Three in a Bed…

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Big Tits

Its been the team Christmas do and I am all dressed up….heels, sleeveless black dress, cleavage. All evening I have been trying to concentrate on having a good time with everyone, but my mind keeps wandering to what’s coming up, and my face is flushed with excitement along with several glasses of white wine.

Around 10.30 I say goodbye to everyone, and head to the bar next door where you are both waiting for me. You look over as I come through the door, and I can already begin to see what’s going through your minds by the look on your faces. I can’t help smiling….the alcohol and butterflies in the pit of my stomach are making me feel reckless and almost brazen, and I almost tempted to kiss you both on the mouth, but bite my lip instead, shaking my head to myself.

You finish your drinks and we head out – we don’t have far to go, as we are staying at a flat nearby, but all the way there I am ridiculously conscious of both of you, the way you are smiling at each other and at me, your hands occasionally brushing my ass as I walk with you.

As soon as we are through the door, Sam grabs my arms and pins them behind me, standing close so I can feel his cock pressing up against my ass. And then your mouth is on mine, lick-kissing, making me want more but pulling away, teasing, your hands roaming over my breasts and sliding up under my dress to stroke the creamy flesh at the top of my stockings. I close my eyes as you bite along my jaw line, pushing my coat off my shoulders as you do so, feeling my mouth growing dry as my breathing gets more shallow and rapid…then suddenly I feel Sam move behind me and he slips a blindfold over my eyes. My coat drops to the floor, then I jump as I feel and hear the zip of my dress being undone, my shoes being removed and replaced with fuck-me high heels so I am standing, feeling ridiculously vulnerable, wearing a red and black basque that my tits are spilling out of, stockings, suspenders and french knickers. Hands guide me to turn around, and I am bent forward, my hands placed against the wall, and my legs spread wide. Fuck my mind is working overtime. I can hear sounds behind me but I can’t be sure what you are doing. I feel so horny….and dirty…and slutty…dressed so provocatively with my ass sticking up in the air and pussy soaked in anticipation.

I jump and my skin turns to goosebumps Escort bayan as fingers begin to trail over my bare skin, snaking down over my shoulder blades, following the boning in the basque down over my ass and the backs of my thighs…two sets of hands, one each side of me and suddenly both cheeks of my face are being prodded by two warm, hard cocks. I turn my mouth to first one, then the other, licking and sucking greedily, loving the taste and feel in my mouth, and then struggling to concentrate as hands roam over my ass and my knickers are pulled tight against my pussy lips, making me moan, legs trembling.

‘Get on your knees’ you whisper in my ear, and now I am taking your long, hard cock deep in my mouth whilst another is prodding my cheek, switching from one to the other, my hands gripping your thighs, eyes watering as I take you both as deep as I can, loving the moans and sighs of pleasure I can hear and the way your cocks seem to swell in my mouth, making me gag and choke. You lean down to spit in my mouth, before shoving you cock back in and grabbing my head, fucking my face, and I reach out to grab Sam’s cock, stroking it with the same rhythm, feeling my pussy contract and an orgasm already building. I cant help myself and with my free hand I reach down to finger my pussy, rubbing my clit and gasping as the juices started to flow, dripping over my fingers and on to the floor.

‘Jesus please fuck me’ I beg, ‘please’.

‘We’re gonna fuck you all night Lin’, you hiss in my ear, ‘but first we’re gonna spunk all over that pretty face of yours’.

The blindfold is off suddenly, and there are two huge, hard cocks right in front of me, being wanked fast and furiously. I can’t take my eyes off them, and I lick my lips involuntarily.

‘Open your mouth’, you instruct, and seconds later there are big wads of hot spunk spurting all over my face, into my mouth, dripping off my chin, and then I am being offered two cocks to lick and suck clean. I glance up and both you and Sam have faces that have pure lust written all over them, so sexy I have to close my eyes to concentrate on the contractions I can feel happening in my pussy.

