Mom’s Secret Legacy Pt. 01

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Author’s Note:
This is the first erotic story I had ever written and attempted to publish many years ago. I have since edited t to bring it up to par with Literotica’s high standards. However I did try to keep as much of the original as possible even though today some of the dialog makes me cringe. This is part 1 comprised of chapters 1 and 2. The story is already complete and consists of 6 chapters and an epilogue. The rest will be posted as time allows. Please enjoy this incestuous multi-generational family saga!

Part 1

Chapter 1: Beginnings:

Oh my god, she was so hot and tight. Jennifer was moaning and bucking beneath me while I pumped in and out of her. I was fueled by that crazy early morning horniness and a lust that had been bubbling for years, these same feelings had only been expressed in a few months, a mere fraction of the years they had been bubbling away in the dark forbidden recesses of this mind. One last fevered half pump and I erupted into the hot wetness of my beautiful orgasming sister. I collapsed lazily to her side, my dick sliding out of her with a satisfying sloppy, slurping sound. Jennifer sighed happily and leaned over and kissed me saying in between kisses:

“I-love-you-so-much and thanks for the fuck Bro.”

With that she giggled and threw her arm over my chest.

“Anytime my oh so sexy sis.” I said laughing

We lay in bed in my sister’s apartment for nearly another hour to recuperate before the phone rang.

“Hey could you get that Rob? I was just about to hop into the shower,” said Jenn as she got up to go to the bathroom.

“Sure,” I said and reached over and picked up the phone.

“Hello,” I said into the phone. “Hey Robert honey I was hoping to catch your sister but I needed to talk to you too. What are you doing at your sister’s so early for anyway?”

“Ahh,” I mumbled unintelligently.

“Well anyway I need you and Jennifer to help me finish unpacking the new house.”

“Sure mom,” I said. “We’ll be over about two or three.”

“Ok hun see y’all then, bye.”

Click, the line went dead. I yelled to Jenn in the shower that we had to help mom unpack later. She said sure and that we could go over to mom’s new place when we went into town.

Mom had wanted to move out of town after Grandpa died three years ago. So when a big house in the city was put up for sale she bought it because she said it reminded her of happy times when she was a girl. Later that day after Jennifer had gone shopping much to my annoyance, but she said she would make up for it later that night if I knew what she meant and I most certainly did. We drove to the big regal looking house in the city which now belonged to my mother to help her unpack. Little did I know I would soon make memories there I would never forget and even end up living there with my mother and sister.

Jennifer and I rung the doorbell and we heard footsteps coming toward the door. My mom opened the door wearing a yellow sun dress and a big smile. It always amazed me how much Jennifer and Tracey, my mother looked alike. Mom had smooth silky reddish auburn hair, big brown eyes, a large slightly overweight but curvy body considering her 43 years with large slightly sagging C cup tits with a creamy white complexion. My sister Jennifer was an exact younger, smaller, slimmer carbon copy. We both gave mom a big hug and a kiss and went into the house to get to work.

The inside of the house was large and mostly furnished to my mom’s tastes but there were several large boxes in each room.

“May as well get to work guys, these boxes aren’t going to unpack themselves,” said mom as she led the way to the dining room.

We unpacked box after box of knick-knacks and such until it was late in the evening and we had one room to go… mom’s. We all sat on the edge of mom’s huge king sized bed. We were all sweaty and tired and still had more furniture and a couple of boxes to arrange and unpack in mom’s room. I noticed out of the corner of my eye that the thin fabric of mom’s sun dress was sticking to her ample glistening sweaty bosom, her large dark brown areolas showing through the thin fabric. Jennifer noticed were I was looking and playfully nudged me. I pray mom didn’t notice as easily as Jennifer did.

“Well I’ll go get us something to drink from the fridge while you kids finish unpacking,” said mom as she trotted off to the kitchen.

Jenn and I grabbed the nearest box to us; it was marked PERSONAL ITEMS in big black letters on the side. Jennifer grabbed the box cutter and giggled.

“I think I know what’s in this one,” said Jenn. “Oh, this one is going to be fun!”

