Mom, Sis, Dad, Bro, God, , Devil Ch. 04

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When Daddy hears his daughter having sex with her brother, he has sex with his daughter and mother has sex with her son.

A sister blowing her brother first before a brother eats his sister, their exuberant lust for one another was only matched by the loudness of their sexual screams and their stupidity. Not paying attention to the noise that they were making and obviously forgetting that their father was in the living room below watching television, they were too sexually excited to even think of being quiet.

“What’s going on in here?”

Opening her door without knocking, Christine and Tommy’s father stood at her bedroom door staring at his son positioned between his daughter’s legs with his face buried in her pussy. A place, no doubt, he’s fantasized being. As if he was witnessing a miraculous vision and obviously, as far as he was concerned by his leer, he stared at his daughter’s naked breasts.


Christine covered her tits with her hand and forearm while Tommy got up from in between his sister’s legs while wiping his sister’s vaginal secretions from his mouth with the back of his hand. Just as his sister and the bed sheet were, he was drenched with the sweet, musky aroma of her.

“Were you two having sex?” In the way that he made generalities from reading scripture, their father had a way of stating the obvious.

“Fuck,” said Tommy taking the Devil’s path.

“Oh my God,” said Christine taking the higher road.

Interesting how two siblings who grew up in the same house would use such totally different words to describe their shocked embarrassment, ‘Fuck and Oh my God.’

As if he was seeing a religious revelation, never removing his eyes from his daughter’s breasts and pussy, their father watched his son remove his naked self from his naked daughter. As soon as Tommy moved from his sister’s pussy, denying her father what he, no doubt, so wanted to see, Christine covered her cunt with her hand and stretched her other arm across her naked breasts. Seemingly embarrassed, she was frustrated by her fruitless attempt to cover all that she was showing her Dad. With his eyes bugging out of his head as if he was a terrorist, she appeared mortified that not only was her father was seeing her naked but also that he was leering. Even more horrific than that, brother and sister, his son and daughter, he caught them having sex.

“Helen,” he said turning his head from the spectacle of his son and daughter pleasuring one another to call out from her bedroom door. “You have to come see this for yourself to believe it because I don’t believe it,” he said signing himself.

Unable to bend it back in position, as if his cock had a mind of its and wanted to be so proudly displayed whether before his sister, his father, or his mother, Tommy sat on his sister’s bed with his hand barely covering his erection. Christine sat up in her bed with her head hung low in shame. Exposing her cunt to her father again, she briefly removed her hand from her pussy to grab an article of clothing. Not taking the time to put it on, holding the material in place with one hand, she covered her naked breasts with her blouse before returning her hand to cover her pussy again. To say the least, an understatement in a house that was decorated by crosses, religious pictures, and references that praised the Lord, Christine and Tommy caught naked having sex was an awkward situation.

It was bad enough that her father had seen her naked but even more than that, he caught her having sex with her brother. Her brother having sex with his sister was something that her father would love to do with his daughter no doubt. Obviously now that her playground was open to family members, no doubt, he’d now have more of a chance of getting with his daughter. With brother just as despicable as father, she was such an incestuous slut.

“I’m so embarrassed,” said Christine as if she was caught stealing money from the poor box in church. “It was all Tommy’s fault Daddy,” she said looking toward her brother and throwing him under the bus with a point of her finger.

She still clutched her blouse to her breasts to deny her father any more free views of her naked breasts. Even though she was somewhat covered, Daddy was still leering at all that she was showing.

“My fault? You little slut,” said Tommy looking at his sister with contempt. “You’ve been teasing me with up skirts and up nightgowns and down blouses and down nightgowns ever since I turned 18-years-old,” he said with a devious smile. “And you’ve been teasing Dad too by wearing your cropped top without a bra to flash him your tits,” he said smiling smugly. “I’ve witnessed your game of tickle and tease and I know that Daddy lifts your skirt to pull down your panty to spank his ass in front of his friends,” he said looking from his sister to look at his father.

Tommy dared his father to punish him when his father was guilty of the same incestuous offenses.

