalo, about an hour south of Niagara Falls. He had a toned body much like my own and longish blond hair.

Then there was Matt, also from Buffalo, 23 years old, white and 6’1″ with an 8″ penis. Ann was especially excited about these two because we had been toying with the fantasy of letting a younger guy fuck her with me. He had dark hair and was skinny but had not much in the way of muscles.

Brian was from a town south of Niagara Falls and was 6’2″ with a 6″ cock. He had curly light brown hair and had a pretty good build but just slightly overweight. I think he was 32.

Moving up the age spectrum, Riley was 37, a pretty fit guy from Canada who was just slightly older than we. He had a short, scruffy beard and short dark hair. He was about 5’10” and sported a 7″ cock. He was the lone man here who I knew for sure would not be having his first multiple-male group sex tonight, so he brought some valuable experience, not leaving it all to just the past year that I had personally.

Finally, there was Ryan. He was 40, had a toned frame, stood about 6’2″ and had a 7″ cock. He had short, black hair with a hint of gray and was another guy from Canada. He may have had group sex experience before tonight. I can’t remember.

All of the men were white, so we lacked the interracial flavor we had enjoyed in previous escapades. All of them ranged from great shape to reasonably good shape. Ann found each of them attractive, and we both felt good about the chemistry we had in conversing with them bahis prior to tonight. We were confident we has a solid group here.

Gathering six men in a room who had never personally met prior to this arrangement to group-fuck one’s wife didn’t lead to a less than awkward beginning as we waited for everyone. A couple of the guys tried to break the tension by being a bit rowdy, but the overall reaction was obvious nerves and excitement, especially when they laid eyes on Ann, who sat on the bed and smiled like a kid in a candy store. She was wearing a white, sleeveless top and a short black skirt and black thigh-high stockings, topped off with a black bracelet and black high heels with open toes. I’m sure just looking at my wife clued the guys in that they were in for an exceptional night.

Ann got up from the bed once everyone had arrived, and she and I mingled with the guys to break the ice. A couple of the guys brought beer and were sharing it with their new friends, which I’m sure helped take the edge off. Ann and I didn’t need any alcohol though. We were plenty comfortable with this arrangement at this point, though I knew Ann was a little nervous about satisfying six men in one night. Surely she would be sore for a couple days after tonight. However, she had felt the same way about five of us before, and it’s no exaggeration when I say that, if anything, she was more than that group could handle.

Eventually I got everyone’s attention. I’m not the best at commanding a room, but when it was a roomful of men who were there to fuck my wife, it wasn’t hard to immediately earn their respect. I suggested the simplest and easiest way to get started was for the men to take their clothes off, and so we all did. Having six fairly attractive and naked men in front of her had Ann beaming with excitement, with a mix of nerves, I’m sure. Most of the guys were already getting hard, which certainly had my wife’s attention too.

Since she was expecting a long night, Ann didn’t waste time taking clothes off too. As a couple of the men hooted and cheered her on, the rest seemed to be in a stunned or shy silence as they watched my 5’5″ Italian wife strip down to just her thong, stockings and high heels. When her bra came off, she got the loudest cheer. Her breasts always got a big reaction.

My wife was going to need to be worked up before she was worked over, so I instructed the men to make her feel sexy first, making clear to them that she really responds to physical touch. For now, I would stand back and watch as five other men surrounded my wife. A couple stood back, perhaps out of nerves, but three sets of hands were running up and down my wife before I had finished speaking.

Ann giggled and moaned as hands caressed her breasts, stomach and back. I advised someone to rub her shoulders, which Ann thanked me for, as it felt really good for her. Ryan, I believe, was the one on her shoulders. Riley was then stroking Ann’s legs from her thigh to her foot, while Matt rubbed her back and reached around to squeeze her boobs. Brett and Brian were still standing back, but Ann, even while being enveloped in so much male flesh, reached out and grabbed Brett’s cock, which was soon fully hard as she began to stroke it and pull him into the mix. The young guy just needed some encouragement. I told Brian there was still room, so he took my hint and put one hand on Ann’s ass and the other inside her thong, his fingers reaching in for her pussy. Through it all, Ann moaned, sighed and occasionally laughed.

I was content to just watch as the men felt up my wife. She was on sensory overload before long and more than ready to take on all six of us. I asked the men to step back for a minute as I stepped in with a bottle of lube we had bought just for this occasion. The men obeyed, and Ann knew to turn around and bend over the bed, a move that also generated a reaction. She smiled as I pulled her thong down to her knees and applied a generous amount of gel to both her vagina and asshole. Meanwhile, our new friends had already begun forming a line behind me, even without direction to do so.

“Looks like they’re ready!” Ann said to me, a mix of excitement and a little bit nerves in her voice. I turned around to see Ryan right behind me, ready to go, wearing nothing but a condom. It didn’t surprise me from the bit of interaction I’d had with him already that he was this eager. Like I said, this wasn’t his first time doing this kind of thing.