She sliced open the top and we both stared gawking at the amazing array of sexual devices and paraphernalia in the box. The box held pairs of furry cuffs, a Polaroid camera and hundreds of Polaroids, lube, several dildos, vibrators, dongs and even a strap-on. Jennifer began admiring mom’s many dildos and I grabbed a handful of the Polaroids, most were of illegal bahis my mom and dad in several compromising positions when they were younger and a couple of very hot shots of mom solo. As I was sorting through the photos about to drop them back in the box and put them away before mom come back when I noticed a couple that appeared to be Grandpa Luke…fucking mom! Jennifer noticed the pictures as well. We were both shocked, the photos were taken years ago by the looks of them.

How long had mom been doing the same forbidden things Jennifer and I had been doing for months now?

“I see from your faces you’re shocked rather than disgusted,” said mom from the doorway.

“I suspect you kids have been doing much the same as your grandfather and I that’s why you have been spending so much time at your sisters isn’t it Robert?”

Jennifer and I both flashed beet red, guilt written all across both our faces. Mom came over and sat between us and said we didn’t have to admit to anything but if we did it was perfectly fine with her.

“In fact that’s why your father almost left us three years ago, I grew up in an incestuous family and I told your father after my father died, and despite that fact your father Robert Sr. still loved me but I wanted to tell you kids about it and see if you kids had any feeling of incest. But your father flew into a rage at the thought. He said he made a serious mistake if he married a woman that would even consider incest in his family. He was so angry and treated to leave and so I never told you kids.”

Mom was almost in tears by the end of her confession and Jennifer squeezed my hand, so we confessed to our incestuous relationship.

I told mom how I had come over to Jennifer’s place a few months ago late one night smashed after my ex Samantha dumped me. Soon after Jennifer got tired of fending off several drunken advances she gave in to her own curiosity. For the next couple of days we avoided each other but when I came over to pick up some stuff Jenn said we had to talk about it so we decided if we both tired it with a clear head we would evaluate our feelings afterwards. We both decided we liked being with each other so we have been doing it ever since. Mom kissed both of us on the cheek said it was fine with her.

We all sat in silence for a few moments contemplating the revelations of the past few moments when Jenn broke the silence. “Hey mom, have you ever thought about either of us in a sexual way?”

“Well… yea the thought of both of you has crossed my mind several times,” said mom with little or no embarrassment.

“Well I know Rob has hinted that he thought of you sexually too,” said Jennifer.

“JENNIFER!” I yelled.

“Well we already confessed you may as well put it all out there,” said Jennifer.

“Oh have you now?” Mom said as she put her hand on my thigh.

“Well yea–,” I sputtered. Mom cut me off right there with a deep passionate kiss, kissing me like no mom should.

Mom eased me back on the large bed and eased my pants down while still kissing me. Jennifer took the opportunity to rub my dick to semi-erectness, my mind was reeling.

First the unbelievable event that my sister accepted my drunken advances which I had only ever imagined ever since I hit puberty years ago now the second part of most of my fantasies was coming true, MY MOTHER!

Mom moved from my mouth and got to her knees on the floor in front of me. She removed her yellow sun dress showcasing her sexy creamy curves. She wore nothing but a pair of white cotton panties. Then she did what I have dreamed of ever since I saw her laying on her bed naked once when I was younger. She wrapped her luscious lips around my now painfully erect cock and began to suck me off like a real knob slob. She sucked me fast and hard all the while looking up at me with big brown eyes filled with an indescribable mix of love, lust and longing.

By this time Jennifer had removed her shirt and bra and was furiously messaging her breasts and pinching and rolling her nipples. I looked from my sister’s lusty groping to my mom’s mad sucking. I was lost in a sea of visual and physical pleasure. As I felt my climax rising I decided to focus on Jennifer’s passion at seeing me being sucked off by our own mother. Jennifer had unzipped her pants and was using some of mom’s lube and her fingers to feverishly finger fuck herself as she massaged her breast with the other hand. Seeing my sister so lost in passion at seeing me and mom together combined with mom’s hellava blowjob had me about to explode.

“Mu… mu… mom I’m gonna cum!” I sputtered.

“I know baby, please cum all over your mother’s face liked I always dreamt,” pleaded mom breathlessly between delicious slurping sounds of her full lips on my throbbing cock.

Just those words sent me over the edge. I shot jet after glorious jet of cum onto my mother’s welcoming face. Coating her face, chin and tits in a generous helping of my cum. Seeing this display sent Jenn screaming like a casino siteleri banshee into a squirting orgasm. She soaked the carpet in front her and mom’s left hand in her girl juice.

