Mix It Up: The Private Place

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Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction and all characters are of legal age. It contains adult content and is intended for mature readers. This material is the copyrighted intellectual property of the author. Feedback is welcome at the address in my profile.


Chapter 1: The Private Place

Mix sat in the closet with her little nightlight in one hand and her pencil in the other, scribbling her sketches in her drawing pad like she did every day.

Mix was a peculiar name for a girl, even she would readily admit that, but she was rather fond of it. It was a nickname of course, a warped version of her full name, Mindy, and a play on her passion for comic books. (“Comics, comix, ‘mix, get it?”) It did become frustrating having to explain it to others over and over again, mostly adults it seemed. Younger people didn’t seem to have as much a problem with it.

Mix sat in the large closet of the empty guest room as she did every day. This was her private place, where no one ever bothered her. This was the place where she could escape and not worry about others finding her. This was the place where she could read those forbidden stories she’d find online, where she could draw her erotic sketches that she never showed anyone, where she could play with herself when her urges became too great.

She imagined that everyone her age must have a private place, and this closet was hers. She lived in a big house, and her parents and siblings never bothered her here. She made sure not to stay gone for too long, just in case anyone would decide to look for her. A half hour every day was enough — sometimes a full hour or even a little longer when she lost track of time, but that didn’t happen too often.

She looked at the blank page of her sketch pad, trying to decide what to draw next. She had been drawing since she was a toddler, and she had a chest full of sketchpads and notebooks filled with doodles. She proudly showed most of them to her family and friends. They lauded her skill, so refined at such a young age, and not a single lesson. She was thinking of going to school for art, but her whole life was ahead of her and she hadn’t made a decision yet. For now, drawing was just a pleasant hobby, like her stories and her comics.

Comics had fascinated her, especially the ones about superheroes. Her friends would tease her for being so obsessed with such childish things. “Why are you wasting your time on kids’ stuff?” they’d say, or “Aren’t comic books for boys?” She didn’t care about the teasing, and the questions and snide comments were annoying, but she could deal with them.

The simple answer was that comic books showed the beauty of the human body in simple line drawings — and Mix quickly learned that she could draw those bodies too. With a mere few lines, she could create people and have them do anything she wanted. Her imagination ran wild. She invented characters, she created stories. It was the most amazing thing.

The sketch pad she held in her hand was one of the few that she didn’t dare show anyone else. It was full of naked bodies, beautifully anadolu yakası escort drawn. Some were posed innocently, with just a hint of eroticism (which made them even more erotic, in her mind), while others were uninhibited, engaging in the most sexual acts her young mind could imagine. Drawing such things was a release for her, since she was still a virgin. Yes, she’d made out with boys, even let them touch her, but she hadn’t gone “all the way” yet. Not yet. She could put her fantasies on paper and in some way it felt almost as good as the real thing.

As she began to sketch a lovely female face, she heard the door to the room creak open. She quickly turned off her handheld light and peaked through the closet’s old-fashioned keyhole. No one would see her and there would be no reason for anyone to look in the closet since nothing was in there except some extra pillows, blankets, and bed sheets. But she had a clear view of the guest room through the keyhole.

She saw her brother Nico enter the room and lock the door behind him.

“Why would he lock the door?” she thought. She herself never locked the door when she was in there, because she feared it would raise unnecessary suspicions. She was curious now to see what Nico was up to. She thought this room was her own private place. She never considered that others in her family might use it as a sanctuary themselves.

Nico had a small hand towel in one hand and what looked like a 4×5 inch picture in the other. Mix squinted to see what it was but she couldn’t make it out. But it was definitely a picture, she could see that.

Nico dropped the picture and the hand towel on the bed and turned toward the closet door. Mix felt her heart skip a beat and almost gasped. It looked as if Nico was looking right at her! But she soon realized that she had nothing to worry about. Her presence was still undiscovered. Nico couldn’t see her peeking through the keyhole. Instead, Nico was looking at his own reflection. A full-length mirror was nailed to the closet door and her brother was simply looking at himself.

Nico was a handsome young man, a dedicated athlete. He suffered from a bit of vanity, but he had a good heart. Mix loved him with all her might. She suppressed a little giggle as she saw him gently play with his hair, making faces at himself in the mirror, his guard down, unaware that he was being watched.

He then proceeded to take off his tee-shirt. He had a great body. He didn’t really work out too much, but he had a naturally hot physique thanks to all the sports he played. Mix knew that all her friends at school would give anything to be with him. He was quite a catch — strong, handsome, smart.

Mix had some dreams herself about her older brother Nico, although she always felt so guilty afterwards. But she couldn’t help it. He was so attractive.

She looked at his torso now. His chest was so broad, his abs so flat, his biceps and his “six-pack” so enticing. No drawing she could ever do could capture that perfection. Mix wanted to run her fingers ataşehir escort across his skin, to feel his tight muscles.

She started feeling guilty again and almost looked away when she saw to her amazement that Nico had begun to take his pants off. “What on earth is he doing?” she thought.