Without a word, I passed the lube to Ryan. He applied the stuff to his junk and huffed as he stepped by me and set up behind Ann. He left the bottle with Matt, who was next in line and set for his turn already. I then made way for the men by pulling Ann’s thong further down her legs myself, letting it fall around her high heels. She quickly kicked it aside and spread her legs for, well, not so much Ryan but for me so I could watch Ryan fuck her. Then, without so much as waiting for further permission, Ryan penetrated my wife, who squealed deneme bonusu with delight as this man she just met proceeded to have sex with her while her husband watched on with utter arousal.

Ryan groaned with ecstasy and grabbed onto my wife’s waist as he pumped in and out of her in rapid succession right from the start. Ann temporarily buried her face in between her arms and then pushed herself up, arching her back as her new friend polished his knob inside her pussy. A mix of cheers and compliments came from the four other men who awaited their turn while I took it all in, my dick as hard as it had ever been, thanks to the spectacle of my wife’s taking it so well from behind.

After a few minutes, I informed Ryan that it was Matt’s turn, so Ryan pulled out, and Matt lubed up, passed the bottle to Brett and took his spot behind Ann. My wife had recently developed a bit of a fantasy of letting younger men fuck her, so awaiting Matt and Brett, both in their early 20s, in succession was very exciting for her. If we had been giving out our last name, she would have had them address her as Mrs. [So and So].

Matt showed no nerves as he spread Ann’s ass and shoved his 8 inches slowly into my wife. A wicked smile crept across her face, her eyes closed as she received the long, young penis inside her twat. Once sheathed inside, Matt quickly worked up to a faster pace and soon was slamming in and out of the milf who was more than 10 years his elder.

On went the train, with the next three guys each putting on his rubber, adding lube and taking a run with the Italian goddess to whom I was married. Brett showed some nerves, staying hard but his hand shaking as he guided his cock into my wife. He fucked her for about a minute before deferring to Riley, who was actually the closest to Ann’s age. Riley got right to business, taking Ann doggy like everyone else while we stood back, jerked off and affirmed the beautiful woman who was so expertly taking a six-man fucking. It really was impressive considering she was a loving wife and wholesome mother. Also, take into consideration that we were just beginning tonight’s festivities.

Brian was the last of the guests to get his time with Ann, continuing the soundtrack of the slap, slap, slapping of male flesh against the back end of my wife while she alternated between lying down on the mattress and holding herself up as man after man rammed his hard cock in and out of her. At last, Brian pulled out, making Ann groan with pleasure, leaving me, the husband, as the only man who had not fucked her tonight. Now it was my turn, and I was met with plenty of cheers and even some applause as I stepped up to Ann. Anyone next door must have been wondering what was going on! Maybe they thought we were watching a sports game.

I asked Ann to roll onto her back, and she did so with a bright smile on her face. What I intended to do that the other men didn’t achieve was make my wife cum. I knew being on her back was what really got her off, and I figured after all the stimulation she had received already, I would be able to get her there pretty efficiently. Still grinning, Ann lay on her back and lifted her legs up, spreading them wide, the heels of her shoes pointed toward the ceiling. I shifted her right to the edge of the bed and then, without a condom or lube, slipped into her with little resistance, thanks to all the prep work she had gone through for the first five cars of this man train.

“Mmm, you feel so good, honey,” Ann cooed as I started out slowly and gently screwing her. For a moment, I think we forgot about the audience and just made love in that out-of-town hotel room. With one leg on my shoulder and another one wrapped around my waist, Ann gripped the comforter to hold her ground as I pushed into her steadily, building up force. As I fucked her faster and faster, our friends got rowdier to the point that it was impossible to remain ignorant of their presence. Having sex with my wife is always fun. Letting people watch can be even more fun, something I never imagined to be the case until I tried it.

After a couple minutes, I pushed Ann further across the mattress and joined her on the bed. Her leg slipped past my arm, and now both legs were wrapped around me as I lay on top of her and fucked her, all to the encouragement of my new friends. Ann held my head over he shoulder, her other hand on my back as she held me close to her and softly panted as I now slammed in and out of her. At one point, she kicked her legs straight out, generating a cheer from the onlookers. As she did this, both of her hands reached down to my butt, pressing my pelvis against hers as I rammed her hard and fast, bringing her closer and closer to her first climax of the night.

Ann drew her legs in, bent at the knees, which pressed against my sides as she continued to grab my ass. Her breathing grew more and more ragged as I kept pounding her, all to the cheers of our fans. Finally, Ann came, and she made no effort to hide it. In fact, I could say it was the loudest I had heard her literally scream as her body achieved orgasm. Normally she moans loudly but keeps it under control because of neighbors or our child, but tonight she was on display and was performing masterfully so at that.

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