You hand me a towel, and I clean my face off… then you hand me my vibrator and you tell me that you and Sam want to watch me make myself cum. We move to the bedroom, and I slide Bayan escort my panties off before lying back on the bed, spreading my legs open wide to expose my swollen, naked pussy, glistening with my juices. Its so horny for me, making myself cum so wantonly knowing you are both getting turned on again watching me. I spread the lips of my sex with my fingers, and guide the vibrator over my clit and then inside my aching cunt, moaning with pleasure as I do so. My eyes are closed, lost in sensations being created in my body, and I move the vibrator slowly and deliberately at first, then faster, deeper harder as I start to cum. I hear both you and Sam making noises of surprise as my juices spurt suddenly, then flow in hot streams down over my fingers and ass, and I glance up to see both you and Sam with your eyes riveted on my pussy, your cocks already hard again. I dip my fingers inside me to coat them in my juices, look at you as I suck then clean then do it again, offering them to you and Sam in turn.

You can’t wait any longer and you position yourself between my thighs, lifting my legs up and pushing straight into my pussy. You start to fuck me – hard, watching the play of emotions on my face…shock when you thrust deep, lust, pleasure…and my tits bouncing as you pound in to me. Sam straddles my face and pushes his cock into my mouth, and I choke and gag on him. You pull out suddenly, leaving my pussy contracting, wanting you back in me, and you tell me to get on all fours. Now Sam is behind me, and I gasp as he slides all 11 inches into my aching cunt, pushing in and then sliding all the way out again, each stroke a shock of pleasure. You watch his cock disappearing and reappearing, shining with my juices, then stand in front of me and start face-fucking me at the same time, until you are rocking me back and forth between you, my pussy on fire and senses overwhelmed by the assault on my body.

I can’t believe how fucking good it feels, having one huge cock filling my pussy, and another filling my mouth. There is a sheen of sweat between my shoulder blades, and I am gasping, moaning, choking as Sam explodes inside me and I feel his cock contract and spasm as his hot spunk shoots up inside me. He pulls out, and before I have a chance to recover you take his place, holding on to my hips and fucking me so hard I can hear and Escort feel your balls slapping against me, Sam watching all the while. I can make as much noise as I like now, and I do….shuddering moans, gasps and squeals as you ram in to me, my pussy on fire and my juices flooding your cock as you climax with a cry of pleasure.

You pull out and I collapse on the floor, eyes closed and hands over my pussy, feeling how engorged my clit is, and how swollen my lips are. I half fall asleep, the wine and the physical exertion taking its toll, but it isn’t long before I feel soft kisses on my breasts and I open my eyes to find you on one side of me and Sam on the other, each of you sucking and playing with one of my breasts. My nipples get huge – hard and swollen – and my pussy responds despite the battering it has taken already. You reach down and slide your long fingers inside me, rubbing your hand against my clit at the same time, faster and faster, until I can’t help but cum all over them. You give me your fingers to lick clean then with your hand working your cock you lie on the floor and tell me to straddle you. I slide down onto you, feeling you slide deep inside me, then I start to rock back and forth on top of you, feeling your cock moving inside me, stroking the inside of my cunt.

I have almost forgotten that Sam is there, and I lean forward to give you my tits to suck….and as I do so I realise that he is behind me. I know what is about to come, and I bite my lip as you hold me forward and he positions himself in a squatting position, the tip of his cock probing my tight ass hole. I can’t see how he is going to fit with you in my pussy, but he keeps pushing, slowly deliberately, until the head of his cock breaches my ass and he slides all the way in. Jesus I have never felt so full, and the sensation is almost overwhelming.

I feel light-headed as you both start to move, two huge cocks stretching my pussy and ass, rubbing against each other inside me, and I can only begin to imagine what it must feel like for you, so tight and deep. You start to move in a rhythm together and I just go with it, loving every second. I have my eyes shut and you tell me to open them and look at you, and fuck its almost overwhelming, your face so full of lust, the panting and groaning, three bodies sweat-drenched and moving as one, and unbelievably it feels like you are both swelling inside me, tight to the point of bursting as two cocks start to spasm inside me, hot spunk shooting up my pussy and ass at the same time, my hands gripping yours as I take it all, crying out with pleasure.

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