“Umm, my little squirt queen,” said mom as she crawled wiggling her romp over to Jennifer her face still covered in my cum.

Mom sucked Jennifer’s cum from her fingers “Umm so sweet, maybe next time you can coat mommy’s face in your cum,” said mom in a sexy slutty voice.

Jennifer looked at mom with completely spent lust filled eyes. Jennifer got on her knees alongside mom and playfully licked my cum off mom’s face (Jennifer had always said she loved the taste of my cum) before sharing a passionate kiss with her and helping mom reach her orgasm which wasn’t far off. If I wasn’t so empty I would have cum again right there.

I awoke the next morning in mom’s king sized bed to mom’s bellowing sobs she was so apparently trying to muffle.

“Mom what’s wrong?”

“I’m a horrible mother, that’s what’s wrong. I molested my son and even my daughter!”

“No you’re not mom, Jennifer and I both willfully entered into this. We are all consenting adults.” I said as I wrapped my arms around her.

She cried softly into my arms.

“Mom; Jennifer and I both love you so much and we know you love us too, what we did last night was just the ultimate expression of that love. I mean isn’t that what Grandma and Grandpa taught you when you were growing up?”

“Yes, but it isn’t for everyone and I thought it wasn’t for me anymore when I married your father. I still love your father so much but I miss the true love of a family like the one I grew up in.”

“And now you have one.”

“Your father will never accept this and I hate going behind his back but I want to feel this love so much but only as long as you are willing.

“Of course mom I have wanted this for so long and I’m sure Jenn wants this too.”

“I do mom,” said Jennifer who had only had her eyes closed.

Mom who had stopped crying embraced us warmly and kissed us each on the forehead.

“Thank you kids, I love you both so much but your father can never find out about this. I love him too much. I know your father is always working and is so cold and distant sometimes but he loves you kids and is a good man.”

“We know mom,” said Jenn and I almost at the same time.

“How about some breakfast kids, your father won’t be home till dinner.” Mom said as she got out of bed completely neglecting her robe and walking in all her glory to the kitchen wearing only her fuzzy slippers. Jennifer gave me a light kiss on the lips and followed suit with mom, walking completely nude into the kitchen. I lay in bed thinking what promises this whole situation could hold and the dangers of hurting my father. After a few minutes of silent contemplating, I not being as brave as mom and Jennifer walked into the kitchen wearing only my boxers.

Chapter 2: Sealed Deal:

After a surprisingly normal breakfast considering the fact that both mom and Jennifer ate breakfast completely nude. We all went into the den, me in my grey boxers and mom and Jenn still nude. Jenn laid out on the couch and flipped through the channels and mom sat at the computer to get some work done because she worked from home. Maybe it was just me but I couldn’t fathom how mom and Jenn could be acting so normal, well except for them being naked part. What had happened last night had been a major fantasy of mine for so long.

“Ah… mom?”

“Yes baby?”

“So we are just going to act all normal and crap after what happened?”

Jenn looked at mom expectedly I could tell she had the same question on her mind. “What happens now?”

Mom laughed and then smiled at me.

“Baby not only is this just the beginning of a whole new wonderful world. Part of this new world is getting use to the idea that this sort of thing happening more often or at least when we get a chance.” Said mom with a seductive smile and wink.

Mom got up from the computer saying that see needed some sleep after the physical and emotional strain of last night. She kissed Jenn on the lips not necessarily passionately but most definitely not motherly at least not in the traditional sense. Then she kissed me much the same way except she reached into my boxers and stroked my morning wood, an involuntary gasp escaped my lips.

“Maybe your sister can help with your little… or should I say big problem down there because I have got to get some sleep if I’m gonna have dinner ready for your father tonight.”

With that she was off to her bedroom. I turned expectantly to Jennifer. “Well how about it big sis?” I said pointing to the stiff rod straining the fabric of my boxers.

“Sorry little brother, I’m going to the mall to get some stuff.” So Jenn pulled on a tight t-shirt and jeans, grabbed her purse and was out the door. Leaving me standing in the den with a stiff erection and little else.

I decided I was just going to sleep poker siteleri it off so I went into one of the three guest bedrooms to try and sleep. A couple hours later I awoke with the same problem! I looked out the window and saw that Jenn’s car was still gone so I went to the bathroom to pee on the way back I heard a low hum from mom’s bedroom and I peaked inside from the crack of the door. I saw my gorgeous mother laying back in a sitting position with her knees up and her legs spread open with her slippers still on and a vibrator in her ass! My hand went unconsciously to my dick and began stroking.

