Trina’s Party

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‘Get a hold of yourself, you’re as giddy as these teenagers running around here!’ thought Trina, heart fluttering, as she stood near the wide-open back door in the kitchen and her gaze traveled up and down the well-toned, tanned body of the young man beside the pool out back. Clad only in a pair of baggy yellow swim trunks and happily chatting with a pair of teens, he was completely oblivious to her admirations as she feasted her eyes on his rather well defined chest and abs — and he was hardly the first to capture her attention that afternoon.

Her stepdaughter, Carla, was home for the summer from her first year away at college. Trina had agreed that she could have a small get-together with her friends, so long as they didn’t get too wild.

To their credit, they were all behaving rather well — especially considering that most of them were barely a year removed from high school. There were a few present who had just graduated this very year, but everyone was over 18 — something Trina was grateful for so she wouldn’t feel guilty after a twinge of excitement every time one of the handsome young lads entered her field of view.

Young bodies of all shapes and sizes were assembled around the pool; in the pool; and passing in & out of the house in a constant flow of chatter, excitement, and youthful enthusiasm. Bathing suits of every color imaginable covered — barely so, in some cases — skin of countless different shades. Laughter, squeals, and a myriad of other joyful sounds filled the warm afternoon air.

Sipping from her glass of ice-cold lemonade as she gazed upon yet another lust-inducing young man, Carla’s voice startled her enough that she almost dropped her glass.

“You scared me!” Trina scolded, her heart pounding as she covered her mouth with her hand after the startled shriek she had unintentionally let out — much to Carla’s delight.

“Wow, Mom… little busy checking out all the guys?” her stepdaughter asked, her eyes & smile mischievous… and knowing.

Trina hated that part. ‘Bad enough getting caught admiring your daughter’s all-too-young friends… let alone by said daughter,’ she thought. “No! I was… just…” she stammered, the heat rising in her face as she fumbled to come up with an excuse — anything, anything at all.

Carla just laughed. “Relax, Mom. Really. If I was in your place,” she leaned in whispering conspiratorially, “I’d be pumping my daughter for who’s single and seeing about getting one of them upstairs for a bit.”

Her mouth hung open in shock and disbelief at her daughter’s boldness, then she opened and closed it several times before words would finally come out. “Boys your age are not interested in an old, two-time widow who’s old enough to be their mother!” she exclaimed in a hushed tone.

“Mother!” Carla exclaimed with mock seriousness, completely ignoring Trina’s reaction. “I never pictured you for liking younger men… but, since you asked…” She turned slightly, pointing to a tanned, dark-haired young man talking to an ebony-skinned girl with very pleasing proportions in a skimpy two-piece, red bikini. “Mike, the hunk in the blue shorts, is single…”

She then turned to the right and gestured to a pair of boys laughing by the poolside, one with a lemonade and the other with an iced tea. “… and Carlos, in the black shorts along with Toby there next to him, are both definitely available…”

“I am not going to try to seduce your friends!” Trina interjected, much to the same result as her previous protest.

“Oh! Toby is definitely in to you! He’s been checking you out ever since he got here.”

“Wait — what?” Trina asked, shocked at the revelation.

“Yeah!” Carla replied, incredulous. “You haven’t noticed? Every time he thinks you’re not looking he can’t keep his eyes off you.” She leaned in closer, then added in a hushed voice, “He’s been looking you over even more than Chelsie, and she’s practically naked!”

Trina blushed. “Yeah, right. With all the lovely, young bodies around here, these boys aren’t interested in me,” she said, slowly shaking her head. “Besides,” she continued, her tone taking a serious note as she raised an eyebrow and pointed a finger at her daughter for emphasis, “I am not going to be known as the neighborhood slut!”

Now was Carla’s turn to shake her head. “Those guys I pointed out? Not only are they single, but they’re not like that. Every one of them would die for just one chance to have sex with you; a very hot and sexy woman — a woman highly experienced that they might learn a few things from. Trust me, Mom, I’ve heard them talk about you — a lot! None of them are brave enough to try and ask, though.” She tilted her head, giving Trina a cheesy smile. “That’s where you come in.”