“Don’t listen to him Daddy. That’s just the Devil talking. He’s canlı bahis lying. I’m a good, Christian woman. There’s nothing indecent with me being comfortable wearing a loose fitting top without a bra in my own home and in front of my father,” she said looking at her father for understanding. “And obviously I was very bad for you to feel the immediate need to lift my short skirt, pull down my panty, bend me over your knees, and spank my naked ass in front of your friends.”

Tommy’s father looked from Tommy to look at Christine before returning his focus to his son.

“How dare you say bad things about your sister, Tommy,” said his father pointing a finger of accusation at him. “There’s nothing lewd or lascivious about your sister wanting to be comfortable in her own home without wearing her brassiere,” said her father defending his daughter. “Perhaps you’d understand if you were saddled with the big breasts of your sister and mother and had to carry them around while wearing an uncomfortable bra all day.”

“Oh brother,” said Tommy under his breath. “She’s got you wrapped around her finger.”

“He was hiding in my closet Daddy,” she said nodding her head to add more believability to her defense. “Then when I was naked, he pushed me on the bed, mounted me, and tried to rape me. Trying to force himself inside of me, he put his thingy right by my thingy Daddy,” she said looking from her father to look at her brother with pleading eyes before looking back at her Dad.

“What’s wrong with you?” Henry looked from his daughter to leer at his son. “You’re evil. You’re the Devil to want to have sex with your sister.”

“Unable to stop him from having his wicked way with me, the way of the Devil,” she said removing her hand from her pussy to sign herself while still clutching her blouse, “he was too strong for me to resist him to resist. See Daddy? I’m all bruised in between my legs on my chest,” she said opening her legs and lowering her blouse from her breasts for her father to see.

Henry walked closer to his daughter to stare at her bruises while leering at her nakedness.

“How dare you violate your sister in such a despicable way by hiding in her closet? You are the Devil,” said their father stepping even closer to his daughter to examine her bruised thighs and inspect her bruise breasts.

“I did no such thing. She willingly gave me sex. She’s the one who seduced me,” he said with a devious smile while looking from his sister to look at his father with sincerity before returning his focus to his sister. “She said that she’d blow me, even fuck me, if I convinced you and Mom to allow her to go to the Nude Day barbeque,” said Tommy pushing his sister under the bus instead. “She’s the one that’s consumed by the Devil, Dad.”

“Well, to be honest Christine, in the way that I see it, you’re just as much to blame as your brother,” said her father while still ogling his daughter’s naked, uncovered, bald pussy. “When I opened your door and walked in your room, it didn’t appear to me that Tommy was forcing you to enjoy him licking your pussy while playing with your breasts and fingering your nipples.”

“Daddy, I can explain,” said Christine bursting into crocodile tears.

Nonetheless, with both of them beneath the bus and with their mother, the disciplinarian, entering Christine’s bedroom, they were both in serious trouble now.

* * * * *

“What is it Henry?” Helen walked in her daughter’s bedroom and looked from her husband to look at her children. “Oh Lord, help me sweet Jesus,” said Helen seeing both of her adult children naked before her. She voiced her horror to her children before she looked up at the ceiling to talk directly to her Savior. “What have you done? What have you done? Lord Almighty, what have you done? Oh sweet Jesus, help my children find their way. Thank you Jesus.”

Helen signed herself while staring at her son’s erection before looking up to God. It was hard to tell with the big smile she had on her face if she was thanking him or praying to him?

“I told you that you had to see this to believe it,” said her husband.

“Sweet Jesus forgive them for they don’t know what they’re doing.”

Losing her smile, she looked at her son more seriously now while still staring at the engorged cock he was unable to completely hide with his hand.

“Obviously with the Devil residing in the both of them, they need to be cleansed Helen,” said her husband to his wife as if waiting for her to agree. “As if baptized again with clean, holy water, they need to be born again to remove the Devils from their souls,” he said removing his gaze from his daughter’s nearly naked body to raise his finger to the ceiling to ask God’s attention.

He looked from the ceiling to watch his wife staring at her son’s swollen prick in the way he had just been staring at his daughter’s pussy and tits. Obvious penis envy in the way that Henry stared at his son’s big cock, Tommy had a much bigger cock than his father. Tommy had a penis kaçak iddaa so large that when flaccid he was unable to conceal all of it with his hand, never mind trying to conceal it when erect as it was now. Both mother and father looked up at where they, no doubt, imagined Jesus was looking down at them and giving them guidance from their daughter’s bedroom ceiling. Then, with Helen staring at Tommy’s prick and Henry staring at his daughter sitting naked on her bed, but for the blouse that she held to conceal her most of her nakedness from her father, obviously, they knew now what to do.