Then I heard my mother’s soft moans as she fingered her wet sex as the vibe in her ass hummed away. She began to squirm as her passions mounted her toes gripping the crimson sheets in her ecstasy. Her eyes rolled back in head as she was nearing her peak.

Her lips mumbled, “Rob…Rob….RobERRR…” Then she grunted in an almost primal way “ROBERRRRRRRRRTT!” Hearing my name and not caring if it was meant for me or my father I stalked into the room my cock oozing precum, driven by madding lust and years of unfulfilled fantasy and the thought that although she had sucked me off, the ultimate act had yet to be done the deal had yet to be sealed. I stopped at the foot of the bed.

“Mom please don’t deny me.” I pleaded in a maddened state. Her eyes shot open and seeing me there and hearing my voice sent her screaming over the edge.

“AHHHHHHHHHHH!” She screamed as her whole body gave way to orgasmic shudders. The absolute mind altering sight of seeing this goddess, this beautiful masterpiece of human sexuality, my mother, lost in orgasmic passion sent me into overdrive. I just wanted to fuck this sexy goddess right now or I felt as though I’d die. I climbed onto the bed and mounted the sexy fucking bitch I dreamt of entering for so long.

I plunged into her still quivering body, my manhood found her wet sex and entered her almost on it’s on. JESUS FUCKING CHRIST! she was perfect like her love canal was made just for me. She was positively soaking wet and so fucking hot! Her body accepted my member hungrily drawing me deeper and deeper her vaginal muscles practically milking me.

“Oh god! Oh god! Oh god!” Stammered my mother as she wrapped her arms around my neck as her eyes began to roll back as she neared her second orgasm. I wrapped one arm around her and grabbed the headboard with the other as I slammed my throbbing rod deeper and deeper, faster and faster into the object of years of repressed desires.

The whole bed rocked madly with our passions as I rammed faster and faster into the bliss that was my mother. Her cries of lust filling the whole house, I could feel my cum rising… any second now. This feeling just spurred me on faster. My mother’s cries faded away as what felt like gallons of semen pumped through my dick and into my mother who was still wrapped tightly around me. The last thing I remember before I lost consciousness was the shaking of my body and my mother’s labored breathing.

I awoke to the feeling of steaming water showering over my body and a warm body pressed against my back.

“Thank you so much baby!” Whispered mom as she held me in the shower

“That was the most wonderfully amazing love-making I’ve had in a long time, thank you so much baby.”

“What happened?” I asked.

“You fucked your mother’s brains out that’s what and then you passed out.”

“I did?”

“You did my sweet angel.”

“Mom I didn’t mean… I just couldn’t control myself… I’m sorry”

“Sorry? Why would you be sorry? It was single most earth shattering time of my life and I wouldn’t trade one second of it for anything.”

“Mom I–“

“I love you son.”

“… I love you too mom.”

“Well how about we actually take a shower now? We can’t sit here forever basking in the afterglow and its only three hours till your father gets home and I still have to cook dinner and we can’t be smelling like sex when your father gets here now can we?”

“I guess not.” I said as I reluctantly rose to stand up in the shower.

I lathered up my body and began showering as mom did the same behind me half way through the shower we were doing more playing and rubbing than actual showering.

Mom reached from behind me and grabbed my limp dick and rubbed it with a soapy hand saying that we really needed to get that part clean barley suppressing a laugh as she said so. Then we changed places so mom could get under the shower. As mom was rinsing the suds from her large soapy breasts I step forward into her rubbing my semi-erectness against her ass crack.

“Maybe I’ll let you in that way later tonight after your father is asleep,” said mom as she felt the tip of my dick probing at her back door. “Now quit it before we start up again,” she said playfully as she swatted my dick away.

“Okay” I said “but we still need to clean you up.” I reached around and held her under her breasts with my left arm and spread her pussy lips with my right hand.

Letting the warm jet stream hit her sensitive clit drawing soft OOHs and AHHs from her soft sexy lips as she moaned into my neck. I watched as gobs of my pearly cum was washed away from that hot blissful heaven from which I was born into the abyss of the shower drain.

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