Reflecting on her words, Trina once again marveled at the stark contrast between the two of them. Never able to conceive, Carla was a blessing bahis siteleri when Trina married her second husband, Avery. Now, that darling little girl was a tall, slender, well-proportioned young woman with strawberry-blonde hair; fair and green eyes that drove all the boys wild.

While Carla’s genetics came from one part of the world, Trina’s were from far, farther south and a completely different hemisphere. Shorter and with a more curvy, rounded build; she was the long-haired, doe-eyed, curves-for-days Latina beauty that Carla’s male classmates did indeed drool over.

“So,” Carla asked, “are you going to go talk to someone, or do I need to drag someone over here and throw them at you?”

“I don’t know any of them well enough!” she protested. “Besides, wouldn’t it be horribly creepy for an old woman just to walk up to one of these boys and say ‘Hey! Let’s go get naked’?”

Carla giggled. “You’re not that old, and, duh! Have you met college-age boys?”

“Not for quite some time,” Trina replied with a fresh blush.

“No better time than the present, am I right?” Carla asked, nodding and wiggling her eyebrows suggestively.

“Stop that!” she said, sighing and shaking her head. “If I didn’t know you were my daughter…”

“Stepdaughter. So, I can get away with it!” she corrected, sticking her tongue out before breaking out in giggles once more.

Trina shook her head and sighed once more. “I can’t believe I’m saying this… but who would you recommend I try first?” ‘I can’t believe I’m actually warming up to this idea… and in more than one way.’

“Now we’re talking!” Carla replied, her wicked grin getting even bigger. “Toby is probably your best bet. As I said, he’s really in to you, and he’s probably the most…” she tilted her head back and forth, her face scrunched up as she considered a choice of words, “… mature of, well, most the guys here in fact. I think you’d enjoy him the most.”

She put her finger to her lips considering a second. “If not him, probably Mike. He might get a little pushy, but I think you could keep him in line. I don’t know… I think you’d do well with anybody, really. They’re all good guys for the most part.”

“I guess I’ll see what I can do.”

“Good!” Carla replied, smiling and quickly clapping her hands several times. “You have five minutes to be leading some hot, young thang up to your bedroom – I’ll be watching!” she said, her wicked smile returning as she began to return to the party. “Ten if you want to try to convince one of them to bring their girlfriend along as well,” she said, looking back over her shoulder with mischief in her eyes.

“Eeeewww! No!”

Carla laughed, turning away again as she walked off. “Five minutes, then!” she called back.

‘What am I getting myself in to?’ she wondered, taking another sip of her drink.

Her gaze turned to Carla’s first recommendation as she tried to figure out how to approach him. Her skin flushed and her heart thudding in her chest, a pleasantly warm sensation continued to grow, deep in her belly (and between her legs) as she looked him over. A fashionably-unkempt mass of red hair, darker than Carla’s, topped his head and beneath that was a bright, cheerful pair of brown eyes and a warm smile. Strong jawline, too, which was something Trina always liked in a man. His skin wasn’t near as pale as her daughter’s, and he didn’t have near as many freckles. Broad-shouldered, his arms & chest were well defined… but he was a little softer in the stomach area. He had a reasonable patch of hair in the center of his chest for his age, and definitely a pair of runner’s legs under his long, baggy pair of black & gray swim trunks.

Standing a little off to the side from the main group with his arm propped up on a flower planter, he finished a conversation with a cute brunette in a reasonably modest one-piece blue swimsuit as Trina’s gaze fell upon him. The two laughed about something, then the brunette turned and made her way back to the water; his eyes obviously following her attractive behind as he mouthed a silent wolf-whistle.

Suddenly sensing he was being watched, his eyes darted to Trina’s. Blushing as their eyes locked, he smiled sheepishly and looked downward as she sauntered over to him. “You’ve got all sorts of young ladies to admire around here, don’t you?” she asked in a hushed whisper, leaning slightly towards him as she arrived at his side. Curving her arm and wrist, she placed the glass of lemonade against the tip of the valley where her cleavage began. Her dark blue sundress was relatively modest, but with her figure it was almost impossible not to show something. The cold, iced glass felt good against her warm skin, and she smiled softly as she noted his eyes travel from the cup and down the crevice between her breasts to the fabric covering them, then further down to admire the rest canlı bahis siteleri of their fullness.

Toby nodded, hoping she hadn’t seen that. “Yeah, quite a few beauties… but none of them hold a candle to you, Mrs. B.”

