Contest Won Ch. 01

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I had walked through the mall just like any other hot day with nothing to do; when out in the corner of my eye was a contest. It was an all expense paid trip for two to Australia for 6 days and 7 nights. I figured that these were more things to just get advertisements sent to your house, but then I thought of her.

The 5’7″ with a short cut Ruby Red hair and mesmerizing green eyes. A girl I have known for a few years, but never really tried anything with, except for the occasional flirting online. A time last month, I said I would promise to her if I was able to go to Australia, and had to take someone with, I would take her. She laughed over the phone and said you better, since you know that’s been one of my dream places to visit.

Image fading, I turned back to the little white slip of paper. Jotting down my name I slipped it inside this huge container filled with thousands of others. My head lowered, thinking to myself that this is just like trying to win the lottery. I slowly walk away, thinking to myself “What if?”

So I drive back home and do my usual routine of sitting at the computer on a video game. Jadey then pops onto the game and I go, “Guess what?” How would you feel if I actually won a trip to Australia? The only reply I got from her was, “LoL… Well remember your promise.”

We chatted for a few hours, joking about how I had been desperate to meet her and how I would go to any lengths to try and see where things would end up. I then get offline to call her, since she had said call me anytime you feel like it.

She answered moaning a bit sighing, “Hello there.”

I laughed, “Did I catch you at a bad time?”

“No, I was just in the middle of getting comfortable propped up here on my bed while you called.”

I jokingly said, “You were playing with your toy again weren’t you?” I giggled a bit.

“JOHN! I can’t believe you. You’re so bad.”

“What? I can’t help it if you were sounding like you were just having a little bit of fun. Though I know I can do a better job than just a toy.”

“Oh yeah? Prove it. If you get me to cum on the phone with you right now, then I will give you the time of your life as soon as we get on that plane heading towards Australia…. Mmmmm Australia. You just got to win that John.” “What? You mean all I have to do is that?” I can hear her just very faintly over the phone sighing. I knew it, I thought to myself. She was getting into the mood again. This should be very easy for me. Or wait. bonus veren siteler Is this what she has planned?

“Uh huh. That’s it. But you have to woo me, and it better be good too. If it’s not, I won’t let you get what you want while we’re there.” She giggled; the little sly giggle to tell me she’s all reared up and ready to go. “Well you can start off by telling me what you plan on doing to me, as soon as we get off the plane.”

“Who says I’ll start then? Baby, I plan on doing something well before then. I was thinking as we go up into the air I could start there. Before we take off, I could ask the stewardess for a blanket to cover you up because you’d be so cold from wearing just a short skirt and nothing underneath.” I reached down as he was on his earbuds now, so he could have his hands free for doing other things.

Jadey let out a small sigh, just thinking about that time. She ran her G-spot vibrator down between her breasts, turning it on to the lowest setting it could go, and then slowly run it around her hardening nipples, barely touching the tip. She let out a stifled moan, her other hand had to hold onto the receiver, though she could just hold it between her shoulder and ear. “Mmmm. Go on.”

I could sense that she was already enjoying this immensely. His own cock started to harden a bit. He was wearing nothing at all, so his balls can wave freely in the wind at any time. He knew that Jadey walked around naked all the time through the house.

He continued. “With the meager blanket covering you, I would then proceed to pull up the armrest, allowing me to take my hand and slowly snake it under it. I would then start to rub your thighs, moving closer with my head to your neck to where you can feel my hot breath upon it. I would massage your inner thigh, teasingly going near the entrance of your pussy, but then back down your leg again.”

Jadey’s vibrator was now moving down to try and mimic the actions that I was saying to her over the phone. She was already soaking wet, but she wanted it to be his cock in her really, not just some toy. So she played around even more. “Well that sounds… niice. Continue.”

“Maybe I should tease you and stop right there.” I had chuckled by this.

“Oh no you don’t. Not when you have me all hot and bothered already. You better finish what you started here.” Jadey cringed a bit, a shock racing through her spin as the vibrator just touched her slippery lips. “Oh god, John. bahis Please do this for me. I haven’t cum hard in a while. And I know I want you to be the one that sets me off screaming.”