“You come with me young man,” said Tommy’s mother taking him by his hand. He reached for his clothes. “Leave them. You won’t be needing them,” she said pulling him along as if it was 8-years-old instead of 18-years-old. “You stay with Christine, Henry while I cleanse Tommy. You’re next young lady,” said her mother pointing at her as if she was the Devil incarnate while giving her the evil eye.

* * * * *

Helen took her son in the bathroom, put on the light and the overhead fan, and closed the door. With the noise of the fan masking the noise of whatever they were doing in the bathroom, Tommy’s mother ran the water to fill up the tub while her husband kept their daughter company in her bedroom.

“Mom? I’m cold and I’m embarrassed,” he said not cowering and not covering his nakedness from his mother’s eyes in the way that his sister cowered and covered her nakedness from her father’s eyes. He may have been cold but he certainly wasn’t embarrassed for his mother to see him naked. “Let me get dressed please,” said Tommy trying his best to cover his erect cock with his hand that had grown harder under his mother’s inappropriate leer. “This is so embarrassing.”

Truth be told, instead of being embarrassed, he was sexually excited. Proud of his erection, he so wanted to move his hand away from his cock to show his mother his big prick. Surprised that she was staring at his cock, he was now curious what she’d do if he continued flashing her his cock. Suddenly thinking differently of his mother than being just another religious freak, he suspected she wanted him to see him naked as much as he wanted to show her his naked body. As much as his father wanted his daughter, he suspected that his mother wanted her son. He suspected that his mother wanted him sexually as much as his sister wanted him sexually and as much as he wanted his sister and his mother sexually.

“Embarrassed? For you to be naked in front of your sister, you don’t know the meaning of the word. You weren’t embarrassed watching your sister strip naked and you weren’t embarrassed forcing yourself on your sister, were you?”

“I’m sorry Mom,” he said.

Always forcing her religion down his throat, she looked at him as if she was a holy woman pontificating from the pulpit, and she was, albeit an incestuously twisted woman.

“I’m not the one you need to apologize. You need to tell your sister you’re sorry.”

“Okay,” he said putting a hand to the bathroom doorknob.

“Don’t you be bothering your sister with your lame apology now,” said his mother. “You can apologize to her later. She’s in your father’s good hands now. Besides, she’s seen enough of your stiff prick for one day,” she said staring down at his stiff prick.

“Sorry Mom,” he said again.

“Stop saying you’re sorry when you’re not sorry, Devil,” she said leering at him before leering at his cock. “Well, what are you waiting for?” As if mesmerized by the sexy sight of it in the way that a snake charmer was enamored over a snake, she looked at her son’s cock more than she looked at his face. “Take off the rest of your clothes,” she said giving him a convoluted reason while unbuttoning her housecoat. “I don’t want to get my housecoat wet.”

* * * * *

As if watching a nun about to strip down to her panty and bra, not believing his horny eyes, Tommy stared at his mother unbuttoning her housecoat. As good a show as it was when hiding in his sister’s closet and watching her remove her blouse and skirt, surprised that his Christian mother was removing her housecoat, Tommy watched his mother unbuttoning her housecoat as if she undressed in slow motion. A little thicker in the hips and the thighs than his sister but very shapely nonetheless, her body was more of a mature woman than that of a thin, albeit shapely, young woman. Watching his mother’s impromptu striptease show, he stared at his mother unbuttoning her housecoat in the way that he stared at his sister removing her blouse and short skirt when he hid in her closet. He couldn’t believe his mother was undressing in front of him.

Totally forgetting about his sister now that he was watching his mother undressing, he was mesmerized with his mother stripping. One slow button at a time, first he saw her long line of cleavage and then he saw her low cut, white bra. With the tops of her jiggling breasts hanging out of her too small bra in the way that a stripper hangs out of her costume, kaçak bahis barely covering her areolas and nipples, her bra was so low cut that the entire tops of her breasts were exposed. If his mother was to raise her arms over her head, in the way of a bridesmaid raising her arms to catch the bridal bouquet, no doubt, he’d see her areolas and nipples. He’d love to watch his mother doing jumping jacks while wearing that sexy bra. He imagined she wouldn’t make three jumping jacks before her big boobs bounced out from her brassiere.