Trina was momentarily shocked at his openness as he looked back up and met her eyes, smiling warmly for a second before his embarrassed gaze flitted elsewhere.

“Me?” she replied, still surprised. “I’m an old woman in a sundress, not a college girl strutting around in next-to-nothing!”

“You’re not old, and that doesn’t mean you’re not hot as — I mean, uh, unattractive… though,” he said, his blush deepening as he ran a hand through his hair.

“Well, I’m flattered, Toby,” she replied, blushing as well & placing a hand softly on his shoulder. “And, please, call me ‘Trin’.”

He nodded, unable to think of anything to say in the presence — and proximity — of the well-endowed woman whose soft, warm touch was sending electric chills up his spine.

“A skimpy swimsuit might have been a better choice for today,” she said. Her thudding heart returned and her mouth went dry with nervousness as the rest of her words formed in her mind. ‘Here goes…’ she thought, swallowing hard before continuing. “This dress is a little warm today, and I was thinking about changing out of it…”

Toby’s eyes widened as his mind raced as the possible developing implications ran through his mind.

Taking in a deep breath and letting it out slowly — not that the boy even noticed — Trina leaned in, her mouth nearly touching his ear. “… and I was wondering if you might like to come watch.”

“Yea- yeah! Yes, I- I would love to- to!” he stammered, blinking rapidly and staring at her goggle-eyed.

‘Not sure how he manages to blink and stare at the same time, but it is cute!’ she thought, chuckling inwardly.

“Well… let’s go upstairs, then,” she said, her eyes lusty as she jerked her head in the direction of the stairwell. Unable to help herself, she looked down to see the full tent visible even in his baggy swim trunks. ‘THAT didn’t take long…’

Feeling giddy (and unable to believe she was actually doing this — or that it was this easy), she started to the stairs, Toby’s rapt gaze fixated on her full, swishing derriere. At the foot of the stairs, once they were out of sight of most of the partygoers, she turned back and paused a second, smiling warmly at the wide-eyed and slack-jawed youth following close behind her butt like an obedient puppy dog.

Nodding up the stairs one last time, she reached back and grasped his hand — more to bolster her own courage than his — and led him upward. Step by step, she felt as if she were floating while a hot warmth throbbed between her legs and radiated outward.

Once at the top, she stopped on the landing, turning to face him as he waited, speechless. They stood in front of the (closed) door to the upstairs bathroom that her and Carla shared, mere feet from the doors that led to her and her step-daughter’s bedrooms… and the imminent pleasure that awaited in hers.

First, though, she needed to clear something up.

Pressing her body against his and wrapping her arms around his neck, she gazed in to his still-disbelieving eyes. ‘He’s a big one!’ she thought, feeling his cock against her hot, pulsing mound. As they were nearly the same height, she could almost just pull her panties aside, slip him out of his shorts, and slide on to his shaft right here…

“You sure you want to do this?” she asked, her voice sultry.

Unable to speak, Toby just nodded enthusiastically.

“Ok, then,” she said, then leaned in close to his ear. She felt a small tremor shoot through his body as she began to whisper, her breath undoubtedly hot in his ear. “We’re going to go in there… we’ll probably both get naked… maybe play around a little… but we’re NOT going to actually have sex, ok?”

He nodded again, with no sign of disappointment or dejection.

“Good,” she continued. “I might do a lot of things, but I just wanted to make sure you know that I’m not that easy.”

“I- I- never… th- thought that you w- were,” he assured her, shaking his head for emphasis.

(Lost in the moment, neither of them noticed the sound of the toilet flushing from beyond the closed door. In their defense, though, there was still quite a bit of noise coming from downstairs.)

“Just making sure,” she replied, leaning in and kissing him on the lips in a long, passionate kiss. As she did, she slid a hand slowly down his bare chest, trailing her fingertips over his skin. Down, past his stomach, to the top band of his shorts.

Despite being enthralled in the kiss, she heard/felt him gasp as she slipped her hand inside his shorts and gently grasped his shaft as it jerked sharply under her touch.

“Mmmm… I’m going güvenilir bahis to enjoy this!” she cooed, finally breaking the kiss as she slowly stroked his length several times. “Yes, yes, I am!” she said, slowly walking backwards as she gently guided him along by his organ.