I snickered underneath my breath. He shifted a little, his right hand’s fingers just playing with the head of his own cock playfully; he was enjoying this just as much as she was. “My index finger and ring finger would spread your already wet lips apart, as my middle finger then circles the entrance to get inside of you. Slowly applying pressure, then stopping before my finger enters you. Then I would circle once again, teasing you so badly, all you can do is put a hand to your face before you let out a huge moan. I would do this again until, without warning, my finger slips deep inside you, causing you to yelp a bit, that the other passengers look our way for just a second. You look at them and say, ‘Sorry hic… Cups’. I’d then wiggle my finger around inside of you, until you can’t take it anymore; tightening the muscles inside of you like a vice around my finger.”

She was moaning by now, the vibrator deep inside her tight wet pussy, leaving it still for a moment, relaxing her muscles, and then clenching them again. She was in heaven. “Uh huh,” was all she could manage. She was gasping a bit, her hips starting to work on her toy. Her body was responding on its own, getting more and more turned on by not only the vibrator buzzing inside of her, but the soft words of my voice, and what I plan on doing to her.

My hand started to grasp around my cock, starting to pump it very slowly, savoring my story, and wanting to cum the same time that she did. “My other two fingers, having served their purpose join my middle finger inside you, as I start to move ever so slowly in and out of you, each time wiggling my fingers just a bit. You want to get up now and run to the bathroom with me joining you, but I hold you in place, the sweet torture of my plan being to where you’ll cum right in your seat, with everyone around you. You then start to slide back and forth in the seat, just so you can match the rhythm of my fingers. I start to go faster with them, now brushing the bottom of my hand, so as it just grazes your clit. You’d then have to cover your mouth with both hands.” I was getting evil and more turned on by this, pumping my hard cock even faster.

Jadey was going for broke now, turning the vibrator on full power, and sliding it in and out of her faster and faster, deneme bonusu her other hand stopped carrying the phone now, as it now resting between her shoulder and ear. She then took her free hand and started to pinch and twist her nipples, a pleasurable pain, switching from one nipple to the other. “Oh John, I want your cock buried inside me so bad right now. Oh Mmmmm…. I can imagine you are doing all this to me right now.”

“I can too baby. I can imagine my cock slamming into you right now like you’re doing with your toy. But let me continue with my picturing. Mmmm. I would then go harder and deeper before, you trying not to buck a bit on my fingers, but you almost can’t help yourself right now, since you want to cum so badly, it’s in the air. You start to arch your back up some, allowing my fingers to go in and out of you even deeper and harder than before. You can feel the grazing on your clit having more pressure on it with each thrust of my fingers. Oh god, baby you don’t know how much this is getting to me right now. I’m almost getting ready to cum. You are too aren’t you? You know you want to scream for me, don’t you, hun? As you imagine my cock buried deep inside you?” I was getting almost to the point of no return.

I could tell by the way she was gasping she was too, “Oh god John, make me cum hard… I want you to cum inside me. I want us cumming at the same time. Mmmm. Please baby cum with me, I’m so close.” Jadey was shuddering now, her orgasm just on the edge of bursting. The next thing I said would be all over for us both.

“Oh fuck the imagining, I about to cum, and I want you to cum with me to, Jadey. Oh god Jadey, I’m going to cum.” My balls tightened. I could hear her moaning out loudly, screaming. “Oh god Jadey, I’m cumming. Come with me baby. I want to hear you SCREAM.”

This was all she needed, with one last thrust of her vibrator, and twist inside her, he muscles were like a vice around it. “Oh my… Oh John… I’m fucking cumming… Mmmm. Yes oh yes, cum with me. Yes, cum inside me, oh YES.” Her screaming was out of control.

We must have came for a good minute, both of us breathing heavily into the phone before either of us were saying a word. I broke the silence.

“Well I don’t think I need to go on with the story anymore, now do I?” I chuckled a bit, hearing her give a heaving little laugh.

“Mmmm. No I don’t think you do. I have a feeling this is going to be one hell of a trip, especially after I get done with you.” I could sense her devilish smile from the way she was talking.

“Ooo… you promise?” Oh boy… What am I in for this trip? With that, we said our good byes, and fell asleep. I imagine both of our dreams were about what would happen if we won the trip.

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