Already making their appearance known, her nipples were pushing against the satin and silk material of her brassiere. Either she was cold or horny, giving her the benefit of the doubt being that she was his mother, he was her son, and she was a religious church woman, he figured she was cold. Suddenly wishing that he could feel his mother’s big tits through her bra, he wished he could suck his mother’s big nipples in the way that he had just sucked his sister’s big tits. As if he was staring at a winning lottery ticket, he stared at the big impressions that his mother’s nipples made in her bra. Continuing to unbutton herself in front of her son without shame or embarrassment while staring at him in the way that she’d stare at a customer for a bigger tip before dancing around a pole, he watched his mother expose her white, cotton, bikini panties to him.

She removed her housecoat and stood before her son in her underwear. His favorite outfit of choice, his mother was wearing just her white, low, cut bra and white, bikini panty. Then, when she raised her arms to hang her housecoat on the hook, her tits burst out of the top of her bra as if they were big balloons in celebration of the party. Hoping beyond hope and in anticipation of sex, after seeing all that he hoped to see of his mother’s breasts, he had an even bigger erection,

Raised above the top of her bra as if being served up to him, his mother’s areolas and nipples were totally exposed to his horny eyes. Only, unlike his sister, being that she was so piously religious and open and honest in her faith, he felt that he was invading his mother’s modesty and privacy by staring at her exposed breasts. A momentary concern, too sexually excited in seeing her in her bra and panty and then seeing her areolas and nipples, he really didn’t care about his mother’s modesty and privacy. He only cared about seeing her tits.

Tits, tits, tits, he just saw his mother’s tits. Wow! Obviously knowing that she was so exposed, he watched his mother pull up her bra too late to cover her nakedness from his horny eyes. Except she didn’t give him the shocked and embarrassed reaction that he hoped she would and that even his sister did. He wished she would have been mortified in knowing that her son had just seen her breasts. Instead, she looked horny.

Just as his sister did, his mother had such long, shapely legs. Focusing his stare as if his eyes were X-ray laser beams, he could discern the darker patch of her blonde pubic hair through her thin, sheer panties. Then, when his mother pulled up her sagging panty, he couldn’t believe he was seeing the shadow of his mother’s pussy along with the slit of her pussy when she created the perfect camel toe in her underwear. The image of her pussy whether imagined or real made him wish he could finger her pussy before licking her pussy and fucking her pussy. A sexual fantasy come true, through the sheerness of her bikini panty, his mother’s cunt was right there.

Something she’s never done before, unless he barged in her bedroom unannounced while she was dressing or undressing, being that she was the holly roller woman that she was, he couldn’t believe his mother was giving him a striptease show in the same way his sister just had. Standing before him unashamed in her bra and panty as if she was fully dressed, he filled his eyes with the nearly naked image of his mother while imagining the rest. Just as he’ll soon be masturbating with the memorized images of his sexy sister undressing in front of him, he’ll soon be masturbating over his curvaceous mother undressing in front of him too. As soon as Tommy saw his mother in her low cut bra and bikini panty, obeying her by stripping off the rest of his clothes and with himself naked before God and his mother, his erection continued to grow bigger and harder.

* * * * *

“Mom? What are you doing?”

In the way that he leered at his mother in her bra and panty, she leered at his engorged cock.

“I’m going to bathe you,” she said. “I’m going to wash away the Devil,” she said wagging her finger at him. “I’m going to do something that I should have done when you opened my bedroom door and purposely barged in on me hoping to see me naked,” she said.

“Mom,” he said snidely. “Aren’t I a little old for you to give me a bath?”

“Lust is one of the seven deadly sins Tommy and incest is the Devil’s playground. Just as you lusted over me enough to open my bedroom door in the hopes of seeing me naked, for you to hide in Christine’s closet, watch her strip naked, and force her to have sex with you, you lust over your sister too. Obviously you have incestuous lust in your heart because the Devil has invaded your soul,” she said watching him staring at her in her underwear.

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