“First, I think I’m going to — ”

Startled, both of them jumped when the bathroom door opened and Carlos nearly walked straight in to them as he exited the room. Toby gasped, and Trina barely managed to stifle a shriek.

“Oh! Sorry, Mrs. B.!” he said, involuntarily taking a step backwards. “Someone was in the other bathroom, so I came –”

He stopped mid-sentence, his mind registering the look of sheer terror on not just Trina’s face, but also on the face of the young man he hadn’t first noticed.

It didn’t take but a split second for his mind to also register that she had Toby’s cock nearly out of his shorts and that her hand was fully wrapped around it.

“Uhhhh…” He said, blinking in surprise as he came to terms with the scene before him – barely inches away.

Toby’s mouth opened and closed several times, wordlessly, but Trina was surprised at the very devilish thought that immediately sprung to her mind.

‘Carla DID say he was one I could trust…’ she thought. “So… looks like we’ve been caught,” she said, gazing at Carlos with a wry smile spreading across her face. Looking back to Toby she continued, “Mind if we invite him along? If he promises to keep a secret?”

“It’s- it’s your house, Mrs. B,” Toby stammered.

“Are you ok if I play with you both?” she asked, and Toby nodded an approval.

“Wai- what?” Carlos asked.

Slowly stroking on Toby again, she looked up and down the newcomer. A little taller than her, he also had an ancestry similar to hers. His skin (especially on his currently-bare chest that he apparently often didn’t cover with a shirt) was slightly darker than hers, and his short-cut hair was a couple shades browner.

Perhaps not quite as pleasing of a physique as Toby, he was still an attractive sight.

“I was thinking of letting Toby help me change clothes,” she explained. “Thought maybe I’d get him out of those shorts for a while, even. I wouldn’t mind… entertaining… both of you,” she said as Carlos’s eyes widened. “Provided that this stays JUST between the three of us,” she finished, her gaze and tone taking a sterner note.

Carlos made a zipping motion across his lips and held up his hand as if taking an oath.

“Good…” she said, practically purring, before looking over Toby’s shoulder to make sure no one down below was watching the highly inappropriate scene taking place. Confident they weren’t being watched, she released Toby’s shaft and slowly walked backwards, gesturing with the index finger of each hand for the boys to follow her as she gazed at them, with lusty eyes and smile.

Wide-eyed and without a word, they both shuffled towards their seductress. When her back pressed against the wall at the end of the short hall, she opened the door to her room and gestured inside.

Carlos and Toby jostled inside awkwardly, but eager for whatever awaited them. Trina followed, reaching down and squeezing a handful of each boy’s muscular butt cheek – both of them jumping at the unexpected, but certainly not unwelcome, touch – before closing the door behind her.

“There we go,” she said, turning the door lock with a ‘click’ as she eyed both lads. They had both made it near the bed and turned to face her, unsure of what to do next. Carlos absently rubbed his hand through his hair as he looked her up and down with rapt amazement, and Toby was obviously fighting the urge to take his shaft in to his own hands as he did the same. “Now we shouldn’t be disturbed,” she said, surprised at how confident she had suddenly become. Licking her lips, she considered where to start.

Swishing her hips as she closed the short distance, she put an arm around each boy’s waist and pulled them to her; Toby on her left side and Carlos on her right. “Let’s see…” she said, alternately rubbing her hips against the rock-hard shafts pressed against her on each side as two pairs of eyes locked on to the visible portion of her exposed, ample cleavage and the generous curves beneath. “… I haven’t kissed you yet,” she half-whispered, reaching over with her head and locking lips with Carlos.

He grunted with surprise, and quickly returned the kiss with gusto. Toby, meanwhile, wasted no time in leaning in to plant his lips on her enticing bosom while Trina moaned softly in to Carlos’s mouth as their kissing rapidly intensified. Both boys were now grinding against her hips, matching her rhythm as her hands slowly traveled up and down their backs before sliding down under their shorts and taking a hold of their cheeks once more.

“You two have really nice butts,” she complimented, briefly breaking her passionate lip-lock with Carlos. Neither of them verbally responded, but while she firmly squeezed and kneaded their backsides Carlos placed one hand on the side and back of her neck while the other traveled to match the one on him; albeit on the outside of her clothing.

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