He threw his pants on the floor next to his tee-shirt and took off his socks. He stood there, then, in nothing but his boxers, admiring his body in the mirror. He flexed a little, and Mix forced herself again to hold back a laugh.

But her impulse to laugh quickly faded when she saw the bulge. Yes, the bulge that she loved so much to draw on all her male characters. Even with clothes on, she’d draw that little line, that little hint of a package in all the fictional men and boys she drew, young or old. In comics, you could get away with it and no one would pay too much attention, since anatomy was often so exaggerated. But she loved drawing it. Even in her “innocent” artwork, she’d add that hint of the bulge.

She stared mesmerized by the bulge in her brother’s boxers. “He’s hard!” she thought, almost blurting it out loud.

Nico went over to the bed and picked up the small photograph he had dropped there. He stared at it for a while and then with his free hand he adjusted his crotch. He pulled off his boxer shorts in a quick fluent motion.

Mix’s beautiful gray eyes widened in surprise as she saw her brother naked in front of her, his penis erect. Her cheeks flushed, and before she could think another thought, Nico turned again to the mirror. Still looking down at the picture in his hand, he started rubbing his hard cock slowly. His hand stroked his long shaft, up and down, up and down.

He kept looking at that picture as he pleasured himself, but every once in a while he would look up at his own reflection. And even though Mix knew that Nico couldn’t see her and had no idea that anyone was watching him, it looked like he was staring right at her as he pumped his prick.

Mix was mesmerized. She couldn’t believe that she was spying on her older brother jerking off! It never crossed her mind that Nico might still beat off occasionally. He was always dating some pretty girl, so it never occurred to her that he might still masturbate.

“So this is his private place where he comes to wack off!” she thought, mischievously.

She kept looking at him as he expertly fondled his own package. “How many times in his life has he done that?” she thought. She thought of all the times she herself had rubbed her pussy and her breasts beneath her bedcovers or in the guest room closet — so many times, she couldn’t even come up with a number. Did boys do it more than girls?

Nico’s dick just seemed to grow bigger and bigger as he continued to stroke it. Mix couldn’t believe what she was seeing.

Eventually, Nico dropped the picture and went over to lie down on the bed. He closed his eyes, and, lying flat on his back, kept pumping at a steady rhythm. Mix could hear him breathing heavily now. He swayed his hips in aydınlı escort sync with the movement of his fist. It was such an amazing sight to behold. His hand stroked up and down, and his fingers and palm twisted gently in circular motion around the shaft and the tip of his throbbing penis. His whole body started to tense up with pleasure.

“It must feel so good for him,” Mix thought.

Her own body was starting to feel good too. Her nipples were hard and there was a tingle between her legs more intense than anything she’d ever felt.

Nico kept pumping away, his whole body rocking. He was using both hands now, cupping his balls, stroking his manhood, rubbing himself ever faster.

It lasted for a while. Mix could tell that her brother was trying to make the good sensations last as long as possible. But eventually Nico reached a point of no return. He was pulling on his dick furiously, like an animal out of control. His face was red and he was moaning in bliss when finally he seemed to convulse in one big spasm of joy. A pearly white stream of cum shot from his penis and he barely held back a loud gasp of relief.

Mix exhaled as well. Her fingers had gone down between her legs during this whole spectacle, and she hadn’t even realized that she had been stroking her own body in rhythm with Nico’s movements.

“This is crazy,” she thought, trying to catch her breath.

She kept looking at Nico lying there on the bed, his chest heaving, like someone who had just concluded an intense workout. His penis still looked so big. Mix couldn’t take her eyes off it.

After a few moments, Nico stood up, took the hand towel and cleaned himself with it, wiping every last trace of his semen. He quickly got dressed, unlocked the door, and ran out of the room.

Mix sat in the closet for long minutes afterwards, the memory of what she had just witnessed playing over and over again in her mind.

After much time had passed, she came out and began to head for the door. She noticed, on the floor, face down, the 4×5 picture that Nico had left behind. He had forgotten the picture!

Mix quickly picked it up and shoved it in her sketch book, not looking at it.

She hurried to her own room which she shared with her older sister Emily. She closed the door and jumped on her bed.

Nico would eventually realize that he’d lost his picture, but she doubted that he’d ever find out or suspect that his little sister Mix would have it.

Mix was extremely curious to find out what image was the source of inspiration for her brother Nico’s recent jerk off session.

She pulled out the photo and turned it over to look at it.

It had become a day full of surprises, because instead of the expected picture of some naked model or cute girl from school, Mix was staring at a picture of two suntanned young girls in skimpy bathing suits — it was a picture of Emily and Mix from last summer’s Caribbean family vacation!

“Nico just shot his load after looking at a picture of Emily and me at the beach!” Mix thought.

She didn’t know what to think. “Was he jerking off to Emily? Was he imagining her making him cum?” Emily was closer to Nico’s age, and she was extremely beautiful, but…”I’m in the picture too,” Mix thought. “Was he thinking of both of us?”

She sat back on her bed and put the picture away with her secret sketch book as more crazy thoughts danced through her head.

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